Prince (Tamil Dubbed) – with Eng Subtitle | Vivek Oberoi | Nandana Sen | Aruna Shields

Welcome, welcome. Hello, Mr. Shantanu.
-Arjun Singh, sir. Please have a seat, sir. l thought l’d see you
tomorrow morning. Then my PA told me about
your tight schedule. Thank you, Ajay. -Thank you, sir. l shall come straight to
the point, Mr. Damani. Two days ago we received.. ..your draft for two crores
and this contract. We’ve studied it,
and we can work on it. Well, then l guess it’s a deal. Sir, there’s a small problem. You’ve given us 5
service charge.. ..and we were expecting 7. Before we discuss that
l’d like to see.. ..the security arrangements and
facilities of your firm. Sure. -But for that, we’ll have
to go to the third floor. And we can discuss on the way. Yeah sure. -Please, follow me. Mr. Shantanu, we’ve 32 diamond
mines in South Africa. Come. We send almost 50 of
the rough diamonds.. ..from our mine to Jaipur,
for cutting and polishing. But they’re not very professional. That’s the reason why we want
to try out your firm. Excuse me, we’re here. Sir. -Come. This week, we’ll be sending you.. ..500 karat diamonds
from South Africa. lf we get quality as well
as on-time delivery.. ..we’ll increase our quota. That’s great.
-So, before taking any decision.. ..please look at the bigger
picture, Mr. Shantanu. -Sure. Sir.
-This is our state-of-the-art.. ..cutting and polishing section. The workers’ shift ends
at 6 other’clock. That’s why the room is
empty at the moment. Excuse me, Mr. Singh.
-Yes, please. ln this unit the polished
diamonds are matched.. ..sorted and checked. Excuse me for a minute. -Sure. Yes, Mr. Jethmalani. Yes, l’ve reached Mumbai. No, sorry, l won’t be able
to come to your office. lt’s already seven. Yes,
l suggest l’ll send my secretary.. ..Mr. Arjun Singh to your office.
He’ll collect the papers. Yes, of course. We’ll meet at the
minister’s party. Okay. Arjun Singh. -Yes. Go to Mr. Jethmalani’s office
and collect the papers. Ok. -And come to the hotel. You won’t have any
problem going out. The doors are open by them self.
-Fine. There’s a fixed paneling
of 12-inches.. ..on every wall of this floor. This is the most secure
place in this building. lt’s impossible to get in here. The diamonds are sorted in
this windowed section. And as you know,
natural light is very necessary. Hi. Punch in your code. -Okay. The grills outside these windows.. ..are made of 3-inches
thick stainless steel. Mike brother, where are you? Hello. Just to let you know, l’m in. lt’s time to win. At 8 other’clock in the night
when we shut down.. ..440 volts of current
run through them. Coming in contact with them will
be hundred percent fatal. This grill can’t be
blast open either. l’m impressed. This is a pretty good setup. Shall we leave? -Please, come. And by the way,
the entire building is monitored.. ..24-hours by close-circuit
cameras. This place is like a fortress. l’m happy we’re in safe hands. lt’ll be a pleasure doing
business with you. Thank you, Mr. Damani. l assure you, there has never
been a theft here.. ..and there will never be one. You won’t have any complaints
from us. Mike, all set? -Yes. Good. So, we’re ready to play.
-Yes, we’re in position. lt’s show time. We’re on. Let’s go up. Something’s wrong. Prince. -Mike, what’s up? Prince, the guards are coming up.
What should we do? Should we abort? -No way. Mike, plan B. lt’s plan B. $Oh no. Call for back up. -Yes. Alert! Alert! Alert! $Come on, come on. Let’s go. $That way. Hurry up. $Come on, quickly. $Sir, target has stopped. Put your hands up in the air! Don’t move, don’t move! l said, don’t move! Or we’ll fire! $Watch out. lt’s show time. $Oh no, he has jumped. $Target has jumped off the roof. $l repeat,
target has jumped off the roof. $Darn. $As you can see,
we’re standing right outside.. The office of Diamond Corporation
of lndia.. ..where the biggest theft
of the millennium.. ..has been committed. -We’ve
learnt from reliable sources.. ..that this theft has been
committed last night. This is the biggest heist
ever reported. Yes,
the biggest heist ever report.. Yes,
let’s watch what happens next. The CBl is reaching
in a short while. Excuse me, sir. Sir. Sir. -Sir, one question please. Sir, this is the job
of the local police. Sir, one question please.
-No comments. Sir, the thief was successful
in pulling off the heist.. ..inspite of such foolproof
arrangements. -Thought DCOl kept the.. Why are you glorifying him? He’s just a thief and not God. Sir, don’t you wonder
how he could commit.. ..the robbery inspite of
such tight security? Security is only for
the white-collared. So, sir, what’s for the thieves?
-Please. Prison. Only prison.
-Sir, one more question please. This thief was very smart. -Okay. All the recorded evidence we’d.. our video cameras,
he’s erased everything. Completely wiped them out, clean.
-Okay. Did you find anything? -No. Good morning, sir. You’re a very positive man. l see you at every crime scene.. ..and you wish me ‘Good morning,
sir’. lf anyone dies,
‘Good morning, sir’. lf there’s a bomb blast,
even then ‘Good morning, sir’. Sir, you’re my senior. And.. it’s my duty to wish
you good morning. Your duty is to catch
the criminal. Any clues? -No, sir. We only got the staff’s
fingerprints. And no one else’s. Mark this. -Yes. He’s a very cunning thief. Notjust one or two, but he has
stolen kilos of diamonds. And from this little hole. Sir, l don’t understand
how this is possible. Wherever he goes anything
is possible. Who’s that, sir? Prince. Come to me, darling. ln your arms.. Come to me, darling. ln your arms.. Rock this party tonight. God. Rock this party tonight. Oh my Lord. l’ve lost my heart. l’ve lost contact with
both the worlds. Oh my Lord. l’ve lost my heart. l don’t know when this happened. Oh my Lord. l’ll inhibit your dreams. l’ll dwell in your eyes. My image will dwell
in your memory. No one will ever find me. Oh my Lord. l’ve lost my heart. l’ve lost contact with
both the worlds. Oh my Lord. l’ve lost my heart. l don’t know when this happened. Come to me, my darling. Don’t torment me like this. l’ll surrender myself
in your arms. Come to me, my darling. Don’t torment me like this. l’ll surrender myself
in your arms. We’ll meet during lonely nights. We’ll talk the night away. Everything seems different. Since my world has changed. Oh my Lord. l’ve lost my heart. l’ve lost contact with
both the worlds. Oh my Lord. l’ve lost my heart. l don’t know when this happened. Who are you? -PK. Your servant, sir. Your servant. Who are you? Your servant, sir. Your servant. Who..who am l? Sir. So you really don’t remember
anything, sir? Who.. What is my name? Your name..your name is that, sir.
-What’s that? Prince. -Your name is Prince, sir. Prince? Prince! This..this house?
-lt’s your house, sir. Sir,
you’ve another house in the city. You often come here for weekends. Three days ago you phoned me from
your house in the city.. ..and called me there. l’d just reached the
building compound.. ..when your that arrived.
-What’s that? Your car, sir. Your arm was bleeding. l asked you how you got hurt. But you scolded me, sir. On the way l asked you again.. ..whether we should go see a
doctor. –But you scolded again. Sir, you kept yelling at me all
the way till we came here. And..l hadn’t lost my memory then? No sir! You remembered everything. You said to me, Get that
from the bedroom drawer. First-aid box! l got it. l even bandaged you.
-But you fell unconscious. -And when you regained
consciousness.. started strangling me. And before l could free myself
and say something.. fainted. l couldn’t tell you anything
about your condition.. ..or the condition of your car. The condition of my car? lt’s in a bad shape, sir. Look..bullet holes. Here..and another one here. Two. Sir, l feel someone followed
you and tried to kill you. Sir, between you and me.. ..there are only two types of
people who fire bullets. First are goons,
and second are them. The police. So, no doctor, no police.
Right, sir? ‘Sir,
you’ve another house in the city.’ ‘Your name..your name is that,
sir. -What’s that?’ ‘Prince.’ ‘Sir, l think someone followed
you and tried to kill you.’ Sir,
can l get anything else for you. Fine, sir. PK..what..what do l do?
-You shift things around. l mean, sir, you work at
an import-export firm. Sir, l’ve your card as well. l’ll show it to you right now. Here. ‘We’re right outside the Wolf
lnternational building.’ ‘l’m reporting live..’ ‘..from the headquarters
of Wolf lnternational.’ ‘As you can see behind me..’ ‘..a serious crime has obviously
been committed here.’ ‘But the police are refusing to
give out any information.’ You said that l’ve an apartment
in the city. Yes, sir.
lt’s close-by. -Which way? Left from the high-way. Let’s go, sir. Keep going, sir.
Our building is ahead. Police. -Police? No, sir. Everyone dressed
in blue isn’t the police. They’re in orange jackets. The municipality. They must’ve come to
clear the garbage. They aren’t the police. -Yes. They’re much more dangerous
than the police. Sir..sir, can l go home? -Go. Thank you, sir. Wait! lf l don’t come back home
within 24 hours.. ..inform the police. Okay, sir. Who are you? Prince. These are your MRl scans. They’re all clear. Your nervous system is
in perfect order. There are no marks of internal
injury in your skull. All your blood tests are
absolutely clear. You also remember everything.. ..that occurred for
the past two days. Names of people.. ..addresses, how to drive
a car, how to come here. You can do all daily chores. Then why did l..suddenly
suffer this memory loss? The human brain is still a big
mystery to medical science. Your case is strange, Mr. Prince. But trust me, l’ll try my best. But it will take time. You’ll have to be patient. Prince. l heard that you’re very fast. Today l saw it for myself. l’m impressed. So am l. l don’t like wasting bullets. So, it’s better you don’t
make any smart moves. Who are you? And what do you want? You’ll soon know what we want. Now, come on. Good work, Roy. And welcome to l-Grip, Prince. lndian Government Research and
lntelligence Portfolio. You might’ve never heard
about this unit of ours. You’re talking to Colonel Khanna,
Bureau Chief. Let me come straight to the point,
Prince. Where is that coin? -Coin? Which coin?
-The same antique gold coin.. ..for which you struck
a deal with.. ..Sarang for 500 million rupees. Yes, we know. There are many ways of extracting
information. So it’s better that you
tell us quickly. Where is that coin? l don’t know about any gold coin. So, you want to act tough? Now get up, come on. Start the brain-mapper. Let’s load his memory. Take note of it. This is unbelievable, Colonel. He has only a day’s memory. Sir, how can it be possible. Try once more. Okay, try once again. Sir, this isn’t possible
in medical science. But you know, Colonel, all the
other information is missing. And it seems like he has..
-Like, he has.. ..used the coin..on himself. Sir, it’s not working sir. l know that. But you keep trying. There are many people who
are after this coin. We came all the way from
lndia for this coin. lt’s very difficult
to hide this coin. Sir, he has just a day’s memory. l know, even l can see that. But, try once again. Sir, we should keep a
strict watch on him. Maybe,
he might remember something. Gradually, when his life and
memory become normal.. Normal? He’s Prince, Roy. His life was never normal,
and it’ll never be. Take him. You’ve lost your memory and
the reason is that coin. So let me tell you a few
important things. Sarang wanted to give you 500
million for that coin. You need to remember
just one thing. You’d that coin in your hands.. ..and you’ll soon have it again. Because,
you aren’t doing this job alone. There’s someone with you. Your partner. -Partner? When your partner contacts you,
you tell him that.. ..that coin is worth much
more than you thought. Sarang was offering you 500. We’ll give you 1000. Do you understand? That coin is like God for you. And only that can save your life. But you’ve only four days. No one can save you
after four days. Not even God. Take him. Candy Club, 9pm. Maya. Sir, that’s Mr. Sarang. Your boss. Have you ever felt that l’m
not into import-export. But something illegal?
-Never, sir. Not at all. You’re a very nice man. Actually,
sir, once l was in need of money. You gave me double
of what l needed. Do you know of any
girl called Maya? Not any girl,
sir, she’s your girlfriend. She works with you. ln fact, you also said.. ..that you’re going to marry her. Do you’ve Maya’s number? How can l’ve her number, sir? lt must be saved in your mobile. But it was lost that night. Maya. You dwell in my eyes. You inhibit my breath. All day and all night. The restless heart says. My heart craves for you baby,
now. My heart craves for you baby,
now. My heart craves for you baby,
now. Let me come closer to you. There are burning desires. lt’s difficult to spend these
restless nights without you. Let me come closer to you. There are burning desires. lt’s difficult to spend these
restless nights without you. Life and death are meaningless
without you. My heart..for you baby, now. My heart..for you baby, now. My heart..for you baby, now. My heart craves for you baby,
now. Excuse me. ls there a Maya.. Maya. -Prince. l missed you so much. l thought..
l thought l’d lost you forever. Oh, God. l was.. l was so scared. l was so scared. How is your arm now? Are you seeing your Maya
for the first time? Prince, l’m.. -l am.. l’m sorry. Honestly, l don’t recognise you. Maya. You’ve lost your memory. But not my love. l’ll remind you of our story. Those beautiful moments
we spent together. ‘But, someone jinxed your love.’ ‘Sarang.’ ‘The biggest white-collar
criminal of Durban.’ ‘But you were Sarang’s
real power.’ ‘His number one man.’ ‘Only a few were fated
to play with Sarang.’ ‘But no one could
win against him.’ ‘We wanted to start a new life.’ ‘A life that belonged only to us.’ ‘And weren’t moments
stolen from Sarang.’ ‘You knew everything
about Sarang.’ ‘And only death could
separate someone..’ ‘..from Sarang who knew
so much about him.’ ‘But you were never
scared of death.’ Maya, l’m going to steal
Sarang’s coin. -Coin? Yes, Sarang’s coin. lt was no ordinary coin. lt was made in Sri Lanka,
3000 years ago. And it’s said that the gold
it was created from.. ..came from Ravan’s chariot. And it’s also said that
it has magical powers. You made a plan that after
stealing the coin..’d come home and pick me up. But that night,
when l was waiting for you.. Hello. -Maya. Prince, where are you? Maya, l’ve been shot. -What? Relax, l’ll be fine. Listen to me. l’ve stolen Sarang’s coin. But his men are following me. Prince, are you fine? l’m fine, Maya. But you aren’t safe there. Get out of there immediately. Go somewhere safe. l’ll contact you later, okay.
-But.. Maya, l love you. l love you too. Prince. l couldn’t do anything
else but wait. Forget about Sarang,
his coin and the money. You know, Ruby knows a bar
owner in Cape Town. l’ll get a job there. Please. Please return Sarang his coin. So he can leave us alone. Right. l don’t have that coin. You said you’ve hidden
that coin somewhere. Only the coin can save us
from Sarang, Prince. l.. l’ve forgotten everything. And.. until l find that coin..’ll have to stay with Ruby. There are many people after
me for that coin. l’m not safe. l’ll contact you myself after
l find the coin, okay? Okay, but.. But,
where will you look for the coin? ‘Sarang wanted to give you 500
million for that coin.’ ‘There’s someone with you.’ ‘That coin is like God for you.’ ‘And only that can
save your life.’ ‘But you’ve only four days.’ ‘No one can save you
after four days.’ ‘Not even God.’ Hello, Prince.
This is Maya speaking. -Maya? Yes, Maya. -But l told you.. Look, meet me immediately
at the boat club. Are you fine? -Yes. l’m waiting for you
at pier number 4. Come as soon as possible.
Okay. -Maya! Maya! Pier number 4? Prince. Prince. Thank God you’re okay. l was so worried. How is your arm now? l’ve been trying to contact
you for the past two days. But l couldn’t get through
to your mobile. And you didn’t contact me either. Finally l spoke to Sarang.. ..and have taken 24 hours time. Anyway, we’ll need that much time.
-Who are you? What’s wrong with you, Prince? l’m Maya. Prince.. -You aren’t Maya. But you know that l’ve
lost my memory. And you’re trying to take
advantage of it. Why? Who are you? What are you saying, Prince? What’s wrong with your memory? l’m Maya. CBl officer Maya Malhotra. You’re Maya? Prince. Prince! What’s wrong? Prince! Your gun. Your lD. CBl officer Prince. CBl? And this is your partner.
l mean, mine. Officer Maya Malhotra. We’re working with the CBl chief,
officer Khan. Now do you believe me? These.. these id’s could be fake!! Fake? Do you know what this is? The map of Sarang’s house. And this is Sarang’s case file.. has all his details. We came here to get
Sarang arrested. Operation ‘Durban Under Cover’. Stage one,
winning Sarang’s trust.. ..and working with him. Stage two,
collecting evidence against him.. ..and arresting him red-handed. But it wasn’t so easy
to get to Sarang. Because Sarang is South Africa’s.. ..biggest white-collar criminal. And no one can lay a hand on him. That’s why we posed as
thieves ourselves. And committed three high-profile
robberies. Paris, Jakarta, and the Diamond
Corporation of lndia. And after that Sarang noticed us. He contacted us.. ..and gave us a proposal
to join him. Then he gave us the job.. ..of stealing an antique coin
from the Cape Town Museum. Our plan was that.. ..after we steal the coin and
deliver it to Sarang.. ..Officer Khan would arrest
him red-handed. The Durban police was after us. Because they didn’t know
that we were undercover. We parted that day,
and met only today. We still have a lot left to do,
Prince. And l can’t do it alone.
l need you. One more thing. We aren’tjust partners at CBl. We’re life-partners as well. Here’s the coffee. Without sugar and milk for sir. And for madam’am,
sugar and milk are separate. Right. You remember everything other
than names, isn’t it? What’s in the name, Maya madam? Thankfully sir met you. Otherwise, l was going on
answering his questions. Mad. -PK! Okay, sir. That foolish servant
of mine says that.. ..l work for Sarang’s company,
Wolf lnternational. An unknown girl says that.. ..Sarang is a gangster and
l’m his right-hand man. And now you. You say that l’m an undercover
agent for CBl. And l was gathering evidence
against Sarang.. -Prince! Sarang isn’t an ordinary gangster. He has offices all over the world. He operates from Durban. But he has connections with
international cartels. l don’t know about the lie
that girl has told you. All l know is that your
life is in danger. Because Sarang has contacts from
the ministry to the media. Sarang can go to any limits
to wipe out his enemy. Regardless of what price
he has to pay for it. Sarang gets everything he wants. And now his sights
are on that coin. And it’s very important for
us to find it, Prince. You don’t know how dangerous
Sarang is. Any news? -No, sir, nothing yet. Contact SERENA. Find out where Prince
and his Maya are. That girl who was dancing
here yesterday.. ..hasn’t she come? There are many such girls
who come here everyday. Do you know her address? l don’t know her address. Your drink. This is my number. And this is yours. Call me if you find her address. Hello. Your lover was here. He was asking for your address.
-What? He has offered me 25,000. Send 50 before the club
closes down. -Okay. ‘Hello.
Welcome to News One. l’m Pragya.’ Rahul Singh, son of lnfrastructure
Minister Vinod Singh.. ‘..passed away in a
plane accident.’ ‘We’ve learnt from reliable
sources..’ ‘..that Rahul Singh was testing
his new private jet.’ -Sir. ‘Rahul Singh’s close friend
and business associate..’ ‘..has expressed his condolences.’
-Mike. -Sorry, sir. We’ve still not found out the
reason behind this accident. For God’s sake,
Priya, you know l’m with Sarang. Shut up, Mike. This is an emergency, okay. We’re in trouble. Prince came back to Candy Club.
-Oh, my God. Why.. why did he come there? Tomorrow he’ll come here
looking for me. Priya, l’d told you before..
-Send 50,000 today to Tony.. ..before the club closes, okay? Forget the coin, Priya. lt isn’t easy to deceive
Sarang or Prince. Mike. You know l’m doing
all this for us. You know l love you. Come here. What are you thinking about?
-About the coin. l’ve found my Prince. So Prince will find
his coin as well. l don’t want to leave. But l need to contact
the department. They suspect you. And l need to ask Sarang
for some more time. But don’t worry. l know,
you’ll surely find the coin. Okay. Khan. l didn’t know you’d be waiting
here to welcome me. lt’s such a happy occasion. The CBl was involved
in the coin robbery. And you didn’t tell us that. Sir, l didn’t know that l-GRlP.. ..was interested in
the coin as well. lt’s clearly written in
1st August’s circular.. ..that l-GRlP is the
highest authority. Higher than CBl. l’m sorry, sir, but l didn’t
read that circular. What happened in the
coin robbery case? Maya has located Prince. And we’re almost ready
to nab Sarang. We don’t have anything
to do with Sarang. We just want the coin, Khan. At any cost. -Fine, sir. The coin will be yours.
But Sarang will be ours. Okay. You’ll have to keep me informed
about whatever you do. Why just you,
we should inform Sarang as well.. ..about the plan we’ve
hatched to nab him. Actually,
why don’t we publish a newspaper? Times of Crime. Khan, don’t act smart. Roy, l’m smart. PK, try to remember. l want to know. The other night,
did we stop anywhere? Anywhere? -No,
sir, l’ve told you so many times. That night,
once we left from that house.. ..we stopped only after we
got here, that’s all. Car. Hi, baby. -Maya, guess what. l found the coin. That’s amazing, Prince.
-Yes, l know it’s amazing. Okay,
tell me what we need to do next. Sarang is at his farm house at
the moment, Santa Cabana. l’ll contact him and arrange
for the coin’s delivery. Sarang will come with his men. And officer Khan will be ready
with his men to nab him. There’s a place amidst
the mountains.. ..where Sarang can’t hide. lt’s called Wild Extreme. Everything is set. Khan is reaching with his team. Where did you find the coin? ln the heel of my shoe. Sarang. Prince, my number one man. l heard that you were shot. l was worried. Where’s the coin?
-Where’s our money? Coin. Sarang! No! Leave me! There’s something wrong, isn’t it? How can everything end so easily,
isn’t it? Yes. Now l remember. Where’s your CBl team, Prince? They haven’t arrived
yet to arrest me. What was the name of that officer?
-Khan. CBl officer, Ali Khan. He hasn’t arrived. -PK. The police should’ve arrived
on time, sir. After all,
how long can we criminals wait? Right, boss. You’ve run enough, Prince. Who will save you now? Boss, wait. Wait please, this is a fake coin. lt’s a copy. Give back the gun, Prince. What are you thinking, darling? That how can Maya kill you? But Serena can. Yes, Serena. Your Serena. WHO could’ve done
anything for you. Give me the real coin, Prince. Or l’ll kill you, l promise. Where is the real coin? Sarang. Come on, move. Watch out! Get them, l want them alive. l want them alive. Move, move Get into the car, quick. Overtake him, catch them. Come on, Prince, you can do it. lt’s show time. Who are you? Maya. Another Maya. Another story. So, what do you’ve to say? All l want to say,
Prince, is that l love you. More than my life. l won’t tell you any story. l’ll tell you the truth. Neither are you Sarang’s
right hand.. ..nor are you a CBl officer. You and l are professional
thieves. We’ve been working with
Sarang for many years. The same old story. New twist. lnteresting. Go on. Few months ago we decided that
we’ll leave this profession. And settle down. was very difficult
to do that. Sarang’s organization
is a one way street. And there’s no u-turn. We’d only two options. Either we kill Sarang. Or..get him arrested. We chose the second option. We contacted CBl Officer Khan. We offered him a deal.. ..that we can get Sarang arrested. But in return we want all our past
criminal records wiped out. Khan agreed. A few days later Sarang
gave us a job.. ..of stealing an antique
gold coin. We got the opportunity
we were waiting for. Attention all units,
the package is moving. Be alert, l repeat, be alert.
-Copy that. Send a request clearance
at West and Aliwell. The plan was that.. ..when we deliver the coin to
Sarang after stealing it. ..then Officer Khan would
arrest him red-handed. The plan was foolproof.. well as difficult. Eagle team to Alpha team. All seems clear up here. Unknown elements on the bridge. Eagle team to Alpha team.
Unknown elements on the bridge. Copy that.
All ground units full alert. l repeat full alert. Hold the convoy. Hold the convoy. Alpha team, clear the bridge now. Move out! Move out! Move! Move! Move! Hey you, put your hands up
in the air right now. Leader to Eagle One and Two. Take position. Take position. Eagle One coming into position. Eagle Two coming into position. l’ve a clear shot. All units move up. Blue team, stay with the package. l repeat, stay with the package. -Put your hands up in the air. This is your final warning. lt’s a hologram. Code red! Code red! Eagle One and Two do
you see anything? Speed boat approaching,
look down, under the bridge. Copy that, take position. Go! Go! Go! Go! -Move left! Move! Move! Move! Take position! The package is down!
The package is down! They’re getting away.
Fire at will. Eagle one, do you’ve a visual?
-Negative! Negative! Do you see anything? ‘We were successful.’ ‘But we didn’t know
that the coin and.. ..robbery will change
our lives forever.’ Go on. l won’t tell you anything else,
Prince. CBl Officer Khan will tell
you the rest of the story. You should’ve let me kill him,
Sarang. Why did you stop me? Serena, don’t make it
personal..ever again. Until we don’t find
the real coin.. ..he has to stay alive. He’ll to die. You’ve loved him for two years. So hate him for a few days. You’ve just heard him sigh. He still has to bear
a lot of pain . Lose a lot of blood. Okay, Charlie, let’s discuss
this in private. Let’s discuss this in the
common room. -Okay. Hello, Prince. l feel l’ll have to introduce
myself again. Khan, Ali Khan. Actually, we’re very old enemies.. ..or shall l say friends. But this isn’t the time
to rake up the past. Seeing your condition
l’m assured.. ..that Sarang has used
the coin on you. Just one question. What the bloody hell is this coin? l’ll tell you. Come. Lights. The biography of this coin
starts from here. Date, 24th August, 2001 . Place, Gwalior’s Defence
Research Laboratory. Characters, a team of chosen
scientists from the country.. ..who were secretly carrying out
research on Nano technology. And the most proficient amongst
them was him, Mr. Ram. After 8 years, Mr. Ram attained
success in his mission. The mission belonged
to the l-GRlP. l-GRlP had spent millions on it. What was Mr. Ram working on? Mr. Ram was making a path
breaking memory chip. Through this chip human memory.. ..can be extracted on
a computer disk. lt can be altered and
re-implanted in human brain again. Putting it in simple terms.. means that through
this chip.. can change a man’s thinking. The memory of enemies
can be altered.. ..and compel him to believe that.. ..he’s our friend and not enemy. The memory of a super
intelligent person.. ..can be implanted into thousands
of other people.. ..and they all can be made
super-intelligent. A criminal’s memory
can be altered.. ..and he can be turned
into a nice man. The possibilities were immense. And also for the country’s
defense. can that happen?
-lt has happened, Prince. With you. Two weeks ago when Mr. Ram.. ..was to make a presentation
of this chip to l-GRlP.. ..but instead his dead
body was found. And the chip and its software
were missing. According to the team’s
investigation.. ..this was the job
of his assistant. He stole the chip and had
fled to South Africa. l-GRlP’s intelligence found out.. ..that he has struck a deal
with someone called Sherry. Sherry is a famous
antique dealer.. ..who operates from Cape Town. And Sarang’s biggest
rival as well. He deals in defence secrets
and arms-smuggling. Sherry knew what this
chip was worth. He sent word to his international
buyers.. ..about this chip. And made an intelligent
plan to sell it. Sherry would often sell
defence secrets.. ..covertly in his priceless
antiques.. ..through auctions in Durban. And that’s why he.. -He hid this
chip in a antique coin. Exactly. The plan was that chip
was to be sold.. Durban’s auction. So that the deal is official and.. ..the buyers can easily take
the chip out of the country. Sherry arranged to send the coin.. ..from Cape Town to Durban along
with his other antiques.. ..under the protection
of the local police. Sherry’s plan was good.. ..but he didn’t have one thing
which his biggest rival had. You two. The most cunning and professional
thieves in the world. When we stole the coin
we didn’t know.. ..what was inside it. The coin was in our hands.. ..and Serena was standing
before us. Either Sarang grew
suspicious of us.. ..or he didn’t want to take
any chance with the coin. That was the reason.. ..why we couldn’t contact
Officer Khan. We didn’t know that fate will
play a cruel game with us.. ..that will change our past,
present and our future. You should only play the
games you can win. Whatever the game.. should know how to win. Let’s shake hands. The coin is in my hand,
the cash is in yours. At the moment,
everything is in my hands. Coin. Prince, my number one man. What deal has officer
Khan offered you.. get me arrested? l want to shoot you right now. But when a weapon becomes rusty.. ..we don’t break the weapon,
we clean it. You’ve done a greatjob for me,
Prince.. stealing this chip. You know what this chip is? l can make the entire world bow
at my feet with this chip. l can rewrite lives with it. Starting with you. Mike. Today l’ll clear the
rust in your head. Erase all of Maya’s memory
from his mind. Don’t leave anything, Mike. l want a Prince that lives
only for Sarang. Every step he takes is for me! l want number one man,. Mike, don’t! Don’t do this,
Sarang, you’ll regret it. Relax, Maya. lt’s my turn to say to
you lts show time. We..we’re ready, sir. Take a look, Maya. Prince has lost all
memories of you. Next time when he wakes up.. won’t be part of his
memory or his world. Stop! Nobody moves. Give me the chip, Prince. You’re making a big mistake. You’re making the mistake, Sarang. Maya was right. You’ll regret it. Move. Come on, move ahead. Move ahead. Keep moving. Keep moving. Go. No! Prince! Before we separated.. ..we’d decided that we’ll
meet at the beach house. But when l reached
there l saw that.. ..P.K was already there. l understood that Sarang has
still not found the coin. They were still looking
for that coin. l kept observing you slyly.. that you aren’t in
danger from Sarang. And waited for the right
moment to contact you. That means l remembered
everything.. ..even after we separated. But..Mike had erased my memory
with the help of that chip. Just like after deleting software
from a computer.. ..we need to restart the computer
to clear all the traces. Similarly..’d an image of your memory
in your brain at that time. When you slept at night and
woke up in the morning.. ..all the images were cleared. lts notjust the question
of that coin any longer.. ..its also concerns the national
security now, Prince. And now you’re a part
of it as well. Do you think he has met Khan? l know he has met Khan. Then he must’ve found
out everything. lf he knew everything.. ..he would’ve come running to me. Because if he doesn’t
come see me.. ..then tomorrow will be
Prince’s the last day. Prince. There’s something l didn’t
tell Officer Khan. That day you sent me a voice mail. Maya. l’m safe. l’ve hidden the coin. Gandhiji’s looking after it. Maya, remember the letters. But.. what does it mean? l sent this message
from some landline. lt must be a payphone. We should track it down. l’ve already tracked it down. This phone booth is
on Osborne Road. Let’s go. Maya, in the message l said.. ..l’ve handed over the
coin to Gandhiji. Nelson Mandela is considered.. ..the Mahatma Gandhi
of South Africa. Right? Maybe the coin is inside this. Okay, l suggest that you
go out and keep a watch. l’ll open this. The coin isn’t in these. This is our arms room. And this is where we’ve planned
all our high-tech robberies. Thank God you didn’t
tell P.K about this. Prince. That’s no ordinary lC. They’re high-power
tracking devices. And this is the.. receiver. Come on, move.
-Jack, check in the kitchen. One guy go inside. Yes. -Boss, you were right. Maya and Prince were coming here. We followed them as well, but..
-But you lost them. Right, boss. lf you don’t find
them by morning.. ..then you’ll be missing as well. Come on, guys, let’s go find them. Come on, move it. There’s a small thing hidden
in this big city. And everyone’s after it. You’ll.. find it. Okay. What does this coin look like? How does it look? Just like the fake one. Which you gave Sarang. -Right. But, why did l hide that
fake coin in my shoes? Not you, l did. l kept that fake coin there. You? Serena had weaved her web
of deceit all around you! You believed that she was Maya. You would’ve have never
believed me.. ..if l’d contacted you
at that moment. That’s why l hid that fake
coin in your shoe. But it was late. Too late. l promise you, Maya. l’ll find that coin. For you. Good morning, Prince. Don’t be so surprised. l was waiting for you to get up. How do you say this? Life is too short. You must know everything about
the brain-mapper now. Everything. But there’s one defect
that still remains. And the effect of that defect is.. ..that your memory
is erased each.. ..time you wake up
from your sleep. And the symptoms of this
memory erasure are.. ..nausea,
temporary blindness and headache. And if your memory isn’t
reloaded in your brain.. ..then your brain will keep
crashing like this. lt can lead to brain hemorrhage. Sudden death. ln this condition you could
live for six days. Today is the sixth day. ln fact,
you’ve only eight hours left now. Find the coin.. And take your memory back from me. l’ll not kill you, Prince, Just give me the coin. Prince. l don’t you want to die. At least,
you not without your memories. What are you doing, Prince? Mahatma Gandhi Post Office. Osborne Road. lt’s on the same road. Mahatma Gandhi Post Office,
in Durban? Maya, l think this could be it. We should go check it out. Maya.
All the safe-deposit lockers.. ..have six digit numbers on them. Every locker has six numbers. l said in my message that
Ghandhiji’s looking after it. And Remembers the letters. Right? -Right. Gandhi. Six letters. Give me your phone. Quick. Gandhi. 426344. We’re looking for 426344. 426344. Come, let’s go. Hi. -What can l do for you, Sir? We’d like a safety deposit box.
-That will be 50 Rands. Here. Please fill up the form. ls it possible to get 426343? l’ll just check for that, sir. 426343, please. You’re in luck, sir, it’s vacant. Thank you. May l? -Sure, sir. Maya. Security cameras. Cover me. l kept awake the entire night,
just for you. With tearful eyes and heavy
heart, just for you. l waited just for you. l forsook the world for you. l built heaven just for you. l forsook God just for you. l built heaven just for you. l forsook God.. Just for you. l sway crazily just for you. l promise l’m only for you. Don’t ever leave me. The imbued night. ln your company,
l feel intoxicated. Let’s erase these distances. Come closer to me. Touch me slowly. Let me be forlorn in your love. Take me in your arms. Just for you. l sway crazily just for you. l promise l’m only for you. Don’t ever leave me. Your fragrance is all around. ln my search for life. Every moment.. l felt you close. My dreams gestured me..
let them dwell in my eyes. l’ll feel relieved. lf you make a gesture to them. Just for you. l sway crazily just for you. l promise l’m only for you. Don’t ever leave me. Just for you. l sway crazily just for you. l promise l’m only for you. Don’t ever leave me. l kept awake the entire night,
just for you. With tearful eyes and heavy
heart, just for you. Prince. Sweet. The road ends here, Prince. The coin, please. Prince. Prince. Prince. Prince. Sarang did a terrible
thing with you. lf it had been me.. lt would’ve
been far worse for you. Sherry. -Good. Now l don’t have to
tell Prince that.. stole that coin from me. Come on, Prince, be a good boy. And give me my coin back. One arrow and two targets. Maya. Guys, get ready. Maya! Maya! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Come on, move. Come on, hurry up. Hurry up, come on, move, move. No! Prince! Darn. Bloody hell. -What happened? He doesn’t have the coin. We didn’t find the coin and
abducted Prince as well. lf he doesn’t have the coin.. ..then Maya must have it. And Maya will give us the
coin to save her Prince. Yes, she’ll give the coin. And one day, she and Prince
together will kill us. Will you shut up? Sherry was going to pay us
100 million for that coin. Sherry. Sherry is dead. -So what? Now Sarang will pay us. Serena, where are they?
-They fled. Let’s go. Mike. Hello, Mike. No, Priya. l know you’ve the coin. But before you go to Sarang..’ll have to come to me. Sarang has the brain-mapper. What do you’ve? -Me? l’ve Prince. Maya, where are you? Officer Khan,
l’ve found their location. Maya, we need the coin. You’ll get it. But first l need to save Prince. The location is.. -Just a second. Okay. -Yes, tell me. Ushaka Sea World. Sea Point. Two of them. Okay,
Maya, we’ll be there in a while. You just hold fort, okay. Found them. Let’s go. The coin. And your gun. First tell me how you can
save Prince’s life? l’ve a copy of the brain-mapper
software. Which l took from Sarang’s laptop. lt’s the question
of Prince’s life. How can l trust you? You’ve to, Maya. You’ve to. Sarang wanted to kill Prince.. soon as he got the coin. l made this copy to
save Prince’s life. Please, Maya, believe me. Prince has very little time. Gun. Let me see, darling. The coin that’s responsible for
all this, how does it look? Priya.
Prince has very little time. Please, Baby, l just..l
just want to see it. Thank you. What are you doing, Priya? Give me back the coin, Priya.. You’re so stupid, Mike. What did you think.. ..a girl like me can fall in
love with an idiot like you? There’s just one idiot
in this room. And that’s not me. l’ll shoot if l’ve to. Bye, loser. Priya was right. You’re a loser, Mike. Don’t worry, Maya, Prince
will be absolutely fine. l’m not a loser,
l’ve the real coin. l’d learnt about Priya’s
greed long time back. So, which coin was that? The same duplicate coin
that you gave Prince.. ..and Prince gave to Sarang. lf l can steal the entire
brain-mapper software.. ..from Sarang’s laptop,
can’t l steal a coin? Okay. This is it. Here goes. You’re incomplete without
your memory, Prince. And l’m incomplete without you. Come back, Prince. Or else..or else,
we’ll lose this battle. Come back, Prince. Please. Come back, Prince. Come on. Come on, Prince. Come back. Maya. -Please. Come back. Mike. Save me. Priya! No! Maya, no. Maya. No! You’d one chance to live. But,
maybe, you’re in a hurry to die. Serena. Sarang, we know you’re here. But there’s no escape
for you this time. Do you hear me? No escape Sarang. Put your hands up. And come out, one by one. Go, go. Wait. Prince. Prince..l..l.. l’m sorry. Sarang, Prince. Let him go. We’ve the coin. Go. They’ve reduced firing. Looks like they’re running
out of bullets No, Sarang is fleeing. From behind. Don’t worry, Prince. We’ll soon find out
Sarang’s location. Colonel Khanna has gone after him. Colonel Khanna didn’t go after
him. He went with him. What the.. Blanks. There were no bullets in
any of l-GRlPs’ guns. That means we were wrong. We were wrong the whole time. Sarang had already bribed Khanna. He’d all the details. He knew bloody everything. And we’ve lost him. Trust us, Officer Khan,
we’ll find him. -How? We just won’t be able
to find him now. We’ll. Wherever Sarang has gone,
he must have worn his shoes. l’m sorry, but sometimes.. ..good news comes to those
who wait for it. Do you’ve the coin? -Yes. And very soon you shall have it. Sarang. -Yes. Where are we going? ls it safe? l’m safe.
Don’t know about you. -What? Just kidding. Look outside, Khanna. This is Sharakiya. The point between the border of
Pakistan and Afghanistan.. ..which is no-man’s land..
But belongs to everyone.. ..there’s a base-camp located
seven kilometres from here. Here you can find every weapon.. ..from every country. But no weapon of any country.. ..can locate us here. Tell Khanna that Prince can
locate you anywhere. How did you find out
about my location? Ask your shoe, Sarang. -Shoe? lt’s show time. Rogue. Sarang, coin. Captain, down, down. Prince!

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