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Hi, This is Gary from an Land of Coins .com. Today we’re talking about rare coins, specifically rare coin books. So
here’s a favorite coin book that a lot of people know of it’s the United States
coin guide book the red one, the Red Book. But specifically, you notice this one’s a
lot bigger because it’s the Professional Edition. And what the Professional
Edition has that I love is it has the certified numbers, not only the mintages,
but it has the amount of coins that were certified in that year and type. And
also has what percentage of them are mint state of the grades that were, or of the
coins that were graded, what percentage of them are mint state. By
researching this and looking at it you can see that that has a lot to do with
the values of the coins. Because you know coin that’s rare, in a high grade, is definitely in demand if there aren’t many of that year in that high grade. So
I’m just going to give you an example here quickly on this book review that
I’m doing. We’re going to look at a certain coin and I’ll put it up on the
on the video here so you can see what I’m looking at. Let’s take for example
the 1895 O Barber Dime. 1895 O Barber Dime, yeah there were only 440,000 of those minted, and of those there’s 146 right now that
have been graded. And the average grade is actually 27, so on the numbers, the Sheldon Number Scale is one to 70, the average grade is 27. So not many
of those coins are in high grade. In fact, if you look right next to the other
number, the percentage of those coins that are mint state, 16%. So that’s like
one or two out of ten that are actually mint state. So, if you can get one of
those in mint state, that’s extremely rare even
though the coin is rare to begin with. So to find one in a high-grade is extremely
rare, and that’s where the values are going to start escalating quickly.
For example, mint state 65, the value on that coin is about $20,000. Whereas the one just above it, which has 690,000 mintages. You know the 1895 O, was 440,000,
the 1895 is 690,000 still low mintage. But, the values are
substantial a mint state 1895 is $2,500 dollars not $20,000
like the 1895 O and that’s because almost 70%
of the 1895’s are mint state. So you can see 70% mint state coin, an MS65, $2,500
a coin that only has 16% mint state an MS65 is $20,000. So there’s a big difference there and that is why the
values are ten times more if you have a low mint state coin. So it
can be complicated looking at it, but when you’ve got the book, makes it real easy and you can look at them and see what’s a rare coin or not in the high grades.
Because even though a coin has high mintage, it can still be rare if
there’s not many of those coins in mint state condition. So make sure you get
this book, the Red Book Professional Edition. Because if you want to be an
astute coin collector, as we all know, knowledge is everything. So thanks again
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Land of for watching!

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