*OMG* a COIN GLITCH which can make you RICH on PACYBITS 19… (FIFA 19 Pacybits 19)

there is another coin glitch on pacybits 19 pacybits 19 coin glitch

100 thoughts on “*OMG* a COIN GLITCH which can make you RICH on PACYBITS 19… (FIFA 19 Pacybits 19)

  1. BE SURE TO CHECK OUT PACY_VERSUS FOR FINDING THIS VARIATION OF THE ASSISTIVE TOUCH GLITCH! His Instagram is here – https://www.instagram.com/pacy_versus/?hl=en

  2. None of them really work this isn't a hate comment cause I love ur channel meelayy but when I try they never work

  3. I can't trade with friends when I click on there name and they click on mine it don't load and when we invite we join and then lags us out of it!!pls help someone

  4. Actually you could just use the home button is your on a iPhone 8 or below I have done that since beginning of March so….

  5. OMG, MEELAY I JUST GAVE YOU RAKITIC FOR YOUR 1 COIN VID, LYYYYYY but you never gave me my 10 million coins 💔

  6. Hmm,I don't really like this because this don't give you free coins or free cards,you can do this but you need another phone or a computer to do this,some people (like me) can't do this,also always you put this like "How to get free coins"but you did a lot of videos with this app.
    I am not a hater.

  7. Hey man found your channel about a month ago and you made me into pacybits aould love it if you would help me out with coins

  8. Hey anyone know if it still works bc I’ve been doing it a bunch and it suddenly hasn’t been working

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