People Are Making Big Money Kicking Detroit Residents Out Of Their Homes (HBO)

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100 thoughts on “People Are Making Big Money Kicking Detroit Residents Out Of Their Homes (HBO)

  1. VICE News followed this year’s tax foreclosure auction and investigated how the county financially benefits from the process.
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  2. This completely breaks my heart. This is just not right. I wish I had money. I would help the people in foreclosure immediately 💔🙏

  3. these people are scum bags and they are leeches to the poor. too bad they don't have any clue whats about to happen to their so called empire! HAHAHAHAHAHA,,,,we r the shiners!!! the year 2020 will reveal so much both good and evil. understand that 2020 is a very significant and important number if u have any knowledge of numerical magik. Great tribulation is coming for all and no one rich or poor shall escape the wrath. We r shiners ! We have arrived!

  4. Nice… he drives an Audi and buys from unemployed automotive employees and or the companies that survived off them. That frustrates me more than anything.

  5. I don't know much about this stuff, but isn't Detroit a Democrat city? Those dems LOVE to over tax people…… even going against the friggen constitution.

  6. This is nothing. If you're on medicaid and you own a home, and need to eventually live in a nursing home because of illness, the State will put a lien on your house to repay the costs. All 52 States are required by the federal government to do this. This is because the feds only pay 50% of the cost of care in a nursing home, so they need to recover the rest. This program is called Medicaid Estate Recovery.

  7. I'm from Detroit, and this is sad too see. There is so much good in Detroit, and good in the city. This is so sad 🙁 Most of the rent around this place and in Ohio (where I am currently) is on average 400-700/mo, if anyone is curious. I know many were commenting.

  8. Note ….
    This a predatory land grab of the black community in Detroit, take note of "whom" them white folks have doing their dirty work….?

  9. It takes the initiative from buying a home as well as land. Home ownership is nothing but renting. Until this system changes you are better off renting a apartment.

  10. Buying a house in America is a fuckn joke!! You buy a house paid it off and still gotta pay high taxes smh🤔🤔🤔 and if u don't the bank foreclose your house

  11. This is exactly why reparations is so so important to us. And i cannot stress it enough. Black world please join me in this thought process and begin to let it sink in very quickly, because we really don't have the time to be playing around

  12. Nearly half a billion in delinquent tax revenue smh. They collected half a billion from kicking poor people out of their homes. This is a racket with a government stamp of approval on it…

  13. She owed 25k in back taxes… her house was sold for 3k. She still owe 22k in back taxes? This is BS. 310 homes for 2 million. WTF

  14. This is very sad but that lady bought a house for $3,000 she was better off renting instead of buying  a house with the insane taxes. She bought a house with income of $2,000 a month it was to expensive for her from day one.

  15. There’s no morality when it comes to the law take one problem and profit from it by creating an even bigger issue sad

  16. She paid $3952 for a house outright. LOL. Pay the damn taxes. You wont get a better deal elsewhere.

    Also, how high is property tax in Detroit???

  17. Criminals !😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Devil's !!!!!! Desrtution of America ! Accounting , scribes, and evil doer's !!!!!😞😞😞😞😞 Satanic, by nature !!!! 😆😆😆😆33

  18. This is only half of the story it's just meant to piss people off if you heard the whole truth you would see there's reason in this madness

  19. Property tax is the value of the home not how much you pay for it. You might buy a home for 10,000 and the value of the house is 100,000. You would pay the tax on 100,000 not 10,000. I am not a home owner but I understand what a property tax.

  20. She is not an owner. She is a renter. Did she ever consider paying taxes to pick up her garbage, plow her streets and police those crime riddled streets? Or was $3,000 for the house good enough for life?

  21. How can anybody live in that shithole city. Its Hell on Earth. On top of that all the residents have to pay income tax. They withhold it from your paycheck

  22. Wait…. she was taxed at ten times??? Lets do some basic 2nd grade math. She paid 3k for the house that was taxed at 10 times, making it taxed at 30k?? Cheap by any standard. 23k had accumulated. She didn't pay her property taxes for 8 years, that comes out to 2,875 per year. Much of this is interest & late fees. The narrator makes it out to be a city being oppressive to the home owner, but the narrator can't do simple math. How about setting aside $200 per month to pay your friggin' taxes at the end of the year! How about asking these people if they know what it means to take responsibility. The mother she's taking care of? She is probably on disability & this helps lower your annual taxes! You can also get money from the state for taking care of a person who has disabilities. This is such a lame report.

  23. These crooks still robbing and genociding our people for this land!!! Pay a day is here bitches!!!

    My YHWH(Yah) is coming He's coming soon!!! and

  24. So now they are stealing Detroit!!!

    My YHWH(Yah) is coming He's coming soon!!! and

  25. We will never own our homes 🏡 and land in America. We literally pay taxes for everything!!!! Don’t pay your taxes and see how fast it will all be gone. It’s sad 😔 but this is America

  26. So the County prefers having empy abandoned houses for a little bit of cash instead of having people living there for free just to take care of their homes and hoods? Look how many rotten houses all over the city! So stupid!

  27. i feel vice is trying very hard to steer the viewers in a irresponsible way. after all of the excuses, taxes are due and an obligation. you can't just not pay 1200 dollars a year(which is way way way below monthly payment for rent of equal value housing already), and expect not to have any consequences at all. it's 1200 a year tax, get your shit together and not make any excuses

  28. So, let me research the benefit of these money makers, making their money, yet, turning it around, and reselling at a reasonable cost, on contract, to tenants that are capable of affording it. That way, slowly, more homes would be owned by home-steaders/ home-roots people and the population will grow and replenish. Currently, the method being used here, is complete GREED, and will only produce further abandonment of Detroit.

  29. It is ridiculous the way people treat others not thinking of their need to make it in life, Maybe not good enough for those behind this damned scene… Until something like this happens to the ones who commit this type of "crime" is my opinion. God can make it all go away and expose the monsters for who they are. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Your love and worship of money will definitely end you.

  30. Yo how could someone learn about foreclosed homes and government seizures.other than working for the can somebody just drive around with foreclosing intentions.thats criminal intentions if you profile someone by there living status and home address.ijs?

  31. These is what happens when you give to much power to the govement. They start controlling prices, these destabilizes the economy and when they ran out of money the government turns on you eating your investments and freedoms away.

  32. The world rides on the backs of America keep chopping away and when it falls do not cry at your bloody faces. GREED/LIE leads to Zero.

  33. You better watch out
    You better not cry
    You better not pout
    I'm telling you why

    Santa Claus is coming to town

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  34. These people need to be publicly executed. Absolutely and their families too. This is why we have the 2nd amendment. Total and absolute evil. One person got his house seized because he owed $8.41. This like the Nazis, Russians, and other evil. The courts are corrupt if they let this go on. If they don't see this, execute them too. No exceptions, no compassion, execute them now.

  35. I still don't really understand why we have to pay taxes on property you already own. After you payed taxes to initially purchase the home. They tax us for everything. It's robbery to me. Politics is economics

  36. So she bought a house for $4000 in 2009,
    Eight years later she owes $23,000.
    Tax is based on the equalized value of the home , not because you paid 4000 and got a hell of a deal.
    Sorry I can’t feel sorry for someone that paid $1000 in taxes in eight years.
    That’s why they have no city services .
    No one wants to pay taxes.

  37. এমন আচোদা দেশের চাইতে হাজার গুনে ভালো আছি বাংলাদেশে। 🇧🇩

  38. she paid $3,000 for the house which is assessed at $30,000 and can't even pay the property tax on it? how can people get something for practically nothing and still not be able to make it work?

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