Pawn Stars: Ancient Chinese Currency Could Be the Real Deal (Season 13) | History

100 thoughts on “Pawn Stars: Ancient Chinese Currency Could Be the Real Deal (Season 13) | History

  1. The expert must be well liked as a professor at the college. He is very well educated in history, he is very into his work, smiles alot, cracks jokes, just a awesome instructor with intense knowledge.

  2. i have currency that is over 700 years old that is still minty white. Meanwhile my amazing spiderman comic from the 60s has turned a tan yellow.

  3. The Chinese demonstrated the most successful use of fiat currency in history, lasting for four hundred years. No other nation has been able to match that!

  4. These are not that rare. In 1900, some European soldiers, who had been sent to China to restore peace during the Boxer Rebellion but who were instead ransacking the imperial Summer Palace, discovered a large quantity of these notes under an overturned statue of Buddha. (An entire bale of one kwan Ming dynasty notes would be discovered in 1936, hidden in an old wall outside of Beijing.) With very few exceptions, these are the oldest examples of paper money known to have survived. However, there are a lot of them, and the last time I checked they went for around 1,500 each in good condition.

  5. I can't belive I'm the only one that saw that mistake. At 1:02 he says he wants $12.500 and it comes up on the screen as $21.250???? Hahhaa what?

  6. I collect modern American currency. I have gotten most of mine from family members during birthdays and working my job.

  7. Whoever comes up with the titles for these videos is a moron because before even watching the video I can tell it's going to be fake because the only time that they put the fact that the item could be real is when it's going to be fake

  8. I'm a Chinese who have visited many museums. It's not too hard,even for non-experts like me, to tell it's a fake. Just way too clean and intact.

  9. Well, fakes are made all the time in China. Some fakes themselves are antiques too because they were made say 200 years ago.

  10. Wish he was my professor. He's so stylish and excited explaining about a bunch of uninteresting fake ancient paper. I love when people teach others about their field with enthusiasm and passion and not just by the book.

  11. I bet Sherlock doesn't even wanna dress like that but does so because he thinks people only take his expertise seriously if he looks like a colonialist, the same way a homeless person wouldn't dress nice in order to convince people he needs money….

  12. Old paper turn yellow after some years, you can see them in China national museum. This is way to white and clean to be 700 years old.

  13. 00.25 , Rick starts explaining that governments print too much money and as an American doesn`t realise that this is what America is doing now . Get ready USA Hyperinflation is just around the corner

  14. Let me call my buddie that works down the street at the currency exchange, I mean he deals with this kind of stuff on the daily

  15. You gotta love it when the guy confessed that he hasn't been collecting long and yet he still tries to argue the toss with a professional who's based their entire career around this exact thing.


  16. What I hate about this show is that's not how a Pawnbroker work and yes I know because I am one and been doing it my whole life since I grew up in one. Pawnbrokers don't call in people like this pretender does. This drives me crazy

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