r/EntitledParents – Parents Want Money From Daughter They Abandoned When She Was Newborn, Get Sued..

“I Just Saw A Lady Get Tasered For Trying
To Snatch A Woman’s Face Mask To Give Her To Child.” We were at the dreaded big box store picking
up potting soil because we are going to DIY ourselves through the isolation. Things aren’t
crazy here (yet), but there is a 2 per customer limit on a majority of items. I assume this
means everything, so we’re getting 2 bags each of a few different types of soil. My
husband is loading the last of 8 bags on our cart when I hear her. I know it’s a Karen
just by the level of unnecessary outrage in her voice. Karen: “Are you KIDDING me?!” Not a lot of people out here in the garden
center, but we all look to her. I was almost disappointed to see she didn’t come with the
requisite haircut. She actually looked like a frazzled mom — her kid tugging on her
hand and an overfull hand-basket of groceries — and I had a moment of, “Girl, I feel you.”
But dammit, she was pointing at us. Karen: “You can’t buy THAT many! You. Are.
HOARDING!” My husband: “Yeah we can, we’re getting 2
each.” Karen: “Oh you don’t fool me. I know what
you’re doing!” My husband: “So do I. Duck off.” I’m just sitting there imagining all the ways
I’m going to rock his world tonight. Well Karen huffed at that, spun around, and
yanked her kid back inside to go complain to the employee working the register nearby.
Now, we already paid for our items – the employee had come out and scanned the bags earlier,
and he could easily see our cart from inside. So, being finished, we pushed the cart out
of the garden center into the parking lot. And then the automatic doors open behind us
and I hear, “…now they’re stealing!” Just great. We load the soil in the car and turn around
to bring the cart back and look at plants. By the time we get back, Karen has given up
on trying to convince the employee we’re the Bonnie and Clyde of Dirt, and is now trying
to negotiate skipping somebody in line. She has a child, you see, and her hand-basket,
well it’s just so full and heavy. “Could she please just scootch right on in here real
quick, and it’ll just be an extra second,” she swears. The woman Karen is trying to skip is young,
maybe college age, and wearing a face mask. Not a medical mask, but the stretchy kind
you’d wear while riding a motorcycle or when you’re skiing. (My husband has just informed
me it’s a neck gaiter.) The mask is black and has like scary wolf teeth on it, that
honestly made the girl look like somebody you should not screw with, even though she
was wearing a GAP t-shirt and flip-flops. Mask Girl is just shaking her head no, and
that’s all I got as we dropped off the cart. I browse, pick up a couple of plants, and
we head inside to wait in line. Now it’s showtime. Karen and Mask Girl are near the register
facing off. No pun intended. From the looks of things, Mask Girl finished her purchase,
and Karen stopped her before she could leave. I don’t know if she grabbed her or anything,
but Karen was still holding her full hand-basket, so she hadn’t checked out yet. Well, she hadn’t
paid for her groceries yet, because clearly this woman had checked out. Karen: “But you don’t even need it now, you’re
leaving. My son could get sick because you won’t give it to him, and he needs it!” Mask Girl: “Hell no, you can’t have it. Back
off, lady.” Karen: “But my son really likes it and it’s
obviously made for boys anyway, why would you even want to wear something so scary?” Mask Girl: “Because I like it. And it has
my germs on it, why would you put a stranger’s mask on your kid?” Karen: “Ugh, why are you being so rude? You
wouldn’t let us go through the check out first and now you’re making my son very upset!” Mask Girl: “Your problem, not mine.” And then Mask Girl turns to leave while Karen
manifests the biggest balls ever and grabs Mask Girl by the back of her mask. Let me make a side note here. When all of
this is going down, we’re all just standing in line and watching. The register is still
going boop… boop… boop… as the employee scans items, but otherwise we are all just
inside this hypnotic bubble. But when Karen reached out towards Mask Girl, it was like
the bubble popped and made everything crystal clear. Not slow mo or anything, but I absolutely
felt hyper-aware. Like Spiderman. Karen reaches out, people on both sides of
me inhale loudly, Karen grabs the mask and yanks, a lady on my right yells and my husband
steps forward (so getting laid tonight), Mask Girl tucks her head down, and she turns to
Karen like a pissed off bull with a bright and shiny new target. I think Karen was going
to say something like, “Don’t walk away from me” or something, but all she got out was
“Don’t-” *CRACK!* I looked around because the noise was so loud
I figured the roof was about to cave in, but out of the corner of my eye I see Karen spasm
and drop to the floor writhing. Little Miss Mask Girl had a freaking taser! I don’t know
when she pulled it out, this tiny, little flashlight looking thing, but she laid Karen
out with it. And not one of us moved for what felt like forever, like we were frozen. Then
it was freaking bedlam. Security guard shows up, more employees show up, Mask Girl is chilling
like she’s been through this before and knew what comes next, the kid is screaming that
the wolf girl killed his mom, even though she’s groaning and sobbing on the floor and
clearly not dead, but maybe wishing she was, the people that had been in line with us were
all talking at once trying to tell the security guard what happened. We hung around just witnessing the insanity
for maybe 2 minutes before Karen started choking out, demands for an ambulance, the police,
FBI, a lawyer, the mayor, the president, restitution, and reparations. My husband made eye contact
with an employee, and got a thumb up when he put the plants on a shelf and pointed towards
the door. We got the duck out of there. We drove home in silence until my husband
parked the car in our driveway, and then we just burst out laughing. Neither of us have
ever seen anything like that before. We live in a small beach town. People are super laid
back and mellow. Karen was anything but and I hope to never see her again. “So What I Left You To Die? I Still Deserve
Your Money.” Hey guys. I hope everyone is safe at home. Not my story. I read about it in our local
newspaper years ago. It was quite a well-known story at that time. An elderly doctor couple with no children
came to know about a newborn baby girl whom someone had left in a waste dump. The baby
was about to die. They took her to the hospital and then formally adopted her. Years later
the girl herself became a doctor and earned good money. An old, poor couple came to the girl claiming
to be her biological parents, and demanded that she give them money as they didn’t have
any means to provide for themselves. The girl didn’t believe them, but after DNA tests,
it was proven that they were indeed her biological parents. (How they knew that wasn’t mentioned
in the article). The couple kept demanding money from her saying as she was their daughter,
it was her responsibility to look after them in their old age. When the girl asked them why they left her
to die, they tried to justify their actions and said that if they hadn’t left her there,
she wouldn’t have so much money right now. It was because of them she had money, and
so they deserved some of it. They wanted money as their other kids (sons mostly) either didn’t
earn or didn’t want to take care of them. When the girl refused, they threatened to
go to court against her. In retaliation, she sued them for abandonment and a few other
charges. “Karen Demands Kid Gets Kicked Out Of Futsal
Game. She Gets Kicked Out Instead.” I’m currently in 10th grade. I have played
futsal (indoor soccer) every winter since 6th grade. This happened in 8th grade. I am a boy, and my team was all boys. It was
my travel soccer team. We participated in a futsal tournament. It was a 16 team tournament.
We won our first 3 games, which meant we were in the championship. This tournament was co-ed,
and the other team we were playing in the finals was an all girls team. The other team
had a very obnoxious mom, who is our entitled mother. She fits the bill as your typical
Karen. Short hair cut, leggings, sunglasses, obnoxious voice, it goes on. The only difference
was that her name was not Karen. The game starts, and Karen was running her
mouth, telling her daughter, and the team to essentially play dirty, and to crush us.
They were playing dirty, including the daughter. Karen keeps talking crap, but it didn’t
work. We were taking care of them, and shortly after the start of the 2nd half, we were up
5-1. Then, my teammate was fouled and had a free kick. He was fairly close to the goal,
so the other team had a wall with 4 girls, Karen’s daughter one of them. My teammate
kicked it, and drilled Karen’s daughter square in the face. The kick was a RIFLE.
It was fast, and if you’ve played Futsal, you know Futsal balls are fairly hard. Karen’s
daughter dropped to the ground, crying, and blood going all around. Karen went absolutely
ballistic: Karen: “HEY! HEY! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? ARE
YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?” Karen pulls up the netting, and charges towards
my teammate. Karen: “are you kidding me?! You did not
have to kick it that hard! Look what you did!” Tim: “I just kicked the ball towards the
goal. I did nothing wrong.” Karen: “YES YOU DID! YOU KICKED HER IN THE
FACE. SHE IS CRYING AND BLEEDING!” Referee: “Ma’am, I’m going to need you
to step off the court.” Karen: “NO, I WILL NOT! NOT UNTIL HE IS
KICK it THAT HARD! LOOK AT HER!” Referee: “Ma’am. It was not on purpose.
He’s allowed to do that. He was kicking the ball. He was kicking it towards the goal.
Now get off the court.” Tim: “I did nothing wrong. I can do that.” Karen turn 180° Karen: “YES YOU DID. LOOK AT HER YOU LITTLE
JERK!” Karen turn 180° back Karen: “KICK HIM OUT OF THE FREAKING GAME
RIGHT NOW. RIGHT NOW!” Karen continues to scream at the referee and
some other parents. Referee tried to calm her down and get her off the court. I then
chime in. Me: “Lady, can you just get off the damn
court? My teammate did nothing wrong. He just kicked the ball. If you don’t want your
daughter to get kicked or hurt, put her in Ballet.” Karen: “WHAT THE DUCK DID YOU JUST SAY TO
ME YOU JERK?” Me: “You heard me.” Other teams coach: “Karen, just get off
the court.” (judging by his tone, this was not the first time something like this has
happened.) Karen: “No! No! No!” Turns to referee,
“kick these kids out! He kicked my daughter in the face on purpose, and he did not have
to kick it that hard! And they show no respect!!” By this time, the security guard of the facility
has come over. Security: “ma’am, come with me” Karen: “WHAT?! ARE YOU KICKING ME OUT?!
I DID NOTHING WRONG! THIS JERK ASSAULTED MY DAUGHTER!” Security: “You’re coming with me, or I’ll
call the police. You choose. You’ve been causing a disruption, and have been screaming
profanity. If you come with me, you’ll get off easy.” Karen just grunts and goes with Security.
She keeps screaming but it’s inaudible. To keep it short, she got kicked out of the
facility. We finished the game, and we won 5-3. I went out to the parking lot where the
Karen was getting chewed out by the other parents. She looked like she was on the verge
of tears. I couldn’t hear much, but I was able to make out Karen saying, “Why are
you guys harassing me?!” Mind you, when this happened, she never checked
on her daughter once. She just went on her big temper tantrum.

8 thoughts on “r/EntitledParents – Parents Want Money From Daughter They Abandoned When She Was Newborn, Get Sued..

  1. That first story reminds me of a saying: "Be careful of who you mess with. You never know what they're capable of." I usually replace 'mess' with a more salty word that begins with F.

  2. A Karen handbook needs to be published online and widely distributed for our safety! Suggestions from readers could make it up-to-date!

  3. wolf mask girl with a taser in Home Depot I think I would be in love with you if I was the same age as you you sound like a girl I'd want to know I love it , I missed out so much on not seeing that I can just Envision it that would be the funniest thing in the world to watch if you're reading this sweetheart you're my hero

  4. they abandon her they have absolutely no rights whatsoever there's no country in the world that would give them s*** after that she was adopted by someone else that's why she's got a good education and became a doctor and has money not because they abandoned her butt because she got adopted by someone who gave her a good education they had nothing to do with it and they can sue for anyting nobody gives a s*** I wouldn't give them a penny if it was me I'm a man so they'd be lucky if I didn't punch him in the face both of them that be the least they deserve for abandonment and trying to kill me like that! What horrendous pieces of crap!!!!!

  5. Last story about the futsol tournament: that match was 5-1, boys winning, before the Karen got kicked off the court. The match concluded 5-3, boys winning. Seems the girls team did better without the Karen yelling at them to "fight dirty".

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