Scammer Overdoes it Trying to sound Aussie… Replying to PM’s about Bitcoin Mining @

hello mate how are you doing mate
Bitcoin mate mate so a random person
sends you a private message after you’ve
just posted on a crypto related
subreddit should you reply to them
generally not but let’s give it a go and
see what happens if you have already
done so hit subscribe and that way
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navigate the crazy and sometimes hostile
environment the cryptocurrency
being contacted by someone you’ve never
spoken to before via private message
after posting on a crypto related
subreddit red flag eight-day-old profile
red flag profile pictures and banner
image pinched off a public Instagram
account for someone with a completely
different name red flag therefore any
thing I’ve noticed with these scammers
is the way they seem to introduce
themselves like they almost always just
open with hello rather than a question
or something like that and then start to
ask you know strangely probing questions
you know how you’re doing this is where
I live where do you live you know this
is a great place what do you do for work
this is what I do
awkward yet strangely probing
introductory questions red flag so this
one was interesting in that this scammers is
English isn’t terrible it’s more just
strange hello mate how are you doing
mate I’m good mate thanks mate mate mate
mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate
mate mate mate mate mate mate mate mate
no mate hey buddy take this from someone
who lives in Australia no one ever says
made that often red flag
I work as an investment manager with the
cryptocurrency mining firm in
affiliation with the blockchain mining
Network oof sounds official
I wondered if you are interested in
cryptocurrency his really English really
falls apart that’s great mate going into
mining is not quite a good idea for
someone new to Bitcoin because it
require high technical expertise and
also higher literacy charges you could
make significant losses the best
approach is to invest in a mining pool
and that way you would be earning off
their Bitcoin stake at the end of the
mining session I could explain how the
Chane mining Network works and how you
can generate more than 20% profit the
end of nineteen days crazy returns
red-flag I love this i thought i just
mentioned nice hash and see what
happened love their response this is
quite different mate this is a more
secured way in which you have total
control of your investment and you don’t
need to send out your personal
information also and also your Bitcoin
to anyone
a newbie is not going to realize this
but the fact of the matter is that
mining is not investing you don’t send
crypto anywhere rather you use Hardware
you have to do work and get paid crypto
as a reward for that so completely wrong
information red flag this is where it
gets good ok I’m with the team of miners
we mine bitcoins under the
premises and have successfully
generated hundreds of millions of
dollars and thousands of BTC for
investors we operate under a tight
security protocol designed to generate
income for anyone who can use the
internet by keeping your funds private
only to you click on this link to get
acquainted with our results we guarantee
a certain 20 percent profit at the end
of 19 days guaranteed returns for any
investment any investment not just
crypto huge red flag at this one is
worth pointing out the
is a legitimate site and you know is a
legitimate block Explorer when you go to
the stats page you know right at the top
you get the block summary and a number
of blocks mined market summary and you
know if you don’t know what you’re
looking at which you know most newbies
wouldn’t you know this could seem like
some sort of investment returns page or
something like that
I was curious to see what sort of
scripted answers this person would have
so you know sort of ask them some
questions because they’d invited it so
you you know, guaranteed by who? why 19 days?
if I don’t mine with my PC how does it
work? at this point I could see where
this scam was going so I ask you know do
I need a blockchain wallet for this I
just have one BTC what’s the minimum the
response made no sense at all so they
say the mining session firstly lasts for
19 days at the end of the 19 days
you would receive your profit and
secondly you don’t need to have a PC to
mine and lastly yes you do need a
blockchain wallet but the wallet you
will use is the blockchain mining wallet
which would be generated for you from
the server that’s a really long sentence
I love the fact that just don’t explain
it at all other than saying look that’s
how long the session lasts for and they
conveniently ignore the bit about you
know how is it guaranteed and they go on
the minimum investment we work with a
0.3 BTC with that you be able to
kick-start the mining process and if
you’re interested what’s needed is your
email address with that we’ll be able to
configure you to the mining pool and
generate your blockchain mining wallet
extremely light on details and doesn’t
even attempt to answer your questions
for an investment product red flag and
so right here is where we see the scam
if you’re interested send me your email
address and with that I will be able to
configure you to the mining pool so I
send them an email address and a few
minutes later I get a confirmation email
from that a new wallet
has been created for me someone
provisioning a wallet for you huge red
flag in classic scammer style they say
it was fine they send you the email and
say here’s the default password you need
to log in and change it and then your
setup will be complete so you can feel
nice and secure that they don’t have any
access to your account once you’ve
locked them out if only that were even
remotely true at this one I took my time
and had a good poke around my blockchain
account I was really curious to see what
they had done that would allow them to
access my funds even after I had changed
the password so my first thought was
that obviously just done something like
backup the seed phrase because wallets actually just
have a 12 word phrase seed attached to them
but when I logged in they actually
hadn’t exported the backup phrase that’s
interesting I wonder how they’re gonna
do it so I had to dig around the website
there was no API keys or anything like
that they generated but then I went to
the general settings was having dig
around and saw it mobile app pairing
code scan the barcode below with your
blockchain wallet for a seamless
to your wallet do not share this pairing
code with others and what’s really
interesting with these blockchain comm
wallets is that if you export your 12
word seed the account will actually show
you that in the little box next to
backup phrase will turn green just like
this but these mobile app pairing codes
they are a different story altogether
someone can log into your account click
show pairing code scan the code and you
have no way of knowing that that has
happened’s website says
never share your pairing code in that
whoever has the pairing code can access
your wallet without having to know your
wallet ID your password or two-factor
credentials you will be giving them no
holds barred access to your funds
recovery phrase and your transaction
history so this particular behavior of
this particular wallet is exactly what
makes this scam work in that the scammer
has created the account for me
they’ve scans the mobile pairing code
and then they’ve sent me a thing to make
me change the password and there is no
evidence no logs nothing in the dashboard that would
help me to see even if I was being
thorough that this had happened
no wonder newbies get scammed this way
and you import addresses onto the website you know those
aren’t actually reflected on the mobile
app so just for kicks I imported an old
address with you know nothing in it and I
just want to see what would happen if I
told them I done that and started
sending them screenshots and things so I
said I’d imported the funds rather than
you know send them to an address the
scammer controlled and surprise surprise
they couldn’t see it so I busted out my
best mspaint skills and you know
doctored up a screenshot which showed my
imported address with enough cutoff they
couldn’t check it in a block Explorer
themselves and the balance of one
Bitcoin but no balance on any of the
wallets that were attached to the twelve
words seed after a few minutes they
confirmed that they could only see the
original tiny bit of Bitcoin cash that
I’d sent and had zero visibility
whatsoever of the addresses that I had
imported and unfortunately they stopped
being helpful at this point and just
kept on insisting I need to send more
crypto so a little later they confirm
they can’t see any of the import of the
dresses only ones for the wallet so I
let them know that
I knew it was a scam that I knew how
they’d done it and to keep an eye on
YouTube but I loved their response
well thanks mate for wasting my time and
it wasn’t a scam don’t rush to
conclusions I didn’t ask you for your
BTC mate and this comment right here is
the reason why I think this scam was
worth highlighting in a video all of its
own in that in this scam the scammer
doesn’t even have to ask you to send
anything everything they’ve said here
would be such that a newbie might not
even realize who it was who scammed them
or how they had been robbed so there are
11 red flags in this conversation with a
scammer any one of which should have
caused you to stop what you were doing
and to realize that something didn’t
quite add up thanks for watching I hope
that was helpful hit like if you think
that other people would find this video
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  1. Avoid the scammers completely and keep all your crypto safe & upgrade to a Ledger Nano X Hardware Wallet

    Alternatively, if you prefer a 100% Open Source wallet, a Trezor One is also a great value wallet

  2. Thanks MATE! lol
    You pointed this out to me on a reddit post, and really hit the nail on the head. I appreciate it, keep rocking man 🙂

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