Ripple (XRP) To Hit $100?

I know you’ve said in the past that you
are doing for money what email did for
communication do you think this is
really going to take off to that extent
you know we do we will look at the world
you see a world completely connected on
an information web and that’s terrific
that next thing is tremendously
efficient but what we don’t have is the
sense of a value web payments the
exchange of value is still pre internet
based on 40-year old technology and so
that’s very expensive that really slows
ecommerce lots of parts of the world
don’t have the ability to make payments
so this new technology that really is a
second gen of it coin enables now value
to be exchanged in the same way that
information is currently exchanged and
that’s a big deal we think but do you
think Chris that people are actually
going to be comfortable using a kind of
virtual currency I should ask you to how
is what you’ve produced on the coin side
on the digital currency side different
from what bitcoins already doing so what
bitcoin set out to do is really build a
new currency that had no central banks
so in a way bitcoin is sort of a way of
storing value Ribble is a completely
different idea we’re using that’s the
same breakthrough technology but we’re
using it to build a currency agnostic
value exchange or value web so you
actually don’t need to adopt a new
virtual currency to use Ripple you can
use it with dollar euro yuan rial
anything you like that you have a math
based currency built into Ripple that is
like Bitcoin but it really functions as
an enabler so we think most people will
use ripple using their existing things
of that you like dollars or Europe or
yen so to what extent Chris are you
seeing pushback I know one of the
companies that you risk taking market
share from as a company such as Western
Union I mean this is a pretty regulated
space to what extent are you facing
headwinds like that so you’re absolutely
right I mean you know law enforcement
regulators are right to be concerned
about any new technology but we worked a
lot with law enforcement we were just in
DC this week for example we work with
promissory Financial so we think that
regulators will if
you can express the potential of these
to really help business and comrades and
at the same time show that they’re
actually more transparent systems for
catching the bad guys and eliminating
bad things that can have more financial
systems we think that’s a win-win and we
think that that is the case with these
new exciting technologies now I know
you’ve done some successful fundraising
andreessen horowitz is just one of your
more famous backers what are you doing
with the money yeah so we’re using the
money for ripple labs to really build a
incredible team of software developers
cryptographers security experts and
business development folks that can
bring on banks and remittance companies
and really mainstream financial
companies but it’s important about 28
people now in San Francisco and growing
rapidly important to note though that
ripple labs is really the company that
is building the software and developing
it ripple Protocol is a completely open
source system it’s a public good anybody
can use that we don’t control we don’t
own it so they’re kind of two different
roles kind of like a Red Hat to Linux is
a good analogy for ripple at ripple
Chris before we let you go some people
have critique to the lack of
friendliness or the lack of ease in
using the site is that something that a
you agree with and B if so that you’re
seeking to remedy yeah yes so we’ve been
focusing today and I’m really building
the network building the fundamental
architecture to make it easier for other
developers to build on top of ripple
ripple is really like the pipes and the
the foundation at the same time now we
are also bringing on product people to
make consumer direct products easier to
use so really we’re going on both those
as an SDK for developers as well as a
direct to consumer

8 thoughts on “Ripple (XRP) To Hit $100?

  1. rippl is centralized. its like a digital fiat money. soon ppl will realize that. it s ok tho for banks transactions. not for daily u sage. stellar is probly better

  2. Good video


    Just start my crypto story with XRB and LTC

  3. This lady is asking if people would be comfortable using a virtual currency…what the hell does the Federal Reserve use?

  4. LMAO these uneducated idiots.

    Ripple will come CRASHING down as soon as everyone realise that it is overvalued and the technology is not that fantastic.
    And also when they realise there are 40billion ripples with 2/3 yet to be released.
    With 100BILLION+ Xrp compared to 17million bitcoins, absolute wishful thinking.
    Mark my words.

    (Current price going up due to FOMO and not the technology, face it)

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