Pine mushroom foraging, with a spear!

Yes that is a spear
it is a real, authentic hunting spear actually
it was a gift from a friend
why am I carrying it?
because I can
when else
will I get to carry
a spear in real life
and no, I normally use it as a hiking stick
I am only carrying it this way for the video
I was going for that video game look where the knife or sword is out in front of you
yeah that was a rotten one
they can be tough to pull out sometimes
it is just a mushroom in the ground
but you don’t want to break the cap right off
so you try to get your fingers down in there
and pull the stock out
that one was ok
I should have held the spear a little more sideways
I was using a gimbal here
and the super stabilization
on the GoPro hero 7
but when you are
walking around in the woods
carrying stuff
and you put the video on
4x the speed
it is just quite bouncy and choppy
and it is too bad
I was hoping for a much more smooth video
this is my second time
in this area this year
before it was at the end of August
now a whole bunch more of these
have come out
look at the size of that
this is the kind of spot you want to find
look at the size of that
that is a big mushroom
it doesn’t look like much
but it weighs
it feels like 40lbs
and when you’re carrying it uphill
and you are out of shape
it feels a lot heavier
it is taking forever
this road feels like the hill
that never ends
I have been trudging up this thing
for a good 30 minutes
I had to stop looking at the hillside as I walked
because I keep spotting them up there
I keep seeing
not just like one or two
but I am finding clusters of 5 and 6 mushrooms at a time
so many mushrooms this year
I don’t think I have ever quite
picked this many
a bunch of caulifowers there
this one here is called an Albatrellus
it has got a bluish tint to it so
I call it the blue albatrellus
we don’t like the brown ones so much
it doesn’t taste so good
even at today’s prices of
$6 a pound
all this here could be
worth like
Not that I am selling it
I am going to bring this to a friend
who is going to show me how
to jar it
we’ve got tons left at the bottom of our fridge
and there is tons left out
in the woods
and I intend to get back out there
Oh sweet
that is a ton of Pines
oh cauliflowers yay
Josh went mushroom picking
and he got like a ton of Pines
are you going to take any in?
I was exhausted carrying those back. I didn’t even
reach my destination
I got half way
to where I intended to go
and this was about all I could carry back
well you should have taken my back pack
you’re going to help me eat them?
Ummmmmmm Nope
Mommy can

4 thoughts on “Pine mushroom foraging, with a spear!

  1. Must you be so entertaining lol! You look like a mushroom caveman with that spear😆 Some of them mushrooms were huge!

  2. "Why am I carrying a spear? Because I can" 😂😂🤣 LOL that gave me a gooood laugh! I haven't been mushroom hunting since I was a little girl -Addie

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