REACTING TO COIN MAGIC!! – World’s BEST coin Magicians!

100 thoughts on “REACTING TO COIN MAGIC!! – World’s BEST coin Magicians!

  1. he tosses it on his wrist at a certain spot where it wont fall off from slight turning of his hands, the only plausible blind spot for the audience

  2. The guy who trow a coin in other coin actualy he catch the coin very quick and în the same position and hes droping very quick the coin betwen hes fingers and that is giveing the impresions that a coin go trough another coin

  3. 6:19 you guys see the changing faces of the coins, do you? does he replace the coins? is that even possible that fluid?

  4. Okay fair warning do not watch this before you go to bed cuz you're literally going to lay there all night trying to figure out what the hell is going on in this coin magic great reaction video as always so "fresh and so clean clean" you always got really crisp focused excellent camera work. I'mma Ramfan fo shiz

  5. I love Mario. Im fairly sure i know some of what he's doing with the tweezers and it's a beautiful refinement of coin magic

  6. Chrissss !

    I wan't another video on you reacting to amazing coin magic. I love those react vid so much and I m in love with coin magic^^

  7. The coin through coin magic seems in my opinion the most logic is that the coin he s throwin ends in his fingers and the coin hes holdin in fingers ends dropin on table. If it s how its supposed to go his reflexes are awesome.

  8. Chris…what the hell….why you gotta blow my mind like this???? In all seriousness…I have mad respect for coin conjurers. I've been dabbling a bit for about a year or so with mostly card magic, but I've started to branch out more. I really want to develop some coin stuff.

  9. My personal favorite is from season 5, Penn and Teller Fool Us, Ryan Hayashi and his ultimate coin matrix, so epic and badass…but this last guy on this compilation truly blew me away

  10. Watch at 5:42 extremely close, his left hand is position just slightly differently, I believe that one may be a camera cut my man

  11. Coin through coin appears to be a three part trick. 2 coins and a holder. Looking at this I'd guess that there are magnets involved. So as one coin is dropped in the holder, magnets line it up and hold it in place, as the shock knocks the bottom coin out. Which is why it's done at an angel, so the dropped coin slides into place, reducing it's energy levels enough to prevent bounce.

  12. Wait a second. No way. How did that Shito guy do that vanish in the Hilfigur shirt. I'm a fellow professional magician. And usually have an idea of what is happening even if I cannot do it or see it fully.

    But that was absolutely insane. I have no idea how he did that. I questioned if it was edited. But then I looked him up further and he does not seem like a person who would do that. He seems to be very good and respectful to magic. That is unbelievable. I seriously cannot even think about what his sleight was.
    He had me looking to see if his hand dropped
    Close to the bottom or the screen so he could drop the coin 😂 like a cheap YouTube trick. That guy has came up with a truly unbelievably vanish.

    I mean wow. That is one of
    The most impressive one handed vanishes I've ever seen in my life. Literally closed his hand and poof. Id love to know how he did it. But it's probably better that I don't. Cause it keeps the mystique of how amazing it is alive.

  13. I personally find coin and card magic (even if you substitute a coin for a marble or whatever) to be the best sleight of hand magic. That's why it's the only kind I do on street or stage. I don't care for mentalist and I cannot stand, although I admire and respect him for bringing magic so mainstream, copperfiled style BIG tricks. Or SandR. Or
    Any other vegas style guy. They have a style and it's wonderful for the environment they are in, and somehow it got So many people interested on television no matter how obvious the trick is. But regardless drunk people live in Vegas love it in theaters. So hey. I can't knock it. David Blaine is who got me into being a professional magician. His first special floored me. And I loved the reactions. And I knew that I needed to get those reactions. And I needed to learn. I was so inspired and confident. Or at least
    Driven. That once I got good enough to do a handful of tricks. I dropped out of school. And been making a living ever since.
    I'm not rich. But making much more than I did working my two jobs I had lol.
    Not recommending this. But sometimes you just know when you have found a passion.

  14. NO!!!! You're not allowed to do that!!!! I thought I told you no actual dark magic, only tricks. You're only allowed to do tricks.God, how many times do I have to tell you

  15. If you wanna see how some things are done watch at .25 playback. Caught a few things, but not much which is crazy impressive.

  16. I really don't wanna seem like a troll bc I actually enjoy this guy's content a lot, but it bothers me when creators ask us to like and subscribe before we've even watched the video. How do you know I'll like it? Or that I'll even want to subscribe? It's making assumptions before we've had a chance to form an opinion. Instead, just ask us to like and subscribe at the END of the video if we feel you've earned it. It makes creators come off as way more genuine and honest about wanting to create quality content, not just getting tons of likes and subs.

  17. Mario is literally the best I've seen… I mean, other than Shin Lim. I'm just more intrigued by Mario's style, I guess you can say.

  18. Mario is the most entertaining to watch. Something about his delivery with every trick. He comes across as being in as much awe of it as we are…. and I love that.

  19. The trick @ 1:08 when he taps on the coin right before he closes his hand he's grabbing the coin back out. @ 1:10 he has the coin in two fingers. He then pulls from the back of his hand because he already has in his fingers.

  20. Mr Jones is pretty smooth but I saw him grab the coin from his forearm at one point, the switch hands and do the hand wavy thing, and made it appear. It was slick as fuck but I caught it. You usually don't the first time through. 2nd time? Yea, you can see a lot of the exchanges and grabs from hidden spots.

  21. Emerald had it between his index and middle finger on his right hand. You can tell by how unnatural those fingers look. They're not resting.

  22. why's the flash of the coin make it seem impossible? it's obvious he has 2 coins. notice how you never get to see the back of the silver dollar. when he turns it over the first time, he drops the silver dollar into the rest of the finger, which is why his fingers are closed and holding it when he flips it back again to show the "front" of the chinese coin. then he just drops his fingers to put the silver dollar back against the "chinese coin"

  23. Emerald dropped the first coin, and then caught it in that same hand whilst letting the coin he was already holding fall at the same time. Presenting the illusion of coin transparency.

  24. no idea what so ever how he did that apart from it's angle specific and he somehow managed to stick it to the back side of his thumb low down so as he turns his hand it hides the coin but how to do that one handed and smooth mind boggling.

  25. I'm over here tryna figure out how tf to roll a coin between my knuckles and these guys are casually snipping them from the goddamn cosmos

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