Pavlov VR Is COMEDY GOLD! – TTT Funny Moments

hey you can see that’s a strong drink [Music] what did you see that oh you’re almost how do we say it in French come on so bad [Music] all right we gotta round up everybody let’s round up everyone hey I saw that that’s okay though don’t worry about it I didn’t see anything oh come on come on hey wait look look come on your side let’s go hey guys guys he’s trying to trick me he was shooting at you wait wait Eddie were you it was hey civilian dance set it’s planting drugs on people be careful I mean coke that I drink oh wow he’s committed all right hey hey hey man fist bump fist bump let’s try force it let’s go all the other guys yes put your hand out eenie meenie miney moe catch a tiger by the tail what why I guess that saves time a little bit sorry hey where’s the kool-aid man yo yo yo what’s poppin we gotta get oh oh no there’s something going on over there oh god what’s happening greetings friend all right who’s up there hey man you know what to do you know what I don’t what this gun oh hey Eddie what’s up appreciate oh do you want that I want it cuz I need a drink I need a drink I can’t even get that alright well guess I’ll kill myself [Music] hey you can see that’s a strong drink [Music] kid I’m gonna go cry to my friends now alright where are they insulted me yes power don’t mess with him let’s buy everyone he’s like Oh Dee he’s like I would love the same I’m not suspicious at all where is where’s Eddie whoa Oh God what’s going on up there what is happening what did you see that oh my god I gotta find Eddie let me reload at least come on hey oh ha ha what’s you man what’s up how’s it going man where you left your Mexican friend I’m a Mexican I cannot find my Mexican friend he’s uh no she why is everyone tipos in here what’s all that about huh I don’t know that’s a default on them skins things you know Wow oh my God we’re like best friends we’re like best friends yeah say those guns here bro wait that’s a ladder don’t do not drop that man don’t drop it [Music] Hey look at us playing Minecraft dude oh look at you all sleek I can some Mexican music like [Laughter] come on come on look we’re playing Minecraft kids play this game all right yeah I think I know what happened to explain explain yourself explain I shot him are you happy oh come on hey Bo you want to go mine and bro I’m down here were you at dude oh oh man what’s up you don’t look like you don’t look like Steve no more I just need you to know something though yeah you’re my friend you’re my friend I need I need wait teach me some French though uh if you want to ask someone how they’re how are they doing today be like you know Bonjour like hello um c’mon Silva it’s pretty much saying the coward okay come on so far yeah what’s up man let’s see what’s going on see what’s going on the centre odd bonjour je m’appelle papa fear what’s up Lucia we gotta separate ourselves from these people and go mine in space in the nether where I know I’m not gonna get killed regardless of my orientation whether I decide to be alright the members of no firing zone uu fire done you get shot that’s yeah if you fire a single warning shot in the nether you’re dead okay all right guys to the nether shall we in French come on Jordan becoming a French [Music] hey you there’s no gun zone bro hey hey oh you shoot in the nether you good job Hey look at him sacrifice himself it wasn’t me oh my god hey anybody wanna go mining I’m gonna go build my house anybody wanna a I’m throwing a party in my minecraft house if you want to come join hey hey what are you doing in my minecraft house can you make Canyon hey party in the house party in my minecraft house let’s go yo we going back to go back to the nether what a party in the nether let’s go yeah party in the nether hey you over there party in the nether let’s go why did you kill does any who killed Eddie alright you know what I’m just gonna go oh okay I guess I can’t build a house yeah whoever’s the trip okay no one no one shoot let’s all be cool for a second on oh yeah hey guys oh cool thanks man appreciate it I have a scare tactic here Eddie alright well I’m up here now stand me man don’t worry about me you see me to worry alright where are they all right I got it yeah baby all those Cod days are paying on us Maddie what’s the plan what’s the plan you’re the commander hiding down there there is only one salute are now communist the plan here is that we take the battle to them we go to the nether and shoot oh god I fell everyone get it god I’m here man where’d you go I trust it Eddie it’s not what you think where’s e Oh God Eddie it’s not what you think Eddie I don’t want to kill you but I’m going to the ultimate standoff I didn’t want to do this what what oh come on no stupid special round oh my god Eddie Eddie [Applause] hello Eddie come on just kill us both let’s go come on just drop it I’m ready [Music]

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  1. Haha hahah just got back from school and saw this This is funny as heck and to the new people LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE! ?

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