Pawn Stars: 3 Coins That Cost a Lot | History

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  1. Customer -"Hi Rick, I have here one of the most important artifacts in history dating back 3,700 years…the basket Moses was placed in as an infant in the Nile" : Rick – "Due to the water damage I'll give you ten bucks for it"

  2. The guy that got 500 for the silver coin was on the show before. He got 110,000 for solid silver bars. The show is staged with actors. He sounds desperate for 500 bucks after getting 110,000..

  3. Person has gun to Rick's head.
    " for 10 bucks I can let you go "
    Rick " best I can do is 5 and I'm losing money on this "

  4. When you put your pee pee in a Jamaican you then are able to sing “Mr Boombostic very fantastic catch me in my groove”

  5. 4:34 I mean don't give me wrong people, but you know that you gonna shoot an episode, can't you do your nails? Wtf and its dirty :/ I just don't get it

  6. @4:08 Talks for
    20 hour on why coin exist and the detailed significance and history of the coin and why it’s rare, customer responds “ok”.

  7. Rick always goes 50% below unless it's something he may personally use. To be fair on the coin guy….The expert Rick called in made the value go up. However, can you sell that to hour computer? You mad bro?

  8. Im taking all the Risk? Wtf rick its a coin!! what gona happen.. you gona complain you have handle storage space for it aswell?

  9. Corey would not have a job if it wasn't for his dad. He is extremely rude and has no people skills. He's seems like a very sad person.

  10. That byzantine gold stuff is undervalued. Ive bought and sold some of it and the most I've sold one for was around $900.
    Ancient gold should be worth more.
    I have one of those chop marked trade dollars. It has like 30 chop marks on it. Super cool piece. Haven't found another one with more.

  11. I've got literally the first coin ever made and documentation, also we can check it out in my time machine and see for yourself.

    I can give you like 30 bucks, and I'm taking a risk

  12. Most of these guys go straight to the casino with that money and it's gone within an hour

  13. 8 feckin grand!!???! That feeling when you hear 'I still have to send this off, make a presentation… I'm assuming all the risk here…..' 🙄🙄🙄

  14. I got a 1932 nickel with a picture of Bee Arthur giving a old fashion on the back i really want 40 grand for it but the least ill take is 20 bucks.

  15. I dont blame Rick, it's the costumers who r fools for not knowing or at least have done research of an item they selling

  16. anyone in comment section before commenting; as u know the whole show is scripted and experts are hired by show producers and rick and its squad spent 90% of time behind the office.
    Also show sells some merchandise related to pawn stars which they cleverly record not to show in any footage. so don't get upsets about negotiations skills.

  17. Pawn stars Ji Mary pas vedase coin Kacey hai sall Karna hai aap apna phone number jarur Dana paaleg Saar 9518657907 Mara nambar hai

  18. A gold coin touched by jesus should be pricless and in museums wtf.this dirt bag gets it.worlds screwed game s done

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