Part time/ Full time Online jobs on FreeeUp 5$ to 35$/hr – Data Encoder, Web Dev, VA, Excel & More!

In this video, I’ll share full time online jobs where you can earn $3 upto $20 or more per hour. These are full time online jobs like data entry, social media manager, graphic design, web development, virtual assistant, and many more full-time online jobs waiting for you. Is it your first time to be here, do you want to earn extra income online? Click on the subscribe button and the bell to get notified for new uploads. The website for today is FreeeUp it’s a platform for freelancers But before we start, since you’re using my referral codes, and other websites too, I’ll give away to a lucky winner 500 pesos to your Paypal account or to your account. Like the video first and comment down your favorite celebrity in the Philippines. Winners will be drawn on March 21 in our Facebook group. Here in our channel, most of our uploads are only for free time online jobs just small amount of earning because they’re just for extra income online. But there are also viewers that want a full-time online job Home-based online jobs where they can earn fixed amount per month, per two weeks and per hour. Like $5, $10, and much more. Here’s a proof of payment from Freeeup, they’re really paying. Thanks to the person who provided this proof of payment. He doesn’t want to be named. FreeeUp been in business since October 2015. The marketplace Freeeup’s been up for quite long now. The best thing is it’s free to register on this website. Let’s go to pricing, these are the examples of how much they pay per hour. Depending on the skills that you can do but on this website, you can also set you own rate. And good thing about this website is your earnings per hour doesn’t have any deduction Their transaction fee is on top of what you’re earning. If you set $5 rate, you’ll get $5 per hour. In other platforms, they’ll deduct transaction fee from your $5 which will go to the platform. But here, transaction fee is on top you’ll get the whole $5 itself. I also noticed, in this platform, salaries are a bit higher compare to other platforms Like Data entry for $5 to $6 Normally on other platform it’s just for $3 And you’ll also see Excel, those who know Excel, who has experience with it, $5 to $20 depends on your expertise. Writing, like content creators, but there’s also for content creator here. Virtual assistants, $5 to $10 high There’s so much more. They also have transcriptions her for $5 to $8. That’s per hour. Ecommerce, for those who know dropshipping or those who can handle online shops. Like Amazon, Ebay, et cetera. There’s many more with high salaries especially for experts like those who really knows Amazon, ebay, you’ll see it’s for $20 to $35 per hour. There are also for customer service, those who are answering inquiries through voice. Digital Marketing, I know a lot of Filipinos who are working there Examples are social media manager, like me, I’m a blogger, social media managers are handling like Facebook group, or Facebook page of companies or even of small companies. I don’t have a manager so if you’re commenting or messaging I can’t reply sometimes, only on Youtube. But if I have a social media manager, I can assign him on my Facebook group, Instagram, And he’ll take care of my posts, pictures in my group, and reply to comments, that’s an example of social media manager. But it’s not limited to that, there’s much more, depending on what your client needs Content writer, blogger, I’m somewhere on that category. I can do that. I can earn $7 to $20, $8 to $10. It really depends. And I can still make that higher or lower I can set my own price per hour here. My hourly rate per hour. And much more on Digital Marketing If you know Facebook Ads, or you have experience there and AdWords You’ll also notice on the website they have mid level, low level, and also expert level The higher your expertise in one job, the higher you asking price for the hourly rate will be. Digital marketing also includes graphic designer, normally clients are asking for product designs in Amazon or for their online shops. And many more like company logo, website logo, and many more. Video editing, I can also work here for $10 to $20 per hour rate here is a bit high. SEO Experts, I am not that expert but I can do SEO in Youtube. By the way, they also have available jobs for web development. So, you’ll see on the comment section of our last video, a lot of you are applications and web developer. You can apply here on web development. WordPress, Woocommerce, Shopify, these are online shops, and many more. Like creating a website, Software and front-end development, the pay here is high $18 to $40 per hour and website design also has high salary $10 to $35 I personally need a web designer because my website Kumita Online PH is super simple and I’m not really good at web designing I will not enumerate all hourly rate you can view it in their website On pricing. Just to add, there are 2 payment options in FreeeUp Paypal and Payoneer. If you have a Payoneer account, that’s okay then. Also in Freeeup, pay is every week. You are paid every week for the hours that you billed the previous billing period on a 1 week delay. Here on skills if you scroll down, there’s much more. There’s a broad line for example with Data Entry, there are more branches to it. Like for Data Entry, there’s data entry for Google, documents, and Excel. There’s also copy and paste work researchers, and copy and paste, things like that It’s not just data entry it has sub categories. Research, there’s much more Lead generation, email marketing, email gathering, Email gathering are those who are looking for email addresses that I’m using and you’ll not see that and many more Just go here to skills and look for what you can do and what skill experience do you have If you scroll down, there’s much more they made it broader In the pricing, they’re just in general There are jobs that are looking for specific skills For example in blogging, it can be Youtube blogging, website blogging, so there’s a lot. and when you scroll down more, there’s much more here on live chat, it’s a bit easy if you have an experience there, try to apply it’s about answering chats like 24 hours chat support fow example there’s a problem with a website, or inquiring on their website, you’ll be answering their inquiries that’s how live chat works If you have an experience there, go ahead and apply on this very good job. What’s the difference of FreeeUp from other platforms? like Upwork, Freelancer, and many more? The differnnce is in Upwork, a lot of freelancers are already working there because it’s just easy to register you just need to feel up and you’re already registered. But most of the time your profile will not be approved because there’s a lot of the same skills that you have in Upwork what’s nice here on FreeeUp is there’s only a few of freelancers in the marketplace. there’s just about 800 freelancers in their marketplace Once you’re in FreeeUps’ marketplace, the higher chance that you’ll get a client because in FreeeUp, they are really filtering their applicants there are application stages I will make a part 2 for this video next week I’ll publish it guide on how you’ll apply and the application stages here in FreeeUp If you want to apply here in FreeeUp click on “Apply to be a freelancer” By the way guys, if you’ve already applied in FreeeUp and you want to thank me for helping you, just click on “refer from another freelancer” enter my name James Tristan Ruiz and according to them, they preferred the freelancers who are referred here in FreeeUp, you need to have an experience you should already know about the skills you’re applying so you can enter the marketplace this is not for beginners where they need to teach you this is not for you you should already know the how’s of what you’re applying to But of course, here in FreeeUp it’s free to register you don’t have to pay and you have nothing to loose Still try to register especially if you have related experience on where you’re applying like for our call center viewers who have experience in BPO or call centers if your skills are far with virtual assistant, you can still try for it’s free Also those who have their own websites, you can try web development so you can still try. This is for free. Also on their terms of use, or user agreement, this means that we are not FreeeUp’s employee or even of their client we freelancers, we are just selling our service to them We are not an employee of the client or FreeeUp. I’m not sure with other freelance platform if they also have the same rule. I will make a part 2 for this video About guide on how to apply here in FreeeUp Next week Wednesday If you want to see more videos like this online jobs and extra income online, click the subscribe button on top and click on the notification bell to get notified for new uploads Thank you for watching. See you next time.

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