Retail mechanical Bitcoin buying, Is Tether 80%er crack? Kraken global law enforcement requests, Q&A

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January the 6th 2020 strong hand golden-age 2020s bitcoin is the next
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explain that in a second be a unique beast relentless uncomplicated all
offended by selling excuse me alright this is actually the second time
I’m doing this show I did this show it is very late at night here in Tucson he
got erased the show it was a half-hour show or so comments everyone was
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thank you for joining me a second time tonight wherever you may be awake I
don’t know if anyone is awake this is just a dead zone right now and I should
be asleep oh look there South Africa just woke up there so he’s he’s in the
house okay so let’s let’s do this show all over again
and start off with saying that I’m going to be an uncomplicated on February 22nd
in Las Vegas that’s tone vases event that I’m confiscating all calm that is
linked to below so check that out all right second thing let’s talk about
Kraken Kraken has announced a global law enforcement request report okay so it’s
linked to below all global law enforcement agencies contacted Kraken
during 20 19 and they wanted no information about specific accounts
there were 1222 accounts that were impacted in 2019 and so Kraken is giving
us public information about what what information they gave over
well what who wanted the information and it was mostly from of the United States
then from Britain and the accounts were mostly held by United States citizens
and British citizens and then I had written down beforehand hang on the
Canadian Germany and Netherlands citizens also were impacted quite quite
a bit and it was a 49% increase in requests from 2018 and this obviously
cost cracking time and money and it also cost uh you guys a time and money if you
if you’re dealing with these exchanges they got to charge you a little bit more
for fees because hey they gonna make a profit – so if it’s wasting their time
they got to pass it on to the consumer but worst of all is all of you people
who think these bitcoins are your bitcoin they’re not your Bitcoin in fact
I’m sure I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these requests into certain accounts
if they close the counts and if they return some of the Bitcoin to the
countries asking about these accounts so when you’re dealing with these
centralized exchanges that follow kyc I mean maybe maybe you’re a criminal in in
the eyes of some of these government agencies you can lose your
cryptocurrency you can get caught up that’s a lot 1222 impacted accounts at
cracking alone so you can check out the link below they give more information
about it they give fancy graphs maybe that’ll make you feel better about the
situation I don’t know why you do if you guys get free crypto dividends
and you decide to sell them for Bitcoin which you should do obviously well you
put them on the exchange when you’re ready to sell them then you sell them
then you take the Bitcoin off the exchange don’t leave it on there for a
lot for a long time and yeah do you suppose you don’t want to get caught up
in one of these global enforcement requests okay we got rocky is in the
house again did you wave as you’re over okay okay
take two rocky Palumbo said yes take two you got it somehow this got a race and
by the way this has never happened to me before I’ve done over 1500 shows on
YouTube watch them all at disrupt meister com
I’ve never recorded one and it’s live and everyone there’s been a chat and
then it’s definitely there for a little bit I start you know adding the squares
at the end and it disappears I don’t know what happened hopefully this
doesn’t happen again but it’s kind of a pain right when you’re when you’re up at
almost 2:00 in the morning where I am and you really want to go to sleep but
it’s conviction and and part of the reason there’s some shoutouts as some
people at the end of this show and that’s definitely why I could upload I
have a show that I could put up there it’s a king of the trolls flashback show
and I’m gonna put it up there one day and I kind of just put that up there and
just forgotten about all this but they’re people that I mentioned at the
end of this show that I want to get that they have news and I want to share their
news and I felt all the news that I’m sharing here today I don’t wanna save it
till tomorrow I wanna do it now I wanna do it now so again I want a live show
even though I just did a live show okay moving getting into my mindset there
Adam and his uh he’s got to get it done he’s stubborn all right conviction baby
this is maybe maybe you learn a lesson from this don’t let anything stop you
don’t let anything stop you man retail mechanical buying is a term that is
using this tweet and it refers to the people and retail regular guys
like us who every week or every day or every two weeks we buy the same amount
of Bitcoin you know call it dollars cost averaging you’re just buying a thousand
dollars worth of it every week you don’t care you know how much it gets you well
that demand how big is that demand how many people actually do that we’re gonna
find out real soon because they’re not changing their ways it’s mechanical okay
it’s is it and so you know we have a lot of people talking about is is the having
priced in are they factoring in this because in the future these guys are
still very buying the same amount week after week after week but the new amount
of Bitcoin being produced is being cut in half so what’s that mean what’s that
mean how we’re gonna see what that means we’ll see how many people are really
doing this how much of the Bitcoin that’s being bought every week is by
people like this that are just doing it automatically mechanically make retail
mechanical body so thank you you robots you human robots you will
make the times after the having greater for all of us holders Bitcoin magazine
has a article by Aaron von weird I mean good one 2020 and beyond bitcoins
potential protocol upgrades there hasn’t been a protocol update since upgrade
since Segway and he discusses some potential ones for 2020 and beyond all
you tech heads enjoy the competent work of Aaron bond we’re dumb
who has definitely been on this show before on this weekend Bitcoin and as I
said this week a Bitcoin you can watch that although this weekend bitcoins have
been like 150 of them at Tech Balt calm te CH be alt that’s not disrupt by
should I come that’s all 1500 my shows there and Ansel Linder and and the great
Blake Anderson made their return this week along with Steve Barber so check
that out link to below the a reminder for all you freaks out there you Fiat
freaks who just love to turn your big corn
in the US dollars US dollar is not for savings this is a reminder I’ve said
this before this is from Elaine the US dollar hasn’t been a store of value for
decades in fact it’s designed to depreciate at 2% a year to encourage
consumerism so they’re not a lot of people complain a little the Fed is evil
the United States governor is terrible they’re stealing our wealth well why are
you valuing your wealth in dollars you have a better way to store your wealth
now it’s Bitcoin and they’re not they’re saying it’s for consumerism they want
you to spend it that’s that’s why they’re making it go down to value I
mean that encourage you if you know something’s going down in value you want
to get rid of it as soon as possible to get something about you with it so get
the Bitcoin with it don’t if you have a saving an old savings account the
grandma gave you this paying you like 0.01 percent a year I mean either spend
that on food or I spend it all through to turn and turn something in the
Bitcoin value your wealth in Bitcoin do stop valuing your wealth in dollars
spend the dollars spend the dollars on Bitcoin spend the dollars on essentials
but don’t have savings accounts in dollars anymore Bitcoin is your freaking
here’s your freaking savings account can you guys see my beautiful shirt I’m
wearing from Krypton’s crib toys is actually going to be at owns a event on
confiscate well most I guess someone favorite 22nd I think I know someone
from there is gonna be there at least and I love this crib toys shirt link to
below I still have to set up my affiliate link with them but buy from
them anyway buy from all the people I have linked to below you can get all the
shirts that I wear on the show link to below ok let’s let’s continue on with
this so I put the retweet this out I’d even tweak this version of the show out
there so tweet it out there I said retweet it out there I haven’t tweeted
it out there yet man alright do this show twice in a row
is fun times good times as mentioned would say what if the internet gets
turned off uh-oh Neal would fine a tray adara addresses
this what happens when the internet gets switched off
despite the best hopes of many softy no coiners a surprising number of great
engineers have been thinking about how to keep Bitcoin running in offline
environments and neil has a thread about that it’s linked to below read it love
it enjoy it has the having hype started a lot of you Fiat frites were getting
excited and making up excuses today some people are saying oh tether
printing out 500 million dollars worth it and they didn’t actually do that so
why did the Fiat price go up today I don’t know what was it it wasn’t
tethered though so hey maybe maybe we’re gonna look back on this time just like
in 2016 we eventually started saying wait a second in January of 2016 that’s
when the heavy height have started that’s when the price started going up
right then people start realizing people started on factoring it in then now
we’re gonna look back on today is the day I don’t know eventually you people
that are watching this in the future you’re able to tell me when the having
hype started when the upswing the real upswing started to toward the having
when the price you fiat freakin prices started going up so let’s talk about
tether because first of all there’s one sane guy out there Allister Milne that
talks about tether in a sane manner and he actually in December tweeted that
tether since September had printed out five hundred million dollars worth of
new tether but today coin desk reported that they
had printed out that five hundred million dollars worth of tether like
today because coin market cat finally listed that that the tether that there
was that much more tether out there so Alistair calmly said public service
announcement no tether didn’t print five hundred million dollars coin market cap
just fixed their data so they done they printed five hundred million dollars
worth since September not today coin desk had to retract the article
not like how my video got retracted I didn’t retract it it got erased somehow
but coin desk they they they and the correction to
their to their a piece of media and but Alistair pointed out that the full of
these people jumped on the story on Twitter people were like ah that’s why
the price is going up dad at 500 million dollars today so important to realize
that 500 million dollars is just 0.35 percent of the total Bitcoin market cap
and the total tether market cap is only 3% of the total Bitcoin market cap so
what could can it really do even if they did that even if they did print out 500
million today wouldn’t make that big of a difference I don’t know but you know
what I say I say dudes you keep printing people printing that tether keep on
printing it because the gamblers out there it’s their crack okay the the
exchange gamblers let’s say BitFenix just prints up a bunch of tether and
doesn’t have anything backing in and then just uses that tether they want to
buy people’s Bitcoin with it well guess what the exam blurs gladly buy it the
glint be glad the gamblers gladly accept this trade they gladly accept it they
don’t care where it’s coming from it was just pronounced in there if anything’s
backing it for their little game for their back-and-forth following charts
they need the tether they have become addicted to the tether on BitFenix and
finance and crackin and all of this nonsense that they’re playing their
gambling games on so it stars a purpose it is the crack of a gambler’s of of
exchange of exchange trader gamblers I can hardly speak the English language is
so late at night so and you know I gotta say and I have said this before Facebook
should be able to print their own currency big FedEx should be able to bet
the market decide and these dudes believe the story they
believe the story that one tether equals $1 because BitFenix said so because
stone cold said so and yeah so we’ll see mille say this it is not like the other
stable coins that’s why it’s a true crack it’s not being the other stable
coins out there they’re they’re regulated they’re being tracked so this
is for though this is for the hardcore gambler and the market is speaking it’s
the most popular stable coin out there it’s the most popular one out there and
it’s definitely more reliable than third world currencies I’d rather have tether
than Mozambican currency right so a real there is it speaking of tether again I
want I want to remind you out there because it is in the long run it’s gets
fine for the Bitcoin ecosystem it’s fine if the gamblers but this was a big boys
delay I have to accept that hey the 80% of gamblers the impulsive people out
there they want to play these games they add something to the space they they get
people excited about Bitcoin they get more gamblers into it and some of those
gamblers become holders so tether serves a purpose it also there is a strong
belief system in tether in there’s an old article from the summer that I
talked about during the summer from coin desks that talks about in the Russians
or the Chinese in Moscow that sell all sorts of stuff for cash then take that
cash to some dude in Moscow turn in the tether to send it back to China to get
around capital controls and he said nobody actually cares that tether is
backed or not says this dude Chiefs the chief operating officer of a Moscow
based script of derivatives exchange confidence in tethers solvency relies on
longtime habit and convenience this market needs tether so tether is trusted
so tether was trusted by these dudes they have tether is winning dudes and
this is this is part of the reason that busybody regulators in New York State
they don’t like they’re envious that they think they
should have a monopoly on currency that Kurt and no the tether is great because
it shows that countries don’t have monopolies or currencies so I say keep
on printing it let those dudes keep up giving up their precious Bitcoin for
this nonsense okay well it’s not nonsense to a lot of people I would
never ever give up my precious Bitcoin for the convenience of tether it’s it’s
a convenient it’s convenience for gamblers it’s track for gamblers they
are addicted to it and gamblers and I’m talking about again are the dudes on the
changes hey if you guys are watching this live you can do a super chat I’ll
answer your questions or you can do you could just type a bitcoinmeister I
forgot to say that because it is so darn late at night and I’m doing this show
for the second time all right and due to the charts predict when they print more
tether all those charts that are supposed to tell us the future a Bitcoin
can they tell you when more tellers be because you know some of you were saying
that the charts tell all and then the same ones you’re seeing with tether
manipulates the price of Bitcoin no I people doing too tight I did where the
big boys play thinking print as much of it as they want Bitcoin
still has its core value not because not because of gamblers that’s not why it
has its core value it’s it’s a store of value dudes it is it is a limited supply
type of thing it isn’t it isn’t like tether it isn’t like the United States
dollar that can be just printed at willy willy nilly whenever they want to it is
a true store of value and you it gets you around capital controls also there’s
there’s people from Russia and China they don’t have the the Bitcoin patience
they’re worried because they think you know the day it takes them to send their
Bitcoin the time it takes them to get their Bitcoin back to China and cashed
out again that Bitcoin will lose some of its dollar value they’re valuing their
wealth and dollar that’s why they’re into that tether thing because they know
their tether because of all these believers no matter what it’s going to
be worth a dollar supposedly but Bitcoin it might be worth $7,500 of
might be worth 7507 it might be worth $1,000 who knows what they if they
really weren’t had that impulsive short-term mentality these these people
who really are using tether for between China and Russia if they would just
value all their wealth and Bitcoin in the long run they become much wealthier
than their counterparts who are cashing it in to tether and valuing their wealth
of dollars but if they learn the hard way remember you can email me Adam a
treasure help calm or you can send me a DM a tech Balt to set up a crypto
consultation with me and we can talk about Bitcoin we could talk about
anything I could set up your trays or not many people are asking about that
these days everyone should have a treasure or ledger or whatever but we
can talk about your personal life you can just enjoy talking to Adam Meister
for an hour or whatever it is but we can set up the terms and everything if
you’re interested in that someone was just the DME me about that so I thought
I’d remind everyone member Wimble coin which was a crypto dividend that we got
and again you’re getting insider information here Bitcoin you hold your
Bitcoin you get these crypto dividends you get interest on your Bitcoin if you
sign up for the airdrops if you get these Forks and we’re going to talk
about the member Wimble coin 1b and we will a lot of us claim the memo limbo
coin they still have some of it left because people didn’t claim it by
January 2nd so let’s say to member wendel coin hey dudes we want you to do
another airdrop is there thinking about doing another airdrop of the remaining
500,000 that would be great because right now it’s listed at like a dollar
50 on that one exchange hot bit or whatever it’s called it’s linked to
below you would check out the price so we all of us you know we register one
bit if you register one Bitcoin you got like 41 MWC and at one $50 50 right now
if you sold your MWC that would be a 0.8 percent return on your money 0.8 percent
yearly interest on your Bitcoin that’s better than having dollars in a freaking
Maryland National Bank which no exist you know is that the savings
accounts events wouldn’t you get point to point O to purse is something
ridiculous ridiculously low I don’t even know but point eight percent also is
better than all those nasty trips of dividends that are out there now yeah
let’s do a comparison bsv if you sell your BS V today I think it’s a one point
four percent and that involves uh you know you would have had to have be cash
or never to have turned your to split your Bitcoin in to be cash at all in
order to get that bsv so that was a little bit more complicated so your MWC
return is more than half of what you get on a beat on a BS via at this point and
who knows it’s getting closer to one percent of a turn we’ll see if the BSP
if the MWC keeps going up now again I’m measuring these crypto dividends I own I
own Lee get them for free and stuff I get for free I would never buy and I
only buy Bitcoin because I value my wealth and Bitcoin of course so don’t
think Adams saying oh you sure get this that no you should only get big coin
okay you should only get Bitcoin but yeah but let’s let’s hope for more let’s
hope for more crypto dividends in the 2020s because I enjoy getting interest
on my Bitcoin and yeah you know these these guys well MWC isn’t trying to harm
Bitcoin in the original days you know be cash was trying to be the next Bitcoin
but everybody understands script of dividends are not the next Bitcoin
everyone in the right mind understand that all coins are not the big next
Bitcoin the only thing that’s the next Bitcoin is Bitcoin here is one of the
really the last two things I’m going to talk about here and one of them I
totally erased but that’s all right I bet I remember it by heart oh man I
just released a time tracking tool with BTC pay server invoicing and we’ll love
your feedback thanks for the show so this is a dude I don’t have his name
listed but he is linked to below and his Twitter account is linked to below and
he wants he’s come up he is in motion he
contacted me he’s got a github okay you can check out this this tool that he’s
made a time tracking tool for be TCP server invoicing and he would love it’s
a was it a hourly invoicing I forgot what it even is I’ve looked at it but he
need some of you tech heads out there to look at it
give him some feedback he is listed below I his name is listed below too
with his Twitter accounts so DM him it’s obvious let’s check out all the links
below click on them all see everything that I talked about in this show not
just this dudes thing finally the last thing that is link to below
and I’m glad that dude is in motion and if you guys have stuff like that that’s
legitimate that’s in motion send me a DM you know notify me and I’ll bring it up
at then the shows that’s what the end of the shows are for for you guys that are
doing your thing strong hand indeed people pound that like button seriously
pound that like button as my eyes are falling asleep here got a mighty did
better this one better not can be erased and I’ll be real careful when this one’s
done so tomorrow or Tuesday the 7th it might already be the 7th where you are
when you’re watching this it probably is in Los Angeles at 6:30 p.m.
downtown Los Angeles Nick Bhatia is going to be speaking about the Lightning
Network it’s one of those Socratic sessions so get to downtown LA like at
6:30 p.m. 7:00 p.m. you can hang out with your fellow bitcoiners I’m not
there I’m in I’ll be in LA in February but right now I’m in Tucson Arizona soon
to be in El Paso we’ll talk about that in future shows but Nick who isn’t and
how they need or he lives in LA he’ll be speaking downtown LA this the specifics
are linked to below so click on that link below if you’re in LA area and you
want to hear Nick speak and meet your fellow bitcoiners
in downtown LA hang on all right so that is that’s really the end of the show the
second version of this show hopefully this one doesn’t get
race like the first one thank you everybody for bearing with me here
seriously pound that like button because we had a lot of people pound that like
button in the previous show and tweak this out follow me on Twitter bang the
bell button I do a new show here every day even when the first one gets erased
because I got conviction I’ve got a system I’ve got long term thinking I
stick to it baby persevere never give up people never freaking give up i’m adam
meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister subscribe to the channel and
good night I’ll see you tomorrow I will say hi to you dudes in the chat

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  1. I buy more every week 🙂 my paycheck is up heavy this week ! We don’t sell around here . Collecting bitcoin now for family and children I don’t even have yet .

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