Pay via YouTube? The new marketing opportunities in Google-PayPal tie-up – Digital Minute 30/05/18

Hello! I’m Paul and on this Digital Minute, we’re looking at how Google’s partnership with PayPal could change the shape of mobile payments. Google and PayPal have formed a new partnership that would make it easier for consumers to make purchases through services such as Gmail, Google Store and even YouTube. The partnership could, for example, allow a user to watch an instructional “how to” video on YouTube and then easily, with just the click of the button, purchase the tools or materials that were featured in that video. By allowing users to more easily link their Google Pay and PayPal accounts, the two companies are looking at how they can streamline the payment process for the user, help ecommerce brands to monetise their content, and take on the slick check-out processes offered by the likes of Amazon. The integration, which will also allow for peer-to-peer payments, goes live later in the year and it has the potential to really open up new content marketing opportunities for ecommerce brands. We’ve explored just what some of those could be over on our blog. Thanks for watching, I’m Paul Revely, and that was your Digital Minute.

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