One Piece Film: Gold – English Dub Overview/Review (SPOILER FREE)

I recently saw the One Piece Film: Gold and
as a fan of both the manga and the television series, I figured I’d give a comprehensive
overview and review of this latest foray into the One Piece franchise. Set in Gran Tesoro, a super large ship that’s
so large it’s recognized as an independent country chartered by the World Government,
pirates, marines and millionaires alike all gather here in absolute sanctuary to gamble
and try to win precious gold and fortune. You see, the Gran Tesoro is pretty much an
oversized casino, which is pretty much the allure for the Straw Hat Pirates. Luffy and the gang soon meet Gild Tesoro,
the golden emperor and overloard of the Gran Tesoro. He initially comes off as a very charming
individual, which soon gives way to is evil and sinister plans – pretty much everyone
in the Gran Tesoro is a slave and trying to work off their insurmountable debt from gambling. The question some might have is, if all the
individuals in the Gran Tesoro are slave, why not just try to escape? Well, the ship is brimming with Transponder
Snails – and the city is shrouded in gold dust and with Gild having the power of the
gold gold fruit, he can pretty much control and manipulate everyone on board. The film is fast-paced from beginning to the
climatic end. It was great how they managed to give each
of the main characters of the Straw Pirate gang equal footing and time to shine throughout
the film. Though I personally could’ve used more screen
time for Tony Tony Chopper – I mean, that character is just so damn Kawaii how could
you NOT want to see more?! Towards the end of the film, the story tries
to shoehorn in the main antagonist’s backstory – which felt too rushed and it’s obvious
it was an attempt to make you feel sympathy for the character. It would’ve made more sense to break something
like this up into parts for the television series, which I’m sure if this were chronicled
for the show we’d have a better understanding of why Gild Tesoro is the way he is and what
led him down this dark, gold-ridden path. Overall, the One Piece Film: Gold is a solid
stand-alone film that in no way effects the overall One Piece universe. The Straw Hat Pirates came into the city and
left, all intact. Don’t expect for any long-lasting scenes
to occur that might reverberate throughout the One Piece Universe. This film is a solid one-hitter that both
hardcore fans and casual fans will get a kick out of. Also, my favorite part of the film: TURLES!! I love turtles, and the constant mention of
turtle-powered boats and automobiles made me chuckle. Hell, the fact that they used owls as night
surveillance security was also a nice touch. The One Piece Gold film was truly golden – I
give it 5 gold stars … not that this movie needs any more gold. It has enough! Thank you guys for watching – hopefully
this review has helped you shape your own thoughts on the One Piece Film: Gold. Id’ love to know your thoughts on the film
– do you plan on seeing it? Have ya seen it? What do you think about Gild Tesoro? Leave a comment down below. Thanks for watching and see you in the next
one. PEACE.

9 thoughts on “One Piece Film: Gold – English Dub Overview/Review (SPOILER FREE)


  2. I think the reason the flashback wasn't the length of something you wound read in the manga or watch in the anime standard was to avoid drag in the movie. I think enough is shown to get the basic idea. I kind of saw it as him having painful flashes or brief reminders of his past. Like something deeply repressed bubbling up.

  3. Gild tesoro is a great villain tbh but the flashback make him seems like a good guy in the end he just didnt have the right Life

  4. ignoring that this isn't canon amusing points.

    Racing girl had GOD on her ass. (the ass of god!)

    something close to modern cars exist in one piece!

    500 Billion Berry is 20% of the worlds currency!

    Abalsam made a cameo! (scene where we see people inside eating and luffys arm stretching up past window)

    MAX said that sea prism stone is not effected by haki,weapons or devil fruit powers

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