Price Predictions: Litecoin ($LTC), Ethereum ($ETH), Bitcoin Gold ($BTG), NEO ($NEO), & Tron ($TRX)


38 thoughts on “Price Predictions: Litecoin ($LTC), Ethereum ($ETH), Bitcoin Gold ($BTG), NEO ($NEO), & Tron ($TRX)

  1. Thank you for the analysis! You said that there are other projects that can compete with NEO. Which projects do you mean?

  2. I see some things about the super bowl commercial…… Would love an update on the next video regarding this, and if VIBE is at a good entry point or not. I also have an ICO I would love you to check out, but don't want it on blast yet. MSG me in interested. ON discord I am HazyBulldogFarms

  3. Love what you say about the wife raising the kids. I am blessed with a wife that has a degree in early childhood education and is a stay at home mom. If you can afford it, there is no better investment than in your kids future.

  4. ******************How do you judge the past corrections. To know how soon it may happen again? Donate some coin please *********


  5. I don't mind the long vids, but for people like me who miss the live stream, could consider putting in time frame references for when you speak about a specific coin? That way were not scrubbing through the 2 hours of video,but could just jump to it. I appreciate the consideration.

    Great content!

  6. Hold TRX!!!! Just as quickly as it can drop, it can spike back up! And it will eventually go back up. Don't be the guy who sells the day before it pumps!

  7. Something going on now with Litecoin Ultra (LTCU). Project was just revived and still taking up again, but anyway it started to skyrocket and going fast towards a dollar. at the moment it jumped from 0.10 cents to 0.78 cents now in just 5 days.
    Small marketcap and supply. Can hit 100 USD easily this year if it continues at this pace.

  8. Shorter or longer videos, I must say that every time I watch Naeem explaining the chat I learn something.
    Today Ive learned the squeeze on the IOTA chart.
    What happens when you squeeze a ketchup bottle? It will squirt all over the place.

  9. Thumbs up for this guy… he's polite, professional and got a lot of sense in what he's talking about! Great work man! keep on going! I'm in for every video!

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