Rainbow Six Siege: Money Heist Event | Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]


100 thoughts on “Rainbow Six Siege: Money Heist Event | Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

  1. Can you Really Do Bank Jobs on Here Should be able too that's why it's Called Rainbow six Siege Do Bank Jobs that would be Cool an Epic if they added it

  2. Dude it's so dull only thing that changes hostage biggest thing that pissed me off was dude they have Spain ops!!! Like wtf your giving it to the Korean ops when in the show therr fighting Spain police how bad can you mess that up come on

  3. I was all like oooh an even called money heist maybe the defenders had to get a drill on a safe and defend it until it opens and the attackers needed to stop the drill

  4. The trailer makes it seem like it was gonna be something good but it's just fucking hostage and when you play vigil or hibana in the mode they don't even atleast let you have the skin in it

  5. Ubisoft are you normal in for honor the targeting target is broken i look on one guy and jump attack but my hero jump away or on another guy ( i play warlord )

  6. i would love a game mode about it. the "defenders" are trying to buy time to make more money while working on their way out, and the attackers are trying to get an entrance and find out which way the defenders are trying to escape

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