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Hi, I’m Amy and this is Ask Amy where we answer your frequently
asked gold plating questions. Today, we have an email from Bob in
Atlanta. Bob asks “Can I gold plate directly onto a coin?”. What
a great question you have Bob. We get this question all of the time. Many people want to know
if they can gold plate an entire coin, one side of a coin, or specific parts of a coin. So the answer is “Yes!”. You can gold plate
directly onto a coin. However, with all gold plating it is important
to make sure the surface is properly prepared before you begin plating. For details on surface preparation you
can check out our YouTube channel or our technical library on our website to
show you how important surface preparation is,we have gold plated two
quarters that started out in the same condition. Now if you were to pull a quarter out of your pocket it would look something like this. If
you were to gold plate this quarter as is, this would be your result. The gold is on there, it has just taken on the same
luster and dull finish that you started out with. Instead, if you take a few minutes to
polish the quarter before cleaning and plating this would be your result. What a huge
difference! We gold plated these two quarters using our Gold Smith Kit and the included 24 K Brush Gold solution. Using the Gold Smith you can perform brush plating or fine select plating with real 24 K gold on any
properly prepared conductive surface. Okay, Bob. I hope I answered your question about gold plating coins. Gold plating coins is a great and exciting way to
begin your gold plating experience. In fact, to get new users off to a
running start we include a prepared coin in all our
gold plating kits to ensure that your first gold plating experience
is a sucess. We will be providing much more information about this topic and other
gold plating topics. So, subscribe to our YouTube channel, like us on
Facebook and follow us on Twitter. And if you have any questions you can email me
at [email protected] Thank you for watching Ask Amy. We’ll see you soon.

8 thoughts on “Real Gold Plating onto coins – Gold Plating Made Easy!

  1. +Gold Plating Services Hello Amy, thank you for making the video as I am having problems gold plating a coin. I purchased your 24k Gold Solution and the first coin I did seemed to go on fine and took on a good gold color. Ever since then, I can't seem to get it right? I'm a rookie so it could definitely and most likely is user error but nothing I'm doing that I can see is any different from what I did initially.

    1. I clean and polish the coin very good. I use a silver polish and buff it out till it's a brilliant silver.

    2. My power supply is a variable unit that I can setup at any rating needed and from what I'm told… 5 amps @ 4.5v is the best for brush on gold plating (is this correct?).

    3. I'm ataching thee negative alligator clip to the coin and the positive typically to a piece of cotton, cotton swab or microfiber like cloth.

    I can see the reaction and bubbling action of the gold solution on the coin but instead of turning a brilliant gold, I get a very dull, dark and dingy looking color (kind of brownish yellow that is more like dirty rust). The cotton applicator turns dark to black pretty quickly.

    FYI: I did buy all the pen style applicators as well specifically made for gold plating and I connect it to the postive alligator clip making sure that the liquid gold goes all the way up the applicator so their is conductivity but for some reason, they "don't work" for me. I can see the ampers fluctuate so their is conductivity but no yellowing on the silver coins.

    From this information, is there anything you can tell me I may be doing wrong here? I could really use some professional advice. Thank you

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