Sarah Fleming | PayPal UK | Giving Tuesday 2019

So my name is sarah fleming and i am the
head of charity for a paypal UK i’ve been asked today to talk to you a little
bit about why we’ve partnered with Giving Tuesday a little bit about some
of our successes some of the challenges and then really why corporations in
general should get involved in the movement so we’ve been partnering with
givingtuesday since its inception in 2012 we’ve been immensely proud to be a
partner of this movement that has inspired to so much generosity I know
it’s been told a couple times so I mean just to give you a size the scale and
the importance that we’ve seen last year globally we raised over a process over
ninety eight million dollars globally through the PayPal Network and to give
you size of that scale overall we process about nine point five billion
dollars throughout the year so for that one day that’s actually a very sizable
chunk of donations and as we’ve already said it’s a massive movement that we are
very proud to be behind and we feel like we can even do more so why have we
chosen to get involved well a Q tenant of our mission is really to make it
easier than ever for people to be able to support their favorite causes and to
give as easy as possible so when you have a movement like this you’ve got
people that are excited about people that are motivated and inspired how do
you make sure that they are able to give their donation as fast as possible so
you catch them in that moment and givingtuesday has really been
instrumental in driving more awareness and driving more donations and more
charities to get behind the day so our role is really just to make that
seamless as possible so over the years who supported a number of ways last year
we decided to do a match donation of fifty thousand pounds within the first
five minutes that match donation was gone so that might be one of the reasons
why and you could imagine all the people who have one of the guys in this room
actually who had to go and scurry and change all of our marketing emails to
say actually there’s no mark anywhere but as we dug into it a bit more what we
found was that there was a few charities charities that were very small in size
most of them we’ve never actually heard of who would rather leave their
communities to say hey when the clock strikes midnight PayPal is going to be
offering match donations so make your money go even further help us even more
than you ever could by donating at this time and so that right there I think we
realize not only do we have to reconsider
obviously the matching and how that process works but also how to be really
rally not only charities but all of their networks to get behind this cause
I think one of you had mentioned you know talking about an individual cause
that might be difficult for people to understand or to get behind I don’t have
you seen sort of the one of the recent third sector publication that talked
about you know from 16 to 26 year olds one of the main reasons they give it’s
because they like to help people and so you see these circles these social
circles of people that are fundraising for individuals whether it’s on Facebook
or on GoFundMe or just giving and so we actually seen spikes of those circles
popping up on givingtuesday and people saying you know what maybe there’s not a
cause I’m particularly behind but I care about this individual so how do you make
sure that you’re you’re utilizing that power of the network and not just your
organization but all of those ambassadors that you have so we’re
definitely gonna do a lot more around that this year one of the biggest
challenges I think we face and I know you’ve kind of been talked about Kay
talked about the narrative of givingtuesday sort of changing into more
that’s this global movement I think for us I’m American so I totally get the
whole Thanksgiving thing I’m thinking I’m still thinking about gluttonous
turkey and then by the time Tuesday rolls around and like right I need to
get something back because I’ve made too much about too much and so that’s sort
of I think always stuck in my head and as an American coming over to the UK and
very surprised by the number of either customers that we have or charities who
don’t quite understand why in this particular day and so I think that
narrative and it’s up to each and every one of us in this room to start to build
that and not something that we want to use our power our marketing all the way
that we talk about givingtuesday to make that super clear so that ever
understand what this movement actually is and they feel inspired to get behind
it on that particular day and so for us not only is givingtuesday really helped
us connect with more charities and more donors but it actually really has
strengthened our partnerships with in other organizations and other
corporations and so as we talked about obviously charitable giving and getting
involved with causes is very important to a corporation to their brand but it
also has helped us build relationships in numerous different ways because you
have a common ground which is just how do we do more to enable good so I’m very
happy and answering questions anyone might have later about specific benefits
for corporation if you’re thinking about it if you’re twiddling your thumbs just
do it take a chance take a risk try something new I mean it can’t hurt you
in the end I think there’s a lot of learnings that we can all pull together
to make this the best givingtuesday ever

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