Secret Book & Date for Mass Adoption Found in Ripple Riddler XRP Puzzle

wassup my digital rainmakers it’s XRP
rainmakers we’re making it rain as usual
so sometimes okay so in the future I
plan on making it rain xrp on you guys
but in the meantime until XRP moons and
it’s not 50 cents I’m just gonna be
raining down some digital rain of
knowledge that I have so that we can you
know work together as a team and you
know move this forward as best and as
possible as possible so with that said
before I get into everything I just want
to do a special shout out to to the
lifeboats because what I’m going to be
talking about today it’s grace because
of you and your channel that inspired me
to also pick up the kind of Sherlock
Holmes magnifying glass and dig deeper
into XRP and I think that you bring
profound knowledge and wisdom to the
Isar XRP community and I think that
you’re very level-headed very
knowledgeable about a lot of different
subjects and I appreciate that and
that’s also what I really love about XRP
community is we’re like the dreamers the
crazy noise makers the taboo breakers
everything and yeah and there’s that
quote it says something like those who
are crazy enough to believe that they
can change the future are the ones that
actually do I think it’s Margaret Meads
we said that if I’m wrong comment below
give me shit alright so as I was saying
so where this this episode came from I
suggest you go check it out on his
channel XRP smoke-and-mirrors october
crash under a december moon it’s
I’d say 90 there’s 95% of everything
I’m completely yep yep check it each ik
jaggedy check but there’s only one thing
and maybe it’s because it’s early in the
morning my eyes cause something or a
different thing or whatever but I just
like to contribute it to the community
and so I’m going to delve into that
today because you can obviously comment
in the comments below if you think I’m
wrong or off my rocker but I believe
that I may have discovered two new
things to this whole puzzle from ripple
Riddler number one is that there’s
actually a hidden hidden book in this
picture number two is I believe I’ve I
found when the date is from mass
adoption of XRP so want to go down the
digital the digital rabbit hole before
we get sucked up into the digital
wormhole PS Tim Hortons fuels this crazy
mind okay so let’s get into it
so I’m just going to take this away for
a second so as somebody who was looking
at this my initial my initial reaction
so I’m not going to get into everything
because like I said to the lifeboats to
me anyways covered it numero uno so I I
agree with all the different things
there’s just a couple of things that I
perceived a different way so for
instance just again to those the reason
why I think that the ripple Riddler is
covering his face isn’t because he’s
hiding from this guy I think it’s just
simply because he wants to emphasize the
point to look down because if you look
down you see that there’s writing on his
Tai and one thing that another thing
that I would just kind of update is what
was what was said what’s actually
written on his tie I’m just gonna zoom
in here is tempor enum proper St est so
as somebody who likes and studied Latin
I was curious to know what that actually
means so I’m gonna get into that in two
seconds so actually I’ll just do that
right now so I already pulled this up so
tempest here we go tempest enum prop a
este meaning so first of all I could go
here the actual meaning is time is at
hand or the time is near so that’s
number one and then there’s also
something else that’s tied with this but
I’m not going to get into that in just
I’m gonna get into it but in just two
seconds so zooming back out to me what
this is is in dreams right everything’s
in Reverse so I like just like the I I
had switched it like this
so yep so I’m completely on agreeance
with that it’s better to see it flipped
around because then you can actually see
what’s written you seen corn market cap
you see OTC trading desk that we’ve
already seen and yeah yeah yeah so like
I said to the lifeboats did
analysis I’m not going to go over all of
that I agree with 99% of it the only
thing is I think that we meant that we
missed one thing so I’m just going to
brighten up the image just a second so
I’m just going to brighten up the image
there we go so the main thing the main
main thing that I think that we’re
missing is this crow because it’s
staring at the price and I think that
this whole is because it’s caused by the
crow because the crow with his beak flew
into flew into the window pane or mirror
I actually think that it’s a mirror and
a window pane because that’s his warning
just like an egg girl and pose the crow
right it’s like this I’m gonna I’m a
little I’m gonna but I’m nificent
no I’m Nicholson I think st. because
crows as much as it depends how many
crows there are because again when you
went into the dream analysis that’s one
thing if you see in real life say for
instance one crow or two crows or three
crows or four crows that’s like the
spiritual life trying to get your
attention on something and it’s it’s
it’s bad it’s bad when say for instance
I think one crows is is like a warning
to crows or something else but when you
see four crows like three or four crows
that means death so like again this is
just to me this is like a warning okay
of things to come that’s why it’s just
pierced and on another thoughts and I’m
gonna get into it so all of this right
see that the crow is here you kind of
broke it in my opinion anyways he broke
it with his beak and the fact that that
again the smoke isn’t coming from the
smoke isn’t coming from him it’s coming
from around him okay which signifies to
me right is that he isn’t sorry
whoops she is not getting high off his
own supply which is kind of like a term
when you’re selling stuff right so I’m
just gonna go onto I’m really gonna
focus just on the crow just on the craft
because like I said everything else I
believe has been covered numero uno so
how I I came about this was because when
I was looking again at the Thai zoom in
and it’s tempest ‘enum proper este which
means time is at hand
or the time is near great right but then
I’m thinking you know what if there’s
other things that are connected to this
saying you know and I’m a visual person
so automatically I just went to images
and when I was looking here let’s just
scroll out something just caught my eye
and I and I I believe it’s kind of the
missing part to this whole piece and why
the ripple Riddler put it out right is
I’m just scanning the things and then I
see something that says Pro Sol final
revision and I love occult book a little
bit I love like stuff that has to do
with the occult it’s always intrigued me
since birth because
I just feel a connection I think that
you know there’s a quote like to get to
heaven you have to have been to the
depths of hell and I am I’ve always been
interested by duality and light and
darkness and good and bad like what
makes bad people tick what makes good
people tick and how do we like you know
just like the yin and yang fit together
and how you know in every good person
there’s a little bit of bad and in every
bad person there’s a little bit of good
and how to amplify that you know and and
deep D amplify that I don’t know if
that’s a word but so thinking about this
in the whole context right is if again
I’m just going to go to the the picture
I actually think that this man this guy
here is the same person as Riddler this
is kind of like the duality like ripple
Riddler is the person that this guy
wants to be but as you see he’s like in
a Sherlock Holmes type of he’s in a
Sherlock Holmes type of dress like
outfit and he’s go he’s walking towards
here so you know I think it’s kind of
symbolic in the sense worth this is
maybe his his worked otc trading desks
he’s like he’s I believe that the ripple
Riddler if you’re watching this I
believe that you are either in wall
street have worked on Wall Street know
the ends of a net outs of Wall Street
and ripple Riddler is kind of like your
alter ego you know to just spread kind
of the knowledge that you have to help
people from kind of going down the same
road as you and which is kind of
basically what I’m doing and I think
that a lot of people are doing in the
crypto community we’re trying to we’re
trying to both better
selves and our lives and the people
around us but we’re also trying to you
know warn people about the wrecks and
the ravages that we’ve gone through in
our own life I mean for the most part
obviously there’s there’s there’s
scammers and there’s this that and the
other thing but I think those are very
you know just like that yin and Yan
thing I think that the majority of
people in crypto are good there’s a
small menu part that are bad and yeah so
going with this book right so I clicked
on it obviously and it’s a PDF so I just
start to open it I’m gonna go i-i’ve
read it I’m not going to read all of it
but I will attach the booklet I’m gonna
make a PDF and make a download link on
the YouTube and on my link tree so link
tree slash XRP rain maker that’s where
I’ll be posting the PDF in the future so
basically there we go then we have the
crow extract from the Journal of Elijah
Humble October 12th 1906 if you’re
reading this then I can only assume that
you have found my journal but truth be
told I had hoped it would never be gazed
upon again the reason its contents offer
a tiny glimpse into dark secrets and
forbidden knowledge that no man should
ever know I solemnly wish I knew nothing
of that accursed place where it all
began the holy ghastly business has left
my nerves wrecked and any hope I had of
a bright future for mankind forever
shadowed beyond repair and this again is
what makes me think that if that the
ripple Riddler is that you’ve been in in
something whether it’s Wall Street banks
or whatever previously this is kind of
what’s led you to
you know we just finished going through
the banker bailouts everything that’s
happened just in the past ten years has
been pretty crazy so looking so
continuing this aside I feel a strange
compulsion to record my findings which I
do to actually to lay them down in print
and with them hopefully I will find some
semblance of peace what follows is a
brief account of what I found on my
visit to that wretched godforsaken town
many months ago the reasons for my trip
are of little consequence to the reader
and the name and location of the town
are secret and when I started to read
this the first time so the fact that he
just finished saying in this thing what
follows is a brief account of what I
found on my visit my visit to the
wretched godforsaken town and in the
picture if you look at it it looks like
a God forsaken town because you know
there’s bricks missing in the wall
there’s crows there’s holes in the
window and then he also says but a
little bit a little tripped up job where
was I anyway it’s okay the reasons for
my trip are of little consequence to
their reader and the name and location
of of the town are a secret I will take
to my grave for I wish no other sane
person to visit such an abysmal place I
will start this account with my
observations on approaching the pitfall
decaying burg the curious lack of people
struck me first and then the unsettling
pungent odor an odor you know this could
also be part of the smoke here
the Curia yeah I dismiss the town’s
desolation to the lateness of my arrival
but had no explanation for the stench
which seemed to cling to the air most
insipid ly walking down the dirt roads
and partially paved lanes I noticed an
ever-growing mist crawling slithering at
ground level throughout the town I
surmised this could be the source of the
offensive odor but where were the town’s
folk I consulted the crudely drawn map
of the area I had in my pocket and
deduced that a place I could inquire
about lodging must be close by
I traveled eastward for a while still
perplexed by the lack of people paranoia
was taking hold of me and I resolved to
get myself indoors as soon as possible
the building’s I passed were in grave
despair there were nothing but neglected
carcasses of their former selves it was
evident that this decrepit town had once
been a thriving center of commerce for
the area with many banks stores and
offices so what on earth had happened
and I think this is also foreshadowing
foreshadowing what’s about to happen in
real life because I really do think that
the Great Depression if you will is not
over and you know just in life the
balance with every with everything
that’s shooting to the moon you also
will have a counterbalance every act
every reaction caused them in causes an
equal and opposite reaction and I think
that bitcoin is going to plummet not
only that I think that I believe this is
a financial advice this is just the
ramblings of one person obsessed with
crypto but that basically you can see it
now there’s so mad that I mean twice
arrests closed like what else closed
there’s toys or us there’s Sears was at
the bay a lot of companies because of
Amazon again another company that raised
up to the top but
unfortunately with the higher power that
the Amazon has right now is that it’s
putting out a lot of businesses that
didn’t adapt because you either adapt or
you die so a lot of companies right now
they’re going out of business because
they didn’t get on the on the bandwagon
of learning social media or offering
competitive prices to their customers
and they just took for granted like
blockbuster that they had a monopoly
over the system and they didn’t have to
adapt and just like Netflix took out
blockbuster you know actually Netflix
didn’t take out blockbuster their height
their height their high fees took out
themselves the fact that they did crazy
charging z’ on people’s accounts like
it’s just ridiculous so I think that
this is kind of ripple riddler
you know foreshadowing this book that
he’s read that he’s lived that he’s
seeing in his dreams that history is
going to be repeating itself
we we went through we went through the
Great Depression and just like in the
wolf of Wall Street movie that first day
that he gets hired is like the day that
the Dow crashes and I believe that a lot
of people with XRP are going to shoot to
the moon but a lot of other people
they’re going to get catapulted to
living hell you know because if you it’s
going to be really rough for those who
are not paying attention and who are not
getting their shit together I’m just
gonna say it like that so yeah so first
of all this book is 20 pages so it’s not
long I’m not going to read the whole
thing to you guys because I I just think
it’s better if you guys take the
initiative and to you know really read
it and take your time to read it on your
own at your own pace I just want to go
over kind of like the cliff notes of
what I thought was important about this
kind of poem slash book
so continuing I approach the hotel as
the Sun was setting the Twilight made
the Gosling town early still so you see
saying Twilight which actually you know
as I again this I think this is an
indication of one moon kind of thing
that was already discussed but I also
think that it’s following to course with
the book the poem that it was Twilight
here so it felt as if it had not been
opened for an age and to the sound of
old cast-iron hinges creaking and the
groaning I entered the tumbled down
building the for you was thick with dust
and strewn with heavy cobwebs the stench
of the place was almost overpowering and
the spell was one of death and decay a
sense of deep for biting was starting to
take hold of me as I surveyed the
dilapidated ground-floor rooms I rang
the bell for service guessing that no
one would so this is going more into the
story and again I think this is just one
image it’s one preview so like to me
that passage is getting ahead of
ourselves because that’s not what’s
being depicted in this in this image so
I’m just gonna scroll down to the other
things that I’ve read that I think I
mean you can read the whole thing right
so this is one poem kind of entry that
really really struck me and I think that
it’s also because it’s talking about the
crow in this one so it says part one the
emissary obsidian Lester denied from the
blooming Kane gloaming came still lunar
light it pierced me to wax and wane
death’s messenger it filed it flies on
carrier wings
surveying lost hope of all the wretched
Corvus spy down over gloom hung low so
just before we continue how this ties in
with the image is that just like I was
saying that you know in life with
duality and you know good bad life death
and all this different things
is that where it says here desk
messenger it flies on carrier wings I
believe that this is tied into the crow
and his this figure here which is you
know just like in dr. Jekyll mr. Hyde
you know we all have that to diet
duality personality we have that you
know the person that is you know that’s
good and all these different things but
we also have in us and this is just the
balance of life we have the capability
to you know get mad get angry get crazy
get this all these different things okay
so when it says death messenger it flies
on carry your wings I think it’s talking
about the crow surveying lost hope of
all the wretched things
Corvus spy down so I think this is also
playing into you know the Riddler here
Corvus spy down over gloom hung low so
he knows that the markets they’re going
to kind of tank eventually not all like
this is don’t get this twisted this
isn’t to spread fun x RP x RP is going
to go to the moon but just like a rising
phoenix to me x RP is the rising phoenix
but in its path is that there’s going to
be a lot of all coins that get
obliterated and bitcoin being one of
those all points see so Corvis glide
down over live so hollow over bleak
landscapes of return eternal damnation
shrouded in veils of deaths ministration
this is no how are fabled lowly place
this is Earth’s own soil now devoid of
grace so I think this is talking about
you know man’s man’s
pursuit for greed all the different
things that have happened in the past
with the banks and Wall Street and not
just in banks in Wall Street like
everybody pins banks and Wall Street as
a top but there’s lots up guys this is
kind of part two in the same video
nice it for my son to see
so back at it so where do we leave off
so to me this as I was saying before
this is kind of like a premonition a
dream and a flash into the future from
past readings of this book cross throw
so final revision and so continuing
reading over a bleak landscape so
eternal eternal damnation shroud and
veils of dust ministration this is no
Hell a fabled lowly place this is
Earth’s own soil now devoid of grace the
children of Eve which is to me like
Halloween’s he grow strong and sin
oblivious to their impending reckoning
now to be judged corrupt souls of
mankind eternally lost in their liar
entwined carrion harbinger brings forth
new doom carrion messenger cries out
through the gloom so to me right this is
also as I was saying in duality is that
it says carry on harbinger brings forth
new doom I think this is also kind of
like death The Messenger of Death the
the carrion harbinger brings forth new
doom and then carrying messenger
cries out through the gloom so I think
this is like the carrion messenger who’s
crying out through the gloom like this
is this is death but this is also death
warning so it hasn’t so we haven’t
really gotten there yet because you see
the ripple Riddler hasn’t even made eye
contact with him yet he’s just really
focused in on this because he’s
depressed about the impending doom that
he foresees your time has come
your time has come unworthy Souls
time has come to end all woes taste
oblivion and its long sweet kiss dwell
in the darkness far from heavenly bliss
The Crow soul comes to end all things so
this is the crow soul he of flesh and
bone and ungodly wings and this is an
extension of him and he’s an extension
of this so these are actually if you
really think about it this is both crow
soul back black is pitched coal outwards
they spread and envelope all in darkness
and dread he will come forth on the
blood-red moon
he will come forth on the blood-red moon
you can’t run and hide he is your doom
so and then it continues because the
crow soul will walk amongst you soon
which is the impending doom right the
crow soul will fly across the blood-red
moon so when I read this part right the
crew soul will fly across the blood-red
moon I decided to type in and also
because in the beginning where it said
Eve to me that was oh wait a minute
actually I got ahead of myself ok let’s
just actually I’m getting a little ahead
of myself so where was I reading it oh
yeah it was right here so one
particularly old document states that
this can all happen when the Blood Moon
falls on All Hallows Eve which in itself
is a rare event indeed long are the
years in between each coming of the
cross all he has existed for ions and
time has no meaning to he who waits in
the nether world Cornelius had found a
way of protecting himself during the
soul reaping which I kind of think so
two things
in that sentence right actually three
things so the fact that they’re talking
about a Blood Moon and this moon is is
you know still Twilight it’s still white
it’s whatever that gives me the
impression that this is just the warning
that premonition of things to come and
because it says Blood Moon falls on All
Hallows Eve we know anything about the
Freemasons and symbols and so on and so
forth is that if it happened on one
Halloween me logically at that might
happen another Halloween because
Halloween is a very strong day in the
occult so if we go I typed in when is
the next Blood Moon on Halloween because
in fact the moon hasn’t been full on
Halloween since 2001 the next full moon
on Halloween it will be Saturday October
31st 2020 which leads me to believe that
the reason why the Riddler put this
whole thing together was to warn of
either one of two things and I haven’t
really decided which one yet either
October 31st is going to be 20 20 is
going actually I’m going I’m going to
give my my my prophecy
my greatest Nostradamus or XRP Adamas do
apologize for yawning this isn’t
bothering this isn’t boring me this
topics but I didn’t get much sleep so my
kind of prediction or thought process is
the October 31st 2020 it’s maybe going
to be two things simultaneously
number one it could be the day when XRP
hits full 100% maximum speed max last
adoption so that’s number one and then
the price will you think Bitcoin
I just wait the second thing is October
31st hmm
just like I said XRP is gonna be like
them the Phoenix that is reborn from the
ashes of the market is that October 31st
way to make could also be the kind of
last global financial economic crisis
depression that were ever going to see
and so you have to start prepared and
yeah because I think that the world I
don’t think that the world is going to I
think that the world is going to be
reborn it’s just like an order out of
chaos unfortunately that’s just the way
we’ve seen life play out so the way that
I like to look at things as launch
asleep and I look at patterns and see
okay what happened in the past what’s
happening now
these aren’t any patterns and what could
possibly happen in the future and if you
look at what happened in there two
things if you look at what happened in
the 1930s with the tulip bulb mania this
is exactly what I see with Bitcoin
because it doesn’t have value like XRP
does it doesn’t have the same
scalability that XRP does and I believe
when it truly gets kind of put under the
microscope is that people you know the
way that I look at it is kind of I don’t
know if you could say like a scarecrow
kind of you know for Ravens and some
like this or to keep you know if you
look at it at a scarecrow
from afar it can look and it can pass
maybe at nighttime at nighttime as you
know somebody an actual person but when
you when you turn the lights on
Wednesday time you see that it’s clearly
scarecrow you know it’s just kind of
masking something it’s not and XRP isn’t
XRP is actually like a farmer farming
and planting seeds financial freedom and
one day the very near future I think
that that’s going to be highlighted much
much more okay so I’m gonna scroll down
so this is this is actually the last
passage that I’m going to read to you
and like I said this book is kind of
like you know the white paper so stock
motto it’s not long so I highly advise
you to check it out I like it some
people most people say they see
something like people hate poetry it’s
because a lot of people don’t understand
poetry and so yeah right in the side
note but I actually I love it and I
think that you guys the XRP community
individual ring makers us digital rain
makers and us XRP Lydians mixer sorry I
don’t know okay so this is the second
Bheema sorry no that’s what I just read
sorry this is the one that I wanted to
finish with it’s the part to the reaping
so it says contacts mundane through 29
cycles of the Sun and 29 lunar phases
through the sky did one each a cursed
night brought forth tremendous dreaming
to the
full moon hunt and sanguine queue so
again till the full moon hung in
sanguine hue mmm 11th Lee Blake the
beaming so again syndrome if you don’t
know in French sangai is blood so blood
shoot so till the full moon hung in
blood hue you know blood moon so that
falls back to what I was saying and the
other thing you know that that Blood
Moon is going to be October 31st 2020
and why again this struck me is because
serendipity serendipitously enough on my
twitter feed this morning I came across
let me just do this I came across or was
last night or in the morning I don’t
know time and space seems so crazy right
now so yeah so this was like the third
thing when I was reading this book kind
of poem that made me go like woah this
is a little bit too coincidental
I gave it a second also by the way you
can follow at XRP rainmaker
I follow if you have a good kind of
profile if you are posting frequently
and if I like your content obviously I’m
going to follow back like share and all
that jazz so yes so just to scroll down
okay so this is something like I don’t
ever this is the first time I’ve ever
seen like I’ve seen scrolling down
content stuff on Twitter but it’s like
the first time that I see this with the
whole full moon solar cycle and I just
thought that what are the odds right
that I would run into this and then
shortly after like a couple of hours
later does that fall into this and then
this time past Monday through twenty
nine cycles of the Sun and there’s
exactly like twenty nine cycles of the
Sun in this thing interesting
so yeah so where do you go
so blood-red omen of what is to come low
–them carrion prophet will not be
undone sickness crossed the sinful
wretched land will be cleansed by
otherworldly hand in the ancient
boneyard where no one ever goes mister
swelling silent with phosphorescent glow
the crow soul comes this very night all
is aligned the time is right so again
all is aligned I think that they’re
speaking about the lunar cycle which is
the Blood Moon which is October 31st
2020 and the time is right to malt upon
to malt metaphysic vapor spreads leaving
no exception covering graves of the dead
swirling round and round shadows now are
forming gas leaf shapes hideous to the
eye and that and there’s an eye here
swirling round round shadows now are
forming ghastly shapes hideous to the
eye so again it says here shadows
sorry swirling but it was talking about
the smoke swirling and swirling and
forming shadows and shapes so this could
be also you know why there’s so many
shapes in the smoke and dressed all in
black and Undertaker’s cloak clothing so
like he’s dressing in all black and
Undertaker’s clothing monstrous figure
enough for fully-formed inspiring deep
loathing so he could also so there’s two
things here he could he could he could
ripple Riddler this is just analysis
right this is a financial advice this
isn’t any type of ice this is just me
having fun and using Photoshop and my
brain cells to see what’s there so to me
right the way that he’s sitting is
either because of three things he was
looking down avoiding are in contact
because either he really wants to
emphasize what’s written on his what’s
written on his tie which we already
discussed is Tempest enum proper s which
means second which means the time is
near time is hand and or if you ask me
is he’s trying to tip his hat like if
you’re tipping your hat you’re kind of
tipping because the XRP sign is here so
it’s like he’s tipping his hat at death
like he’s trying to he’s trying to buy
his way to heaven maybe and the third
thing is because maybe Ripper rulers
already dead and death is coming to – I
don’t know claim his soul or whatever
the only thing that the only but like
said this was just ideas right but I
would lean more toward my my gut right
is telling me it’s more the second thing
because if you was already dead he
wouldn’t like his hand would be down
like this like you can’t hold your hand
up in midair
so I actually revoked the last one I
really think it’s probably that the
second one where he’s tipping literally
and figuratively his hat his XRP to
death to buy his way
you know his stairway to heaven it’s
this that another thing because if you
notice there’s kind of a theme with the
Riddler like just in the other when he
wanted to go on the trip you know what
the air air balloon he was giving the
dollar so maybe maybe again this is just
thing to fly that he’s paying his his
dues you know buying his way to to
heaven next IP heaven or I don’t know so
yeah so I’ll just finish just on black
and Undertaker’s clothes monstrous
figure enough fully formed inspiring to
floating hooked beak like nose red eyes
violently the glowing black wings out at
least Brad crow like they’re growing out
stretched so high and wide blotting out
the moon which is if you can see you
know he’s blocking out the moon almost
circling and soaring or damaged Souls
everywhere frightfully silhouette and
the blood moons glare so again this is
I’m going ahead of ourselves so I think
this is just kind of part one and if
ripple Riddler was to do an image about
this it would be like another image to
signify the passing of time
this is past this hey Mike
so yeah so Oh
and just like so if some people are like
well loses nothing to do with what you
were talking about tempest and improper
as I just be like this book poem
whatever you want to call it was created
into a song called the accursed music
and translations and what do we see Oh
tempest enum drop it
este the time is near so just a random
idea I just thought of right now so
tempest propre Goom
the time is close this could have been
you know going with the same money theme
and tipping the crew ball off mm-hmm
that that could be the video where he is
in the mongrels eye the what’s it called
the shutter rule and this one is this
one but I think that there’s going to be
another one anime entry on this
colourant ungodly soul that all should
fear and this is the secret scripts so
yeah that’s all I got for you guys today
comment like share dislike tell me why
I’m a raving lunatic pun intended
or even crazy you know they say there’s
a fine line between crazy and genius and
we border looks borderline walk that
or some could say borderline personality
walk that every single day you know just
like in this image there’s duality I
find that’s fighting you know real
versus not real good versus evil day
versus night because you can see it’s
dark here but here you know it’s like
day breaks yeah and also just on a side
note because a lot of people you know
because we are going through kind of
biblical times right now and so with
that comes a lot of different topics and
subjects and the only thing I want to
really stay on that is I am following my
heart and my heart says that in order to
be able to do good for the world is that
you have to be good and in order to be
good you have to be able to risk being
mocked and ridiculed and and set aside
and criticized and poked fun at and
ostracized and you have to just be true
to your path and my path has led me down
lots of different lots of different you
know rabbit holes and XRP is where I’ve
landed and where I believe that our
world our society our humanity has the
most potential growth I don’t I no
longer see growth in the Bitcoin
community and I’ve said this for
numerous time you need to have a culture
that is working together as a team
because if you’re not working together
as a team what are you even working for
so I just want to say on a side note I
sow sow sow sow sow and appreciative and
grateful and happy to have found not
only sam-i-am channel to the lifeboats
and like I said I strongly strongly
suggest you follow him he also does some
some live live videos so check that out
and just I just love the creativity I
love that you know it’s not really
mocked or ridiculed it’s celebrated in
the XR community so that makes me feel
at home like my ideas have a voice have
wings and that we’re all kind of riding
this crazy crazy crazy wave and thing of
smoke if you will together so I’m
sending you digital rain because again

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