Price Predictions: Bitcoin ($BTC), Ethereum ($ETH), and Ripple ($XRP)!

What is going on snipers Nighy mallow baby here, I hope all of you guys are having a wonderful day today
Let’s go ahead and just dive right into our daily cryptocurrency analytics for today
This is a live stream if you’re watching this after its published feel free to use the 1.25 X in this description below
It’s actually in the settings below, but we’re going to be taking price predictions from our audience today
We’re gonna be looking at different coin prices and see where prices are headed, and why the market is down
I would do want to address the tethered controversy as well with all of the different things happening with their auditing side of the equation
Alongside with if this is the end of the bubble a lot of people are asking whether or not
This is the end of the bubble so I definitely want to address all of those questions today
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So let’s go ahead and just dive right into it’s gonna be an awesome night, and let’s go ahead and check out these prices
So currently looking here at our trading view chart
This is our Bitcoin
USD chart as you can see we don’t have any indicators as a trading view chart the links in the description below
We’re gonna be inserting a couple different indicators here being that we’re looking at this correction and how steep it’s gonna head
We’re gonna be utilizing the autofit today
alongside with the average
here the moving average exponential the
RSI the three moving averages the volume
And then we’ll go ahead and start looking at these price zones as you guys can see
If you guys looked at my previous prediction I do want to pull that up here
We actually are now hitting that buy zone that we initially started to talk about in the beginning
And you can see we’re starting to enter that zone here where we’re heading towards this 200 moving average
Which is actually right here in blue so looking at price levels in a technical standpoint once again the technical analysis isn’t an end-all be-all
The technical analysis is just a gauge of a risk and reward pattern that has occurred previously through psychology, right?
because most of trading is the psychology of
Humans and and really how they react with risk and reward and that’s what these patterns are really
For so looking at where we’re headed we’re heading into this buy zone that I’ve set out and now we’re heading towards that 200-day moving
Average which is actually right here in the bottom of the Fibonacci line if you guys actually pull up this other chart
That we actually took which was actually going through the different waves that bitcoin was following you can see we had this
Hoping to get another a way, but that actually did not work out we was trying to go back up
You can see it started to crash back down so that went ahead and broke this whole pattern
Now heading back down you can see that moving average once again is right alongside with that Fibonacci line of course
It’s not exact, but we are heading towards there
So the only next rational support level is that 200 a moving average?
Which is currently right around eight thousand eight hundred and ten dollars
So that’s really where the prices are looking like it’s heading right now
And if it does hit that level I’m sure we’re gonna find some sort of support there
But the real question is are we gonna maintain support at that 200-day moving average
And that’s a question that a lot of us would like answered up sure you can see RSI is not even below
Just yet so it’s definitely not oversold in terms of the RSI
And if you pull up the MACD we can actually go ahead and see where we’re at in terms of these
Crossover momentum pushes you can see we’ve now just started to cross together with the MACD line at the fast enough slow line now
Heading down
and you can see this is an indicator that we’re still gonna see a little bit of some down and
some downside with the prices over the next couple of days so
You know my opinion with Bitcoin of course. There’s a lot of factors here
The tether controversy is something a lot of people have really brought up recently as you guys know
I actually have this article pulled up here for some of you guys that aren’t familiar with a tether controversy
But so tether pretty much is a way of hedging against Bitcoin utilizing the u.s.
Valuation which is with the USD T?
Ticker symbol stands for and you can see the Friedman LLP is actually the company that audits tether because in tethers website
They actually claim to have all of their coins backed by actual US dollars
and this is really where the controversy lies so if you pull up the website as you can see they’ve got the
CloudFlare pull it up here. You can see down here. It’s 100% backed quote unquote every ten
There’s always back to one to one by traditional currency held in our reserves so 1 USD T
Is always equivalent to one US dollar now people are questioning the fact that tether is able to really?
Create or come up with all of this actual
US dollar fiat currency to back their coin in such a short amount of time you can see how they went from almost nothing
to over two billion dollars as a matter of fact 2.2 billion dollars and people are questioning whether or not, that’s
Even possible and you can see the tethered price is not at $1 right now where it’s supposed to be now on some exchanges it
Is at a dollar as you can see oke oke oke X?
BitFenix at least in the USD two USD t evaluation
It’s a dollar but for most other pairings
you can see it’s apparently under a dollar, and I think that has to do with what’s happening here with Bitcoin and
People are very worried that you know tether is not able to maintain its dollar
Valuation and as you can see here the last time they got audited by a third-party company which is Friedman
They were actually held up they were
Told to have 142 million dollars in reserves, but recently they’ve actually just now
Kind of stepped away from this auditing company
And they don’t actually have a relationship as you can see tethers relationship with the auditor Freedman LLP has dissolved
according to a Saturday report from research and use
Intensifying concerns about the platform’s transparency so of course not having an auditing
Company to actually verify that you have those US dollars for consumers like us using the USD T
Tether it’s concerning and you can see the most controversial allegation against tether is that its coins are digitally minted to purchase Bitcoin on
the BitFenix
exchange which in turn drives up the price in the world’s number one crypto asset drawing business as the cyber unit climb so this is
a little bit more of a
extreme you know acclimation against Bitcoin and USD T and how USD T can manipulate
Bitcoins price, and I think that is also a big concern for a lot of people people are also talking about the Bitcoin bubble
Right people are looking at this bubble chart saying this looks exactly like what we saw here. You know
in the past couple of months
With Bitcoin if you actually make it look like that you can always manipulate the way the chart looks you can see people are saying
Man this looks very similar to how the Bitcoin or the internet bubble was but you do have to understand
There’s a lot of difference this year the internet bubble here pretty much peaked out at about three trillion dollars
And that was at current valuation so if you look at today’s valuations of you know the inflationary value
And how that has affected that price that’s probably looking at about 10 trillion dollars is really where this peaked out
Not only that this was about a two year time frame
So you can see the real run-up started here around 1997 to eight and then it shot up, and then pretty much peaked out
Right there in March of 2000 where we really saw that pop and what’s interesting about this?
Bubble is you can see there there was corrections along the way
So you can see this was probably the biggest correction here there was a correction here. There’s a correction here
There’s a correction here, and you can see throughout this time
There’s been these periodic Corrections
So it could also very well be that we’ve only seen this
part of the correction
And we have all this to go right and the reason I say that is if you look at this valuation hitting Trillian
today’s market valuations were under 1 trillion here with
Bitcoins actual prices so you can see we haven’t even hit a trillion dollar market cap and that’s total market cap Bitcoin itself
Has let alone in itself hit half a trillion so looking at bitcoins
Valuation in my opinion this could very well
Just be one little step one correction towards the real big correction that may occur because this is really
Minut compared to the internet bubble and what occurred there?
So I’d love to hear you guys his thoughts on that
I know we have a live audience here
So let’s go ahead and take some
Questions and see what the live audience has to say about that because I’m sure some of you guys are
You know talking about that in some way shape or form so let’s see here
somebody said
Next year don’t worry yet interesting
somebody said
What’s up, what’s up? What’s up tether connect?
That is hilarious somebody says bleed
So what do you guys think about the tether drama?
Let’s hear. Let’s hear what people have to say here about tether it’s answers some questions. Maybe somebody said Elliot waves
Somebody says I told everyone about tether issue two days ago. Everyone was laughing. Oh, yes Sebastian
You know the the tether issue has been pretty ongoing for quite a bit now to be honest with you
I mean this has been an issue since November right I mean
This is really November was when it really came to fruition when they had
That huge run-up in their market valuation and people are like man. How do they print all these points out?
What’s up, Josh get to have you Josh is in the house and egg
Conner Briggs mark decal de Cal the sipping coffee, and I’m sipping this from Lacroix here Eric Gutierrez
That’s nice the fact that the auditor could not verify cash speaks volume 100% Eric
I agree in the fact that they’ve dissolved their relationship with Freedman LLC
I mean the fact that they’re dissolving any relationship number one is a little bit of a
You know concern in my opinion, and it’s definitely concerned for me
Now for me personally
You know I would say that I haven’t put all of my assets and back into the market of course
Since you know this career began as you guys know I liquidated my profits. I took what I could
and you know I did put a
Position back in around eleven thousand three hundred which I haven’t sold just yet being the fact that yes
I’m worried in some regards about the tether you know incident how that can affect Bitcoin
But at the same time I know that Bitcoin itself has its own valuation
you know I was actually with the co-founder of Manero and the
chairman of Kodak yesterday
They were actually speaking at one of the events that I attended and you know
Much much optimism is still apparent in the market right now. I’ll tell you that right now
I mean it wasn’t even a facade. I mean you can tell that these guys
Are you know they’re tunnel vision is the the forward thinking path for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency?
It’s not necessarily looking back at what happened or what is going on?
They’re looking at the forward vision looking at what’s gonna come to the market?
What are the new technologies coming up looking at different projects talking about different projects?
And you know you can just tell that they were very optimistic about the future
Which I think was very assuring for investors like me and and the community of course like all of us, so
Somebody says aren’t both tether and BitFenix non-us entities how can our government subpoena them?
What does that even mean Markus Nemec yeah?
Well, you know of course being the fact that these companies are outside the US. There’s little that the u.s.
Can really you know do in terms of legalities?
I mean there’s always things that can happen the US does have some sort of control outside the border
but at the same time
You know a lot of these companies like if you take bit connect for example or how people were talking about the big connect Connor
To controversy and comparing it to this tethered controversy the big connect controversy. I mean big connect
They registered the company under many different individuals
Quote-unquote promoters and at in that case you know there’s different liabilities. I mean in the u.s.
You can pretty much sue for anything
so you know it’s really a
Sensitive topic topic there somebody said there’s actually one still for me a cup and handle the tether room in it
So he’s a stay lit fam tether straight wacky. Oh for real. Yeah, wit guy what keep it real name one true
Love thanks, dude. Thank you
Thank You Ben so he says name I watch the crippled millionaires video yesterday they were very sour on
Xvg a coin we have discussed on this channel many times you grew their dislike of that coin Ryan Steinberg
Um you know I think that they were more so
Dissatisfied with the pump that these coins received like Tron and Virg
I think they just weren’t as you know fond of these coins having such a huge run-up out of nowhere
I think that was more of what their concern was because they’re really big on value investing and that’s something that I learned yesterday
You know these guys are extremely
you know diligent with the trades and the
The coins that they invest in to the point where some of them are only investing in four or five coins
I don’t know if you guys heard
One of the individuals, I think the CEO of coin watch which is a huge
Entity in this market. He talked about you know only having four or five coins, so it was you know it was uh
extremely eye-opening for a lot of people
But for me it was something that I’ve always talked about you know
I think it was kind of like you know something. It was just almost like repeating what I’ve talked about before
It was very general. I think I got more out of the other sessions behind the table
You know really meeting some of you guys that was awesome
You know it’s talking to some of you guys
But more importantly talking with some of these experts that you know are now having icos for example or even
experts like even having the co-founder of
Manero there, I think those conversations last night
We really want to impacted me the most
Hearing a little bit of what they have to say about the current market and you know really their their
perspective is
instead of investing in a coin you want to invest in a person because it’s almost like playing football right if you have a
Quarterback that’s good and the quarterback is gonna get you to the endzone
Then it doesn’t matter if the quarterback gets tackled along the way right. This is a little bit of a tackle right now
You know you see the market and the markets all red. It’s kind of like everybody feels a little bit
You know disgruntled and not as good as they were feeling when everything was green and everybody was making money
So it’s just another tackle right well. It’s in sync. It’s the same thing in football right you know
I played football and I know in football
You know you do have good place you have bad plays right if you’re playing a screen if you’re playing a Hail Mary
Whatever your play is
It’s not necessarily. How you get to the end zone
It’s all about getting to the end zone, and I think getting to the end zone is important
But the most important aspect of that is the quarterback because the quarterback can do it in many different ways you can play it you
Can do a run he can do a pass you know he can run himself if he wants
I mean
There’s so many different ways he can do a lateral like
There are a lot of different ways to get to the end zone, and I think having a leader
An individual leading a company like vitalic beuter and for example that’s paving the way for the smart contract
blockchain capabilities
I think having that is the most important aspect of where you’re gonna invest your money because no matter what they can what I call
divert right divert diverting is such an important aspect of business because
diversion allows you to move and become adaptable, right
It’s not about who is the fastest who’s the best it’s about who’s the fastest that?
adapting to new environments and new technologies
And I think that’s being that’s really the most important thing about this whole cryptocurrency revolution
And then looking at these coins once again. You know my belief system these coins are
Completely you know
Unfazed by what we’re seeing in the market the reason I say that you know I woke up today
I logged onto my phone
And I actually I was actually trying to send my mother some
Some money for some stuff that she helped me with and she’s you know across the whole country right now for me?
And I logged into my phone, and I went onto my cash app to send her money
And I don’t know if you guys realize this, but if you open up your cash app right now
You go to cash app
This wasn’t like this before by the way cash app is owned by square you open up the cash app look you
Go you go into the cash app and then you
literally can click
You can right you can click your profile go down and says Bitcoin
Look at that Bitcoin, and I was like. What are you kidding it?
Literally says Bitcoin and I click Bitcoin. It says buy sell enable withdrawals, and I click buy and it’s up to
$10,000 a Bitcoin. I can just buy up to
$10,000 a Bitcoin just like that and I’m like this is awesome
You know not only that you’ve got Robin Hood Robin Hood’s coming out with Bitcoin capability
So you know I’m not saying I don’t have any concerns, but I am saying that
There isn’t necessarily
Anything that in a fundamental standpoint?
That is you know going backwards for a Bitcoin right now. There’s just all of this
kind of hitting it from the side and
You kind of have to take a step back and say well is there anything really like
Changing for Bitcoin is anything going backwards because at one point it was worth $20,000
But now you’ve got all of these things matter of fact
Not only is it not going backwards, but it’s going forward right you’ve got Robin
Have you hacked the cash app you’ve got all of these different partnerships all these different companies enabling the technology utilizing adapting it
Adopting I’m sorry so you know I Warren Buffett actually is one of my you know most
Inspirational investors, I guess for me as an investor. You know he inspires me greatly
I mean he has over 200 billion dollars of cash assets, and you know that’s real cash that he hasn’t me
He’s got a lot of money, and he’s invested a lot of money all he’s done is invest
And you know I love his teaching style you know if you’ve ever watched a Warren Buffett video
I would highly recommend it or if you’ve read one of his books
You know I’ve personally dived into his mindset because I want to know as an
Investor what is the right mindset? He’s a very very pure value investor. You know he’s not a day trader
He’s not a swing trader Warren Buffett is a value investor does it invest in technology matter of fact
he doesn’t have the best things to say about Bitcoin, but he also criticized the founder of
Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk and said that Tesla and SpaceX weren’t going to do anything
And so he’s not necessarily that right in every aspect
But in investing he definitely knows what he’s talking about and you know just one example of something that he actually said
You know at one point in Warren Buffett’s life. He invested and made a lot of money in coca-cola and
At the time coca-cola was at a you know really low price. It actually crashed right and
when it crashed Warren Buffett bought a ton of coca-cola shares and
He was interviewed and the interviewer said well Warren Buffett. You know why are you buying much coca-cola right now?
When everybody is selling it and it’s crashing right now. He’s like well. I woke up today
I went to the store, and they had coca-cola on the shelves and
I bought some coke, and then I went to the restaurant and they had some coke and inside the restaurant. I ordered some coke and
last time I checked nothing has changed with coke coke is still being accepted everywhere and
When it was valued at that price the higher price, it was accepted at the same places. It’s accepted now a matter of fact
It’s probably being accepted at more places right now even though prices are lower
Here’s like so in a fundamental sense coke is still a valid and I mean it’s a valid product
It’s a valid you know in other cases. It could be a service and
Because of that I’m going to invest in it and if it’s at a lower price for me. This is a discount so I
I relate to that
With what happened to me today when I logged into my phone on my whoa so the cash app accepts Bitcoin now
you know this is after coming from a
cryptocurrency conference with the co-founder of Manero and the chairman of Kodak who’s just now having an ICO
And their stock tripled by the way after the announcement of their I seal which Kodak kind of needed
You know this is this is really you know. I’m not saying. I don’t have a concern guys
I definitely have a concern. I think tethers complete
BS. You know and the reason I say that is I don’t think they have 2.4 billion dollars if they did why the heck did
They dissolve their relationship with their auditing company the one person that could verify and validate their company and what they’re trying to do
It may ruin that relationship. Why they don’t have enough money to pay them. I mean you got 2.2 billion dollars
You should be able to pay them so that I understand, but you know aside from that. I think that there’s all this other
There’s all these other nuances that we have to take and concert’ into
Consideration super duties said this is why I come here love naive. Thank you, man. I mean I’m just speaking the truth
That’s it. I mean you know. I’m just speaking the truth
Somebody says
If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep you will work until you die yes, I agree
so he’s
testing says yes name the QB
I was not a quarter
I loved playing quarterback matter of fact quarterback was my favorite position however I ended up you know
Playing other positions when I was actually playing football, but when I was playing street ball
I’ve been out play quarterback all the time old-time QB
Somebody says is do you ever move your money to USD team that market is red crashing mainly beats it CUSD T Matt
Eye on if you use Gemini you don’t need to use guys
You know you don’t even need to use tether anymore
You know the real reason people use tether for the most part is because they wanted to avoid taxes
Because at the time both prior to 2018
Utilizing tether was another coin, and you weren’t being taxed on coin to coin transactions therefore you were avoiding
short-term capital gains
That’s why the majority of people used tether now you don’t really need to use tether you can just liquidate back into u.s.. Dollars
Like it really isn’t that hard to sell your Bitcoin for USD like seriously, you’re not gonna get taxed any lesser anymore
It’s the same exact tax now
I mean they’ve enabled short term capital gain taxes
So you know there really isn’t even a use for tether to be quite frank with you at this point
I mean in certain regards there, are you know for people outside the country some people have special cases
There’s always special cases right, but for the most part for an investor like me. I’m speaking for myself
I don’t need to use tether you know
I don’t need to use it to avoid taxes or anything because I there’s no taxes to avoid in reality right now, so
Somebody says good work Nayeem bless you. Thank you Dean Akkad
Somebody said Nick II love your channel very informative. Thank you, brother
appreciate that
Somebody says I appreciate your honest and personal opinion of the market as a whole. This is the whole reason I watch your videos
Thank you Kyra Knight appreciate that somebody says King hyeme, Eduardo Bennett ease you guys are giving me too much credit
Seriously, I’m just throwing my two cents somebody says
What’s the quarterbacks favorite meal?
the raw the Roethlisberger
That is hilarious somebody said haha waterboy, I wasn’t a waterboy actually no I was never waterboy
I was thinking if I was I think I was injured once
I may have done something like that, but Saudi says watching from Ghana, West Africa. I’m sure you are at this time, right
So does this make Bitcoin great again?
guys make Bitcoin great again
We’re not gonna. Go ahead and do that
Did you use or can you recommend a programmer to keep track of our date rates for tax purposes?
I would use coin tracking coin tracking you can use coin tracking. There’s also a
coin folio or some yeah coin folio I believe
and what’s a better place to buy Bitcoin and transfer it to by Nance I would do Gemini or
something of that nature
Gemini you can you can liquidate into USD by the way guys don’t be dumb and
you know like
You know don’t don’t be written irrational in this market. You know like at this point
Jyothi at this point what I would say in the market is you know for me personally
I am not buying or selling much
I haven’t put in my excel in position you guys a lot of you are asking me here
See me just ask me about an excel M position
I haven’t put it in yet because of what’s happening in the market you can see we did follow exactly the path that we actually
Have drawn out by the way
Some people are freaked out of these USD valuations the Bitcoin
Valuations are not that bad to be really honest with you look at the Bitcoin valuation since the toshi value
Satoshi value have you guys noticed that if any of you guys taking the?
Like if you guys are looking at satoshi value on these charts have you guys looked at the coin market satoshi value which is what?
I primarily look at it’s not that bad a matter of fact
There are some performers right now like aetherium you can see a theorems up
Litecoin is staying strong. You know go litecoin go iota
Go Liske look at list taking off
V chain proud of each chain even stellar only 3% down in satoshi value not bad
You know it’s the handle is still there. I mean if you look at the Excel M
Chart that we drew out
I think that was the excel on chart that we draw is there the one with the buy zone
That’s it so you can see the xlm chart the handles formed exactly where we expected at the Forum which is right around this area
Remember I drew out this line for you guys. There was a reason I drew that exact line out so
The fact that we’re forming that handle right there, you can see that it’s now some green zone some green prices
But I’m just being very cautious about this market. That’s just the truth guys
You don’t want to lose money when you know the markets in a fragile form right now
You know this is something that happened in the stock market back around 2008. You know 2008. There was a huge crash
you know if you guys don’t know you know this could really help you with your trading right now if you actually know the
The past you know that could always help right so when you look here. You’re looking at past prices you go 208
You can see Oh 8
We had this huge crash here, so this is the Oh a crash?
Some of you guys remember this some of you guys lost money this might scare some of you guys
But this is Apple stock in 2008 and a lot like many other stocks
There was a huge crash. Here’s something that you guys might not know about the traditional markets
I have a lot of knowledge of the traditional market so I can teach you guys some things on the traditional markets
That’s where I started so the best days in the traditional market always
Happen within two weeks of the worst days in the traditional market
So that’s one thing in the stock market that a lot of people don’t know
matter of fact
the average S&P 500 portfolio will have around a seven –
Sometimes a little bit higher than that percent gain over the year sometimes less than that
But if you don’t take advantage of the four to six
Good days of the stock market that ratio goes from around 6 to 7 percent down to like 4 3 to 4%, so
The majority of your gains in the stock market happened on very specific days and those specific days those really big days
typically occur after within two weeks of the worst days in the stock market so
This right here is you know some of you guys went through this crash?
But this for the stock market. This is a big deal. You can see we were on a constant run
You can see there was another crash a little bit of a crash here too this was
2000 so this right here was as you can see this is the dot-com bubble
That’s how Apple held out on bubble so you can see how it had this run up
This hat had this huge run up, and then it crashed
So you can see now though this crash in
2000 was nothing compared to what ended up you know happening to Apple, and you look at where it’s at now
if you bought at any point of this price like of this uh you know of this stage of
Apple’s shares or stock you would have been fine look. I mean we are at all-time highs now, right?
We’ve been in a huge bull market over a nine year bull market now
So you know looking at bitcoins prices, you know this doesn’t necessarily?
Investor like me that has seen this time and time again, and you know at this point. It’s become commonplace for me
You know I mean
You know I’ve seen this before I’ve seen this many times before and all this tells me is that sooner or later
We’re gonna see some positive upside right because what is it gonna go negative, right?
It’s gonna keep going down that hit negative
You know I mean next thing you know we’re at negative 200 like that’s not gonna happen right and yeah
I could correct 880 600 it can correct the 6000 it can correct the 6570
But regardless of where it corrects the point is do you still believe in Bitcoin?
And if you don’t I don’t know what you’re doing in this market
I mean if you just want to make fast money on something that can potentially make you fast money
That’s fine, but the real money’s gonna come from the ones that
Hotle right like that’s really the most
It’s the safest I guess you can see safest play here especially if you’re only investing money that you’re willing to lose so
Hopefully that helps let’s take some questions
somebody says
Strong hand people yes, Marianne 4/20 huddle
Okay, how about for long-term holders yep
somebody says CNBC hit Apple past few days sin feud or fun on BTC
Somebody says he doesn’t like me oh I actually was pretty
Surprised by neo. I was listening to the Neos CEO. You know anytime I do my research my due diligence
I’m only looking at the actual
You know the actual things that the CEO or the founder of the co-founder are talking about the coin. I’m not looking at CNBC
I’m not looking at coin watch
I’m not looking at any of these new sites highly recommend you guys do the same thing by the way
That’s really where I’ve been able to make my best decisions and neo
You know listening to the CEO it surprised me quite a bit
You know it made me realize that neo is very different than aetherium in a lot of ways
You know neo is actually set out to be able to really
handle a lot of transactions per second
It’s it’s actually got the ability to handle millions of nodes
Apparently so you know he’s you know that’s something that I didn’t even know about but he says that the scalability on Neos
Is very big and it has a lot of potential in terms of scalability?
so there are some things that I’m starting to really understand about neo that I never really understood before and just to be honest and
I’m starting to really look into neo as a potential investment long term. So you guys know. I love my
investments long term you know like about you know as a value then value investor side of me is you know the
Funnest part for me because that’s where you’re really optimistic for the long term because that’s where big money is made so
Hopefully that helps Thank You Claude for the super chat brother ten bucks
Somebody said present evil Donald Trump will be a two-term president that has nothing to do with this. I guess right
Somebody says al blah name I can sense your humility from all the way in Florida keep it up man
Love to watch these informational livestream. Do you think bitcoin will hit that 200 day moving average?
I think so you know I think we’ll bounce off of that. You know being that they were in this Fibonacci level
we’re in freefall mode right Bitcoin think of Bitcoin right now with some goggles and a
Parachute and just imagine a little coin looking like pac-man. Just flying down from the sky right now like wow?
That’s kind of what bitcoins doing right now. I
Mean that’s can it. That’s that’s literally there’s no support level
100 days gone the Fibonacci were right in the middle. It’s open air for Bitcoin. Just saying
Name would it be prudent to sell the negative. Hype and buy the negative news good re-entry point
Um funny you say that Claude. I’ve got my buy position set up right here
I got my buy prices right here man 10 10. I’m gonna buy it 10,000
I’m gonna buy it 93 and I’m gonna buy it 88 86 85 around this level
I might raise this up a little as if 200 a goes lower, but this is my buy zone, man
I mean any time I’ve seen negative price movements
we’ve only had positive price movements after that right like you can actually go back and see Bitcoin when
Before the huge hype really came into play
Bitcoin has had this happen to it many many times you can see here
You know this I mean this one looked just like right now, right?
You could see we bounced off of the 100 day moving average clod you see what I’m saying, dude
So it’s following technicals guy’s technical analysis was made in the early
1900s when the markets were actually volatile because volatility is actual emotions and emotions are what create patterns
Patterns are actually a it’s it’s a risk and reward pattern of the human psychology
That’s what patterns are made by and for so you know it
That’s why we use patterns. It’s because it’s you know you can see it like a double top right you go
You go to our discord for those of you our discord by the way
We are doing a roux being above Q and a night out tonight because of the conference I went to last night
I’m not gonna be able to do a full-on
Q&A in the voice chat with everybody cuz we already have over a hundred people in our voice chat by the way guys oh
My gosh. I got a message today. Let me read this to you I
Hopefully this lady doesn’t mind me reading this, but she said I just got a message today. She says
Good evening, Nayeem. I just want to extend my gratitude. I’m very new to crypto only a month in however since watching your videos
I’ve consumed so much knowledge for most on chart reading
I’ve read through many of your resources and amazingly caught on very quickly
I really find so much satisfaction in crypto love to learn more on day trading and making this my full-time job
I’m currently a personal trainer and going through a lot my personal life at the moment so my income is a little low for now
But I’m able to become a patreon however. I’m looking for a mentor to help guide me
I want to absorb all that I can learn and outs of this business and create a YouTube channel
You’ve really inspired me
And I can’t thank you enough keep doing what you’re doing because your impact surpasses anything
You could even imagine very respectfully and then her name, and I’m like wow
That means a lot and all that have you know comes from the discord you know
And I’ll show you exactly why you join in one of these chats. Let’s listen to these people
Look at that. I mean they’re
Talking about liske just slop through you know so I highly recommend you guys you know get yourself in the community
But we are going to be doing a roux being above night-owl for all rubies and above. We’ll do a Q&A tonight
That’s gonna be in the Ruby Plus, so we’re gonna end a stream fairly early
And then so you know this was a this was back here in 2013. I was actually around when this happened
This is really when Bitcoin peaked out went up to around thousand one hundred and two hundred and it dropped down
I mean this was the time that I was trading Bitcoin
Actually, I think this was right before I started trading, but I was actually buying and selling here
I wasn’t trading I was buying and selling though. I remember it was a 300 for a very long time
You can see stayed here drug it stayed around three hundred two hundred
Before that it was right around 100 less than one hundred stayed and around that price level
Stayed on that 50-day 100 a moving average jumped up
And then you can see I mean it was down for quite a while from these all-time highs
Some people thought that it was never gonna go back up, but then
2014 came
It went back up
You can see 300 back up starts going through a thousand breaks through a thousand and then now where we’re at so
This doesn’t look that scary compared to what we’ve seen before or a matter of fact
That what we saw was Moore’s us. It was more traumatic. It was more dramatic and steeper
Let’s go ahead, and uh somebody says this channel blows you guys want to blow this guy off the watch this AK see watch oh
Look at that he just got blown away from the channel
We got space for haters, so he says how much you even know about these coins if you didn’t know about Neo moon
That’s not I mean you can say what you want. I mean. I’m I mean
I don’t care like I didn’t know about Neo because I knew about Neo. I just didn’t ever hear about that
I didn’t hear from the CEO, so you know stop assuming something. That’s not true. You always have great advice name. Love your videos
Thank you Wendell appreciate that
Name, what’s up? Can you look at litecoin? We’ll look at like coin
Nick Bannister said
Hahahahahahaha, so he says by AXI
How do you how do you since in making profit trading all comes in down a rocket a nos Edney?
Well, I’m gonna be honest to be my my I I have not hit my target yet
You know I was actually trying to hit at least. I think it was like 43% profits this month
Based on the calculations that I typically do when I plan my portfolio out every month, and you know this month alone
I haven’t you know gotten near the 43 percent mark yet
Thankfully I’m not down because I was labeled liquidate
I am down a little bit on the eleven three purchases that I made a Bitcoin, but other than that
I mean you know for me personally
I am very strategic with where I put in my entry and exit points
And I make sure that if I have a feeling that something is going to go down
I make sure to get a position either at a profit
Or at a loss, but my profits typically cover that so
In terms of how to make a profit in a downward market
The best thing you can do a lot of people were talking about this today
And they were talking about using USD valuations versus BTC valuations
But you can make a profit in this market by just making profit on
Coins like aetherium right if you were holding a theorem in the past 24 hours
You’d be at a two point nineteen percent profit right now so that right. There is pretty stout look
I mean you go to this chart
You can see there’s a ton of coins here that are at a profit right now against Bitcoin
And that’s if you were looking at bitcoins evaluation if you go to USD it’s a little bit different
There’s not as much obviously you’ve got a very
Select few that are up right now compared to USD valuations
But in Bitcoin valuation you’ve got some green right so take advantage of these green or the screen
And then you can see the negative isn’t that bad I mean it you know well
There is some negative of course, but it’s not as bad as the USD
You know downfalls obviously you can see the USD valuations
Pretty bad the one hour is green, but the 24 hours. You can see pretty much all red
Erik a Veritas is glad to be a patreon yes by the way I’m gonna be posting some new patreon content sooner
Maybe hosting some stuff from the conference the panel with the Monaro co-founder
That’s gonna be exclusive of course because that was recorded professionally
And then not only that I have the Ruby and above night owl that I’m gonna release that went really good
It was a really good, Q&A, and then we’ll also do a Ruby and above night owl tonight
And we’ll do a Q&A session for what I learned at that conference you guys can kind of pick my brain
And I’d love to answer questions on that too, so
Now how does the weekly B to C chart concern you at all does it differ from what happened in 2013?
Not at all 2013 was actually worse in my opinion
Like if we were to do a week chart
You know you can see it’s bad, but you can see here
Even this right here in 2013. It was pretty bad too. So you know I’m not really worried
I mean I’ve seen this before right so
It doesn’t differ too much in my opinion
I mean this looked like it was only going up
But guys you know when you’re going down
You only can go down so far until you’re gonna start seeing this right you’re gonna start seeing some upside
So you know don’t don’t get caught here when everybody’s gonna make some extra cash and then you’re like
Oh, well, I was worried and I was scared to get into the market
No, you know you want to be in the market when this type of stuff happens
But obviously you can see it went down for a while before it caught back up so
This is obviously a correction now the real question is
When it does start to find support because it might start to find this type of support
But in my opinion with the amount of volume coming into the market this year
This is gonna be a very different ball game than what we saw here
You can see the volume here was my new it was very small compared to what we’re seeing right now like if you were looking
At this volume compared to this volume compared to this volume. That was you know
Just trumping the volume that we saw a year then you can already tell that you know what we’re gonna see eventually
With more volume coming as the market is gonna be a lot more substantial
But the one week chart does not scare me at all
This is why this correction was completely necessary you see how the RSI here was so high
Now you don’t typically wanna look at our sign a week, but look maybe our silo. Let this speak some sort of volume
And now we’re finally back down
You can see anytime we hit this level look at that right there Wow this right here check this out
Look at this RSI support on the one-week
This is actually pretty big. This is a big deal guys look at that
This is technical analysis look at that
We have a very strong RSI support right here around 50 51 you
Can you can there are RSI support levels for those who that don’t know that our site support levels are?
Existent people don’t realize that you can use this
If you guys look here
I’ll show you exactly what an RSI support is so if you google RSI support
you can see there’s our site support levels too, so people don’t talk about the RSI support levels, but
That’s definitely true you can always look at our site support levels
Even our size look that you can go ahead and draw lines on those so
You know that’s interesting right
I’m not gonna call this the end-all be-all, but it pretty much lines up with exactly what my prediction is a big coincident
I doing this by Zone in Korea and start to bounce back up so you can see right at that our side down here
Right when it hits 50 ish it usually bounces back up so
There’s that potential of that bounce back
Does that mean it’s not gonna go any lower? I think I’ll go a little bit lower, but I’m expecting some bounce fashion
That’s why this is my buy zone right? This is something. I’ve strategically put in place about two three
Maybe two weeks ago one week ago, and that’s what I’m expecting so
Somebody says your name, can you be my mentor?
You can go on the patron man if you want to look at stuff
Somebody says
Hopefully recover as fast. I just came from there
somebody says uh I
Hate your analysis tbh Sean Hicks
Well, you’re a hick
Somebody says after watching a conference video one of the speaker’s made a very passionate remark there
May be only five to eight solid crypto currencies. I’m curious. What do you think these five coins may be?
Bitcoin aetherium for sure
I think another coin was AOS. They were big they were pretty big on EOS
I heard them talking a lot about other coins. We’ll pull up this coin market cap
you know
They did have some stuff to say about mineiro
Obviously the co-founder was there, so they weren’t gonna leave that one out, but other than that
I mean I couldn’t tell you what coins they were specifically talking about
But I know for sure Manero iOS Bitcoin aetherium rip will are not rip on aetherium and Bitcoin
Were the ones that they were primarily focused on didn’t talk much about rip or Bitcoin cash or card on or neo or litecoin
And I don’t typically hear them talk much about that you know from the time that I’ve been with them, so
Somebody says if you’re here for the long term then nothing to be scary. Yeah, I agree
What are your top icos in terms of I SEOs I do got a couple that I’m looking at right now
You know I’m looking at titanium right now
I’m looking at Omega 1 it’s actually done by Ray Dalio Steam
Or some individuals from his team ray Dali ran one of the largest hedge funds in the world
over 175 billion dollars
And there’s a couple other ones the Odyssey protocol. I’m gonna be looking into soon
And I’ll be posting that for our patrons and our trading alert
So we’re gonna be enhancing our trading alerts as well for all patrons
We’re gonna be doing more icos and stuff too, and I’ll be doing my summaries there, so
Somebody says Oh name is getting lippy
Does that mean?
Jeremy Bates
Anyone on here use any good IP stressors stressors gone again
I’m not getting a lippy his name was hick. That’s why I called him a hick. That’s his last name
So I mean just calling him actually being a little bit respectful to be honest with you calling him by his last name
You see what I did there, though
Sometimes you just gotta smack some people on the face cuz they needed a little bit of reality sent inside of them
Has a OS bottomed out tonight, let’s pull up yo ass good question Jeremy Bates
Let’s do a OS y OS BT see
Somebody says titanium is on a good price Zi Xiao Zi CL is a good coin in trade somebody said
Um I mean, I wouldn’t call this a bottom out look at this RSI
It’s definitely not bottomed out
You know so
Somebody says thanks, bro. You should be drinking vitamin juice. That’s funny
My man Nike what up Dave?
McCormick Wraiths
You got the Wraiths protocol on your last name, bro. That’s awesome. Now. You’re awesome man. Don’t watch the haters that guy is a hick
Crypto d yeah, that’s how he’s not talking anymore. We scared him away
That’s what haters do they come in they criticize and they leave, and they go back to their Hickey life
Ha ha, so I I don’t think this is at the bottom yet
You can see our size in the latter part of this so it’s at the top
Looking at the 50-day if we were to actually calculate this pretty much around 20 30 percent away from the 50-day moving average
What’s interesting about this is the EMA starting a curve?
But it looks like every time they make curves it seems to run back up so
This might start seeing more of a run-up and a BTC valuation
I mean these coins are holding strong in my opinion most of these coins are all been strong look at these
I mean you look at the BTC valuations
These coins are green
You know this has been a pretty interesting market recently the coins being affected by this in my opinion are ripple
card ah know has been affected just
Nem has been pretty
But beaten up over the past couple of weeks
coins like Tron Tron got beat up
Even v. Chain is still 16% down over
It was seven days ago, but you can see it’s starting to see some some gain the past 24 hours up
But the coins that are really prosper at prospering right now
Aetherium has just been killing it guys. Don’t don’t you know don’t waiver a thing out of your
Your vision right now like you need to watch a theory of I mean if you’re looking at a theme
It’s it’s gradually going up and up and up no matter what I mean
For the past 70s the past 24 hours in the past hour. It’s been positive, so I would watch aetherium matter of fact
Why don’t we do a quick etherium?
analysis here
And check this out and see where prices are headed here, so broke out of this just clear everything out here
Let’s do a refresh this to a 100% fresh analysis year
Services why you naming all my coins, that’s the Sasha just set
What do you do a video on indicators we had a couple videos and indicators by one of our analysts Marcus
He actually just made another video. We’ll be posting that soon
Somebody says
What do you think about Excel and I love stellar you guys know me and stellar stellar is one of my favorite coins
I think looking at their project really set my standards higher than ever
Somebody says uh glad to see you’re working on your social skills. What do you mean?
Somebody says that how’s the u.s.. Devaluation decided on a coin that can only be attained via BTC ETH
You don’t have a u.s.
devaluation other than the fact that you would want to transfer and do a crossover so
It’s kind of like when I used to do forex trading some currencies you would do a double
valuation on so that means let’s say you’re doing a
For example if you’re doing saya coin versus e th e th versus
USD on whatever ETH you get from that syuko and purchase so it’s just cross referencing
Somebody says yo any thoughts on Rebane haven’t heard of repay, so he says you drink a lot of energy James Tony
This is actually sparkling water. It’s called McCoy
It’s just water you know you can drink this before you go to bed
What we’ll go up tonight wine weirdos we got a couple coins going up. I think aetherium guys
Let’s watch aetherium for a little bit here because check this out. We’ve got this huge run up
It’s not being phased by Bitcoin. Let’s do it side-by-side comparison here, but look at that training. It’s updated their chart
I like it trainee of you stepping up their game
Wow look at that
So we can do uh let’s do a side-by-side comparison here, or a top by bottom comparison in this case here BTC USD
Check that out isn’t that interesting so
Looking at this chart
This is going from March, so we’ll go to March here as well
And then you guys can actually see the exact
So look at that ever since bitcoin has been going down the theorem has been going up you guys noticed that
Maybe a lot of guys aren’t paying attention you just focused on bitcoin look at that aetherium is going up I
Don’t have any trash cans around me anymore
Somebody says any chance you’ve seen the ICO criterium. Yeah, I’ve seen that al Bob haven’t done. My due diligence yet
Wine weirdos I very much notice, so he says how many hours do you sleep I try my best to get some sleep
I was up until like 6:00 a.m.
Last night after the conference we had a little bit of a night owl afterwards like a real night out
We went to the W here in LA Hollywood
Somebody says that’s why Neal was going up
How do you get involved in an IC? Oh yes good one morale so mr.. Gandhi noted something very interesting so Chinese
aetherium right neo
That’s what it’s touted as that’s where people talk about it as and that’s why Neos going up apparently because of aetherium and I can
Definitely validate that in a fundamental sense, I mean there’s going up people are gonna want to invest in anything
That’s comparative to that right so it’s kind of that. You know it’s that
It’s almost like the fear of missing out inside of people that are like. Oh my gosh. Well. If theme is going up
Let me go to the next best coin
And you look at coins like stellar
You know you’ve got several icos if you guys don’t know like kick. You know the Kin coin
the company
Everybody that uses kick. They’re having their own coin and
You know they went from aetherium to stellar so they’re not gonna do it on the ERC 20 platform gonna be doing on stellar now
Somebody says LaCrosses fire Lucroy
Now i’m considering a thing is so much more than just a cryptocurrency
Do you think it’s like leo surpassed bitcoin and market cap with the next couple of years?
Amid savvy um I would say if theorem is a different type of coin, you know aetherium can create 18 million coins
pretty much every single year
So they have that inflationary system set in place and not only that Atheneum is meant to be a reward or a gas
for developers on the etherion blockchain so
It’s not necessarily like Bitcoin where bitcoin is limited in value in terms of market supply, and it’s also limited and you know
How its created it’s all through proofs proof of work
You know there’s no proof of stake in Bitcoin if their name is gonna
Be kind of changing its approach over the next couple of years and especially as it develops. You know
that’s why I talked about the quarterback you’re looking for the best quarterback right and
Vitalic buted in my opinion he’s the one individual in the market that I think
has the the know-how or the genius inside of him I was watching an interview behind the other day and
the interviewer was like
So vitalic it was at the end
They were just like so is there any social media platform, or where can people find you he’s like
Just google my name, and that’s fine
You know like he doesn’t even care about promoting his Twitter or social media or anything like that
He’s not looking to do any of that
He’s solely focused on the development and the future of aetherium and I think that’s awesome. I think that’s a great quarterback
I think that’s it you know not not to get any sort of hate on this, but I think that’s the Tom Brady of
Cryptocurrency right now so if I Talia Turin is one you know Satoshi, Nakamoto. I don’t think he’s the best quarterback
He was definitely a quarterback at a time, but you know you he’s kind of in the Hall of Fame now, so
Somebody says can you please look at Genesis vision? There is a FX Expo Asia 2018?
I would love your thoughts on gbt going
Thank you for mentioning III could definitely look into it if it gets a little bit more traction
It’s definitely something that I can possibly look into I
Can’t do a technical now, or a IC o—- analysis right now. I’m guessing that’s a new coin
So Maurice is the Aaron Rogers of crypto?
Samuel sands
That’s fine, too. Somebody says David Poe. I think you have a great show no problems here
Thank You Man
Somebody says he was the coach
yeah, I
Love when you get nerdy and geeky and specific and stop dumbing it down
He has already done LTC, so he says I’ve addicted to buying TRX. I’ve bought 25 bags
Built up for an it was 30 cents nice, man
Satoshi was Joe, Montana, but ETH guy is Brady
Yeah, so this is an interesting chart here, you know you can see
The coolest part about this is the MACD on Bitcoin is low while the MACD on aetherium is high, so
That could certainly indicate another reversal and this trend what I mean by that is if you look here
The MACD for aetherium when it was on the downtrend was under while Bitcoin was over
So Bitcoin was high while aetherium was low and then it flipped a theme is now high prices rose
while Bitcoin is low and
prices dropped
so as
You can see this initially started with aetherium dropping
Bitcoin rising
Dropping and then what would be next well, maybe this and this
So maybe the next phase of this is Bitcoin rising Wow theorem maybe drops or levels down so
Nothing, just goes up for other
Forever and some of you guys have learned that lesson finally
And that’s something I’ve talked about since the start of this channel and since the start of our live streams
Nothing, just continuously goes up forever, and that’s something important to notate right so
Hopefully that helps some people
Let’s look at our ripple somebody wants to know what ripple is doing here XR PBT see
it’s go ahead and take ripples price into consideration here as well some people will have a lot of money and ripple I
Have some good news sir ripple
Here’s my news here, so it looks like we’re finding some very strong support here on this 50-day moving average
You can see we had a huge bounce back here if pull up the one hour you can see a better view of that
You can see as soon as we touch that level we bounced right back up so that
50-day moving average really hit right down here right down there, and we bounced right on top of that so
Ripple is known to find some sort of stability. You’ve seen the past ripples had quite a bit of stability
These run-ups kind of sporadically pushed ripples price back and forth and kind of shook it up a little bit
and that’s typically what happens with these parabolic run ups do that volume and
Now you can start to see ripples starting to stabilize these prices it has a head volume for a while
sometimes not having volume for the for this amount of time it can lead to something good because now
This can only go up right so
expect some more volume soon here for ripple
And that could possibly these prices higher and not only that we’re right on that 50-day moving average
so I think that’s a strong support at least a
Psychological support line right now for ripple as long as I can stay on top of that if it breaks below that then I would
Watch what I’m trading with the ripple because it’ll most likely correct back down to this
Either either that or I wouldn’t say good go to that
200-day or that 100 a in my opinion if we put the autofit bond
What you’ll see?
If there’s auto fit will go on here
What we’ll just have to draw
Let’s do our manual Fibonacci retracement here, so if you guys want to ever do a manual Fibonacci
Just go to the top level draw it down to the lowest point of the wicks
Yep, and you can see here
Okay there you go
So within Fibonacci levels as well you can see we found a little bit of support resistance around that Fibonacci line now
We’re really following that 50-day
I think if it drops below this we might go down to this level but most likely in my opinion will find support down here
Around 64,000 Satoshi’s if we drop below this and the reason I say that is
There’s something interesting happening here. Where if you look at the green?
the green right here is the 100 day and the blue is the 200 day and
For a little bit of time the 100 day was under the 200-day moving average now
What’s interesting about that hat that phenomena is?
now that we’ve intercepted back together the 100 and 200 a are so close together that it almost doesn’t act as a
Strong support level the way that Bitcoin acted against its 100 and 200 day moving average and the 50-day moving average
Because they were so separated they had their own clear concise levels of support
So you can see we found support on the 50-day, and then we found support on the 100 a and now. We’re dropped under that
Heading towards that 200 a so
Hopefully that helps out a little bit
somebody says
The patterns only work on a long time skill or also in a minute skill for example
Yeah, you can use it on a minute scale if you’re doing day trading
It’s a little bit of a different, ballgame so for day traders
Let’s say you’re day trading a volatile currency like this is pretty volatile right now a litecoin
day trading is pretty simple you can first of all draw your support level so I
Probably draw support right here, and this is a u.s.
Devaluation cuz this looks to be a little bit more volatile right now, but you can see
We’re pretty much at these resistance levels, so we’re most likely gonna start heading down
So this is the channel I would trade on right now if I was a day trading
Now I would watch this channel. I would trade upon this so you know you can even remove that autofit
So you don’t have to have that kind of distorting your perspective
And then if you just watch this channel here like this
You can see exactly where price levels are headed as they go up and down
It’s almost like a ball right so you. Just watch it so ball bounces on the ground hits the roof
balances again hits the roof
So it just kind of follows this pattern and that means that if it starts to head down
You can see every time the RSI hits a certain level – it
bounces so
You can also draw these support lines here, so if you’re day trading
There’s a lot more lines that are going to be drawn
That’s just the truth of day trading so if I was day training. I would probably draw it out like that
You can see there’s that sending support level you’ve got this channel forming. There’s a lot of different channels forming here, so
We’ve got another support level right down here
You want to draw all these lines out when you’re day trading because you can make money in every single aspect here
Like especially if you’re trading a couple thousand dollars within this all you got to do
Draw out these lines and literally just trade within different channels different support resistance lines
You can make you know a couple percent and here and there and that adds up over time
You’re very welcome in us, thank you for asking brother
Gabriel Emilio and says just got back just got home from work. What did I miss name?
We talked about tether we talked about Bitcoin we talked about aetherium, and how it’s opposing bit corner now
It’s going up, but now it might reverse
We’re talking about Bitcoin correcting out – it 8600 potentially we’re talking about tether controversy tether
Dissolving relationship with their auditing company I actually just came back from a conference
Had the co-founder of Manero there also had
chairman of Kodak just add an ICO
We’re gonna be doing a Q&A so all patreon discord rubies and above so if you’re a ruby and above so
Rubies sapphire emerald and diamonds we’re gonna be heading over to the ruby plus section here on our patreon for those of you not pay
Treants not rubies you guys are fine
you guys can go to the voice –
We got a ton of people here in voice – you guys can come in here
We got over a hundred people already in the chat you guys can come in interact
And they were all somebody today was calling out icon
I think that everybody here made money today on icon
so I’m not promising any sort of results the results may vary this is not financial advice but
I’m telling you right now. They’re people. I mean, it’s not a pump and dump this isn’t a pump and dump
If you do it by the way if you post a pumpin double you get banned automatically no pump and dump still out here
But they are talking about actual fundamentals or looking at different charts. They’re analyzing it. They’re saying hey, you know
I’m calling this you know. This is a clay
This is a good play, and they’re making money so highly recommend you guys get on our discord
I’ll post a link here in the chat
or in the description the description so
Somebody says how do you become a ruby?
It’s on the description so we have we get we do trading alerts for all of our patreon
So far we’ve been doing some revamping, so we’re gonna be revamping that and doing some some
different type of trade alerts soon
trade alerts that can really help some of the newcomers, but
When you go on the patreon website the link is in the description
There’s different levels so that you want to make sure if you want to come to the night owl your Ruby, so
The Ruby is up here
And then you’ve got a ton of different places so if you’re a golden above you get the trading alerts
So hopefully that answers your question
We talked about Aaron Rodgers. Yes, we did talk about Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers
Somebody says uh you
Mentioned being able to see when big money is buying any thoughts now Rick um let’s do the one day really quick and see
But there’s not much volume coming in just yet
It doesn’t look like we’ve seen too much buying a Bitcoin recently
So I don’t think the money the big money has really come yet if you want to watch for that
I would watch the volume and then also watch for the RSI for some large spikes cuz anytime there’s high volume
You can see any tenders high volume look the RSI starts to spike
So that’s how you’re gonna look for those institutional traders
So it says uh
Brady baby
That is hilarious
Thanks for the for your work man valuable the very welcome me Ross
Thank you, brother can Tron rebound it can but I don’t know when that’s gonna happen
Kyra, you know looking at Tron
It’s the right chart Wow
very zoomed in here
There you go
Let’s go ahead, and I’ll clear this baby up
Interesting so this is a pretty good chart here. You can see we’re right on that 50-day moving average
So what I would do in my opinion if you want to possibly make a quick trade
This may be a good time to buy tron. Yeah, I can’t believe I’m saying that but yeah look at that
It’s right on that 50-day moving average, so this is the 50-day moving average
All you got to do is set up your stop-loss right under so if you put a buy purchase in Tron
just set up a stop loss right under it and
You’ll be fine right so set up a stop loss right down here right under the 50-day
I would do an alert so just right click add an alert like that don’t do an actual stop-loss because
with this volatile market these wicks go really far down and they can trigger their stop losses, and it’ll be a false stop-loss, but
Looking at this chart on the one day
I mean we’re right on that fifty days, so you can see what happened previously when we touch that 50-day. It’s almost like a trigger
Just a trigger of positive price movements, so there’s that potential
Play right there
This is one play out of many you can see the RSI even when I hit this was right at 44
And we’re lower than that right now, so there can possibly be another quick jump that breaks that though it will probably go down
So Iran is pretty easy
Typically that happens when you see this consolidations, it’s easy to predict where you’re gonna find support where you’re gonna reverse
Five ducati
How do you liquidate your coins? Could you teach me? Please? Um just sell them, bro
You’re very welcome. Crypt II crypt DD Benjamin said Tron is a joke
Tertullian said Tron is a garbage coin stop being fanboys
What do you think of icx and how will do after the conference tomorrow, there’s a conference happening right now
I don’t know you’re talking conference happening right now for icx. They’re live right now actually
They’re alive
Do you think beatsie would bounce off the Trinity moving average, I think it will Brian for sure
I think you’re balanced is it gonna find support most likely. I mean if he goes under that that would surprise me
Somebody says where will it go?
And understand Brian I’ve also got my bi level set up here so here pretty much my bi points here right now
For Bitcoin, so I’ve got certain levels of where I want to buy
And I’ve had these levels for a while now
It’s all based on the technical
This is FY you kind of lagging every now and then
Really, hopefully not
Has this stream been pretty good guys in quality cuz I actually change some of the settings. I made it 1080p and stuff
But I i’m using my GPU now more than ever so I was using my CPU, but now I’m using my GPU
Hopefully, it’s still good though, so I’m trying to fix that microphone issue that we were facing
You’re very welcome Brian thanks for being a longtime viewer here brother
Somebody says favorite coin
electra Neum
buddy if you mean like altcoin I’d say electron you like if you’d say under a billion dollar market cap the left-turn him I
Love a luxury. I think prices are high, but I still like the coin I
Got it on it pretty early so we
Can hear but freezes every little every now and then audio is good. Yeah, just webcam
Some lag here in Australia sound is fine, but video skips great work. I’ve been training for us
This is not that good bro fine for me usually better quality interesting
I’ll have to see what I can do then to fix this up a little bit
So it’s the stream is terrible laggy really
Ok we’ll have to fix it then
Yeah, what we’ll fix it up, I probably have to lower the bandwidth just a little bit, sorry about that
So um some reasons respect thanks for the knowledge you’re very welcome tahoe
Roger in the house our Melvin me Ross
Jeremy Bates says what do you know who do you run a one-day charter is a one-hour chart?
Why do you run a Wendy’s rate it depends on what you’re training during your swing trade or day trader or value investors
Different types of traders there’s also different perspectives there’s different viewpoints of different patterns. You know there’s a lot of different reasons
You know you just have to find out. What chart you’re liking the most you know
I like to look at one day’s because it gives you a good pretty good overall viewpoint on overall price levels
That’s probably not the best if you’re a swing or a day trader
Kyra said it could be the the viewers connection and not you yeah guys you guys gotta upgrade those download speeds
Yeah, you might be right, thank you Kyra for mentioning that I’d love to see you Kyra at the night owl
Oh, I don’t know if you’ve ever been to one of our night owls you – jamol
Fig house you should be out there, man. We’re gonna start heading over there
Thank you guys for tuning in tonight, but yeah
We’re gonna be heading over a night out because I want to answer some of the questions
You can see where you got some patrons there
So all rubies and above’s we’re gonna be the Ruby in a buff if you’re not a ruby. Don’t worry
there’s also a spot for you guys voice –
You got tons of people here the link is in the description for the patreon
I got my moderators handling this so as soon as you come in
They’ll welcome you you guys can plug in your microphone. You can listen in on what’s happening. This is pretty much. What these voice
Channels do you go in there you can talk this HSN, so he’s given all the great
It was I’m sorry hang on it was
So they’re talking about different coins there so yeah guys all that knowledge is there waiting for you you guys some talkin interact
Not only that if you’re rooming above we’ll be doing a Q&A so since I just came back from this conference with the Monaro
co-founder and the chairman of Kodak I want to answer some of the questions you guys might have for me on what I learned and
my perspectives on different things so
Hopefully this helped out you’re very welcome Jennifer
Hearts back to you
Thank You Jen
Fake-out says have an issue with the discord link man. Idk um. I’m not sure you shouldn’t have an issue with this cord link
You know I’ll invite you. I’ll put another invite link on the chat. Hopefully this will work a little bit better, but
do apologize
Whine weirdos good show actually well done. Thank you man, try my best
Awesome are most people in here learning day training in swing training from you. Yes
Lagging here too, so he says if you want to invest one hundred and thousand dollars
We’re to used to just to put it I would say diversify that al here assets 25% in Bitcoin 25% in etherium
Maybe you can put 10% in the top ten 10% of top 20, but 5% top
35% in top 40 put it another 5% of the top 15 of the last 5% the top
60 coin and then pick whatever coins you feel comfortable picking
Based upon the quarterback right the leader who’s leading the coin cuz the quarterback gets tackled
As long as they know how to get to the endzone, that’s all that matters. It’s not about the technology
It’s about the quarterback so people forget that but if you guys invest in startups. You know what I’m talking about
All right Roger so he says market manipulation is the problem?
Thanks for the steady hand name for sure
Thank you Robert
appreciate that
Make it work, dude awesome
Somebody says thanks, you’re very welcome Dennis all right guys any other questions Johan you’re very welcome brother
So he says
carmine Tom Brady, baby
So do you think it’s a good time to buy in BTC right now crib D. Um? I’m putting in some bias
At SN. Mahalo Thank You Eduardo Fernandez
Rodriguez if you’re important Rico by the way you have 4% taxes there you’re lucky a corporate tax
Then you have 0% capital gains tax
You won’t get charged on any capital gains if you’re holding your coins for more than a year, so you guys are lucky
50 percent to Bitcoin is very very important
How does Forex play into crypto trading? It’s all the same analysis john dimaggio
I mean chart analysis is universal for the most part. It’s all psychological
because psychology is
International so risk and reward it’s how people react right so you make people feel a certain way
And they react a certain way
And that’s the exact same thing with the market so if a market access certain way there’s patterns
Because the majority of the market will act a certain way
But the problem comes when you’ve got an institution that puts a sell order for five million dollars
It doesn’t matter how the stinkin market hexed at five million dollars that seller is in to bring the price down so
That has nothing to do with psychology and emotion. That’s called market manipulation
Giovanna what do think about XRP I think we’re heading down to the 50-day moving average like we talked about so we actually covered XRP
We’re bouncing off of that. So just kind of play it the same way you play truant set up that stop-loss it might
Potentially bounce off that 50-day nickman Nell said who’s going to win the Superbowl technical analysis? That’s funny
Why crypto no Forex Adrian his forex is not as volatile as crypto right now
So here’s more money in crypto even at these price levels. There’s more money to make all
Right guys for all rubies in above I’ll see you in the Reuben above night owl
we already got tons of people here right now for all of you all else will be in the normal night owl the voice –
Thank you guys for watching this
We’ll have some awesome videos coming out soon. We’re posting some new patreon content tomorrow tons of new content will come out tomorrow
I’m still rendering. I’ve got some editing to do and that’s all gonna come out
We’re gonna be doing a piece from the conference the Monaro conference from the male co-founder and what he had to say
I’m gonna be posting uh the highlights there
I’m also gonna be posting the Reuben above night out the Q&A that one went really good
And then we’ll you know continue on with the trade alerts as well, so
For those of you not on the discord love to see you guys there
Somebody says homie just left like that Rolando. Yeah, thank you guys for watching and like always
snipers out

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