PayPal voted best place to work in Omaha

OMAHA CHAMBER’ TODAY NAMED ‘PAYPAL’ ITS CORPORATE CITIZEN OF THE YEAR– RECOGNIZING THE COMPANY’S COMMITMENT TO HELP THE COMMUNITY. PAYPAL IS ALREADY KNOWN AS ONE OF THE BEST PLACES TO WORK IN THE METRO.. AND IT’S SHARING ITS SECRET TONIGHT. ONLY ON SEVEN..KETV NEWSWATCH SEVEN’S DAVID EARL GETS EXCLUSIVE ACCESS INSIDE PAY PAL. ALONG INTERSTATE 80 IN LA VISTA– DAY AFTER DAY, 24-7… ON-LINE PAYMENTS ARE SAILING THROUGH PAY PAL’S GLOBAL CUSTOMER OPERATIONS CENTER. PAY PAL HAS FOUND GOLD, HELPING YOU BUY AND SELL ON THE INTERNET– ACTING AS A SECURE ‘MIDDLE MAN’ FOR ON-LINE TRANSACTIONS FROM ONE E-MAIL ACCOUNT TO ANOTHER. (linda dugan: whether they’re local, domestic international we service them here.) MEET LINDA DUGAN — VICE PRESIDENT OF OPERATIONS. SHE’S IN CHARGE OF A WORKFORCE WHERE HAPPY PEOPLE MEAN HAPPY year we ask our team members, what do you want. And we listen.) ARCADE GAMES? DONE. A GYM? NO company takes a lot of time and puts a lot of thought in the investment they make in the employee SIT-DOWN WITH STEVE WALLACE IN THE LUNCH ROOM, AND HE’LL TELL YOU WHY PAY-PAL IS VOTED THE BEST PLACE TO WORK. Steve Wallace: We’re very big about diversity and folks can bring who they are– they’re full self every day– that’s what drew me to THAT’S WHY PAYPAL HAS AN ART GALLERY FOR PARENTS TO SHOW-OFF THEIR KIDS PAINTINGS.. FLEXIBLE SCHEDULES. FOUR WEEKS PAID SABBATICAL — ON TOP OF VACATION. PAY PAL PAYS AS MUCH ATTENTION TO THE INVESTMENT IT MAKES IN ITS EMPLOYEES — AS IT DOES THOSE MILLIONS OF TRANSACTIONS IT’S SENDING FROM ONE CLIENT TO ANOTHER.(steve wallace: the sky’s the limit for what you can do here.) BUT NONE OF IT WOULD BE POSSIBLE WITHOUT A SMALL TOWN OUT WEST.(linda dugan: Years ago, one of the original founders of paypal had a sister who worked in Ceresco Nebraska.) AS A STARTUP — PAYPAL NEEDED HELP WITH EMAIL. THE SISTER HAD SOME FRIENDS WHO COULD DO THE JOB…SO SHE CALLED THEM UP. (linda dugan: they were so successful and they had such great work ethic when they said we need to build a site, we need to create more jobs … they chose Omaha.) SOME OF THOSE WOMEN STILL WORK FOR PAYPAL. LAYING THE ROOTS OF A GLOBAL COMPANY RIGHT HERE IN THE MIDWEST.(steve wallace: we opened a center in dublin. And when we opened a center in shanghai. A lot of us here in Omaha were fortunate enough to go and open those centers and travel around the world.) (linda dugan: they helped found this.What does that show to you? That they believe. They believe and want to be part of something unique and different.) UNIQUE DIFFERENT AND THE FUTURE OF HOW WE ALL WILL PAY IN LA VISTA — DAVID EARL — KETV NEWSWATCH SEVEN. THE GREATER OMAHA CHAMBER TODAY APPLAUDED PAYPAL EMPLOYEES FOR COLLECTING 17- THOUSAND POUNDS OF FOOD FOR THE FODO BANK.. AND SUPPORTING 43 NON PROFITS IN OUR COMMUNITY BY RAISING NEARLY 60-THOUSAND DOLLARS .

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