Pro Sound Effects’s Hybrid Library – A Long Term User Review

In this video, I’m going to give you my one-year
user review of the Hybrid Library. All of
that is coming right up!
So, if you buy the library, what do you get
for your money?
Full disclosure: So, I didn’t buy the library,
I actually won it in a competition, relevant
links down below, and after about a year of
using it, I decided that I wanted to do a
review of it.
I haven’t been asked to do it, I haven’t been
paid to do it, this is just me expressing
my thoughts on it. They didn’t influence the
review, they didn’t tell me what to say.
Right, so, first things first, why would you
buy the Hybrid Library, and what do you get
for your money?
I think it absolutely gives you an edge over
other freelancers. Since I got it, I was advertising
to clients that I have a massive collection
of sound effects, I actually started getting
far more jobs.
Because, obviously, nowadays clients want
things to be done quickly, to a high standard,
and ideally, for a lower budget.
You’re definitely going to have an edge over
other freelancers who don’t.
So the library itself is about 63,000 sounds,
which take up about 350GB of space. So they
actually come on a 1TB hard drive, so if you
want to buy more sounds from the website,
you can just add them on to the same hard
Now, for most people metadata is very important,
because if you have a massive collection of
sound effects, you need to be able to quickly
find what you need, so that you can get back
to work.
That is why they have optimised metadata,
to help you do that. They also give you a
three month trial for BaseHead Ultra.
Now, here’s what is, in my opinion, one of
the coolest features that you get when you
buy the library, and that is that you get
access to your own account on their website,
where you can actually download all the sounds
that you have on your library.
So, say you’re out travelling, you’re in the
middle of nowhere, and you get an e-mail saying
‘Hey, we need these files delivered by tonight’.
You look into your bag, and you realise: I
lost my hard drive. It’s not working, whatever.
You’re not doomed.
All you have to do is log into their website
using your credentials, and then you have
access to your entire library, online!
When you buy the library, you also get $100
credit, which never expires, and you can use
it towards Pro Sound Effects Speciality Libraries,
you can use it for individual sound downloads,
or other General Libraries.
Which, by the way, when I was sent the e-mail
with my credentials, they actually removed
the Hybrid Library from their store, on my
account, so that I wouldn’t accidentally purchase
a sound that I already had on my library.
One really cool feature that I absolutely
loved about the hard drive the second I received
it, is the absolute diversity of sounds that
you get.
You have 293 categories of sounds, and it’s
kind of hard to not find something in there
that you need. And even if you can’t find
the specific sound that you want, you can
definitely find all the elements that you
might need to actually design it yourself.
Now, speaking of searching for the sounds
that you need, it’s obviously compatible with
a lot of third-party applications. More specifically,
it’s compatible with BaseHead, SoundMiner,
NetMix, the Workspace in Pro Tools, the Find
Tool in Avid Media Composer, the Media Bay
in Nuendo, and Adobe Premiere.
Another really cool thing about it is that
you get over $10,000 worth of value, and if
you’re a freelancer or a company, you don’t
necessarily have to pay the full price.
If you’re a freelancer, you can apply to their
Freelancer Program, and I believe they also
have annual licencing options for companies.
Now, here’s the problem, I can’t think of
anything particularly negative to say about
it. The hard drive is great, it’s quiet, it’s
They give you a 3-year warranty on the hard
drive, so if it fails in those three years,
you can get it replaced.
You have a massive collection of sounds, you
have a lot of diversity of sounds, you got
good metadata, it’s compatible with pretty
much every app and DAW. I can’t think of anything
bad about it, to be honest.
So here’s the thing. If you have any questions
about the library, feel free to leave a comment
down below, and I’ll get back to you. If you
found this to be informative, and you want
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See you next time, b-bye 🙂

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