Ripple XRP Shorts Got REKT! This is INSANE!!!

Good afternoon ever
102 p.m. In the afternoon
Beautiful beautiful beautiful rainy wet Sunday. May I taya it is nuts
All right that pulled up here
Cool all right. Okay yesterday lots of interesting things happened right around the time. I
cut it short
If we look I want to go through a little because I was actually trading that and it was kind of
Cool to watch play out just a crazy amount of volume stepped in there. It was it was it was nuts
I mean this we’ve got to break this thing down. So Michigan brings down a five-minute chart and
If anybody else was watching this play out yesterday
It’s kind of nuts so
Here we go hitting the play button
Trade trade trade trade trade, you know, this was yesterday morning
Just kind of flippity-floppity around here stuck in this trade range below 6300 the mid harmonic not doing a whole lot
Facing resistance up against the arc
Nothing really to talk about they’ve got a long-term uptrend line here
By the way in the broader markets, we’ve actually got a pretty nice gain and altcoins as well
Of course you’re getting into the afternoon. This is where things like to do a little dropping and do a little sell-off
Okay, as we are
Volume participation not very large here start to see some pressure increase and we’re getting almost
towards where
Let’s go speed up
There we go, all right now we’re seeing stuff whoa, okay, there it is. Oops
So there’s that huge dump, okay
massive drive lower and
We just see this
Massive acceleration and price
there is a five-minute bar where looks like some bears want to try and recover it but
Ultimately, we just ended up trading and this is a firm rejection and something that happened
Was that the
short chart the bit rate or not bit tricks the BitFenix short positions
It actually crossed above this descending triple top
Crossed above in fact, it actually gapped above on an hourly chart
There was a gap above came up to right below the all-time high only to promptly get pressure down now
It’s coming up against a pivot in time that shows up on the 21st
This is going to be
More than likely we’ll see an ugly turn here to the south because of this time and price relationship and
You know, there’s a there’s a downtrend. Excuse me
There’s a
Trendline here that has been broken looks like it tried to retest and we’re continuing to drop here so as
The shorts continue to drop that means they’re covering and turning into Long’s that should translate into higher prices in Bitcoin
All markets are looking pretty nice
We’ll see. I mean we could retrain back in there. I mean, there’s so many scenarios
That we could see
Where as
So again, we are in this channel staying above it should expect it to hold the support this for our this one our
Candle closes in 50 minutes the four. Oops the four hour
It’s got another two hours on it, but otherwise, I mean this was this was some pretty crazy price action
That’s the one of the highest volume days ever
for aetherium
Man date is so messed up. This looked way different yesterday. Yeah, so bizarre. Oh well
Yesterday that volume bar looks very different
Whoo news but still very nice. Bullish activity. We’re staying inside this art that
181 support zone is holding. Haven’t seen a lot of changes there at all. So
Yeah, let’s look at our alt markets. What do we got going on so
Caught a bit of a bed
It’s getting some buyer buying pressure step in just experienced your little pullback here a little profit taking at the top finally
we’ve we’ve
breached that’s
that seven cent zone and and are currently trading above it basic attention token also caught a little bit of a bit is trying to
Get to 16 and above
Nano trading at 2:41 caught a little bit of a drive up there. It’s got a
We take a look here. It’s facing some resistance right up against that flag line. So we’ve got a
Extended bull flag here breakout will occur if we can break get above this high over here
That’s what we be looking for xlm actually caught a little bit of a drive too early overnight
Traded up now. We’re just we’ve been trading down ever since then for the last
six hours
I’m honestly surprised with ripples
Ability to stay where it’s
There have been some clear efforts to drive it down
Over the last couple hours, but that has not that has not played out. So
Yeah, we may just be looking to trade higher here there’s a
where we’re getting up to a
Historical traded high over here. We’ll see if that stays or not. We may just observe ripple blast right through this
We’ll see
Et Cie
theorem classic surprising is
Not making a lot of a move and it’s actually a laggard. So that’s one of the things that I want to
Talk about today as far as when we’re looking for some trading opportunities looking for those laggards now
the short
People who are short across the market in crypto
They have not shown a real interest to get back in on those shorts unless something were to change
there is still a quite a bit of folks, who are
Just kind of hanging out and with short interest near this all-time high like the etherium shorts as well
They are
Eth is these shorts their error
Look they are down 10% on the day
Okay, so I mean like actually we were at all-time highs yesterday
We’re at all-time highs yesterday in the shorts for aetherium and we’re down 10% on those short positions now
But we have not seen a responsive price yet. Okay, we haven’t seen
and that there’s I mean these
Short positions are questionable. I don’t know
I mean
it’s the only other gauge we have so a
Theory em still needs to catch a nice little drive up on all those that short covering
and the thing is is with with when when a whole lot of people are net short on any instrument then the the
thing that we
See, is that kind of cannibalize each other? So
It’s like a whole bunch of people are short and the only way that they can get out of the churches to get out of
Liquidated where they have to buy to cover that short, so they have to buy and that just causes
Uh, it’s just you know, really? It’s it’s not as violent
I mean, I’m sorry when Long’s get liquidated because they’re stops get hit because of selling pressure. That is a more
that’s a different type of
behavior and and
move then what happens when shorts when shorts just the psychological nature of of
How shorts work in a leveraged market like this because it’s not as easy to go short is it is to go long?
It’s a much more
Aggressive and violent move
and so people who are already long or have been long in between the eight and six thousand area are
going to benefit greatly or people sitting on the sidelines are gonna be able to benefit greatly because all of those bears are just
going to really kind of as I call it cannibalizing themselves because they’ll just be
Buying to cover and it’ll just it’s it’s just gonna be a pretty deep drive higher the worst part about it. Is is that you
Know if you if you’re trading a long position and you’re trading it, you know with cash
Just you without leverage
I mean pressure would go up and down as much as you want all the way to zero and you’re not going to get liquidated
people who are trading margin shorts
it’s very possible for Kryptos to spike up twenty percent and
Then you get liquidated just to see price come back down or lower. So
People who hold their active short positions are definitely getting hurt and I think aetherium
Short traders are getting hurt here ripple short traders are getting are getting hurt and so are Bitcoin short traders. I
mean, it’s it’s a dangerous market to be shorting and
I mean
It’s dangerous to short this market
So shorts have been getting eaten up like crazy. There have been a lot of people enjoying the pain the shorts are going through
If you get mad and take it personal then oh boy, that’s not the way to trade
Well, I won’t lie that it is sometimes really nice to see some mouthy trader
Ok, let’s let’s step away here. Just keep looking at
We’ve got going on looks like the shorts are increasing here
There’s gonna if there’s a these should accelerate down this structure here. This price structure is breaking down we get down to this
major harmonic here price is pretty close to it that if we were gonna see some response of buying the
Re-entries on shorts that would have happened, but we don’t see that there
Light coin I mean
talk about a
chart oscillating in
Its last breath. I mean this is this 1/8 harmonic is like the last zone of major support. It’s
That between that number and the next major harmonic is the number one one dollar actually point
It’s actually it’s one cent
All right, let’s let’s see muku this bad boy F, well actually let’s let’s not I want to I
want to get a day count on our move here, so
Bitcoin that is though
so Bitcoin looking at our
all-time high
day after
We are on day
Which is right near that 270. That is the
That is a key reversal date. I mean a key reversal cycle and
if I were drawing those in there’s yeah, this would be a
little harmonic, so
good zone to be looking at for the
Thing trends to change and additionally there are there are
Important dates coming up here in ten days. We’re going to get the SEC commissioners
talking about the
Bitcoin ETFs or that’s a
xxx, I
Can’t be right that
Can that be right delayed salivex ETF
Commission designates, September 30th 2018 as a date by which the Commission shall either approve or disapprove September 30th
That’s a Sunday
Am I am I wrong September 30th is a Sunday
Who knows okay anyways
Let’s pull up the cloud take a peek at what kind of trades we’ve got going on here if we have any at all
Blue look at that the Swiss are taking it on the nose actually foreign currencies
Was a dollar caching bid the euros up quite a bit. Hell, yeah
Gold gold still sitting around 1200. I wonder for a lot of that money is flowing into our crypto world
Very very possible. All right
Let’s start off with Neos
Now Yost looking here on the daily I like where it’s at if we can get above the baseline over here
That would be the the best solution to take a long trade based on the daily. The four-hour is
It’s questionable the legging spans right below the cloud. It’s facing some resistance there. It’s stuck inside price
that’s not always a good thing that
Was a bad thing either
the one-hour chart looks a little better here wheat looks like we’ve got a
Little bit of a triangle through a zoom in on like a 15-minute chart be probably like a bull flag of sort maybe
But I would say if we can close above the conversion line on here that would bring us that 80 to 86
That be able to high here that bring the legging span above the
80 to 86
Yeah, I think there’s definitely I mean this is
Yep, I like that one
Yesterday I did throw out some I
Did throw out later on in the day on?
Nano and xlm and aetherium I threw out a couple trade ideas in the evening
for our
Forex lens into crypto subscribers for those signals the etherium long
and the Nano and
In it it ended and xlm
Very nice
So yose looking at that trade there to play out
Let’s actually take a look at a theorems chart which is
Which is coiling like a spring
When you see a you know you when you know, you’ve been in a downtrend and
Then you see it’s and it’s been an established downtrend and then you see volume picking up
That’s a bullish sign. You want to see volume picking up and in
in any well-established trend if it’s bullish or bearish if
You’re getting to some type of new swing high or low and you see the volume pick up
That’s your signal that the that the trend is about to
have a have a change so
This massive volume pick up that we see here on the daily
It’s kind of a kind of a big deal notice that we have not
We’ve had the three days of not a lot of deviation in the closes. So we closed on the 18th at
208 closed yesterday at 2:00 and nine even though we had that massive volume push and
Even today we’re just we haven’t moved much at all. We have we have
even the range is very little from
216 to 207 like a
or a $9
$9.50 a that’s an awesome area. Oh
My god, I wrote in the eurusd easy it just to you long at 212 all
Right, I can delete that other message
Oops damn it. I deleted the wrong one. I
Deleted the EO Strayed. There you go
Okay now
Take a look at the doctor that
XMR let’s take a peek at Manero Manero
Was you know when we had our previous kind of nice drive up mo narrow
Was kind of outperforming everybody the daily here is looking really nice
We see it’s made a new higher high than yesterday
We see a cross of the kitchen sent over the tank and sent tankinson over the kitchen center the conversion over the base
Lagging span is about to break away from the clatter of the price here
daily charts showing evidence of a nice trend change the 4-hour chart a little bit more difficult to see there is a
there’s a
Downtrend line here. We got to pay to introduce
so when there is a little bit of an easier kind of a trade in that
You know legging spans a signal we want to see it above the cloud and a buff price
Price above the cloud we just kind of drifted over here. We see we would be above the trend line – so the oh
one eight
1/8 for our itchy Magoo
Cardinal Cardinal Cardinal Kedah no
Beautiful cordon, oh, I
Just hit a hundred thousand car down. Oh, I
Now have a hundred thousand car down on me yay
Car down Oh on the hourly showing a really nice structure of finding support at the conversion line here
Want to see some follow-through buying to move above the last hour close?
For our chart pretty nice to see that
Legging span got into the cloud without a lot of issue. We are above the cloud on the 4-hour chart
There’s a pretty nice. There’s there’s a pretty nice distance now
for the legging span to be
Moving higher, you know, the the the resistance above the legging span here is not until really that 0.083
That’s what we’re that’s what we see and then really not a lot of price resistance up above here either
Conversions above the base. I mean we have all sorts of the the ok, go signals on the
Cardinal 4-hour chart hourly chart is well. Probably want to wait for a
Return to 75. Oh six day, ly chart
If we can get two days above the conversion line, that’d be great. The base base line is flat. That’s nice to see
Alright, so yeah looking for price to
Probably looking at point O, seven five one would be a nice entry in Cardano
Basic attention token, I
Don’t know if you guys have ever used it but basically tension token has its own browser. It’s a very chrome II and
It’s called the brave browser stupidly fast, they have the moat they have a mobile one for it and
Where to go thereíre
so say hello to your new Chrome browser, but that’s the brave browser it the
brave as making sure that people who do content advertisements and stuff that they are the ones getting the
Majority of the revenue it’s not going to a whole bunch of different people
Brea based attention tokens got a really nice thing going for it
Looking forward to its future. All right, it’s a big stitchin Walton chain. Walton chain is a laggard
Walton chain is has not seen a nice drive up. So just at the present value
I like Walton changes because it is lagging behind everything. I should see the WTC BTC
So Walton chain on the daily it’s below the cloud it’s just really
Underperforming everybody right now, which is fine because when it has over performed it’s over outperformed
Substantially and that’s what we want to see here. So
At the present value area I am I am totally cool with a long trade on here at this level
Yes, actually I
Got a I closed out all my browsers by accident so I’m just gonna do this on my phone real quick
Doot doot doot doot doot
Haven’t gone anywhere. I’m just putting in my bye. I’m just gonna do it at the market here and
Sure that that’s in there that is
Man its finances little slow on the draw here
That’s odd
Well, it’s good if it’s being a little choppy, yeah the market didn’t market orders didn’t want to go through for some reason so
Well now they did, okay, so there’s my Walton chain
Love writers we’re talking about insights to take a little bit of a drive up there
It’s nice. So Walton chain underperforming. The market is a laggard
Don’t know I typed it in there maybe sorry, I remember
Okay, what else I want to see what’s team is doing steam steams. Uh
There I think they’re coming out with a hard Fork of something here pretty soon. But steam I like steam a lot
I do spend more time on that platform, but here’s steam
Don’t like this don’t like that. Nope. Don’t like it q Tom
Hmm I like it on the hourly
Cute thumb is a laggard as well q Tom Nides
Has not had a nice drive up. So I would wait for a cross above the conversion on the hourly. So zero zero five two
0.05 to one our Ichimoku is the purpose for that one got that ZRX
Also a Lagarde
Actually on the four-hour with volumes pretty heavy on the selling there
Don’t know why
well, actually this makes it a little easier so legging span has had difficulty crossing above the the
Cloud here. It’s very flat
when you see flat levels on a cloud that’s a that’s a hard area to cross if but if it’s flat like
This where there’s no cloud, then that doesn’t count
Pretty easy entry area to identify on the 1-hour and
That would be legging span above the cloud. It’d be in the clear to for quite a while so that would be looking at the
5 4 level actually, I want to see the Bitcoin pair for this
Above the cloud at 0:08 for 84
The rxb
4head bring us above the high over here
Close enough
Yeah, that’s just pretty actually I think that getting into it today will be a
Already have positions in that one be a nice
Double I mean this is this is a standard
inside bar trade
Really? We you wouldn’t take a trade base. Is it though gosh, it looks a little lower low, doesn’t it?
Alright now worried about that CEC
Actually will probably want the CEC Bitcoin pair
If I if you ever see me doing the dollar pair equivalents slap me because I I know that we can’t
Get some of those dollar pairs, but I always just kind of look at the Bitcoin chart and see what it is
I had a nice little bit of a pump up there very nice above the conversion if we close above here. That’ll be great
Her hourly rather that is a G’s that isn’t move much at all. I’ll release pretty nice for our
little dicey, er but
Really just a little bit above the current high in the hourly be a great entry
1844 zero point zero
Point zero one eight four
Bc bt c
XL lamb, I don’t think we did excellent yet. Nope xlm
Daily looks pretty healthy for our looks a little dicey one hour looks a little dicey
Yeah, don’t don’t like it
so I I mean, they’re any em, but their tickers X EMI because is there something else that as any em, I think there is
So any em on the daily is actually going to X iam is gonna have a little bit more volume than you let yesterday
And we’re going to trade higher
Above the conversion line for the first time. We actually kind of close above the conversion line in
16 days only the second time
No, that’s not yes second time since then first time since that drop for our chart
Mm dang it
Check out oMG, I
Kind of like this little formation here for hours kind of ugly
Daily that’s so bad
The hourly was a pretty simple
Legging span crossing above here. It would be at the I want the BTC Fair
Okay a little different
I’d like to see the legging span get and price above the clouds. So really just looking at the O 5
Okay, and I know some people always wonder well, okay you do this
You do. Uh, what do I think about Ripple?
Sorry, I just I just saw that my head my other screen was
Pulled down a little bit. And then I just kind of saw the top of that little circle. So what do I think about Ripple?
Mean price action wise it’s it’s very strong
I mean, it’s it’s pretty damn strong. And if you notice a lot of these dips are getting bought up, so
It’s hard to want to fight against that I don’t think it’s smart to try and call a top here and shard it as much
as I would I would like to the daily chart, you know, we were coming up against this this this
39:25 there, you know 39 cent level
If we break above that that’ll be impressive on the daily, you know the four-hour
Ripples like one of those really popular kind of coins or ass like it’s gonna change the world
It’s the new Bitcoin and it’s bled it out of that. I
Don’t know about that I
Also don’t think it’s technology, I mean, I think what it does is pretty awesome it’s fast
but I
Don’t know how long banks are gonna use something like that. I mean, I’m not sure. I don’t know
Plus there is a crap ton. I
Don’t remember how much it I haven’t actually been
Up to date on it, but there’s a ton of ripple just
waiting to be pumped out to
dilute the value so
We’ll see
We will see but from a training perspective, I mean it’s hard to fight against the
Significant pressure that’s going on here. I mean we this is a pretty standard
pump with a bull flag here
Or probably call this a pennant and then followed by a breakout so you know thing is as
Pennants and flags are continuation patterns. This looks pretty much like a pennant to me if you drew some lines here
We’d look like a little bit of a like a pennant
on the hourly
So that their continuation pattern so this may just break out higher
That’s the trade to take I mean
bull flags and pennants are
are the easiest things to trade they are they have the highest probability of of completing and showing
continuation so
They’re something like ripple that has already had two
breakouts now
let’s had it’s had a
Breakout followed by a flag and another breakout odds of that continuing are pretty high. So
You know, I move higher here as is likely and that you know getting in before
but at the same time
Just because the probability is high that’s going to continue up
Am I willing to risk an early entry just to see if that’ll happen? No, I’d rather see it confirmed. So the
3767 is possible entry. I
Had some grass sold my ripple too early
this morning and
I’ve been debating on getting back in but I may wait to see what we do
when the daily is getting closer to
The cloud but at the same time the legging span has nothing behind it. And because the legging span is more the more powerful
Indication of trend direction when it crosses the cloud, you know
There’s nothing here so we could see prices rally up to you know, spike up to 46 before we see any
Resistance, but even then trading sideways from here
You know we would get into
How many periods is this?
From today to
There thirteen days in the future
14 days, I mean then we’d see
Yeah, probably 15 days actually we were to drift sideways or trade sideways for 15 days
Be in more favorable conditions for for long I mean
This may not even be the beginning of the pump yet. So there’s a lot of feel behind it and I
I’m but I’m just waiting for a move higher to see what we do
If we if we totally blow past 39
I mean
40 is a psychological number where there’s definitely gonna be some selling and that’ll be a pull back I can get back in on but
I’m not willing to jump back in yet again until there is a
move here now
Some of you may be saying or wondering okay if you miss a move like this
You know because I think longer you trade the
The more you get out of losing trades pretty much right away
If that’s the only way to stay in this game it is it see
But Trading cryptos is a little bit
different I think you got to give yourself a little bit more leeway, but
When you see opportunities like this that you miss I mean that’s that’s when that’s when I get upset so I sold too early
Think and I know I wrote down in my journal
my trade journal that I sold early because for no other reason than I was worried that it was going to
sell off from that level and that was just me being
afraid so I exited that trade too early and
Kind of irritated by it, but
Then the question is okay. So what if you missed it you chase it? No, don’t chase it
Don’t buy it at the top it what if it rallied all the way to $1
I mean, yeah, you probably that would suck because you’re probably like, oh I should have entered there but you know if it drops
You’re gonna be really upset so
one of the things that I just tried to look for is a pullback, so
On the daily chart, which is gonna be the more accurate of them
I know that this area right here seems to be a pretty standard
Subjective resistance area that people are trading up against
At the same time though, this this ripples ripples kind of a hard one to read right now
There’s a lot of bullish things that are going on here because
When you get price to close and cross above the conversion line and the baseline on a daily
And you’re this close to the cloud. That’s usually a good sign. It’s gonna keep going up. This is a pretty good sign that
Trend is about to change
Let’s see the legging span is so far away from where it could cross above
Just looking at the legging span today and looking up we’d have to we have to go up 20 cents
That could happen, yeah that totally could happen but I mean
Not saying that’s not a high probability
That’s just but I think we’re too early and our in our in our kind of recovering phase here to see that happen. So
There’s other opportunities out there
But if we do get a big spike up
It let’s say we got a spike up to 50 cents. I
Will more than likely have when it hits that I will more than likely be
Looking to re-enter at 45 or 40 or retest lower
Because that will happen I mean that will definitely happen. But right now I mean if you’re just looking at the hourly chart right now
You know
These dips are being bought up pretty hard. So and
This triangle might get across if I was going to enter I’d probably be entering pretty soon here at 37 73
that would be
Just on an hourly timeframe
Because we’re already getting conditions met where we can see a break of this pennant and
yeah, so that’s I
Mean, we don’t want to get too far extended from the baseline. Otherwise we get snapped back
it’s harder harder and harder for price to move higher when you’re
far away from the baseline, but
thing is folks is that we’ve had such a pretty tight consolidated range here that if we if we follow the theory that
price will move
Equal to the amount of time. It was in consolidation that we’ve still got room to move higher here. So just
Keeping my eye out on that
If we do trade down though
looking at the four-hour the hourly all I’ll you know a pullback down to 34 actually probably to the base and
Then if it doesn’t get down here and rallies back up getting in on a rejection lower
but otherwise my I I would I I know I have a
Resting I have a limit order down down here at 34. I think it’s a little lower. I got to move it up
but 34 actually just say yeah 3 3 3 4 3
I’d be alright. Is there XRP short?
Oh, my god ripple shorts are are up holy shites
Hold on a little crazy
Here’s ripple ripple shorts are up. Oh my god
Not a lot of people. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Holy cow. Look at this. Look at this short interest here. Oh my god
People like really want to push this thing down
Gonna be some hurt people a triple can’t sell off
I mean, it’s just going higher this this could sell off there could be a stupid rally. This is a risk/reward. Yeah
Hold on I gotta get in this just just for this chart here
fairly decent tights fairly tight stop, but oh
My god I
Mean this could just no its dive but
All tie ripple is already the whole market. Okay, you guys gotta settle down with the excitement here for a second. Just look at this
Ripple is already beat the hell up. Okay, it is already
beaten down like crazy and
the lower
ripple has gone in priced the higher the short interest has gotten
That’s a little
Weird, that’s usually not how things work
We should actually see short interest drop
But holy cow ever since 4:00 in the morning we’ve had this jeez Louise there’s gonna be some
This is this is almost charts where you start to see cannibalizing I mean
when short interest is like this I
Don’t care what the chart is time to go against it
But I’m I’m I have my stop sitting down at 36 even
So I guess that is not holy cow this is this is just this is just crazy oh
Man I love it that is that is wild
Ripple BitFenix folks are man that is
There’s something up with the with these like bit Max and BitFenix and others that allow
They have like these pseudo futures pseudo options and these the pseudo-inverse
You know
You know, there’s naked shorting going on and naked shorting if you’re unfamiliar with naked shorting. It’s illegal in the US
in equity market, so
You know if you want to short Apple you have to borrow some shares from somebody
usually your broker will if you have like like if I have TD Ameritrade, so if I want it too short Apple
And I don’t have any Apple too short on my own then
the broker pretty much just lets you you can’t you kind of
You really I think you’ve when you sign forms or you sign it whatever you’re agreed and that your shares can be used to
for other people, so if I want to borrow some shares to short then I actually have to have
Quote a delivery of those shorts. There’s a period of time that that you let those come to you
so I borrow some shares that are available and
Equities are fixed volume. So there’s not like a whole bunch of them available all the time
But if I’m shorting Apple you have to pay premium
And you know there’s only yes
there’s only a certain amount around and so if something great happens with Apple and everybody wants to buy it up, but I’ve got
Shorts, I’m gonna get liquidated
Like I’ll have to cover those. I’ll get a warning or it’ll just happen automatically and
That’s what happens when you have a fixed volume
market like Bitcoin is fixed volume, but
I’m pretty sure there’s naked shorting going
everywhere, so
It’s kind of just following up like a derivative. It’s
it’s weird, but
This activity, oh my god, if we if we break higher here if we bust through this
337 and a half cents. Oh
My gosh this
This chart is going to get hit hard
It’s going to get hit. You know, what in fact I
Kind of want to I bet while we’re talking here
This is gonna we’ll see what happens near the end of the hour in the next nine minutes
Be interesting to see what happens to ripple and that short chart
Hell let’s just let’s just watch this play out and see what happens. We’ll go dual charts
And we’ll put sharks on the left lungs on the right
See this these should not look at this thing
There should not be as many
This chart should not look like this. This makes no damn sense
It’s like oh there’s an equal amount of shorting and lungs and with BitFenix
No, this is this is a
One of these is not like the other
Don’t know is this is this somebody like hedging one-for-one. I don’t know what this is
This is kind of funny, but holy cow. Somebody’s gonna get
someone who’s gonna get
Hit here pretty hard, oh man
This is nuts
Ripple’s add a keep now the ripples at a key spot. So
Think about this for a second if ripple were started were to start selling is there enough?
Momentum, I mean clearly it looks like it for the short interest to go higher
But I tell you if ripple has a breakout there’s gonna be the capitulation here
From the shorts. I kind of want to see this play out here
But I
Don’t want to stop looking at me. We’ve got see we did a theorem Lagos
monaro Cardno walton chain q Tom o XZ cash oMG and
Ripple, excuse me
Six minutes into the close here. Let’s watch this bad boy
This is dumb this is really this is really messed up
The whole econ my screens are really bright and I look at my picture here
Four monitors I think is good
Two is too little three leaves you wanting more for is perfect five is too much
Netflix YouTube screen
social media everybody bothering you screen other charts screen main screen
Also if it’s boring overwatch screen
Monitoring things that come on I
Mean the volume here
look at the logistic antsy the short volume that matters were just looking at the
The chart but look at the volume here on ripple on the dollar pair. I
Mean right here. Look at this. This is
we’re still below but the I mean the volume is growing and it’s
Looks to be look like it might the volume will close higher in this hour than it did in the pre prior
Shorts just ticked up a little bit as ripple dead. Holy cow that
Is nuts
Lois do you have are you in a position right now?
And bitcoins really taught to I mean
Ripples got enough of a market cap being in the top five that if it has a big spike
It’ll probably drag the rest of the market with it one way or the other
Bitcoin still has 56 percent of the market share
There’s a bit this-this-this, I mean we’re in clear cumulation territory
Yeah, we see it’s five minute chart five minute charts are sometimes a little fun I
Call them panic charts because I mean when I first started trading I thought oh, my guys can be like a video game
we’ll just chink some mountain dew and turn on some dubstep or something and
well dubstep wasn’t around yet, but
you know and then just yeah just trade like
It’s a video game. Oh my god, and there were lost so much money in my life
Yeah, look at the shorts keep entering in and ripples staying neutral to trading higher this is this is nuts
If this breaks out to the top this is this is gonna be insane I
Mean it’s gonna be wild. There’s there’s gonna be some there gonna be some nutso movement here
Looks like Cardinal picked up a little bit. Just checking that one out here a
Little bit it’s good potential tokens
Caught a bid Nano xlm. Everything’s kind of growing a little bit, you know
If all callings are growing and bitcoins not moving much
Our theorem is not moving much that just means we’re getting a rotation of capital
We’re going into more speculative markets if there is such a thing in in crypto currencies
But there is there is something more speculative than Bitcoin or theorem and that is every other node. Oh
There’s a little bit dip there
One more minute
See what the close of the hour in the open of the hour do
There’s a pretty that pennant we’re talking about
Pretty much all the behaviors of a trends descending triangle
those are usually reversal patterns so we could see a could see a bit of a drop I
Was trying to sell into the strength to acquire some more but the shirts charges just well yeah it dude
It is not so that short chart is
Okay new our let’s see. Let’s see where this where this goes
I’m not I’m not I’m not I mean if we if we get into like another 15 20 minutes where nothing’s really happening here
I’m gonna what will close the stream but and this is one of those times where like
This is crazy. Where you gotta got to keep your eye on this I?
Mean ripple is up from
You know on the trading views chart shows we’re up 13 and a half-ish percent
Whereas, you know if you look at finances
Site and their exchange it’ll show that you know compare cuz because it’s just to its revolving 24 hours every minute you’re
Checking what what it’s trading at now versus 24 hours ago
Your ripples actually up nineteen point two five percent compared to what it was at yesterday. Oh
My god, it’s not dropping and that shard interest keeps rising
Holy cow. There are gonna be some people like stung either way here
But most of the pains will be generated by the shorts the short interest
all right, if there’s people who have buy orders, which there’s it are like like me I
mean like
Think I cancelled those. All right got it pulled up now. Yeah, I did because I did a market
But if there’s people with resting buy orders up here and
There’s also going to be some shorts that are gonna have to cover as well. This is this could just
this is a recipe for
This’ll, this will travel up more than it will
travel down
In a scenario where we’ve got either direction
The move down is not going to be anywhere near as bad as a ride up
There is Oh
God this
Holy cow, this is the I’m anticipating a lot of fun here. I’m nerding out a little bit. So
People what people don’t trust Ripple well who cares I don’t trust it either but oh my god, I’m not going to short it when
It’s a what’s mimicking the lung action and there’s clearly buyers and strength behind this
Oh my gosh. The thing is, is that okay. This is such a
Noob thing to do is to want to be short here
It’s it’s
well, it’s not noobish, but it’s it’s dangerous because if you just look at the
Price action behind it. It’s pretty healthy. But I mean it’s the thing is is that
There’s I don’t know how the people who are here are how these shorts aren’t
Exhausted. I mean every little tick up that we get if we get beyond this high here
if we get beyond
What is this high the?
3720 I mean even even a breakdown it’s gonna be
I don’t know how much farther it would go. I mean the short interest here is just insane now
It’s up to 53% Oops that me do do that
This is just nuts
Well, I don’t know what we got going on here but it doesn’t look like it wants to make a decision
I’m looking at the I’m looking at the volume down here and you know, there’s
Those volume bars are pretty telling there’s not a lot of sellers in here
Because they’re probably all trying to short it. Where’s the
We’re creating a higher note up here so
Volume point control. I mean, I’ve nothing up here really matters, but it’s quite a bit of activity in here
As shart interest it’s just nuts who is who is not set who is not anxious about this falling
about their short positions
getting illuminated
Because there’s
Man hold on
To get my standing desk chair here
Still moving up
Well now the shorts are increasing in and I mean prices are still moving up but
50 3.75 percent up on ripple like how many more shorts are going to
Be able to step in
once this falls I
Mean there’s a theory when you get when it comes to like short interest
There’s a theory where some people say, don’t try and bet against
What the majority of the traders are doing?
But you
Know that that’s true in a lot of like futures and forex markets in some ways, but this is one of those
weird ones like I
Mean how you know, how far will this go down?
From where it’s at before a lot of these shorts want to cover I mean there’s going to be a big bounce either way
Alright I’m gonna keep this chart up here, but I just on the left I want to look at and see what some
others are doing
Had a nice hourly clothes it looks like yep finding support on the top of the hourly cloud
Doing classic. Oh, yeah there in classic shape
On the one-hour hu muku
Don’t like it
Basic tension token
Looking like it might catch another bid there Walton chain
Nano really just needs to get another breakout here
Bitcoin oh
Man I think the whole markets about ready to
Do another drive up she shorts?
Z cash you cash have nice hourly clothes
Manero it’s a really nice. Looking chart
This is this is crazy, there’s still no there’s still no covering
What they’ll still get still going up it said oh it’s 53.9% now
Good god I have articles to write
But I don’t want to stop watching this an anticipation of how exciting this is I’ve never seen this before
I’ve never seen something like this before I
Mean I am looking at the right charts, right? I am this is rippled and then this is XRP
Ripple and ripple XRP and XRP. I’m not looking at a different chart. I
Mean, I’m not looking at a different instrument. This is the inverse. Well, it’s supposed to be the inverse. I
Was on the radio today? Yes, I was on Sirius XM just
12:30 Eastern I was on in Sirius XM
No, I’m not I’m not leaving now I’m gonna I’m gonna keep this going here
Excuse me
What the f is this this is just nuts I mean
This if this consolidates for the next few hours, this would be crazy but man
okay, so the only sign of weakness that I’m seeing in the shark chart is that
conversion and base
Getting tighter the cloud is will also be getting tighter and
And prices are not
Moving up as much anymore. But you know same with ripple is that we’ve got a pretty thin cloud right here
But damn it if we’re still not
Moving up finding a lot of support on the conversion line. It’s like consistently buying as it gets there
And what the hell is that? That is?
very divergent
I got to get some music on. Oh
Well, you tell me if it’s too loud
Well, oh yeah, it’s off of my
You see a little bit of a spike there, oh my god, this is gonna be so exciting
We’ve got our own little mini triangle sitting in here in the 5 minute another another
How does the
Is the music too loud good for you, okay?
Come on
I don’t think loans are giving up here. There’s still people buying goddamn these shirts
This is weird, this is so weird
Mmm might be getting a little bit of slow down here. Let me
Where the short sitting at we are
Still at 53.9
Place there’s a lot that want to step in here
I mean
I don’t know like how much only more shorts or get it people if people step into short now
You may have broke down they missed the boat. Oh
My god, there we go. We might see a might see a might see the move happen
Might see this guy take off
Look at the short chart I
Need popcorn
I got maybe a pane showing up here
Strong 5-minute clothes
Shorts, oh there’s a lot of a shirt activity on that. Last one might be might be seeing some down move in the short
Very close to a breakout
Can see it like face resistance up here a strong move down here to test it with a huge-ass wick or shadow
Below here only to get bought back up and trap a lot of shorts
But there’s a lot of momentum here. There’s
It’s crazy amount
Short interest did drop it was at 50. Oh, wait. No, I’m sorry
It actually went up it was that fifty three point now in now, it’s a fifty four point. Oh six
As the shorts shirts keep moving up with the long price
This is so truly this is this is just this is just dumb
This is this is dumb and exciting and it’s so weird to see this
Still at fifty 4.06
Good just a little bit of a disease a little
When you’re shooting pool in that ball just gets right at the edge of the pocket
We’re just a little bit of wind push it over. That’s what we’re sitting
Oh my gosh
Let me up
Dollar Index didn’t hit pretty hard too. Oh, yeah
That’ll little have a strength to market
Beginning of something dropping
This is why I don’t like five-minute chart I got burned so much tonight
For our daily
relaxed I
Remember how much anxiety I would get looking at a five-minute shark-like zoomed in like this
Okay, look naked price action. All I got to do is watch these things floor
Nerves forth
This is just absolutely the weirdest
damn thing like as
The spot price of ripple is moving up this short chart interest
Follows it rep 54
Point two percent sharks
Like creating all-time highs on the shirt chart
Just just look at this daily, I
Meant over here
Over here on the daily though
This is this is stupid look at this bar for the short interest
Almost the 40,000 is the level that got rejected yesterday for Bitcoin Oh
Any shorts that start to bounce now are going to are going to be the tipping point for this to move higher
I mean, this is
This is nuts. I mean if we were if ripple was like up here like today like it is today
But the short interest was at 5% or not even near all-time highs we’d be we’d be whistling a different tune
But this is just nuts who the hell is shorting this right now?
And who the hell is even participating it along in it? Like I mean we are but
It’s just because this risk to reward is is stupidly high right now for going long
It just keeps moving
so do the shorts
Fifty four point three nine percent. Oh my god, they’re gonna get rolled over. This is ridiculous
Very close to hip breakout with no signs of wanting to break down when the volumes in here and volume in here is pretty
keeps going up to
4.3 9%
I keep thinking it might be an idiot looking at two different
Instruments. No, it’s this is Ripple short or some ripple long
Well, there it is first little first little tag up looking at possible breakout
Could be a fake-out higher or lower but
Supporter trade
Cerium sketching a bid bitcoins catching a bit higher
Just tip a little bit higher. Oh my god. I think we’re about to see something crazy happen
Short tiny man, was that no, no, no just spiked up fifty four point. Five five. That’s making yeah
Shorts at an all-time high
So this is the definition right what’s happening on the screen to the left this is the shirt
So this is telling us that we’re at all-time highs for the short trainers for Ripple’s
So this is like people are trying to buy the top on the ripple chart new new traders and newbies do this
They get the FOMO of missing out the shorts. This is moving higher. Why?
This is not moving anywhere
Fifty four and a half percent
Short interest fifty four points moving up as the price is moving up
Do you think an altcoin rally can
Yeah, all coins can rally the whole market. Yep. Yep. Definitely. I think actually that’s that what that is what needs to happen
because if you notice that when when Bitcoin has a
Significant portion of the market cap that means that people are not participating in the rest of the market there. They’re just not
The speculative altcoin market is where the crypto currency market cat finds its
Most of its growth and you get a nice rotation of that capital of people
You know get you know selling back into Bitcoin resting on it seeing altcoin market sell-off a little bit
Okay, so we did drop a little bit fifty four point three one percent of the shorts instead of sitting here at oh
god, this is
Well, I’m not so much excited about the screen on the right
I mean I am I’m really excited about what what we could see happen over here in the shorts
I’m gonna do like a fist pump. Once that happens once these things go
Ripple BitFenix funding
Fifteen point three one percent. Well, we actually had gap up on a five-minute chart with a little selling there
Wouldn’t mind seeing a pullback down to this trendline that’s what you always want to see but
fifty four point eight five percent key Bend to those shorts
Oh mylanta
There’s got to be a point where I think my profit target is probably getting here
40,000 all-time high huge psychological number on that short chart price is still moving higher in the spot market
Stock markets at an all-time high Nasdaq. Got a great recovery. It’s just everything’s awesome
Oh my god
Why is that shark charge still sitting there fifty four point eight five percent so he’s got a really big account for their margin shorts
Thirty-eight sitting daily highs
I mean
There’s people like I’m just I have I’ve trading via chat on the bottom and also like have some other chats on there
I love seeing psychological sentiment because that’s one of a great indicator
So, you know when you have everybody screaming shorts, it’s usually get back to consider a long trade
Holy cow 56% short so if you’re like
People don’t trust Ripple that’s why everybody sharp. I understand that why the hell would you short it now, though?
Spot prices keeps going up. There’s got to be shorts
Fueling this rally right now. It’s just not getting reflected in the chart on the left
I mean unless this bit the next short chart where it’s differently than when I think it
Holy cow
Well, there it is there’s a dip there’s a dip on the shorts
750 three point six nine percent left that fuck. This thing’s in rally and part my friend drive up
This is a short squeeze books, I
Don’t don’t want to get all getting. I mean really, I’m not III don’t like ripple at all. I
Personally abhorrent. I think it’s as bad as Bitcoin cash, but I
like price action and and this shit going on right now is weird because this
This this short chart is still stupidly high as prices. Keep moving up in Ripple. I
Mean bitcoins catching a bid right now. So as theorem, oh my god people
That unless this is one big bull trap, which I don’t I don’t see it
Fifty two point nine four percent on that shorts
I don’t want to get grotesque but and I and I don’t know if this is lingo that’s used everywhere but in trading view
They call large
Green candlesticks like this cucumbers, they call them big green cucumbers, and then they call
Again this is the lingo that I see people in trading view use is they call the the large red bearish candle sticks?
They call them big red dildos. I
think it’s kind of funny in a crass sort of way, but
Now this short once I mean this pump up here really
Has a lot more to go if we’re going to consider that if this is real time
Accurate if these are all shorts that have to cover
From these all-time highs then ripple is going to ripple higher
Have not seen this kind of activity before this is this is kind of nuts
Where you have
Daily highs
Multi how many weeks higher are we on this guy?
Gap up on the five and it’ll fit
covered the gap
Generally means we move higher and a gap even that a short timeframe
Why not I look at it’s five minutes. That’s what I want to look at. There. It is big red thing
But they’re mirroring each other I don’t know why that is, why are the shirts and the lungs all at the same here very bizarre
You clear
The dips are getting bought up that ripple interest keeps going
We are no longer above 50% for short interest on Ripple short chart. We are below it at 48 point to 2%
lots of
Stuff going on here. This is crazy. This is just nuts
This is gonna dip again that that short chart interest is going to dip again holy cow
Also adding to the flux fluctuation of the prices here is that Bitcoin is
Catching you bid now and so is aetherium and all these other guys are catching a nice drive higher. Oh mylanta
My profit target did get hit and ripple I just check that but
Look at that big gap down have five picture. I didn’t even notice it until
Until now, I thought it was still hanging out up here like it was biking but there it is right down here
Forty eight point one six percent
Ripple still
I mean 10 on technicals. This is straight-up parabolic. Yeah, I mean I’ve been in charge but
you I mean you probably expect to see some type of retracement but
This is crazy
Oh like everything’s ketchup wait
Golde just caught up a little bit section treating a little higher now to
Euros blasting through talk about that fart slimeball of our courts position great
Just all the Canadian dollar still kind of sitting there geez what pounds actually
New Zealand dollar screaming Aussie dollar. Come on pick up the slack
This come on this is the shark chart I mean
There’s got to be people
People participating up here. They got to be feeling
Really sick to their stomach
So a candlestick like this
This is a nightmare if you’re if you’re trying to trade on a short-term time frame or if you’re like
Oh my god rip a little look at all the look how high it is. This thing sucks
Because people don’t trust it
This has got to be very stressful for those people who tried to
Short up here, which actually I mean you should short the tops but not when it looks like this over here
Holy cow. This is this is this is nuts again looking at the daily
This is like trying to buy the top such Oh, God died look look at that on the right
It just keeps going
Shorts are going to get rolled over man. I mean they are going to get dumped on they’re gonna get
We kind of named us a better session for the day
XRP shorts got wrecked. Wait a minute that that wasn’t the title before
sneaky sneaky business partners
Okay, I’m looking at the nexus shirt chart here, you know, I wonder let me pull up coinage E&C
Man looking at that
Hourly for ripple is massive, and it’s just a continuation. We were talking about that earlier
You know when you see that this this pennant pattern there just continuations
This has not moved
Oh for some yeah, of course short interest most
This this is not this is not reflecting what is happening for here
You should be a
Death signal on this shorter
Jeez Ripa was just going crazy
Ripple’s up 20%
Well, it’s short chart reaches all-time highs ins just kind of sitting there dude
I feel sick bastard sure because I know that there’s
There there’s some red there finally
Wasn’t the incorrect
What Oh duh
I’m trying to put it in crypto Piett not
Just this price action, it’s just
Is the volume okay for the music, I think the music’s still going right?
There it is, there’s that big ol red thing
It’s a pretty crazy move
What was I doing
Was I looking up dangit?
You see this is where the shorts start to cannibalize this is a short squeeze
Well, I’m happy and we didn’t log off because this is exciting
It’s actually pretty comical this is
Like look old coin did you that’s I
Need to go to it for next
Here’s an excerpt feed that for next bowl chart, where’s the where’s the short turns? I don’t think they have
21% gain on the day
now I think like 40 cents is where
You might see it turn
How low do you think those shirts can go
I’m surprised this thing hasn’t retraced already. It’s gone down a whopping
Shorts I mean they’ve gotta they’ve gotta feel pain and pressure
That’s not there’s a lot of momentum I’d be surprised if we didn’t test it before
A little bit of selling pressure right there
Pretty normal though that 40 fine I think you know and I don’t know how long we’re gonna see this
It’s kind of justify our stuff just with
Boy this is hilarious crazy crazy crazy
Take your profit at those key areas folks
And then usually when you start to see this kind of moves people who are short and
in a panic mode after a little bit of
Retracement they might feel okay about leaving their position
Now if that there’s been a little bit of retracement anything they got out the pain and misery that they’re in
Yeah, now we’re bleeding off they’re loose did you take profit or are you still in it?
That’s getting bought right back up look at that go
Forty three and a half percent on those charts, let’s look at what’s the hourly look like here?
Hourly let’s look what the daily looks like. Oh
We need to we need to down a little bit farther come on
For our oh that is
bearish as f
It’s crazy
Well, I think I think that was the excitement it was very exciting
That was that was a kind of badass be interested to see what how this goes the rest of the evenings
I’m going to keep an eye on it. But um
definitely, uh
Nice, yep point three nine
That is the pro exit. Yep
That is the way to do it
Let’s just real quick one take a quick look at
All these others
So make for a good video, yeah
Mean, I wish I wish we would have seen more of us a sell-off here but in the shorts or covering in the shorts
But it’s pretty damn funny. So write a theorem
Theory I’m looking like it may have a break up pretty soon
Card I’ll still looking healthy
Bitcoin yeah bitcoins gonna have a drive up there nice hourly conditions on our fastest law oscillators
Machines yeah, no, it’s too gtfo higher
CRX now there he goes erection. We did it that trades going out very nicely
Alright well that wasn’t good that was fun to watch
Cool cool cool. Well anyways, hope you guys have had a good trade dish so far. Hope you guys have had a good week
Forex lens folks. I will see you tomorrow morning and the rest of you if I don’t see the morning
I will see you tomorrow afternoon. I’m gonna get some food in me getting hungry on and so
Have a good rest of your trade day and watch these markets because there’s some definite
Excitement coming back into these so goddamn this they didn’t fight all the way back up
Well, I’ll stop time but I won’t stick around forever, so yep good good good day today
This is just this is just crazy get a hold on. This is just
Where did I put that?
We’re gonna probably form another pennant
before there’s another
breakout and
shorts are
Lots of fun stuff coming up again tons of volume
But that same trade that’s real quick that same trade we were talking about
Or he’s been to the long and a pull back down to three for three
I mean keep an eye on that according to like where it’s at on the baseline and
According to where it’s at
Relation to the floor on one-hour chart because
The pullback now may I mean we may have to wait them for a little higher, but still I think
Let’s look here at the four hour
Because we said three four pull back two three four three I
Think that’s gonna have to get adjusted maybe two three five
Yeah, yeah three five
That’s the pullback trade
Cool all right. Oh
It looks like shirts have to keep going oh
Man, okay, I gotta go. I gotta go. I gotta I gotta eat I’m gonna pass out if I don’t eat
Guys, have a good rest of your day, and we’ll have a lot to talk about tomorrow
Broadcasts, okay. See you later

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