Secret That Guarantees You’ll Be Rich or Broke – How Money Works

Kris Krohn here on Limitless TV and
today we’re talking about how money works and stay tuned at the end I’ve got
a special bonus. I’m gonna share with you the four parts of the freedom cycle and
exactly what you need to do to alter your behaviors, thoughts, and patterns to
have money working maximum for you. So how does money really work?
Understanding money is what we’re gonna be talking about today because when you
look at poor people and rich people, you’ve got the majority and you’ve got
the minority. And today I want to focus on the minority mindset because
the majority of people that are out there, what are they really doing with
money? how do they feel about money? How do they think about money? First of all,
money for the majority does not have a really positive mindset. Right now we
look at those with money and there’s jealousy and there’s pride that says
things like, rich people are dirty, they are filthy, they’re rotten, and
they’re stinking. In other words, we don’t have really good connotations and yet
it’s so backwards because, really we want more money. So the majority are focusing
on fear and scarcity and let’s for a moment just take a look at what money is.
Money is paper. When people say it doesn’t grow on trees, that’s exactly
where it grows. It grows on trees and we take this piece of paper and ultimately
we assign a value to it. When in actuality money is nothing more than
neutral. School will not teach you about money but I’m gonna do it right here for
you today. This neutral piece of paper you get to decide whether it is good and
you also get to decide whether it’s bad. It’s your choice. Sometimes, old school
deep Christian thinking takes some of the scriptures and perverts their
meaning into the idea that money is bad, or you can’t get to heaven, there’s no
u-haul that goes to heaven, and that rich people are evil or they’ll
take advantage of people. Money does not do that. Money only magnifies the person.
That’s why we have people like Mother Teresa that left earth and she left a
multi-billion dollar organization changing the world.
We got people like Bill Gates. What did he do with his money? He’s eradicating
diseases on entire continents. We got people like Oprah Winfrey that is the
richest woman today and look at the value that she is created in the world.
You know, I don’t think it serves you or I to decide that people with money are
bad and people without money are good. Oddly in my world, the pride of the poor
often outweighs the pride of the rich. So let’s talk about the cycle that if
you’re looking at money and what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna earn it,
then we’re gonna spend it and then we’re gonna be broke. That’s what poor people
do. That’s what the majority of people are doing with money. They’re gonna
invest your money in the bank. They’re gonna put it there and they’re gonna
hope that it does something good. They’re gonna put it in 401ks and IRAs and the
thing is we’re destined to have nothing when we go down that path because the
little bit you save is not nowhere near the abundance of what you need
especially when you get older. You have got ailing health, you’ve got real
financial considerations, you want to hop on a plane and go see your grandchildren?
Okay these needs require money. So we get to change your mindset about it and
shift from the majority mindset and go to the minority mindset. If you follow
the majority you are on the guaranteed route to being broke. What we’re gonna
focus on is how you create value in the world. Because money follows value. And
you and I? We’ve got gifts, skills, and abilities and the question is, you are
either using those abilities to build and grow life and build value for
yourself and other people or you’re not creating enough value. And right now, if
you’re sitting down thinking man Kris I wish I have more money, this harsh as it
may sound I would be saying, then maybe you’re not creating enough value in the
world because money will always follow real value. Because if money just sits in
the bank it loses. Money sits in the bank and loses. But when you’re investing and
leveraging your money appropriately you’re growing, you’re creating massive
value, and I’m gonna give you the model for exactly how you do that right now. So here’s what the rich don’t want you to know. This is what the rich do with their
money. Their financial literacy takes them down a very different path which I
call the freedom cycle. And let me draw your attention a little bit to what
we’re talking about here. This freedom cycle is what ultimately creates the
possibility for you to step into wealth. The first step is create value. Now by
the way, having a job working for someone else obviously creates value. But I’m
gonna challenge you, what is the maximum amount of value that you can create? Real
estate done the right way can create massive amounts of value. Rich people,
they’re starting businesses. They are investing in startups. They’re doing
different things to create value. They’re not doing the safe things, they’re doing
the really big things. After they create value, then when
they get paid there’s something mysterious they do with their money I’m
leaving it blank to see if you can figure out what it is.
Number three is they’ll then pay their bills. We all got bills. We pay them. And
then the leftover money they want that money to go to work for them. And so
they’ll invest it, they’ll put it in business, they’ll put it in real estate.
Because why create value with your time and effort when you could be creating
value with your money also throwing in, in doing that. Don’t invest money where
you’re guaranteed to lose. Rich people will not invest in the bank. Instead,
they’re going to use the cycle and let me share with you what they’re gonna put
right here. This is the biggest difference between wealthy people and
what they don’t want you to know and the majority thinking. They don’t pay
themselves. First thing you do when you get paid is I gotta pay my mortgage, I
got to pay my car payment, I got to pay my cellphone payment. So we’re putting
all of that money into those things and yet there’s only one last person they
forget to they fail to pay and yet the wealthy they pay this person every
single time first before anyone else. Do you know who they pay? They pay themselves.
In my life, my wife and I were struggling we were not getting ahead and we were in
debt. Then we started the process of creating value. We got into real estate,
we started doing business. And as we created value for people, we started
showing them how to make money in real estate. As we were making money in real
estate, we learned pay yourself. What that meant as I had a couple of different
bank accounts set up. One of them was for my bills and my active checking account,
one of them was my investment account, one of them was my savings account, one
of them was my charitable contributions account, one of them was my travel
account, but I had one other account and this was the me account. This is the I’m
gonna pay me first. And maybe I don’t have money at the end of the month to
pay my bills because I’m not going to forsake paying me. I’d rather pay me and
make a loan to pay a bill rather than paying all my bills and find that I’m
always behind. This ultimately leads to the problem of no money in savings. The
price of things go up by three percent a year and yet why are the wealth these
distancing themselves and getting further and further ahead? and why are
they so good at creating the gap? Friends, create value,
pay yourself, take care of your bills, and there will be leftovers with this mind
set and those leftovers are meant to what? Make your money work for you. That’s
the biggest difference in what the majority are doing compared to the
minority. Thank you for watching today’s video.
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100 thoughts on “Secret That Guarantees You’ll Be Rich or Broke – How Money Works

  1. Great value, but still I don't get it fully. Is't taking loan to pay bills makes you at the end to loose a some money? Or is it just motivational/ mental thing?

  2. Hi Kris! I'm just wondering, what exactly do you mean by 'Pay Themselves'? Like an actual bank account where I stash money for myself? And then what do I do with it? I guess having this consumer mindset makes me think of buying things for myself, travel, etc.? If not, what would you do with the money that you've paid yourself with? Thanks!

  3. Have three separate passive income streams, and your money will start stacking. Many passive income streams exist, they are not hard to find. Once you have a comfortable amount don't be afraid to take calculated risks, but do your due diligence. Getting rich is not some mythical unattainable fairytale. It's actually not even that hard in America. Getting rich in a third world country, now that's hard. Not in America.

  4. I kinda knew this, and stopped because I spent $350 a month vs $235. I pay myself now, once a month w/something I like to do. Go to the gun range blast $75, and go camping and fishing for the end. Everything else on food, and friends. Just make sure you don't over spend. Use the envolpe method.

  5. WTF DUDE? , MINOR-ITY AINT GOT A GOD DAMN THING TO DO WITH BEING THE LESSER OF NUMBERS] MINOR-ity IS A legal status at law!!! definition; Adult with a mentality of a child thus being legally a MINOR and thus an INFANT and therefor INCOMPETENT AND NOT DESCDENTABLE!* …Whereas ONCE they can convince you to call yourself a MINOR-ity then by your own confession you cast yourself as an INCOMPETENT CHILD and that is a PACT = VERBAL CONTRACT enforceable at law ALL OVER THE PLANET!!

    part of how the wealthy get and maintain generations of wealth is having tons of human beings to feast on that regard themselves and/or are listed at law as MINOR-ITIES!

    Stop pushing DOGMA school of thought and give the REAL SCIENCE to how society works!

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    and BILL GATES -well I mean he is SKULL & BONES AND A DEPUTY KNIGHT, that is funding covert operations under the SECRET TREATY OF VERONA 1493, THE CHRISTIAN BLACK SLAVE CODES 1724 to further destabilize ALL Aboriginal peoples moreover the Millions of them that are Blood heirs to the Vast Estates called the America(s), to whom are ARTIFICIALLY BRANDED [ NEGROS, BLACKS, COLOREDS, AFRICAN AMERICANS, HEBREWS, HISPANIC, LATINO, INDIANS ] in order to keep us all UNDESCENTABLE AT LAW so a foreign ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT – ((PERSONS LIKE YOURSELF)) CAN remain as TRUSTEE AND ASSUMED bENEFICIARY OVER OUR eSTATES IE: The Al Magrehb Al Asqa The Moroccan Empire??!))

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  9. So much of our work here with money is to unlearn the subconscious lessons we learned from parents/teachers/family/friends growing up that sabotage our progress towards financial freedom. Great video!

  10. use the pay yourself money for improving yourself
    ie, study, and no I don't mean a collage degree
    learn the things you always wanted to learn be it a new language, coding, trading, arts or whatever it is that you want to learn
    another way is to invest in your hobbies (don't give me that I don't have a monetizeable hobby excuse coz any hobby can be monetizable if you are willing to work on it) ie, buy better equipments for your hobbies
    find new hobbies, explore more (I don't mean travel)
    manage time MANAGE TIME manage time
    create a backup account for emergencies (you never know what could go wrong)
    Most importantly, never mix the money allotted for savings, investments, for yourself and all the other categories

  11. Kris, how do you pay yourself? Do you pay yourself with cash, or do you pay yourself with more investments. Is paying yourself in gold or silver advisable?

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  16. Yep. I make deals every damn day. That’s when I decide to not go to Star Bucks, or when I decide not to drink any alcohol beverages, or another example, when I decide to eat at home instead of eating at jack in the box. All these examples are multi million dollar deals..

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  22. you're misquoting the Bible. it says: the LOVE of money is the root of all kinds of evil. if money was inherently evil he would have told people to get rid of it.

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  27. For someone claiming to know a whole lot about money you sure don’t seem to have acquired enough knowledge to know that money is not made out of paper, and is in fact made up of 75% cotton and 25% linen. Money is a tool, and you seem to at least know how to use it to market yourself I’ll give you that much. 😉


  29. My question is, how can I know what to buy that will make me income?
    I wrote a book.
    Made a website.
    Wrote music, and
    Created art for 10 years.

    Nobody buys it. I'm as broke as I was as an adolescent teenager. I managed to get a 2 year arts degree, and a car owned in my name, but I've had so much time and effort spent on developing my talent I didn't apply it anywhere else. So I don't know much about computers still. I'm just sitting here with no money, and no skills besides art, music and philosophy.

    Proof that talent doesn't earn you anything.
    What am I supposed to do?
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    The question is, who is going to give you the experience?

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