Putin: The Situation Is Getting Worse; I Warned Them 5 Times, There Was No Response From The US & EU

This year a number of events that impact nuclear stability occurred, sending mixed signals.
On the one hand, the United States has withdrawn from the INF Treaty, having sparked debate on this issue. The United States has accused Russia.
On the other hand, after that, Mr Bolton, who was the main advocate of withdrawing from this Treaty, lost his job.
Probably, in so doing, President Trump meant something else. Discussion on the START Treaty continues, and, so far, it is unclear where it will lead.
A year ago, you and I sat on this stage and you used a very emotionally-charged expression that in the event of a nuclear war,
perish the thought, the aggressors would perish and we would go to paradise.
Have we moved closer to paradise during this year?
All of us are always close to God to the same extent and He will decide where we deserve to be at the end of our lives on Earth.
But, of course, the situation has not improved. It has worsened after the United States’ withdrawal from the INF Treaty.
This is clear to everyone. Now we are waiting for the next move.
Moreover, I believe that the United States tested a ground-based intermediate-range missile that was covered by this Treaty
shortly after it announced its decision to withdraw from it, indicating that the United States had long since been working on it.
Technology like this can’t be developed in a couple of months.
This means they had been working at least several years on this missile.
As for the rest, they just looked for a pretext to pull out and they found it.
I don’t believe it was a credible pretext because there were no grounds whatsoever to accuse Russia of violating anything.
On the contrary, we were repeatedly told that the Aegis system could not be used for launching land-based intermediate-range missiles.
The Aegis system that is already deployed in Europe: in Romania and soon to be deployed in Poland.
We were told no, it is not possible to use it for this purpose.
And then – Bang!, they declared that Aegis launchers were used to launch intermediate-range missiles.
They could at least have waited a while longer. It’s clear that we were being conned, or they were trying to con us. And then they owned up to it.
Well, so be it, that’s not the point. The point is that the situation has not changed for the better.
In view of this escalation we said, I said immediately, that we would be doing the same
but we declare from the outset that we would not deploy land-based intermediate-range missiles, if we have them, unless US-made systems appear first in those regions.
I said this about five times and there was no response – neither the US has responded so far nor has Europe, like they lost their hearing, can’t hear!
There are many specialists here, I don’t think you need to be told something many times – I said this once, twice, five times.
How many more times should I say it? There is only silence, no reaction.
Then, suddenly, we heard from the US military that the first step in this direction would be made in Asia.
But this step concerns us too, because we need to understand where in Asia? Will it reach Russian territory or not?
By the way, you can tell what the underlying cause for their withdrawal was – it was neither Russia nor our mythical violations of the treaty.
If they are set to deploy this in Asia, it’s Asia that is the main reason for withdrawing from the Treaty.
I think the analysts see this, and this is an obvious fact no matter how much it is played down in the media.
We are discussing Asian problems today.
We will carefully watch the next steps: where in Asia will they appear, who will be threatened? Is this good or not?
It’s very bad because corresponding response measures are sure to follow.
Will this improve the situation in Asia? No, it won’t. It will only aggravate the situation, and create new threats.
But I am really counting on certain possibilities for settling this situation as well before the final decisions have been taken.

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  2. Nuclear war can only take place if the world leaders want to conduct a mass culling exercise like they did with both the first and second world wars.

    All kenetic weapons from guns right through to bombs and missiles are obsolete, only absolute morons incapable of knowing how a microwave works don't know these facts.

    Are you seriously suggesting that Russia doesn't have microwave ovens ???
    Let me guess they've never pulled a laser apart either ????

    Who makes these fake news articles pulling on the psychological retardation of the general public.

    Oh look……………?????


  4. I will side with Russia if they could bom the european parliament.

  5. A Word from DownUnder, "Antarctica PEACE" Patience, Vladimir.
    We're in the process of cleaning out the globalist rat nest we have here in the States, like you've already done there in Russia.
    It's only the left here that doesn't like Russia, because you abandoned communism. The rest of us, including the President, recognize that we are natural allies. We may not like each other all of the time, but we respect you, your people, and strong, national traditions. Keep up the great work you're doing for Russia, and remember; we beat the Nazis together & "WE" will "DO IT Completely" Banking Slavery & ALL, this Time…—!!! The Globalists that created them are much worse, but we'll take care of them, too.

  6. 2022 on the table on higher levels like IMF will talk about el.money and chipping people. 2032.95 Shanghai is fin. center of the world.2039 botom of cycle of war. 2038 low of economic cycle of Russia. So very bad things ww3

  7. Translation, subtitles in English please. Some of us are too dumb to learn Russian. Countries around have signs posted in English. What does that say to you ?

  8. OUIoui Hug your children and kiss them good NIGHT ? Notski TRUMP not AMERICAIN 6pat this brings us closer to TALKS not eliminating our potential love ❤️eyes doubt O>I<Or situation AeHb nobeAbi Mo>I<eT 6bITb 6onbwoe cnacN6o AMericain 6pat Mockba Russia ?? 6pat OKHO 3`to o6py4NTbCR

  9. " All of us are always close to God to the same extent and he will decide where we deserve to be at the end of our lives on earth".
    This speaks volumes about the Great sir Putin… I encourage everyone to search for a president or prime minister of top 10 big nations who speak deeply about God in major national and international forum like the Great sir Putin does, because you will never find one since the last decade or so. The Great sir Putin and Russia in general are Christian faithful and respects other religions as well who believe in God / Allah… He has expressed his faith several times on and off the camera. This genuine reality obliterates the wrong education and propaganda of US & EU about Russia and Great sir Putin.

  10. Russian politicians smart, Americunt politicians stupid. I have no other conclusion, sorry… Please don't mix ordinary people with politicians….

  11. I wish this one was translated, it 'stress'e my observations about the Ru. , trying to warn us, Saddens me the way things went and are going.

  12. the leaders of these anti russian nations
    are all illuminati mason satan worshippers
    they have one goal
    one agenda
    one mission
    its to establish satans one world government and religion
    and countries like russia are in their way
    thats why they are determined for world war3
    only out of world war 3 will they be able to break humanity well enough to force the humans left alive into the one world relgigion of the antichrist

  13. As long as you have your submarines stationed off the coast of the US , there will not be too much to worry about !!

  14. I'm terrorised about the "after putin".
    the last thing the world need is another obedient ieltsin, and the pro west internal agents getting the power in Russia.

  15. The Westerners only knows how to attack but when attacked they crumble and cry just like Israel. Than it's Anti-Semetism. ???

  16. The US withdrew from the INF not because of an issue with Russia. It was because China is developing these weapons and is not constrained by the treaty. Trying to get China into a new 3 party treaty

  17. Russia has to bow or beg the world especially the West and USA to sign the treaty other wise the world including Russia will be wiped out from the earth.

  18. After 5 times and still warning, President Putin? High time to make A BANG high in the air where it can be seen & heard. Another BANG Closer to THEIR Doorstep… That will get their attention….

  19. Both nations have extensive ballistic missile experience. Creating a new long range cruise missile and rocket would be easy for either side.

    That being said, Is ending the INF treaty really necessary? I think not.

  20. The USA needs Russia as a ally against the muslins and red China,and we can not trust the EU, why do the demoncrats and mass media want to cause problems with Russia, which could led to a world war? If Hillrey Clinton had been elected president in 2016 she would have gotten the USA into war with the Russians.

  21. Russia was violating the INF anyway, so why have it in place? Russia trying to take the moral high ground on this issue is absurd.

  22. The inconsistent foreign policies of the Trump Administration in conjunction with the vilification of President Vladimir Putin, has resulted in this step backwards in world peace.

    Russian Foreign Policy, under the wise leadership of President Vladimir Putin, has proved to be very stabilizing, and has brought peace and economic growth between nations.

    One only has to look at Russia’s mediation efforts between Armenia and Azerbaijan as a prime example of President Vladimir Putin’s wise leadership.

    The world must respect and engage with Russia to solve complex geopolitical issues.


  23. I wish Russia, America amd other majority white Christian countries would work together closely to help each other. We need to stick together. I'm American and sometimes the politicians embarrass me

  24. Why is it the United States has to stick their nose in everyone's business and there are ocean apart from the problem majority of the world leaders live right next door to the problem and do nothing because they don't want it to be their problem

  25. Russia wont fall for the new world order i hope.i dont know what to believe anymore.Why there are no russian writen comments here?I think Mr Putin got his heart on the right place.

  26. pompeo in his own words representing usa STATED we lie we cheat and we steal so just nuke the bastards and give us peace as you can never negotiate with the DEVIL of this world WASHINGTON


  28. America says "in God we trust", but let's remember their God is money,. When they exclaim "Oh my God!", they mean "Oh my Money!"

  29. Not much you can do Mr Putin until the Corrupt USA Political system is cleaned out.
    At least you have very good Intermediate Range Missiles that can easily be converted to ground based systems if the USA persists.
    Lets hope it is not necessary to Deploy Missiles to Cuba again.
    Another "Cuban Crisis".
    Without another sane balanced secure Kennedy at the top prepared to back off that would be very dangerous.

  30. if you observe the king of Jordan he was acknowledging Putin's words several times you see him moving his head a little but clearly in accordance of Putin's words it's also a sign of changing tides in the in the international relations with US the US has made a big mistake by this move and they will lose many allies by this

  31. He should never trust no American president ever or Rothschild etc, so I say LONG LIVE PUTIN RUSSIA WAKE UP PUTIN THE ZIONIST CAN NEVER BE TRUSTED EVER …THE BEAST BABYLON IS EVIL and most Americans are evil (not all of them) I know first hand they try to terrorize my life every day. I hate living in America but I am stuck here with scoundrels. Not that many good people left. The World the Dunya is a horrible mess.

  32. America is built on genocide and lies. Look at Iraq. They claim it had WMD and invaded it, later, quoting Putin, "Bump!" no WMD, they own up to it and now kept quite about it. Same thing with Afghanistan. Syria. Venizuela. Libya. Lebanon.

  33. No one trusts Russia….Their credibility on a world scale is nonexistent…..You guys can worship a false idol but the rest of the world knows better

  34. No one is buying their were always a victim mentality……Putin needs to get a job…Stop lounging around like a celebrity

  35. Russia intermediate missile system were planted at river so russia claimed that they DIDn't violate the treaty.
    US also claimed that too but they used warship – submarine.
    You guy are both cheating.

  36. I can understand why Pres Putin it upset about the US pulling out of the treaty, because it would be in everyone’s best interests for the US and Russia to work together to get rid of the weapons and avoid war.

  37. The Gringos used the INF treaty as a tool to gain time against Russia so in the mean time they developed the missiles while Russia was not.
    Never trust these terrorists, they are the only in the world who used the atomic bomb on civilians, they are the only who invade other countries with an excuse like they did in Korea, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria etc. etc.

  38. putin should be president of z world countries…is so humble and bother of others..Greating 4m Ethio.

  39. Keep the missiles when we get out of earth threats not on each other we are stronger as many not as one and if u bomb the US the US will bomb back believe that.

  40. The problem begins from the moment Russia betrayed Christianity history , by supporting the US and the EU to create this satanic state of Zionist’s “Israel “. He’s educated enough to know and understand that Christianity has being hijacked. My question to Putin is, where are the biblical 12 tribes of the Israelites?? I strongly believe he knows where they are.

  41. I like Putin. but when he can tell you how many years it takes to create a banned technology it only says that the Russian Government has also been working on the same technology sometime in the past.

  42. Imperialism is a more clear unambiguous word that globalism. Globalism is a confusig term coined by the alt-right i would say. I'm a globalist because i want an effective control of the worl by the United Nations. But i oppose the United states imperialism. I opposed the war of irak and i oppossed the bullying of Russia by the Nato. I'm a globalist and i hate the American imperialism. The right pretends as always blaming the jews of his own sins the clasical job of projecting and point-fingering the others for his own sins. With the word globalism they can clean the hands of America and of the republican party. They can blame the jews as always. And was the republican party who begins the american imperialism by the annexation of the ex-colonies of Spain. Cuba puero rico and philippines. From there stemm the American imperialism. And it stemm by the republicans (the democrats opposed it) and without the concurse of the Jews

  43. Interesting (I live in Turkey), I hardly ever view this Dutch channel (AND THERE IS NO EXTRA TENSION COMING FROM RUSSIA….): The article below the English one is in Dutch, but one can use "Google Translate" to read it:


    Deep State's fear mongering……..

  44. Thank "God" for Vladimir Putin…..bring sanity to the global political madness!!! I hope that world leaders can detect his complete sincerity…as I do! A highly empathic D.

  45. Mr Putin the whole world has become deaf n dumb but at least we can see tht there are few like you who can hear n see n talk too.

  46. I think President Putin is right! Please remember, most of the Americans are good people and they don't view Russia as their enemy. God bless you all!

  47. Russia is like little doggy who bark to be more important. No country besides Russia dont talk about nuclear war anymore after Cold war. No response because of no one dont want to communicate such countrys as Russia 😀 LOL

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