[ Pen turning ] Snake wood fountain pen / Silver, Gold, Americana pen kit

The main material of the fountain pen resembles a snake pattern
It’s Snake Wood. Inserted inside of fountain pen
A thin pipe made of brass. Mark the body of the pen with the barrel. In order to bond the brass tube and wood more firmly,
Gives a rough scratch Polyurethane glue is in process
Because of the swelling nature, You do not have to apply too much. Just apply it carefully and well. Through alloy (melting), forging, rolling
Sterling silver (92.5%) prepared in advance. Solder to make a pipe shape. Pure gold is about the thickness of a piece of paper.
Natural tearing is more nice. The gold department of the size of the postcard is about 3-4 g …
That’s the thickness. Potassium sulfide coloring (dyeing) depends on the amount of potassium sulfide,
The working time depends on the water temperature. About 30 seconds to 1 minute is appropriate. Sanding sequentially from # 180 to # 1000. Assemble and complete all parts.

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  2. Another wonderful creation.Looking forward to the next one as always.Could you list your tool and materials suppliers if it's not too much trouble?

  3. 정말 위대합니다 선생 저는 이런채널이 있는지 정말로 몰랐습니다 정말 엄청남니다 선생 이 영상들을 많은 사람들이 봤으면 좋겠습니다.

  4. What no CA (Crazy Glue) finish lol Very beautiful and great job making it as well!!
    Enjoyed your video and gave it a Thumbs Up

  5. It looks amazing!!! I was wondering were do you get the end parts, do you make them off cam or do you buy them from a different company??

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