Ryobi 18v drill vs Makita 18v LXT drill

hello youtube
video of my ryobi 18v drill
i purchased from the hardware store
i am comparing it to my makita 18v lxt drill
i am going to drill some holes
with a 22mm spade / flat bit
and compare the results
this ryobi drill cost $199
and came with 2 batteries and a charger
1 battery is a 4.0ah, and the other is a 1.5ah battery
the 4.0ah will last longer
this is my first ryobi drill
i have a lot of other ryobi tools
i have not used the drill before
this will be compared to my makita that i use for work
the makita has a 3.0ah battery on it
i am going to drill some holes
with this 22mm spade bit or flat drillbit
this is straight from the box, and has not been charged yet
this is a lot of work for any drill
it is drilling that quite easily
without predilling holes
this is the makita 18v lxt drill
it has the 3.0ah battery on it
it is not the hammer drill version
will not matter for this video
the light on the makita drill is near the trigger
while the ryobi is near the battery
the makita light is better
i am pressing down quite hard
forcing the drill slightly
the makita feels like
it has about 20 percent more power
than the ryobi
the ryobi will still last a long time
and is not such a problem if it gets stolen
because its cheap to replace
all my ryobi tools
have been really good
i have blown up my 36v whipper snipper
but everything else has been really good
if you want a drill for home use or light trade
this is the inexpensive option
if you drill hardwood regularly, then buy a more expensive drill
like the makita or dewalt

99 thoughts on “Ryobi 18v drill vs Makita 18v LXT drill

  1. Nice Video – I have an older 18V 1/2 inch cordless Ryobi with Ni-Cad – has been a great drill – I am an DIYer – use it from everything from putting dry wall screws in to loosing and tightening lug nuts on the car before torquing them.  As most people will complain the older drills (which are now discontinued to the Lithium Line) have bad battery life.  Mine  loose their charge within a week or so,  but that's an issue with the NiCads, not the drill.  Am down to one battery now so will probably start looking at another drill with 2 Lithium Batts since my older drill can operate with those.

  2. Have you ever had any trigger problems with the Ryobi?  I bought myself one and noticed that if I pull in from the bottom half of the trigger it snags on something.  My friend has the same one and it does the same thing.  Also, I noticed the bubble in the level moves so slowly I cannot get an accurate reading.  Very annoying as the rest of the drill seems pretty solid.

  3. I use the Ryobi 18v  tools everyday in my remodeling job and I work it hard that all I use no other power tools
    for the last 4 years they work great no problem as of yet

  4. Ryobi sucks, my drill dies after a year, compound miter saw could never get a 45 degree cut plus has plenty of play even after I tried adjusting it… The table for the router is starting to warp…fuck Ryodi… Never again. Their tools are a joke.

  5. I take it you don't have much experience using spade bits? try letting the bit do the work instead of forcing it through.

  6. Excellent video. I actually learned about the Ryobi One stuff from a professional tradesman. While he also had high end stuff, he said that he found himself using the Ryobi One stuff more because it was lighter. "While it might not be as tough, it's so cheap that even if I have to buy a new one every year, it's still worth it."

  7. I got my first Ryobi drills last year and love them for work, Lot of power and run-time, I save my new Milwaukee hammer drill for the tough jobs though, Ryobi has stepped up there game for sure. Great price too!

  8. Ok first off the first ryobi sucks interns of battery but that funny looking drill was loyal my brand new dewalt just acting up see my pops went thru many of them see dewalt is just popular now this new ryobi+1 is awesome best 18 volt drill powerful you can't stop it with your hands even if you would like to use battery all day and never need to charge never need to take the charger from home so yea I bore a solid concrete wall today it has no hammer on it but with a concrete bit i

  9. Think of ryobi as Hyundai and dewalt as BMW now Hyundai giving you 10 years and plus for their warranty and stand behind their names if you ask me a Hyundai is now a damn good car reliable great gas mileage cheaper to maintain just a better ride for the 21st century ryobi is a great drill a damn good brand the can do industrial work how I know I've done it and hey it's reliable I hate the name just like Hyundai but hey you cannot deny it's worth

  10. makitas all the way!! but next time use a new makita model instead of that 2009 you got there. there new brushless models will tear anything up! and you cant beat the lxt line! people who buy milwaukee are those americans who buy it cos its an american brand! fuck what people sa y makita has made stuff for over 100 years and they are still the best at it.

  11. Love my Ryobi tool collection (have over 15 different tools) but fact is there not made for industrial use, I've used both and hands down despite not having as wide a range Makita takes the cake. My comparisons have been with the impact driver, hammer drill, circular saw (all 18V).

  12. I've used ryobi tools for 8 years and have abused them pretty good.My first tools I bought still work fine.My job is in general construction.I'm not going to try and say ryobi is the best tool out there but it work just fine and and has a good price tag.

  13. I got the Ryobi One+ its ok nothing negative at the moment. I remember the times when everybody had buy Bosch then Hilti but the best after this two just Hitachi.

  14. If you drill every holes like this on the video probably you can broke every bit and drill on the market. Very unprofessional.

  15. I bought a Ryoby Combokit for almost exactly 4 years ago and each and everyone of them are working great. I have built my house with them and im quite confident that theyll last til my garage is done too. Im a plumber and at work we use the Bosch pro models, and i have to say that Ryobi is more reliable than Bosch.

  16. No matter what tool you bring to a jobsite, whether a Bosch, Makita, AEG, Festool, Dewalt, Ryobi, Fein, Rigid, Porter Cable, Hitachi, Metabo or what have you? It is the level of ones skill that will earn him/her respect not the brand of the tools. It's Just like a musician, it is not the brand of his instrument that earns him respect.

  17. If you depend on expensive, decent tools to give your work better quality, then i say you are a handyman. You should study [more] the ancient art of building or making things where during those days, builders depended on non electrical tools or better yet, visit third world countries and see the types of homemade tools they use in jobsites.

  18. Have an older blue ryobi drill, was thinking I might go dewlt or bosch but in fairness batteries is all that ryobi has needed in 8 years of getting dogged using hole saws! Think il Jst ebay a 4 amp battery, or else a €400 bosch or dewalt brushless

  19. I actually use it most working days as either a screw gun or with holesaws, have a blue reciprocating saw & the green 4' grinder, grinder is hard on battery's 1.5 amp so maybe the 4amp is the way to go

  20. drills are great, now just try and understand the guy. The Makita costs 3 times the price dahhh. So what is the point of the review., to say a $250 drill is better than one that sells for $75?

  21. we bought 4 of these ryobi drills for work (builders and chippies) 6 months ago and they are lasting longer than makita and dewalt ones did (they only last maybe 2/ 3 months)…we also have a few new 115mm cordless ryobi angle grinders which are great too.we use the 4amp batts..ryobi got their shit together finally…

  22. Ryobi and makita shouldn't be compared. Of course makita will outperform it. They are made for the professional who will use it as much in a month as a home owner will use in his life. As a rule, you will pay considerably more for Milwalkee, Makita, or any professional grade tool. The only tools you should compare ryobi to is craftsman, or kobalt.

  23. I do not understand the positive comments for these so called 'cheap' Ryobi drills when their chucks cannot hold drill bits because the chuck is not a ratcheting type like the Dewalt and Milwaukee brands. The Ryobi Chuck cannot even be removed for replacement or repair like other types as it is fixed in place. Just open it wide and have a look if you doubt me. If you want to repair a battery you must buy a 'security Torx kit' to even get it apart. The far more professional Dewalt compact drill kit with batteries and charger are often on sale in Ontario for $140 while H.Depot's Ryobi kit is actually much more – go figure that?

  24. I have the 18v Ryobi drill, impact, and skill saw and I love them all! I do carpentry work and have had less problems with my set up than I've seen with other's "more expensive, better" products. I.E. Mikita, etc…

  25. Ryobi stuff will work if you're trying to get things done for cheap, but they're clunky, unrefined, and HEAVY which gets OLD REAL FAST in a pinch. Having the right tools really does make a difference so I'd never buy Ryobi. If i was forced into that price range I'd buy Ridgid which is worlds better but I'd just rather save the extra cash and do it right with either DeWalt or Makita. They're the best. Do it once…do it right…..rest easy. Life is a WHOLE lot easier when things are done right. Price? The sad thing is when you really think about how long you'll have them and how easy they'll make your life when things pop up it's not really that expensive. People spend a LOT more money on a LOT less important crap that doesn't make their lives easier…so….meh. Whatever.

  26. I think you summed it up in the video perfectly RYOBI will get the job done at home but not on site getting used like a tradesmen tools I run mostly makita gear now just because its easier to have 1 brand and interchangeable batteries. Ryobi makes alot tools and they do it cheap so the average person can afford it but even in their corded tools they still lack the precision of the other tradesmen orintated brands

  27. It all depends on what you use your cordless drill for that will determine what drill is best for you. The Ryobi is aimed at the DIYer and sells very well in that market. The Makita uses better quality parts and is more aimed at the professional. We have done loads of research on what consumers have to say in our cordless drill reviews ( http://www.thediyhubby.com/cordless-drill-reviews/ ) and the conclusion is that most DIYers say that price is the most important factor(thus opting for cheaper,but well known brands) while professionals rate quality and power as most important(opting for brands like Makita and Milwaukee)

  28. I've been using ryobi since 2008 fitting upvc windows, only one tool has broken & that was my recip saw, which got a soaking. I prefer Ryobi to dewalt (after using both brands professionally)

  29. Hey mate, I just watched your video and saw they both work great! I just wanted to ask you as you have used the two of them, I want to buy a drill for home use, (re-doing my pergola hopefully) a bit of crafting tables, etc etc which would you recommend to go by? Thanks heaps.

  30. My wife bought me a Ryobi 18v kit several years ago for Christmas. It is the old blue color. It had a drill, reciprocating saw, circular saw and a light. In the last 4 years I have replaced all the old NiCad batteries (even though they still hold a charge) with Lithium Ion ones (4amp). And have since added a jig saw, impact driver, multi tool and weed trimmer. I have a 3 1/2 acre yard and can almost trim the whole thing on one battery. That drill especially has been beat to death. Dropped more times than I can remember and is getting kind of ratty looking, but still works like a draft horse. I even use the little circular saw instead of my corded saw most of the time even if I have to turn the board over to cut through. I have bought a couple of new blades for it (panel and carbide cross cut). I can't tell you if these tools will outlast the big names like DeWalt, Makita or Bosch, but I have been very satisfied with the ones that I have. My first cordless drill is a 9.6v DeWalt that is still going after 20 years, but I don't use it much anymore since I got the Ryobi. And one more thing, my wife (she's a keeper) also bought me a battery charger for the Ryobi One+ batteries that holds six batteries and keeps them maintained so I always have a couple of spares charging and a couple charged while still having 2 of them in tools. That keeps me going non stop when working all day on a project. These Ryobi tools definitely give you great value for the money. And somewhere along the line you have to factor in price.

  31. It's worth noting that CHOICE magazine, who do rigorous/scientific reviews, rated the 18v Ryobi as 5th out of about 12 in a cordless drill review – behind a Hitachi, AEG, Makita, and the surprise entry Taurus Titanium.

  32. I had a Makita 3.0Ah drill but the chuck lost a tooth. I needed a replacement & bought another Makita so I would have 2 batteries. The new Makita drills now come with a 4.0Ah battery. I also recently bought a bare Makia circular saw because I can interchange batteries. It suits the work I need them for.

  33. My experience with the one+ range has been great. Got a planer, grinder, jigsaw, a drill and a hammer drill. Had a circular saw too but that had a melt down. I think they are fantastic tools and have been using them almost constantly for the past 4 years building houses, dropped some stairs on the drill and it still works fine. The circular saw was used for ripping down crazy thick and long timber for the size of the machine which it was never really designed for so I don't hold that against it. Had makita too which are better than ryobi but I would argue the difference is fairly minor. Would also say makita and ryobi are miles ahead of the competition but that's just my opinion based on personal experience of the tools.

  34. When Ryobi went Lithium I commend them for continuing battery compatibility with their earlier "blue" line. In the basic cordless tool group, I can't stand the Black&Decker junk. They change their batteries so you are forced to upgrade, or try working with multiple types plus their short life. Not sure about other basic brands, but have had good luck with Ryobi for years. I've still got a blue&yellow Ryobi "One" drill and a circ saw that might be close to 15 years old.

  35. helpful video,I went to home Depot yesterday and they got the combo for sale in a decent price.,I didn't know for sure to buy it,,I have a Dewalt 18v but a need a impact drill for carpentry

  36. The Ryobi is a great drill. Its very good and in fact it feels far better than a makita. Its amazing how people are fooled by names. Personally im not going to use makita any more. The ryobi is just as good if not better than my bosch pro set. The brusheless ryobi i have is fantastic and i would be most upst if someone stole that. I have bosch professional brushless and the ryobi feels a solid drill. So professional or not whether makita or dewalt all made in asia the ryobi is a good choice for any tradie. The big brands have lost the reliability as the once had. I have most of them. The ryobi brushless is superb! No 2 ifs about it!

  37. I got a ryobi brushless 18v drill a couple months ago. Now that I'm actually trying to do something with it, I notice the chuck doesn't close all the way. Heck it doesn't close enough to grip a 1.5mm drill. I went into the shop and tried other ryobis (same model). They all have quite a gap, but some do grip a 1.5mm drill. Then I tried some other brands, bosch and black & decker at least. Both have chucks that pretty much close all the way, you could hold a really tiny drill bit with them.

    Very disappointed 🙁

  38. its all about the bit quality. gosh darnit!!! your messin with ppls heads. tellin'em its the drill. im tellin my mom, and thats all there is to it.

  39. Ryobi is excellent value for money i bought a ryobi kit last week and it's perfect. Don't be fooled by brushless technology either as I've never owned a drill in the past in which a motor has failed the batteries always give in first. They say brushless is more reliable and efficient but i can't see it.

  40. So, he compares the top of the range Ryobi with the entry level LXT Makita.Ridiculous comparison.Try putting the Makita DHP458 up against it, twice the torque….

  41. I have makita and bosch professional drills. I love the ryobi as well. Its clear that i use professional as well. Bosch blue is good drill i have but ryobi i like very much.

  42. spend a little more and buy makita .Trust me .Tested with years of heavy site work .Ryobi burns out .Makita trigger unit heats up .You feel the handle heating up .Lets you know your over doing it .Ryobi jigsaw is a kids toy compated to makita one .The Makita 18v planer is worth its weight in gold on site.

  43. I bought a Ryobi drill a few years back (2 maybe 3). I used it for a weekend to repair my front porch and it worked alright. I put it up and never really touched it until about last year and I needed it. Sure enough the thing was dead, I charged the battery and … well nothing.. figuring the battery just died past the point of no return I went down to Home Depot and bought a new one. Still nothing…

    I turn back around and picked up a cheap Makita drill on sale for $89.00 maybe $10 more then the Ryobi. I've used that drill so many times over the past year it wasn't even funny. Even my younger brother borrowed if for 2 days (and he cant take care of anything) thing still works flawlessly and I love the thing. Don't cheap out on no name or off brand drills. You may save a few bucks at the register but in the end your not buying quality your buying a drill that's made to be as cheap as possible.

  44. You can buy some makita drill kits here in the US AT THE HOME DEPOT for about $100 when they are on sale during the holidays so why would you buy a ryobi?

  45. I paid $30 for that Ryobi drill from Amazon (no battery) to replace my 12y/o Ryobi model. I'm using the ONE+ lithium max capacity batteries and that thing runs forever. I guess it should for $100 battery but you do get very good value with this tool brand. I've got a smaller Dewalt drill that works well too but I find myself using the Ryobi more often. The light on the Dewalt is in a horrible position that actually causes a shadow on the working area. Poor design choice.

  46. If you bring a Ryobi to a job site the Home owner or Contractor will thank you for not being a brain washed DeWalt only and nothing else religious nut job. Your work proves the job you do, not the tool. Don't be a tool yourself about your tools.

  47. I've used different brand drills over the years (electrician for 20years) about seven years ago I started using Ryobi and I've been sold ever sense. Ryobi is a great tool.

  48. I used the Makita LXT range for a few years when I started working on site thinking they were a top notch brand but was never 100% happy with them. It was a decent spec kit with metal chuck and good (at the time) 3AH batteries. Most of my work mates used DeWalt and I could always tell how much better they were than Makita when I borrowed something of theirs for a quick job. In the end I got rid of all the Makita stuff and used the cash to re-equip with Ryobi and haven't had any problems with their One+ range since. I would probably have gone DeWalt too but the purse strings didn't stretch that far.

    I sold my Makita LXT drill, impact, circular saw, torch, charger and 5 x 3AH batteries and with the cash I got I managed to buy brand new drill, impact, SDS drill, site radio, charger, 2 x 4AH batteries and a 1.5AH battery, and put some extra cash in to also get a 230V circular saw. I think I did alright on the deal 🙂

    I just moved into a new house and am setting up my workshop and I am definitely looking to expand my One+ range.

  49. Ryobi offer more reasonable price, better quality. I am a plumber. Makita, in my own opinion, too expensive and doesn't work quite well.

  50. Is your makita the brushless version? Only asking bc now the makita brusjless is 99.99 for just the drill and 3.0 battery. Not a bad deal think its got a metal chuck to, which may or may noy be a negative to me bc I do tile and if drill gets knocked over on a tile floor that was just laid can crack a tile. I was thinking of getting tje makita drill and then ryobi for a impact vacuum light you name it besides the drill.

  51. I have ryobi. For the casual work I use them for they are very good. I also do ironwork for my real job. Nothing compares to Makita.

  52. If u use tools everyday buy Makita I’ve had both and whenever I have to use the Ryobi again I curse it. I will say it can stand a beating when you throw it in the floor saying useless f…ing tool”. Ryobi is diy only

  53. I noticed you weren’t wearing safety glasses, ear muffs, steel capped boots, leather gloves, hi vis clothing and didn’t even have safety signs up in case someone walked in to the dangerous work zone. You are a cow boy

  54. WE use ryobi because we run a company and NYC people have no skills, no respect for tools, (particularly other people's) nor honor so we won't put expensive tools in their hands. Buy your own tools!
    All that aside, the ryobi last for years with inexperienced inner city youth they do not ever wear out and only break when intentionally abused but the motor etc remain strong. The selection is great too.

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