REAL LIFE JAPAN: Japanese Coin Laundry + Combini!

You have to be careful of Hentai People because these guys here come in are gone doing their laundry and they steal women’s underwear out of the machines Yokoso Peeps! I love living in Japan! Sometimes I go to hot springs or waterfalls. Or go to unique restaurants. And meet interesting new people. However, everyday can’t be adventure day. Sometimes you got to do the regular things in life. Like going to work, cooking, walking your dog and doing laundry But I moved into a smaller apartment about 5 months ago for financial reasons And one of the things I lost along with the space was a washing machine. Most Japanese apartments have a space allocated for a Japanese washing machine where they connect the hose for the water to be released And most people don’t have driers so they hang their laundry outside in their balcony. However my apartment doesn’t have that hose water release area so I have to go to the coin laundry. And the great thing is in the area I live there’s no coin laundry! So I take my bike and I bike 15 minutes to the closest coin laundry shop As you can imagine, because of the inconvenience and the fact that I am lazy I don’t actually go to the coin laundry too often I think it’s been about 3 weeks since I’ve gone and I really need to go today. So before we head out I wanted to air my dirty laundry…literally. I want to show you how much I have. Also I have no clothes left so I’m wearing this Momo Iro Clover T-shirt And I’m wearing swimming trunks Alright, so this is wear I keep my dirty laundry in my closet on the ground in this Ikea bag which is as you can see overflowing. We’re gonna head out for our walk right Maple? Do you wanna go for a walk? Maple go get your leash. No, that’s the cat. Maple where’s your leash? No, that’s the bedroom. So this is the bike parking area. All these bikes are parked in little holders. This is my bike by the way. With the little pink pillow. I know very cute! And that number there, it’s locked under that number so I just go to the vending machine place, 174, and press this button here It’s asking for 50 Yen. You can either pay with your transportation bus card or just pay cash. I have exact change so put 50 yen in there. And I’m not sure if bikes all around the world have this but Japanese bikes usually have a lock right on the wheel. So you just put the key in there and there you go it’s unlocked. I’ve got my big back pack on with all my dirty clothes, my laundry bag here in my basket and my dog ready to go for his walk. Pee break time. Good boy Maple! Another pee break… Pyo Pyo Laundry. It’s 24 hours. I’m just gonna leave Maple here for a few minutes while I go inside and put the laundry in. These ones are washing and drying together! And I have a lot so I’m gonna use this. It’s washing and drying and the best part is it includes detergent. It’s a little expensive. It’s gonna be 1500 Yen or 15 dollars. I have 1500 Yen however it only takes coins so I’m gonna come to this change machine It’s a nice big one so I’ll fill it up with all my clothes. Clothes are all in. Close it up It’s gonna put the water and detergent on it’s own. While this laundry is going I’m gonna have a combini run and get some water and snacks. Right next to the coin laundry is a convenient store Mini Stop. It’s actually very underrated and there’s not too many of them around but Mini Stop is actually my favorite. Mini stop has their own little thing called Halo Halo which is like their sweet section cafe kind of place. They have a lot of good deserts. And the best part, over here they always have a seating section so if you wanna chill out read a manga or whatever you do, you can do it here. So it’s almost like a cafe convenient store. Can you drink it yourself? Do you want me to hold it for you? spill much? And some Met’s Mango for me! It’s good. Mango soda. Refreshing. Perfect for summer. Maple found a nice little park area. Enjoying the shade and the digging. What are you doing? What the hell is going on with you? Why you so crazy? Do you smell bones? Is there like a dead body buried under here? Would you like some privacy? Would you rather I not film this Maple? And I’m back. And it’s finally over. So let’s take all this out. So I’m gonna turn this…into this! Something as ordinary as washing your clothes can be fun in Japan as well. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to thumbs up if you liked this video, leave any comments you want and please share. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any of my videos because they are awesome, Ozzy Awesome! Take care, see you next time. Peace!

27 thoughts on “REAL LIFE JAPAN: Japanese Coin Laundry + Combini!

  1. Had no idea you have all in one machines at a laundromat. I could do a few weeks worth for about $10 in my hometown. So $15 is really expensive. I was really fortunate to have the main health aid for my Mom, give me her old machines so now I can do all my washing at home. We used to have to go to a laundromat and then after my Mom had her illness I was doing it at her house every 2-3 weeks to save the cash. Now I just wait till I have enough for a full load. Makes a huge difference in my life.

  2. コインランドリーってそれなりに人生を長く生きてきているけど今まで1回も行った事がない。

  3. 1500¥?! That's crazy. Buy your own devices. Much cheaper and convenient. Even with the small apartments you have in Japan.

  4. Why are you the only one doing laundry there? Doing laundry in Japan seems lonely… good thing you have Maple!

  5. Maple!!! Did he put on a little bit of weight? So lovable!! My sister left her laundry one time to get a drink and somebody stole all her clothes. It was awful! I am guessing that does not happen in Japan?

  6. I've never seen a coin laundry in Nippon. I'm curious about the detergent…not sure how I feel about that. I used one brand of detergent, but when I went to the market, I experimented with a different brand b/c my regular brand was sold out. Lets just say that after using the new detergent, I broke out all over with ichy, red bumps.

  7. What about using the shower to drain the water and adapt a hose from the hand faucet to the water supply for the washing machine, if you have space in your bathroon obviously.

  8. for me, ' Happyland ' laundry, Inage-ku, Sakusabe-cho,… and Lawson is close by! … a! and you forgot to mention, using the old bath water to do the laundry, so gross! (^_^)

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