Rich Spending Money vs. Poor Spending Money 💸

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  2. This is one of the biggest misconceptions about "rich or poor" people.
    A lot of rich people genuinely just like nice things. Most people work to become rich so they can get these nice things so this honestly just isn't true


  4. Meh… not really.
    The stuff about clothes, cars, shoes etc might be true.
    You can't fake where you live like that.
    A poor person is not going to sign a lease for 4000 a month unless they are scamming.
    Same with cars.
    Your over all principles are solid though.
    Buy ASSETS, don't buy LIABILITIES!

  5. This guy in incorrect in stating who is rich or poor by basing it on the what they buy. This is more of a video on how a person falls into the endless pit of debt.

  6. My parents are pretty wealthy and my dad drives a 2014 Ford and my mom drives a 2019 Ford focus and we live in a townhouse. My parents and brother wear aero and old navy, their salaries are above average and instead they spend their money on traveling and save most of it.

  7. I think your dad was just salty because my family is rich and they drive mercedes and they have a big house and my siblings get toys and fresh clothes soooooooo i think you were poor and your dad was salty

  8. This is not a great example of rich vs. poor. It's more of an example of how two people who earn the same amount of money spend their money and how spending that money will make them feel rich or poor. Ultimately, the person with the most money in the bank is going to feel richer than the person living paycheck to paycheck because they are in over their head with debt because they tried to feel rich by looking rich.

  9. Amazing how simple this lesson is; about 40 years ago I was working for a millionaire and I will never forget that he followed these rules, meanwhile I also knew a poor person who wanted to be a-want-a-be rich person who was dirt poor. A good role model is Warren Buffet who bought a house in the 1950's in Iowa for the size of his family – I hear he still lives in that house.

  10. This is super stereotype. Rich people turn most their income into asset and spend a portion. That's why some have nice car(the richer ones) and some have more mediocre cars

  11. Rich people busy getting rich and poor people pretending to be rich to impressing other poor like them selfs.

  12. Hey, I wanna ask if we buy something expensive for example a watch bcuz of our hobby, is it ok? Or its better not to buy it?

  13. Most people who are actually rich aren't going to live in a 2,000 sq ft home and drive a mediocre car. I'm not rich and I own a 4,200 sq ft home and drive a nice car that I paid cash for as well.

  14. So the rich person is buying cheap and keeping their money in the bank, for what if they are not going to spend it. The poor person drives the good car that they can afford otherwise they wouldn't have gotten credit in the first place, they must also earn enough to buy the big house and have money left over to buy nice clothes. So the rich man has money sitting in the bank collecting dust, the poor man is living a life I wouldn't mind, but doesn't have money in the bank collecting dust.

  15. It's really hard to take someone seriously talking about not buying shit you don't need while they are using Apple products.

  16. First all if you are poor you will not be approved of a car loan for a Mercedes-Benz. You will get Toyota.

  17. Not to be rude, but this video is what we call “middle class myth”. Come to SoCal and see that none of what is said here is wrong.

  18. There are two types of rich people, those who flaunt wealth and those who sleep secure at night knowing they have big numbers in their bank accounts.

  19. I'm poor with a poor car 1995 Mazda that needs paint, some might say junk car. I'm too poor to get a house, live with friend. I buy hand me downs mostly or old clothes at thiftstore, maybe he means upper middle class, not poor.

  20. A million dollars in 20 years time is the same value as it is now? No? So how could you be a millionaire ?

  21. I will agree with most of it. But you don't have to run a Toyota if you are rich. In fact, if you are rich, you don't have to own a vehicle at all. Why not arrive in a taxi? What Ryan misses is that some rich people aquire their possessions by inheritance. A rich man has a chesterfield because somebody died, while a poor man had to buy a chesterfield.

  22. $700 mortgage?!?! omg where do these people live? My 1,200 sq ft house is worth $750,000 now. No one's mortgage or rent in the area is less than $2,000 a month around here.

  23. My car was 1 year old. It was $20,000. I live in a 1,500 sq ft cape cod. My electric bill is $120/ month. So why am I not rich?

  24. $700 mortgage? Where in the world did he gets these numbers? In southern california youre looking at $3000!!

  25. I am poor, I never bought an expensive new car ever always used, my tennis shoes last 6 yrs at least and paid $50 on Clarence, I go to thrift stores in tiny little towns where they sell clothing for $1.00 or to Ross dress for less super cheap. I probably spend less then $20 per month per year on clothing. Maybe I am the exception? 😂

    Also every rich person I have met has an expensive home…

    I would say rich people flock to you if you dress lowly thinking you rich.

  26. I'm not poor. I'm middle class. I have very nice things. Brand new nice size 2600sqft 2 story 5 bdr 3bth house, $140k by the way 😂, 3 nice newer used Cadillacs, 2010 Escalade, 2017 Ats, 2015 Cts. Me and the wife have money in the bank, not broke, 700 plus credit scores, all bills paid on time and combined we make $165,000 a yr as machine operators at Gatorade. Well, $165k on a good yr. $145k on average. We kind of considered rich here in indiana tho. Cost of living is cheap. But anyway, It's all about how you manage your money as a middle class worker. You don't have to be rich to get all of what we have. The key is, you have to have not good, but great credit. We are credit rich! We pay later, but don't over extend yourself. I just see people in the comments saying, well they not poor if they can get a big house and a Mercedes. Financially, they in the middle and have great credit, but still poor, because they over extended themselves on nice over priced things, have a boatload of max out credit cards, nothing in the bank and live check to check. I work with a few people like that and they ask to borrow money from me all the time when we make the same damn money, but they're too busy trying to look rich without being responsible. 😂 💸

  27. My net worth is in the 8 figures; I am well into the “1%” of the US population in income (no bullshit!!). My family and I live in a 2200 square foot house in a very upscale neighborhood. I buy my pants at Costco for $18.00 (on sale they were $9.00); my rainwear I buy at Costco also. The wallet I carry is made of fine rip-stick nylon in an Army camouflage pattern. My watch is a US Army issued field watch with its nylon band. I drive a 9 year old Prius. The only luxury is belonging to one of the most exclusive country clubs in San Francisco and the nation.

  28. i do believed its also a matter of choice.. being rich gives you more choices and freedom in life. and being poor make you dont have choice but the life that.most average people will do.

  29. The rich person pays cash for their vehicle. I paid for my first vehicle on a 3 year loan. 30 years later I've never made another car payment.

  30. I know many rich people in my country play with money as the kids play with toys😭 , go ahead and look which country I live in 😀. Am sure you will rethink again in your current video. Thanks any way fore the tips.

  31. i used to live "rich" but after i have kid, i start buying expensive car, bigger house and all the unessary stuff. but i am super rich now, coz i have my kids.


  33. Ain’t no millionaire gonna buy a 9 dollar shirt. Plzzzzzz be more realistic ain’t no millionaire gonna buy a Toyota Camry plzzz I like ur videos but this one is caca

  34. I’m just stuck on the $1,400 mortgage on a 4000 sq ft home. I have a $2,800 mortgage on a 700 sq ft condo. I need to move to the Midwest.

  35. Bro my house is 1200 sq ft and it's 1600 a month. Please tell me where I can find a house like mine for half the price. And I love in a small town in wisconsin

  36. Some of the girls in my youth group buy jeans that are 90 dollars and shoes that are like 150 dollars, and one of them ruined the shoes within a year. They got iPhone X's and just all this useless stuff. I don't understand how someone can justify spending 90 dollars on a pair of jeans! like what the heck!!!

  37. Just live your life people, you can’t take your money with you. Once your in your in the ground, your relatives will reap the benefits of your beloved savings account lolol

  38. It is not cool to impress people with clothes, house and a car any more. This day it is done with the pictures of bitten fruit on your electronics.

  39. There not poor if they buy expensive designer clothes because all of that costs money and if there poor then you know…..

  40. I personally feel that clothes reflect ones personality. Cheap clothes makes a person look dull. And it last less in comparison to branded one.

  41. Ryan, I think you should’ve mentioned most people with wealth buy their cars with cash. Never in my life has my dad or I ever financed a car

  42. About the car – that’s not necessarily true. My parents are millionaires and my Dad owns a Porsche. Of course, he did buy it pre-owned at a good price. So semi-correct. (:

  43. As long as what you do with your money brings you happiness.
    I have seen people who are helping strangers in dire need with all they have.
    They don't have assets.

  44. You are speaking of upper middle class values. Yeah, lots of us have those values, it does not mean we have money. In America the middle class has been destroyed and yes, the super rich are out there spending like crazy.

  45. I like having a bigger living space cause that means I save on going out and spend time at home.Location is what allows you to do this at a cheaper rate.

  46. Tell this to Dan Bilzerian. There are many rich people that buy cheap stuff, but not the majority. Not all poor people buy expensive for them stuff as well. This generalization has no grounds…

  47. I agree 100% with what he is saying. People you have to get your mind right and have a different way of thinking when it comes to your money. Why do you think that companies spend so much money on ad agencies, to learn the best way to separate you from your money. And how to get you to spend more of it. When you go into a supermarket everything is placed precisely to make you spend more. That’s why the bread and milk is more likely at the back of the store so you’ll have to walk past everything else. And as soon as you come in the bakery is at the front, so if you’re hungry when you walk in, you’ll want to buy something to eat that you didn’t plan on getting. There is a reason for everything these companies do. They are not your friend, the bottom line for them is the almighty dollar 💵.

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