Ronny Chieng Explains Why Chinese People Love Money | Netflix Is A Joke

It’s such a weird stereotype to have associated with your ethnicity. Right? That stereotype of Asian parents
wanting their kids to be doctors. Right? It’s such a weird thing to have 
on your race. Like, what is that?
Is that good? Is that bad? I thought it was a good thing. 
Apparently, it’s worthy of mockery. Right? Asian parents wanting
their kids to be doctors. It’s weird because it’s true. Right? I know because my parents
were the same way. They just wanted us to be doctors. 
It was like this obsession. They just wanted us to be doctors. And it’s insidious as well, because when Asian parents
want their kids to be doctors, helping people is, like,
on the bottom of the list of reasons. [audience laughs applauds] Oh, if it even makes the list…
of reasons to go into medicine. Helping people is, like, 
the unfortunate by-product… [audience laughs] of becoming a healthcare professional. Like, when they first see that
they can’t even believe it. They’re like, “What the fuck? 
You gotta help people? Well, whatever, get it out of the way. But don’t let it get in the way
of what this is really about. It’s about the money 
and the prestige, right?” It’s the money and the prestige. Because if you’re 
a first-generation immigrant, your children becoming doctors
is the quickest way you can turn it around in one generation. Instant credibility, 
instant respectability, instant money. Right? You flip the clan narrative around.
Boom! Started from the bottom, now we here. 
We’re doctors! [laughs] [audience laughs] And it’s also weird because Asian parents
are also the last group of people you can ever convince to see a doctor. [audience laughs, cheers, and applauds] Yo, these fucking people
will never see a doctor. They spend their whole lives
obsessing over it. Nothing can make my mom see a doctor.
There’s nothing… My mom can have an arrow 
going right through her. [pants] And she’s trying to pull it out
like Rambo, right? And you’re like, “Yo, Mom,
let’s go see a doctor.” And my mom will be like, “No. They just want to take people’s money.” [audience laughs and applauds] Then you’re like, “Then why do you want
your kids to be doctors so badly?” [strained] “Because I want my kids
to take other people’s money, obviously!” [pants]
“The fact that you don’t understand that is the reason 
why you never became a doctor.” -[groans]
-[audience laughs] Because Chinese people love money. We love that shit. Chinese people fucking love money. Okay? You think rappers love money? Yo, we love money… [audience laughs] …more than anyone. Chinese people love everything about it. 
We love making it, love spending it, we love giving it, we love receiving it,
we love throwing it up in the air. Yo, Chinese people love money so much, we have a god of money. [audience laughs] Of all the gods in Chinese Taoism, 
there’s one god, he’s the god of money. Caishenye, we pray to him… for more money! Every day, we go, “Hey, god of money…” [audience laughs] “…give us more money.” And he gives us more money. Very fickle god. 
Doesn’t care about inflation, right? No understanding of basic principles 
of macroeconomics, just… Just throwing out gold ingots 
if you ask for it at the right time. “Here’s some money. Burn some incense. 
Here’s some money, man.” Even during Chinese New Year, the biggest holiday for Chinese people, 
Chinese New Year, when we see each other
during Chinese New Year, the way we greet each other
is we say, “gong xi fa cai,” or “gong hei fat choy” in Cantonese. I’m sure you’ve heard that, 
at least peripherally, “Gong xi fa cai.” Gong xi fa cai means, “Hope you get rich!” [audience laughs] [audience cheers and applauds] That’s not “Happy New Year.” [audience laughs] Do you understand, the go-to phrase 
during Chinese New Year isn’t, “Hey, happy New Year.” It’s, “Yo, hope you get rich.” [audience laughs] “Hope you get rich. Hope you get richer
than all these other motherfuckers. Hope you get so fucking rich, man. Hope you get rich and also hope…
You better hope I get rich. We can hope each other…
Both get rich together.” [audience laughs]

100 thoughts on “Ronny Chieng Explains Why Chinese People Love Money | Netflix Is A Joke

  1. Not just Asian parents who doesn't trust the doctors.. But also the Chinese descendants who prefer sinshe over doctors, especially if they're from rural area. I'm a Chinese as well and that's how most of the Chinese arround me would act.😅

  2. Ironic might not be the word, but think that Mao and the other guys tried to impose a particularly radical form of communism on those guys who love money so much and have a money god. Yes, I know there are lots of Chinese outside Mainland (Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, immigrants in the USA, Brazil, etc.)

  3. Netflix, you made me wait too long for this clip. I thought I rushed ordered this for Prime NOW? None the less I'm really happy and will be showing this to everyone I know.


  4. to a chinese … these ain jokes
    they are all true. but its still funny … coz … i don know to chinese its just Fact for us

  5. No joke as I was applying to pharmacy in uni, my mum would ask “are you sure you don’t want to go into medicine? You could!” I would refuse because I knew I was never cut out for medicine. This is why there are so many doctors without the right attitude. They want to get rich, but have no idea that they’re doing a profession that requires compassion

  6. Don’t know why so many !diots have yellow fever. They’ll depend on you to support their whole family and everyday is literal hell because their normal tone of voice is literal screaming at eachother to them that is normal conversation which will literally drive you up the wall

  7. You can literally replace “Chinese parents” with “African Parents” and it’ll make 100% still


  8. Old Chinese people hate going to a doctor so much, they just caused a new virus outbreak. Pretty much all the cases of infection outside of China so far are all these old Chinese people and their family members. My mom died of cancer partly because she didn't want to go to a doctor until she turned yellow (jaundice).

  9. The part about not wanting to go to the hospital cuz it cost money also fits with Mexicans. My mom WILL MAKE UP SOME FUCKING REMEDIO AND USE VAPORU and THERE YOU GO Ohhh You sprained your ankle BOOM VAPORU and shit you be dying and she gives you some wierd remedio like tf is this😂😂😂

  10. Y'all have a God Of Money?? Yo, THAT is ONE god I'm certain Americans could easily convert to. You wouldn't have to try too hard, I'm sure even the most rigid christian conservative would be interested..

  11. 新年快乐!祝您生意兴隆,财源广进,金玉满堂,在这鼠年里数钱数不尽!

    Happy New Year! Getttttttttttttttttttt richhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  12. All the kids are taught to say 恭喜发财,红包拿来 during Chinese New Year which is the thing he says in the end but with a second part. That means to bring over the red bag which is basically where the older generations give money to children.

  13. I had never heard of this guy till I watched his Netflix special, and oh my god, he is hilarious. Thank you Netflix!

  14. It's okay to laugh at this, but if you say black people like to steal and commit crimes in astronomically higher numbers than every other race in America which is statistically true! You're a racist!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  15. Ronny, you are funny but I don't think you should establish more stereotype which is not necessarily true, like the "wish you rich" thing, I believe this is a Cantonese culture thing, at least from the deep north of China I never heard people say this sentence until I met Cantonese-speaking people abroad.

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