Putin: Russia Is At 7th Place In Defence Spending, But We Are The Best And This Is How!

Mr. President, do you think that a new arms race could plunge us back into another cold war?
I wish it does not happen.
In any case, Russia will be the least affected party because, as I said,
we already have the next generation of weapons, and these are unprecedented, with unmatched capabilities.
In that sense, we have done our homework.
We do not need to rush now and can calmly think of what could be done next.
Military spending also plays a role here.
It may or may not come as a surprise to you but Russia ranks seventh in terms of defense spending.
Saudi Arabia is third.
The US military spending totals 716 billion if I am not mistaken, and next year they asked for 750 billion.
Next comes China with around 177 billion, followed by Saudi Arabia, with 59 billion, right?
Trailing behind are the UK, France, Japan, with 48.1 billion, based on the data I have,
and Russia is only seventh with 48 billion.
However, we have unmatched military capabilities.
What has made it possible?
It comes as a result of focused research on priority areas, and the credit here goes to our specialists,
their ability to identify those areas, mobilise resources
It has been made possible thanks to research institutions, production know-how, fundamental knowledge and competences.
Therefore, an arms race is a bad thing, and it will not be good for the world.
However, we will not be dragged into exorbitant budget spending games.

86 thoughts on “Putin: Russia Is At 7th Place In Defence Spending, But We Are The Best And This Is How!

  1. Some day I would like to purcase a Russia Typhoon class submarine, but I don't know if it's possible to use One as a Office and meetings in safe conditions awoiding terror or other threats, further I don't know if it's allowed to opperate nuclear reactors in civile Wessels. But it's a nice way of traveling above or below surface according to weather and a nice home for business and wonderful dinner, beside always having massive amounts of books and knowledge just next door ??

  2. …"focused research on priority areas", a practical, logical strategy, the world could learn a lot from this…❤??

  3. America is the best all the things you see our military use are 100 years behind what we have if a world war happens. The world would think we are aliens we are so far advance. Russia weapons will look like stone age compared to our secrets

  4. Might Makes Right. The foundational principle of the world. Not "forgive thy enemy", or "love thy enemy". No. Might Makes Right. And the (West) is running on the fumes of (Central Banking) right now.

  5. Russia's defense spending is a mere 6% of what the global terrorist USA spends and still their weapons are far superior.

    Stay strong Russia and keep American aggression in check. If they really thought they could defeat you they would've wiped you out decades ago.

  6. So Putin stated Russia is not only militarily powerful but saving $$$ along the way. When you force your enemies to go broke over projects that have little to no practical value you do 2 things – undermine their strategic standing and their reputation. Prime example the overly complex expensive Patriot missile defense system that failed so badly in SA the King turned to Putin for backup signing billion dollar deal over night. Not like the months and years it took US to do. This comment is not a jab at US just the mental heads in the U.S. who are in charge of making important decision have consistently acted last 20 years like the horrible plot points in the movie The Last Jedi and what's worse they learn nothing from it.

  7. That budget tells so much on who is really the godfather of corruption: Russia who's always been labelled a corrupt and dictator country or the ones accusing the her? You don't have to replace your brain to know the answer.

  8. Hope you're right, if Russia falls people are fucked.
    Jews and Zionists in the "democracy" of a single opinion, total nightmare.

  9. My hero with an unmatched class. Salute! Less hollywood drama and fake stuffs, real world badass weapons! The best part, calm and don’t simply twist people’s arm or being a world bully. Don’t mess with Russia!

  10. Lol defense weapons are useless say you have S400 set up you have 4 to 8 missiles or more to use to intercept incoming missiles STAGE 1 send12 or more cheap dummy fake missiles to use up the S400 ammo and the machine gun set with the S400 i can't remember the name of the pansar or something like that could not take out the real missiles coming behind the 12 or more dummies fake ones so YES ALL MISSILE DEFENSE IS POINTLESS EVEN THE US MILITARY SYSTEMS ITS CALLED SATURATION ISRAEL SHOWED THE WORLD THE THE S400 IS SHIT ANYWAY WITH ITS ATTACKS IS SYRIA EARLIER THIS YEAR OR DID WE ALL FORGET THAT OH YA RUSSIA SAID IT WAS OFF LINE OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE CONTROL THRU FEAR WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS PLANET NEED PEOPLE IN POWER THAT AREN'T WAR PROFIT DRIVEN BOUGHT AND PAID FOR BY THE CORPORATE BANKS WWG1WGA

  11. Yes Boss Man don't give an inch close to you and RUSSIA Let them Spend all those Billions and Trillions of $$$ on JUNK !!! then BURN THEM UP !!! GREAT ?? RUSSIA THE PEACE MAKER !!!!

  12. The 7th place shows Russia still wants peace and didn't wants to involve in arms race with mad nation's,Remain simplicity and To focus economy…. Quality is more important than quantity…Hats off ????Love From ??????

  13. Russia is good at producing garbage which has been proven for the last 70 years most of it littered in the middle east they are the only countries that buy it

  14. Predator never will the world come to a peaceful resolution and work together. Our world is laying in evil, only when evil is beaten then 1000 year peace will be with Jesus as the ruler and then still people will forget and will go back to their evil ways and then God comes and kills Satan and sends him and his followers to hell for eternity and Gods people will be forever in heaven for all eternity that will never end of no more crying, pain, sorrow sadness. That’s the Jesus way if only you believe and follow and try to live as Jesus teaches.


  16. Enormous military spendings killed the USSR, it's shall not happen again with Russia ! Putin knows how to intimidate the West with 10 times less ressources and 10 times more quality !

  17. Think then how much money us politicians get, Clinton and Bush family is big owners of stocks in us military company not rathe on that other one I can't remember it its so funny that I can't remember it just now, so if they produce Moore USA have to use the old ones in some country and then stock market goes up and everybody earns Moore, and USA must have powerful enemy like Russia so they can say we need moooore weapons, new technologies and so on and then they get money just for saying it and Moore if Congress approved it

  18. Very clear numbers. Even expensive weapons will not become very expensive if you cut off (together with hands) the possibilities of kickbacks and budget cuts. Those who achieve this will be leaders in the field of armaments.

  19. these journalists interviewing Putin are on a other level then most western msm journalists
    these ones don't interrupt and asking interesting things not about conspiracy highly likelies and meddling in elections like most of the big media

  20. The US gigantic defense budget is only a mask. A mask to hide their spending spree in Middle East and in Africa. In Afghanistan alone they're spending $4 billion a month.

  21. I want to live in and serve Russia for all my life. Im not Russian but I was born in year 1991, same year new Russia came into existence. I have similar natural qualities I see in Russians only. I dont know why I feel like all my likes are just like all Russian peoples likes and vice versa. I feel more comfortable with Russian culture, language and people.

  22. Quality is more important than quantity ????????. Yeah OK. Tell that to Germany during the 2nd World War with there superior tanks planes submarines ships and Artillary. So who decided your quality was superior to the others. The world knows what you have. Thanks to your bragging president. There subs haven't blown up and sunk to the bottom as do yours. Just keep feeding your public what they want to hear and all is good.

  23. I'm not meaning this as a bash on Russia or their President. However haven't some of their biggest and best weapons failed catastrophically? Like the submarine Kursk.

  24. Moneyball. The Art of Winning an Unfair Game

  25. Well tell putin to supply more cow its very tasty and about pork its prohibited and know why https://youtu.be/dlauUdWlNDc

  26. How cute, they think they have better stuff than we do… lol 15 times more than you and you think you have a chance… pfft.. Russia is very weak, but they could come work for the US; we'd like them.

  27. Wanted to know why Americunt lost the war against Taliban Pashtun? Here are some equation.. US MRAP cost to USD1,290,000 each! Taliban home made IED 'imported' from Pakistan cost to less than USD5 each.. Russia should learn something there.. And yes, Taliban are our freedom fighter.. like it or not that's the fact..

  28. Pres. Putin Doesn't Joking Around about Russian Military Expertise.
    They Just Waiting For The Old Bald Eagle To Strike First.
    And I Already Predicted It 20 Years ago
    US's Economy Will Not Last Before Christmas(Pagan Holiday)
    And Everything Else Rise Up From The East After The fall Or US Empire(So-Called)

  29. I ❤️?? and would like to visit and travel the breadth of your country one day and hopefully one day shake the hand of President Putin.

  30. USA is way stronger the Russia. Russians are too cocky. If they are so sure of themselves why don’t they just invade the world?

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