Ripple XRP: New “Evidence” ๐Ÿ˜ฑ Suggesting XRP Will RISE 24 Feb! ๐Ÿš€๐Ÿš€

TITEL: Ripple XRP: New ‘Evidence’ Suggesting
XRP Will RISE 22-24 Febr That’s our first confirmation of what bearable
bull was saying. This video goes out to all crypto holders. It is suggested to watch this video to the
end for your own benefit. So as many people heard the message from bearable
bull or other xrp content creators, xrp has a potential to rise around the 24th
february date. This is because the DTCC changes will go live
on the 24th february. Accordingly to the bearable bull Ripple is
connected with DTCC through Accenture. I did some research and found this to be correct. So 24th February we could possibly tap into
the Quadrillion Derivatives market. Which could possibly shoot XRP through the
roof. So OK, but why did i make this video? Because i am going to show you that the 24th
february will be a guarenteed turn in the xrp chart. I am not Anonymous Analyst for no reason,
i am an expert in timing the financial markets. You can see some of my previous predictions
on my tradingview profile, i will put the link in the description. And here are some quick examples guys. Here i predicted the gold buy long term prediction. So i told everybody the 24th december we would
possibly have a buy signal. Now let’s see what happened guys. Huge Huge buy. That was 9% or about 13000 pips or something. Ok, another example. EURUSD. Here i predicted some multiple timings, let’s
see what happened. This is from some time ago so i need to go
back. When the prediction was made we where here. So this was a timing, a beautiful turn to
the downside. From here another timing to the upside. And from here again we went down. Beautiful. Now i am going to give you another example
the rest you can check yourself. Here this was dollar index. Again, some time ago. So as you can see this was a beautiful timing. We had a high we had a low we had a high we
had a low. And then we went back up. Beautiful timing prediction. So now you guys know that i am serious and
that my timing predictions are verry accurate. To accuratly predict i use a combination of
mathematics, geometry, harmonics, cycles, fibonacci, etc.. Now let’s get straight into the action! So here you can see this is a bitcoin chart. Bearable bull told us 24th february, now let’s
see what we have here. So this is a fibonacci timing tool that i
use, starting point right here. And the end point right here. Now these 2 points predict all these future
points. Now let’s see how important these turns where. So yes these timings are working pretty good. So let’s see where the next one is. And the next one is 31 january but not important
for now. Here you can see 22 february. That’s our first confirmation of what bearable
bull was saying. Now let’s go on to the next one. Here you can see the xrp chart and here you
can see a beautiful harmonic pattern. All these are timings starting from this point
right here. So as you may notice there are very big turns
in this. The lowest lows, the highest highs. You need to check this for yourself it’s pretty
crazy and works very good. I will go a litle bit closer. You can see how we.. You see it’s beautiful how it works. Now let’s see what i predicts for the future. The next turn again, 22 february. So this is getting really interesting. Now for the last confirmation the 3rd confirmation. My software predcits another timing for the
23rd february. We got a zone right here, 22 february, 23
february, 24 february is a zone were xrp will likely turn. Not likely but almost 100% guarenteed guys. So it’s beautiful, all the confirmations that
we get around this date. Not only from fundamental but technical, in
cycles, harmonics. We get so much confirmation and this is only
the beginning from what i see. In a couple of days i will find alot more. So guys write this date down. Put it next to your computer or put it on
your wall. So you don’t forget it, because this date
will be exlosive. There will be something happening. It could be a low it could be a high. There can be a rise afterwood or a sell afterwood. We will see what happens, we will see where
we are around the 22 february. We will see at what price we are hovering. So it was a pleasure guys and let’s see what
happens. Please like, Please subscribe if you like
this content. And if you want to see future predictions
you know what to do guys. Anonymous Analyst OUT! I will show you what i found for this date. (fibonacci btc, harmonic xrp, software xrp

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