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jump right into the museum the title of
this show at least I talked about Korea
South Korea now let’s ignore all the
drama that’s going on between with North
Korea now and talk about the Bitcoin
in South Korea yesterday on the show I
asked if anyone from South Korea was out
there and of course someone contacted me
and this guy sent me some incredible
information and I’m gonna read what he
sent me and I hope he can’t appear on
the show because he works for business
he doesn’t you know it’s a conflict not
a conflict of interest per se to me he
just can’t appear on the show and I
can’t say who he is so he’s gonna be
anonymous but he might be giving us
reports here and there and so right now
I’m going to read you about South Korea
and what is really Lee up there here
about bit thumb or big thumb and how
thee that that pumps up the face so
let’s let’s see what is really going on
with these pump prices out in South
Korea so let me let me go to his message
this we’ll take a look okay and this is
how it starts I know it folks here who
invest in the crypto market so I think I
can give you a fairly unbiased and
accurate assessment of the Korean crypto
market I sometimes do Bitcoin related
lectures for my clients and I talked
about many use cases of Bitcoin
obviously you and I and many others see
Bitcoin as a store of value or digital
gold your guests explain how Bitcoin is
an insurance in Venezuela and Argentina
many African and Southeast Asian
countries have been using Bitcoin for
global remittance in Korea you would say
more than 99 percent of the investors
use Bitcoin and other alternative
currencies as pure speculation in like
equity all right the craze started early
this year when stories of how people
made 2 X 3 X returns from Bitcoin and
started to spread without really
understanding Bitcoin but sensing the
short term investment opportunity they
would go to local crypto currency
exchanges such as big thumb Courbet
which was then about us style about
$1000 and historical graphs of Bitcoin
Bitcoin looked expensive so they look
into alternative coins was the theorem
the theorem looked much cheaper simply
because Bitcoin in terms of absolute
units was a hundred times more expensive
so monthly started to flow into
and the price went up several Falls
stories of how people made millions
through aetherium spread like wildfire
and many people started to get into the
crypto market after a theorem came
Ripple – and many other balls exchanges
started to make ridiculous amounts of
money I was told by a friend who works
at an affiliate of coin Mui second
biggest exchange after a bit thumb that
the company made as much as 1 million US
dollars per day from commissions coin 1
has only about 10 to 20% of market share
in Korea imagined the amount of money
bit thumb is making right now the fact
is that many of these investors do not
know the difference between Bitcoin and
other alt coins they invested in all
coins because one some colleague or
friend told them to invest to all coins
felt much cheaper expectation 3
expectations of a Bitcoin like or
aetherium like return in the short-term
encounter a person who is invested in
cryptocurrencies here in Korea you would
be amazed to find that comparatively
little whole Bitcoin instead most prefer
to buy aetherium – and all coins
yet you ask them what is Bitcoin
what is it theorem what is – will give
you a blank stare
there are even friends or colleagues who
I personally explained what bitcoin is
and how Bitcoin is different ended up
investing in just a theory amour – or
neo simply because they felt the
coatings would give them a better chance
of making big bucks in the short term so
many so most of them
is big box in the short-term
very few understand or appreciate the
technology behind Bitcoin that’s
proof-of-work distributed ledger open
source network effects editor etc and
the potential impact it may have over
the long run besides some points of
concern that I’ve outlined above there
are a few other issues which need to be
addressed firstly I may be one of the
very few Bitcoin holders in Korea that
actually hold my own private keys
Koreans who invest in cryptocurrencies
store assets in the exchanges many are
not aware of the importance of holding
their own private keys and that there
are Hardware wallis such as trade or
leisure etc to assist them many also
simply store their bitcoins and etherium
in the exchanges as if it is simply used
as a trading a speculative tool bit
thumb was hacked with little damages
several months ago but just imagine
amount GOx are BitFenix like hack
happening the bit thumb what what is
also troublesome is that scams are
starting to appear left and right a
couple of weeks ago a friend of my
mother-in-law boasted how she indirectly
invested in Bitcoin and was paid a lofty
dividend so a scammer told this friend
that if she invests a certain amount he
will pay her a certain dividend with the
invested principle almost guaranteed so
that this scammer is exploited in the
fact that maple have little clue to what
their cryptocurrencies are and are not
tech savvy enough to use the exchanges
and buy / sell Bitcoin many people
outside of Korea then asked me what is
wrong with Korea it is not a simple
question to answer but I will say there
are primarily primarily three factors
here and those three factors you’re
gonna have to wait till next time people
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obviously read it next time and maybe
I’ll have to read uh let’s get over to
Bitcoin difference oh yeah so today is
label tomorrow is Labor Day in the
United States and I noticed the Bitcoin
right price is different it is you know
it’s it usually is different from
exchange to exchange but it vary quite a
bit earlier in the day I wonder I have
no idea what’s going on is there a lack
of confidence run in one of the
exchanges what’s what’s happening here
someone knows why we had an odd price
TIFF urges just because of the Labor Day
holiday just some flunky neskowin on I
mean maybe they sent the Labor Day here
in a counter though there is no labor
day so that’s no excuse for why the
internet was acting up there just a
second ago
all right so found that like button as I
like to say it has a great video that’s
out there he talked about how in
mid-september which is just a few weeks
away Bitcoin could hit six thousand
dollars if you like that a short-term
type of thing then hey there you go but
think long-term people and going back to
what I read about Korea I think the
biggest line that was an amazing story
wasn’t it
people are buying like crazy they’re
storing their they’re storing their
Bitcoin or their crypto currencies all
in exchange is their ass
for tremendous disaster they don’t
understand the difference between the
coins so this dude some of the
information that was fascinating stuff
we’ll talk more about that tomorrow
obviously too but if an exchange really
gets hacked there they’re gonna be
cruisin for a bruisin no oh my god
disaster all right speaking of disaster
I link to a story about an ICO disaster
this guy’s act who was a developer for
some ICO he’s not getting paid people
are always saying you’ve got to look at
the management teams
well this management team is totally to
this guy
total disaster story it’s it’s an
interesting read it just shows you that
anyone can start an IC o—- anyone can
tell stories and write up a white paper
that could stop so we also had conan
telophase is this classic tweet out
there the adjusted Bitcoin price for
Bitcoin maximalist and that is ten
thousand seven hundred fifty dollars
that is if you take if you take into
account the total market cap for every
cryptocurrency out there and divide it
by the number of Bitcoin in existence
you get ten thousand seven hundred fifty
so in his mind that’s what the price of
Bitcoin should be since all other all
coins they’re nothing to him I always
find that to be hilarious and everyone
late he hadn’t done that him and he had
not I posted after a while so the price
of Bitcoin whatever it was forty six
hundred forty five hundred today it
seemed like the big cash price went up
it did go up a little bit faster than
Bitcoin today so your total Bitcoin plus
the existing crypto dividend of be cash
price is a 5100 if anyone’s interested
in that kind of thing
I mean who knows you know they’re gonna
they’re gonna have some fun soon that’s
going to pump up the cash I mean there’s
no doubt about it
and yes if you if you’re in the chat and
you want my attention you’re the super
chat Lake Paul dick and Paul hopefully
will be on the show on Friday hopefully
we’ll have a very interesting cast of
characters this Friday for this week in
and a reminder I’m going beyond BTC
Bendis show in 45 minutes it’s gonna be
a lot of fun so this is double-header
day here baby
all right what else do we have here Oh
at 528 p.m. today there was an
interesting tweet sent out by Paris
Hilton yes I would never talk about
Paris Hilton but but and this is this is
an ICO disaster also anything happen
looking forward to participating in the
new and I’m not gonna even name the
token I’m not gonna even give it any
press here this is not an ad Trypticon
see Bitcoin eath blockchain okay
obviously someone else wrote that for
her but she’s got a lot of followers she
appeals to the masses I clearly no one’s
gonna know what her token is but she
said the words Bitcoin she gave the
etherium symbol and this is you know in
the long run her little ICO it does well
does that I don’t I don’t care what
happens to her I see oh this just
happened you know four hours ago now
well at all in some boost the price I
doubt it but will it increase the name
recognition of bitcoins of the masses
over the long haul if she keeps on
talking about it yeah yeah maybe it will
it makes probably good for theory I’m
also and people have to remember I mean
but all phone is gonna become the
biggest thing in the world there’s only
so many also it always so many coins out
there that can be even mentioned to the
masses so I mean Bitcoin in aetherium
are way ahead in that um in that
category like it or not especially
Bitcoin all right Betty Lincoln has an
awesome tweet out there you can vote on
this poll on a three year time horizon
and it’s obviously all of these links
I’m referencing or below so check them
out when a three year time horizon no
selling allowed based on today today’s
prices what would you rather have a
million dollars in Bitcoin litecoin be
cash or a theory and as I went live 50%
of the people said Bitcoin so basically
have a strong hand for twenty twenty
always say no so the question was if you
have a million dollars you’re gonna
invest it in something and you can’t
take it out until four years from now
which is 2020 what would it be what
would you rather be in then and most
people say Bitcoin and again yeah
long-term thinking makes a lot of sense
the least popular thing was uh be cash I
believe which also makes a incredible
amount of sense
who knows if they don’t even be around
like point at aetherium will be around
the twenty twenty though okay uh here’s
a quote and I forgot who said this or
even where I got it from don’t copy
other people make them copy you remember
that people seriously be an original
being original all right Steve Saturday
is coming up in lovely Johannesburg
South Africa
this coming Saturday I was invited by
the guys who put it on in I obviously
could not make it I thank them I think
Lorien is gonna be there Lauren gamma
Ralph is gonna be there and I think
Mitchell from Stephen is gonna be the
keynote speaker anyway people I am I do
like the steam it’s platform I was at
the steam Saturday last year in
Johannesburg it was a blast it was a
blast now remember just because of
snakes saying the word steam it doesn’t
mean I’m saying by steam in fact don’t
buy steam just earn steam and turn it in
the Bitcoin by using steam it and if
your videos have been demonetized on
YouTube post them on steam it it’s a
great way to just earn free
cryptocurrency just by sharing your
content and I know a lot of people who
watch my show actually understand that
concept and they go over to steam it
they sign up and they don’t buy scheme
again don’t buy steam pound that like
button i’m adam meister the
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  1. Continually referring to the bitcoin price being bitcoin+bcash is probably off putting to people who are new and didnt get the free dividend. I can remember coming to the space right after the DAO hack and not wanting to get into ethereum at all particularly because all the old holders got both coins and I would only get one.

  2. Adam…thank you for your continued effort and knowledge. I am new to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, etc. Your daily videos have become a great asset as I (we) move forward. I look forward to checking in as much as I can. Keep up the great work!

  3. Adam, if i had $1M to invest, here is how i would invest…. $600k in BTC,… $300K in LTC… and $100k in NMC. Love the show btw… always uplifting!

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