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  1. Hi Hannah, Thanks for the explanation. Its cleared up some points i was worried about in regards to aftersale care etc. It would be great if somebody from ebay business could contact me in regards to the ebay image policy (watermarks/logo's etc) which will be rolled out 2018. This is a hot topic which alot of sellers have concerns about.

  2. So recently I wanted to view a piece of furniture up for sale locally, however I couldnt get the address from the seller to view it before deciding if it was suitable. It was a farce as the seller was keen for me to see it so that I could place a bid I felt reasonable. Because I could not get the contact info to see it first hand I did not bid and the seller sold it at a much cheaper price than they wanted. Forced to take a punt on the item I chose not to which is a shame. the seller gets less for the item and therefore so do ebay! Also one more thing ebay, why as a seller do we have to refund the postage costs when people change their mind and return a product? we cannot get our money back from the courier. If this happened on 10 items per day we would be out of a job. I really hate their buyer favoured rules that leave sellers open to abuse and fraud at no cost to ebay themselves…….

  3. Its wrong that someone can send you there info and you get in trouble ? someone just asked me for my number i said sorry i can not give it out. they then went and sent me there number I DID NOT WANT IT OR ASK FOR IT . I agree with ebay 100% that if you sell on ebay you must pay ALL the fees.and that's right.

  4. It's completelt within the rules to point someone to your business seller information… I've checked this on numerous conversations with eBay members of staff who deal with this stupid policy – Otherwise what the hell is the point in having it there. If anyone ever asks for an address, and you're a business seller, simply say " please refer to our business seller information" problem solved.. eBay cannot stop you from doing this.

  5. Ive been selling on Ebay for over 10 years and they have had thousands and thousands of pounds in fees and final value fees. Ebay has slowly but surely lost its way and I feel its no longer a place for small businesses to sell as Ebay has become far to greedy and treats us like were multi million pound companies with massive buying power and hugely discounted postage contracts. I am now beginning to move all my business away from ebay and over the next couple of years plan to finish selling with them. I am more than happy to pay the fees but ebay are treating all its customers like they don't need us as much as we need them. many of our customers ring to discuss if the parts we have listed will fit there car and when we have confirmed fitment they generally go on to hit the buy it now. All these policies will do is encourage buyers to make even more errors in buying and just take advantage of the ability to return items at the sellers cost. Fingers crossed another company will soon arrive on the scene and blow ebay out of the water as they have had it all there own way for far to long! Disappointing and greedy company to deal with nowadays.

  6. You tell your buyers to add our contact information in the business information section hidden below the listings hidden in a dropdown menu, and we are not alloud to point to the contact section to our buyers, this only makes buyers feel as if the seller is less trustworthy.

    I've spent the last 3 months removing contact numbers and changing images on hundreds of listings 1 by 1, I've been selling on eBay for the last 8 years as a full-time business and i no longer feel as if eBay cares for there sellers, i understand they are trying to up their reputation in terms of protection on the site but they do not care about the sellers anymore.

    I am trying to shift away from eBay now as a result of all the new policies and restrictions, support for sellers is appalling.

  7. ebay isn’t run by people who understand small business as they have ridiculous features such as promote your listing for a 25% final value fee who the hell has a 25% margin to give away after Paypal fees and all of he other cost of doing business??? ebay is detached from reality and I don’t mean to be rude either but they haven’t got the sharpest knives in the call centre when you need to call them…start thinking about the sellers ebay because you are going to end up losing us because of greed!!

  8. Just one more thing…instead of trying to work out how to squeeze more money out of sellers why don't you spend some of the £1.3 billion pounds you made last year and sort out that diabolical thing you call an app on iPad. I don't think anyone from ebay has tried listing on that piece of crap..

  9. eBay, another self inflicted wound. Just when will you realise that this is a case of "biting off the hand that feeds you" Total absurdity ill thought out stupidity !

  10. I had my Ebay account closed a few weeks ago for sending someone my phone number!! They were too lazy to look at my Business Seller information. Ebay will not reinstate my account. I have sold hundreds of thousands of pounds of products on Ebay, and paid them tens of thousands of pounds in fees. It doesn't mean anything as I broke their new (for 2017) rules. For 15 years I have used Ebay and now I have been banned! They are cutting off the hand that feeds them……… They used to charge for listings and now give listings out for free, this is why they do not make as much money as they'd like. Someone high up in Ebay has made a major Policy error here, and it will be interesting to see what happens with Shpock, Facebook and other similar selling platforms where people are free to pass information. I sell £5000 to £25,000 items. People want to come and look at them before committing to purchase. They are NOT going to press Buy it Now without speaking to me. Would you??

  11. how long will it be before ebay realise they have made a massive mistake by stoping business sellers from communicating with potential buyers, this will effect a lot of businesses on ebay as it already has mine!!!!!. time to look elsewhere me thinks!!

  12. Can anyone from Ebay see a potential problem with this new policy?…

    Potential Buyer: "Dear Seller, I'm about to buy the Flat Screen TV you've got for sale for £499, but before I commit to buy it, I need a few things explaining to me as I'm useless with technology. Please could you send me your phone number so I can give you a call."

    Seller: "Dear Buyer, I can only send you my phone number, once you have committed to buy the TV. Please pay the £499 and then you can have my phone number."

  13. I'm still a great adversary of promoting eBay. And "promoting" is the word. We spend a hell of a lot of time designing our listing to a degree of exceptional proportions. Great picture, great titles, designer templates, descriptions and detailed listing descriptions…eBay also want our listing promoted on the site too. Im fine with taking my email out of the listing description. However i only sell on eBay so it doesn't really bother me in the sense i don't have my own website and as such my customers base are on eBay alone. But my phone number is something that my customers use on a daily basis. I recently spoke to several agents at eBay raising this issue and will continue to give them my feedback as we take on this change to the site. I have found that for me communication is Key between eBay and its sellers as can be seen in contact eBay. BUT shouldn't this be the same for its Seller/buyer interaction and let sellers put there numbers into listing? I fully understand that eBay are a business and no business starts its platform for people to sell outside. And we all know this happens. So it may be a bigger problem for eBay than we know. eBay for sure will have thought long and hard about this decision and maybe it will make the site safer. There will always be away round this for those sellers abusing the system to sell outside. ( too many loopholes ). I cant help feeling they have put a noose around the neck of communication with our/eBay buyers and sellers necks, that is tightly squeezing any personal touch with just chatting to our/eBay valued customer base……………. Only time will tell if this is a good idea and if it isn't then things may change again. The ever evolving eBay.

  14. I wanted to buy a used leather sofa so I asked eBay "how do I know what sofa to buy if I don't know where it is to be collected from & can't get to see it or test it before purchase" I was told that I could not ask for the post code & that I must pay for the sofa & then ask questions… if it's too far away to request a cancellation & wait up to 21 days for a refund if the seller refuses to refund immediately. This is utterly insane way to shop. How can eBay lose money by me knowing the postcode without the house number? eBay you need to see a psychiatrist about your paranoia.

  15. The general consensus here is pretty clear. Ebay are loosing the plot and really causing dissolution from their own customer. I remember when ebay was fun and exciting to use but now it is just corporate greed and making itself just too expensive to be viable for many of us.
    I'm trying to sell expensive items (sometimes several thousands of ££s) but with a very low margin. Ebay selling fees mean they make far more from the sale than I do.

  16. I notice that nowhere in any of the three videos whilst talking about avoiding fees do they say they will be dropping the fee's once this is all in place. Like many sellers I have no problem with Ebay charging a fee but not at 12% + I want to avoid them every sale I can! I think about 8% which is about what they charged when I first started was about right.
    Ebay you have lost sight of the reason Ebay was created!
    Facebook add have worked very well for me and they have no problem with me giving my number out, my website of my inside leg measurement.
    Get a grip Ebay it's cold here with the shirt off of my back!!!

  17. Thank you all for watching our videos. We hope you found them informative and we’ve made a note of your comments.
    To read more about the policy, please go to https://pages.ebay.co.uk/help/policies/rfe-spam-non-ebay-sale.html 
    Please make you subscribe to our YouTube and enable notifications so you’re notified whenever we upload new videos. 
    And why not join us in the eBay Community? You can get help with questions and talk to other eBay sellers in the UK: https://community.ebay.co.uk/

  18. why don’t eBay as a company have a policy of paying the correct taxes it owes instead of going out of its way to circumvent paying what it morally owes.

  19. What a disgrace ebay has become ive been selling over 20 years and paid them a fortune in fees and ready to drop everything don't let you advertise your site name to distinguish yourself from others ripping you off- But they are allowed to pay for advertising on your listing and getting paid loads- promoted listing another money making scam
    I have to send my items out free postage so i keep my top rated seller logo
    Not looking out for sellers All about making money on them !

  20. First of all I do agree with this as it drives me mad people sending us silly offers and asking to tried off site. But its been rushed and is full of holes.
    Just wanted to add a few points to this post. 1. The contact info is still visible in a sellers business information by law D.S.R.s . 2. Customers like seeing a phone number it makes the listing look legitimate and shows its a company you can contact. 3. How are you going to police linked YouTube videos as you have no control over YouTube. 4. eBay has no clue as to running a small company with this wasting more of our time redoing all our listings for a 2nd time in 2 years.. 5. Why can we not promote our Facebook pages as it works the other way and promotes my eBay shop? 6.You start trying to enforce by flagging people up who have paid for an item. It wasted over 2 hours of our time only for you to say you got it wrong.
    Good idea but needs a lot more work and some common seance.

  21. I sell furniture on ebay, I need to discuss things with the buyer prior to them clicking buy it now. For example I had a buyer click BIN on a 4 seater sofa. I sent him a message asking for him to call me to discuss delivery access, it took him a week to call. Meanwhile my listing is not active for a week, while I wait for him to call. After a 10 minute discussion we concluded that the sofa would not be able to turn in his hall way. I then had to cancel the sale and relist. This happens regulary and is generating more cancellations than actual sales. Previously In my listing description, I would state that no offers would be accepted without prior discussion. Now I have to accept the bid and then wait to discuss it, whereas before I would accept offers off people who could actually buy. No doubt soon I will be getting a warning about cancelling so many sales.

  22. If Facebook ever implements an auction platform, eBay is screwed. I have noticed a lot of live stream auctions these days within eBay groups.

  23. I use ebay both privately and at work. Privately I will not buy from anyone who I can't contact and on a business level due to nature of our product, and dependant on the potential customers ability to actually know what they want we have been reluctant to list our products. We have now listed both samples and items but this works against the customer as we have to increase the product price to cover fees. Once we have established our business we probably won't use ebay to sell so customers can get a better price. If fees were more reasonable people wouldn't try so hard to circuvent the system and after all Ebay has already established its self as 'the' selling and buying platform and making a fortune..

  24. Promote your listings fee even for a 5% final value fee on top of the 9% final value fee plus insertion fee. That is way too much, who has a 30% margin to give away after paying for shipping, PayPal fees and all of the other cost of doing business.
    They might as well call it feeBay.

  25. Promote your listings fee even for a 5% final value fee on top of the 9% final value fee plus insertion fee. That is way too much, who has a 30% margin to give away after paying for shipping, PayPal fees and all of the other cost of doing business.
    They might as well call it feeBay.

  26. We all are obliged to provide info on about our business- name, phone etc. but you`re saying that we should not tell peoples where to find information about it? So you`re actually telling us to break the law? Am I right?

  27. I think the consensus here is that eBay is well within its rights to want to make money by charging a fee for "showcasing" our products & services. The issue is much of what is being advocated is drastically reducing the level of customer engagement which in turn will always reduce the potential for a sale. Getting a customer to bid (or similar) simply to allow a dialogue about the specifics of a product, in particular one that is used, is really really unhelpful. We've recently dipped our toe in the water to see how this might work and the time & effort involved in a) compliance b) checking & rechecking what can/can't be said in eBay messages c) the need to hide the credentials of our business d) the need to write everything rather than address a question with what could potentially have been a very quick phone-call, are all negatives. Effectively these are also unnecessary overheads that as a small business we could do without. Add to that the fact that we have then been charged almost 15% in eBay fees for the listing/sale and then a further 4.5% to put the transaction through PayPal and I think that as many others are saying, it's clear that you have lost your way/lost touch, with what is reasonable. It's very unlikely we'll be back to sell again until such time as the whole process is more equitable. We'll focus on other more customer oriented channels to market.

  28. Why is there not a genuine complaint body for sellers on
    Ebay,  as always the buyer has the upper hand and sellers are never listened to.
    We always get the raw end of the deal. I agree with all the other posts. It’s a
    shame that Ebay will not be bothered to read these comments either.  I have been a seller for over 10 years now, always bending backwards to keep my 100 % and did so for 10 years, Until one day I could not be ask to bend that little further, I almost broke my back doing so. Some
    of the customer clientel are Chrass, Rude and have no manners, holding us to ransom
    with threatening our ratingS. Regardless to say I am no longer at 100%
    You are always moving the goal post with us sellers, Last year I paid someone to change all the unsecure content from my Ebay shop, it was then sorted, and once again 6 months later the
    rules have change, and all my listings have once again unsecure content. This is all because you are linked with Chrome. They will not allow any changes or searches without blocking. So now on Google I am unsure, But on Internet Explorer, and any other search engine I’M FINE…GO FIGURE!

  29. Last time I checked (i minute ago), the advice for buying a car on Ebay was "Be wary of listings on other online sites that promise eBay purchase protection for vehicles. The eBay Money Back Guarantee does not extend to vehicles so we recommend reviewing all of the information about the vehicle and, if possible, viewing it before you buy." Care to advise how someone views a vehicle before buying it if the seller can't advise contact details…….?

  30. I bought a drill bit that I needed to use that night for the buy now asking price of £20. There was never an attempt to fiddle any monies from E-BAY. I paid the asking price, cash on collection after making sure that the bit was the right one for the job, After a sale of that sort I feel that it is the buyer's duty to declare any sales and pay the appropriate fee,s.

  31. i never gave my full address. all i gave was my zip for cheaper shipping rate. i didn't know i couldn't just give a zip code alone. crap

  32. Maybe someone reading this could give me some advise.I just started selling on eBay, don’t own a printer, and have been getting my addresses from PayPal. After hearing this video, I now find “that’s against the rules”.What do you suggest, besides buying a printer, until my sales warrant that?Thank You for any helpful information.

  33. It is never a good idea to have background music behind a speaker giving information. It's distracting, and muddies the voice and the message.

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