POP Money – How to Set Up an External Transfer

Leaders Credit Union has made it easier than
ever before to send and receive money. POP Money allows you to send and receive money
as easily as you send and receive emails and text messages. In this video we will demonstrate how to transfer
money between accounts that you own at other financial institutions. To transfer money between accounts at other
financial institutions, log in to Leaders Credit Union at leaderscu.com. Once inside home banking, locate the move
money tab. Click the external transfer menu option. From here, two options appear. Select transfer
between my accounts. If you are a first time user, you will have
to establish the connection between the other accounts, the ones you would like send and
receive money to and from. Accept the terms and conditions and then click
sign up now. Enter some quick information to verify your
identity, such as your date of birth, social security number, and phone number. This is a security feature to ensure your
money stays safe at Leaders Credit Union. Once inside click add new account located
in the center of the page. You will notice it because it’s blue. Select the account type. This is the type of account that you would
like to send money to and from. Your choices will be within the drop down
menu. It is important to select the correct type
to ensure the setup process is quick and easy. Feel free to nickname the account for ease
of use. The next step is to enter the routing number
of the other financial institution and your account number. If you’re unsure of this information it can
be found at the bottom of your check or you can contact your other financial institution
to request this information. Remember a US routing number always has nine
digits and identifies a financial institution. Your account number link will vary by financial
institution, but it is specific to you only. Click next to continue. Now it’s time to verify the bank information. Choose verify instantly or verify with bank
deposits. If you select verify instantly you will be
asked to verify your login credentials with your other financial institution’s online
banking. If you select verify with small bank deposits
you will be asked to verify small dollar deposits that hit your other bank account. This will take a day or two. Click send me to deposits if this is your
option. Once they arrive, log in to Leaders Home Banking,
navigate to the Move Banking tab, select external transfers, and transfers between my accounts. You’ll be prompted to enter those dollar amounts
of those small deposits. Congratulations, your accounts are now connected. At Leaders, we’re always striving to move
forward as one. Thank you for choosing Leaders.

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