Rare Silver Coin Found Hunting Quarters!

well we’re back at it again two boxes of
circulated quarters in hopes for more W’s or silver or my first
non-state Error or variety Hey everybody it’s Rob with Rob finds
treasure that’s right we have a two-box quarter hunt right now hopefully it’s
all we need to complete this video I have a hundred rolls good news and bad
news good news is they are circulated quarters bad news is I don’t see any AMP, War on the Pacific or Lowell enders on this side we haven’t flip them to check
the other side yet but not seeing a lot of new ones so the chances of finding a
W corner today is probably not that great still you never know what’s inside
the rolls I won’t be hunting for silver of course hoping to get one of these two
boxes and if we get more than that even better it’d be nice to get something in
the 60s or the 70s that’s an Aaron variety namely the DVRs
or DDoS but you never know it’s hard to find them a lot of damage on these coins
as they go through circulation they’re heavily circulated and sometimes it’s
just hard to see there’s anything worth keeping that being said we’re gonna get
right to it we’re gonna kick it off with roll one
we’re gonna be checking the Enders along the way if I see anything valuable or
worth mentioning I’ll bring in hopefully we don’t fast-forward to the end of box
one and start box two with no fines fingers crossed
let’s go well no goodies in box one we did manage to find a handful of 2019 old
Denver Mint and a few Philadelphia minted quarters as well as three and
piece from Denver as well so at least we know we had a chance of finding a W in
that box albeit not very good box two looks very similar so I’m assuming it’s
gonna be very similar as far as the finds hopefully you find a silver I did
pull out a pretty nice 1969 don’t find a lot of in this kind of condition so I
figured I’d add to my collection I also found a handful of nicer state
quarters from 2000 we’ll take those as well and then a couple of machine
doubled 65 and 66 quarters which I want to show you under the scope right now
maybe at the end of the wrap-up I will I’m more interested in finding some
silver something good in this box if I only knew
what I would find in this box next which is why I’m ready to start hunting it
right now Ron rule 19 guys and I’m gonna apologize
in advance for my blunder but I have to show it to you anyway
I was checking for the W quarters because I just gotta roll with 3:00 a.m.
peas and a pea minted little quarter not a W so I crack open the next roll and I
happen to catch sight of this thicker quarter here and I laid the rule out and
I thought oh it’s another a MP it’s a denver so that threw me off by seeing
that edge but look what I just found in a bank roll are you kidding me I missed
it because we’ll get to that in a second but I missed it because I was looking
for the thicker edges because I’ve got into a little streak of the thicker 2019
and I quickly perused I didn’t even catch it at all I started to bring the
quarters down dumping them in my hand and that pops in front of me
I have not even looked at it yet but that is a Standing Liberty quarter that
is a Standing Liberty quarter in a bank box first one I’ve ever found corner
hunting and it’s a type 2 for sure and I just flat-out missed it
I just flat-out missed it what years are going to be 19:27 and I don’t know if there’s a mint
mark let’s check 19:27 and I can’t tell for certain but because of this inside
here that might be a D this is exactly where the bit more would be you’ve got
stars running down this side there’d be another start ear worn away and I think
that could be a D I’m not certain yet I’ll need to take a little bit more time
to look at it but I just found an SL q in a bank box first time ever I wish I
would have seen the edge but again I just missed it I’m gonna slightly wipe
down the date and MIT mark area and see if I can expose a better date and we’re
on a roll nineteen all right guys I have looked at it in a lot of different
lights I don’t know about you but if I put a little bit of shadow over that
area with my finger I think that’s a D I’m pretty certain that’s a Denver Mint it could be damaged and put this down
for a second it could be damaged but it’s half
Crescent like you’d see inside of a denver mint mark it’s exactly in the
correct spot it’s got to be a 1927 Denver if it is in 1927 Denver it’s a
semi key date slq less than a million of these minted and even in g4 condition
which maybe this is it’s a 15-dollar find I don’t care either way I just
found a Standing Liberty quarter my favorite design of all US coins ever
minted in a box of quarters picked up today I’m gonna do a much better job of
checking the edges now because if there’s one there could be more holy cow
all right back to the hunt but before I do I guess I should look at the rest of
this rule don’t see anything else in this rule don’t need anything else in
this roll 27 DSL cue in the box let’s get back to the hunt ruin rule 35
figured I’d film it just in case it’s an A&P ender I’ll let you know if I
find anything in this roll the ANP ender was the Denver a few coins behind it I
saw a lull but it was a denver as well all right back to the hunt so he
finished the second box of Porter’s and you know what we only had one find but
does it matter when your one find is a 1927
Denver Standing Liberty quarter unbelievable I’m still in awe that I was
able to find this in circulation you know thinking about this box having some
MPs and a lot of Denver minted lolz this box was probably packaged
a few weeks after the April first release date of the empty quarters maybe
during the Great American coin hunt time paired and possibly someone put this
back into circulation found its way into this box and into my collection it’s the
only logical explanation I don’t know have you guys found very many staying
Liberty quarters in a bank box or even a barber quarter please let me know in the
comments down below as far as the other finds I mean we found a bunch of royal
quarters both P and D and a bunch of a MPs but no double use doesn’t matter
still ecstatic we did find some nice other coins to check against the album
we also had some machine doubling on these 265 s on the obverse and some
reverse doubling on the 66 it’s not the DDR and those aren’t the video we’re
looking for but figured I’d let you know I’m hunting form and then only one
usable State Quarter in my opinion out of that box that would upgrade in my
collection maybe out of Nebraska not a lot of fines but having a lot of 2019
quarters made is a lot of fun for both boxes and honestly nothing else matters
to me with this I have now officially found are staying Liberty quarter in
circulation first ever hopefully you enjoyed this home with me if you did I’d
appreciate a thumbs up and as always everyone happy hunting and thanks for
watching unbelievable I didn’t have a 27 D in my
collection now I do

100 thoughts on “Rare Silver Coin Found Hunting Quarters!

  1. Rare Silver Coin Found Hunting Quarters!

    What began as a 2 Box Quarter Hunt for any for Silver, 2019 W's and an Error or Variety coin quickly turned into my best quarter find of a bank box EVER!

    I never get much luck when I coin roll hunt quarters… Yet, I still love the anticipation of opening those orange striped rolls and looking for silver. I have put off hunting quarters often (although I do look through one box per week) since my luck with them is terrible… but figured I stay focused on my quest for more silver and some more 2019 W Quarters.

    I ended up finding more than I could have hoped for!

    I hope you enjoyed the video! For all of my Quarter hunt videos:


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    Thanks for watching!

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  2. I was corrected this week by very successful coin collector about my terminology when talking about value of coins. Your SLQ is $15 book value "collectable", if you want to sell it you have to have it graded. Coins are worth as much as people will pay for them. Yesterday I saw a 1943 penny on a silver planchet. It's (graded) value was $4000.

  3. WOW! Unbelievable that you could still find a SLQ in circulation! Congrats on that find, and I hope I can find some silver quarters one day as well!

  4. Ok wow am jealous the best quarter I found was a Russian quarter and I thought it was a token and i live in Canada so i dont really find any old quarters the oldest one I've found was a 1967 one anyways nice find rob

  5. Wow crazy find. I found my first v nickel recently which I never expected to find. Itโ€™s an awesome feeling when it happens!

  6. Finding a 27 in a roll…. awesome! Finding out you need it to plug a hole in your book…. priceless! Thanks for sharing and take care.

  7. Hello mate how's it going hope all is well with you mate. Congratulations on your SLQ find excellent good sir what a surprise for you a SLQ 1927D great find good sir i am so happy for you Rob what a hunt thanks for sharing take care Regards Gregory Lee from Melbourne Victoria Australia. ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿฅˆ๐Ÿฅˆ๐Ÿ–๐Ÿ‘.

  8. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ congratulations Rob
    Never found anything like that crh but that would be amazing.
    Once again great video and production
    Happy Hunting

  9. Sweet SLQ find, unfortunately never had the same luck myself, never found a silver quarter of any sort…

  10. Truly an awesome find. This coin was one of your Great White Whales and you found it, showing perseverance pays off. Amazing find and so happy you found it. I agree it was probably put in for the Great American Coin Hunt. No matter how it got there you found it. I'm not sure if I have ever seen a coin roll hunt where you found any Barbers. Would love to see you find some Barber halves. Keep making these awesome videos.

  11. Sweet find Rob! That is a amazing coin to find in a box! I have a couple standing liberty quarters, not from boxes though. Again, great find my friend.

  12. Same thing with me man, my dad always gives me his change when he comes home and I just got a mercury dime! So excited

  13. If the Standing Liberty Quarters have excessive wear on the edges, also rendering the date unreadable. It's only worth face value + the silver value.

  14. New subscriber here. Great find congratulations. Do you ever request customer wrapped rolls.

  15. i have a 64 quarter, a 23 peace dollar, a 27 standing liberty, a 37 buffalo nickel, and a 44 mercury dime. in the same collection as an 1866 2-cent piece. my collection is probably worth a metric boatload of moolah.

  16. Hey Rob! Been a long time! I'm still looking for the new War in the Pacific Quarter to add to my book! Nice 1927 SLQ Find! I'm Jealous, Because 1927 SLQs are my favorite!

  17. I work at a convenient store and am an avid collector of whatever silver an cool coins I can find. My coolest one yet was a dateless slq found in a random quarter roll from the bank.

  18. Oh, the W hunt. I don't box hunt, but my part time job has me running cash registers all the time (and they don't care if I use them to hunt as long as I keep up with my necessary work, which I am better than most at despite spending time hunting so they don't give a crap), and I found a W back around a month ago.

    I am watching one of your videos for each type of coin so I have some idea what to hunt for. For example, I don't know the silver years for most types of coins, so I have previously only hunted for distinct patterns (Wheaties, a couple of Indian Heads, a couple of Mercury Dimes, some interesting foreigns, or the W that I am specifically hunting for – I want to get a second W for my dad, and I am sad that I didn't get one in time for Father's Day or his birthday but still searching). Sadly I still don't have time to hunt for varieties unless they are like the most blatant ones out there. I can only W hunt because I can glance check the reverses to limit my search quickly.

  19. I have yet to find a "W" in the ten roll of quarters I've been through!! do they really exist??

  20. I got a few SLQs at work within a few days. Maybe 8 or 9 total along with a bunch of washingtons. Unfortunately sold them before my stacking days, I think it was possibly all from a few rolls that my work got. None had dates though.

  21. Just had one of my best days the other day. ACTUALLY found a buffalo nickel on the ground and later found out it was a 1917S which is worth $15 in the condition it is in. Iโ€™m pretty happy

  22. I agree, it's a D.
    I have two 1927 Ds… both are fine to very fine. I found both of them in circulation 1965 to 1970 timeframe.

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