Ripple XRP – Token Taxonomy – Real World Utility IS HERE

5 thoughts on “Ripple XRP – Token Taxonomy – Real World Utility IS HERE

  1. ….another thing to be aware of is the extinguishing of Bitcoin's so called invisibility … sooner or later Countries like China will step HARD on its' small army of miners perhaps even using the PLA equivalent to confiscate all the Bitcoin in a secret rout into the coffers of the Chinese Gov which in turn will buy as much gold and silver as they can, before the word of the BTC China rout gets out ???.. and then BTC drops all the way down to less than 1000? while all the none related so called more public Banker Coins like XRP and XLM sky rocket?? !!! If I were China and really wanted to screw the NSA/USA BTC, that is exactly what I would do. and yes those Miners will give up ALL of their BTC in lieu of going to a Chinese Prison. power Bills/consumption are just one way to trace down the Chinese Mining syndicates ….

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