OLIVIA NEEMT VLOG OVER IN DUBAI 😂Vlog 367 – Queen of Jet Lags

We’re going to the desert with Platinum Heritage! Olivia, what are we going to do today? We’re going to the desert today! I’m so excited! Me to! Welcome to a new vlog! It’s Wednesday today and we’re in Dubai O my god, Olivia is so twinning with me – Everything is looking so different here! Everything is looking so different here So we’re in Dubai right now and we’re having so much fun! We’re in the car on our way to a desert safari right now – No it’s a G car! Sorry we’re in a G car! And we’re going to a desert safari and this is absolutely the highlight of this trip for me We’re going to a birds show in the desert And we’re going to drive a Landrover without a roof So yeah, that’s the plan of today and tomorrow we’re also going to do so many cool things! So keep on watching! And what is also really cool is that you notice that everyone here is very involved with sustainability Instead of plastic bottles we there’s glass ones We all got this bag for the safari And what is that kind of bottle called again? – Can I have the camera? Oh Sander, Olivia would like to vlog for a little bit right now – Can I vlog now? Hey, we’re in Dubai! It’s really fun here But we’re leaving later – What else do you want to share? But we’re really in Dubai! – Anything else you want to tell everyone? There are cars here everywhere, look See? And you know? We all have our own bag with bottles in them But.. But.. But look! I’m wearing a belt.. .. and also a cushion, look! – They can’t see you like this, they can’t see your face You know? Oh I already know I think they can’t see one of my eyes Oh wait It’s on pause Oh look, it’s a lion Does this mean you can’t see my face? We’re getting closer to the desert Are you excited, Olivia? – Yes! What did we just see? – Camels! Camels, so cool! This is so cool! Can you place your foot on the car? – On here? Yes! So cool! So this is our car A classic Landrover, really nice! I wonder how long this car has been driving around in the desert I see the mom and dad! – Do you see the mom and dad? Yes! Look at this sunset So pretty We just watched the sunset, this is quite bumpy ride Goodbye sun! – Goodbye sun! And we’re going to have diner here in the desert right now! We just rode camels and drove through the desert with the jeep And now we arrived at the place where.. – Mommy, can you hold camel for me? Yes! Where we’re going to have dinner! I’m not sure what this place is called but I do know it smells great here – It smells amazing – Look at all these stewing pots Look, this is how you’re supposed to eat I do not eat meat so I’m going to have some bread – They also have soup They also have soup Look at that campfire, how nice With the tent behind it We just had a great dinner and we’re going to head back to the hotel right now This is what the tents look like from the inside, we had dinner in here. So much fun! We just arrived on our boat We’re going to go for a sail for two hours right now So we’re leaving the harbour from Dubai and than we’re going to Atlantis So let’s go check it all out! We’re leaving the harbour right now So over there you can see the skyline of Dubai Olivia is trying to climb out of the boat but that’s not really a good idea ofcourse Beautiful, but even more beautiful is this girl who’s on her phone – This is the first time I’m on my phone on the boat! This is crazy, right? – So pretty! The weather is so amazing! Fantastic! No joke, around 28, 29 degrees – Not dry nor muggy And here on the boat it’s super chill Really nice! I have to be honest, I’ve been coming here for around 20 years and it’s really overwhelming what kind of work has been done here It gives you a feeling like you’re so little This is so bizarre The amounts of work that have been done For example, here they are building a new Atlantis hotel Which is crazily big Really unimaginable Makes you think of how much energy it must have took to build this entire city Honestly so impressive. Unbelievable humans can actually do this. It does also give you hope This is ofcourse a luxurious destination But we can definitely conclude humans can literally move mountains We’re going to head back now We’re going to Atlantis which is a famous hotel so you might have heard about it before We’re going to an aquarium over there I think Olivia will love that And maybe we also will pay a quick visit to a water park And tonight, I’m so excited for this, we will go to the souks I’m super excited to go because those parts are a bit more ‘authentic’ than the new parts of Dubai I can’t wait to also show these parts of the city to Olivia And after that we have to pack again, but luckily we have a super exciting day in front of us! I’m going to take some Instagram pictures of Sander right now! Oh by the way, how cool is this sweater? I bought it vintage, I posted it on Instagram once and everyone kept asked where it’s from but I think I found it on Depop via an Instagram account I do not remember exactly but it’s vintage! Look at this ferris wheel! It’s going to be the biggest in the entire world. And look at this sweet girl in this cute bathing suit Okay so from the boat we ended up at the Atlantis hotel This hotel is so extremely bizarre and big If you’ve ever been here, you know what I mean They have anything you can think of This is really impressive Behind this door there’s a private elevator To maybe even like one of the most bizarre hotel rooms of the world The Royal Suite of the Atlantis hotel, super cool Wow, look, this is your own elevator And this is the entrance There’s no words for this Welcome to your own suite If your familiar with Atlantis you might know we’re now above the center of the building So unbelievable! What a great view Let’s check out the rest of the suite. Check out this bed! They have a bathroom for girls and a separate one for boys So chill, I want that at home In a suite like this you obviously do need a safe like this So now we’re back at the entrance and elevator of the suite This suite is so crazy I don’t even know if the camera does the suite justice but it’s.. Yeah.. I just don’t really have the words for this I don’t think they can give us any names of people that stayed here O my god Look over there, someone is washing the windows So he’s literally hanging next to the building Truely unbelievable O my god I have no words for this This is really This is really Seriously unbelievable So this is the view and under this suite there’s literally nothing The open center of the building A television.. ..to watch Ajax soccer games And over here we have The Persian Gulf Let me see how this works Here we go Look over there! And ofcourse while walking around you suddenly hear a song made by yourself! – We were in a shop and I told Sander ‘My Lexicon’ was on – So he looked at me like? And then he heard the tune of his song ‘My Lexicon’ In the hotel! – In this hotel! Nice! The aquarium is so big Really crazy Look at this cute girl in the water with her armbands on So cool this swimming pool My hair got wet because I had to dive into the water three times for Olivia’s toy cars We’re getting ready for our last dinner! I’m wearing a very sexy outfit This jogging suit, I do really not feel like getting dressed So this is what I will be wearing! You’ll have to deal with this Are you going to wear a glitter dress? So we’re going out to find a place where we can have a nice dinner And after that we’re going to pack our stuff I still have to shoot one more campaign afterwards aswel This period of the year is crazily busy And tomorrow we’re flying back to Amsterdam! We’re having pizza for dinner Ollie is watching Netflix We’re waiting for our pizza’s – What do you guys think of bringing an iPad to dinner to entertain your child? – It does kinda make us feel bad We do not always do this and we also don’t do it during the entire dinner! It depends on Olivia’s mood Sometimes when she’s really tired and it’s not really an option to have dinner in the room of your hotel it’s a nice solution to have We also let her draw very often – But can I say something? – What I find really disturbing.. Can I have the camera? – Olivia has been glued to the screen for more than 30 minutes – She’s completely obsessed with whatever goes on here – And this does kind of give me a bad feeling? – Do you know what I mean? Yeah, but she would be super bored if she didn’t have her Netflix right now – Yeah I totally understand and I’m trying to enjoy the time we have to together right now. We just had an amazing conversation, do you know what I mean? Yeah! I hope our pizza’s will be served soon And what are we going to do next? Is that our pizza? – No – No but it is, Olivia check this out, that’s the chef! He’s wearing a chef’s hat! Cool right? – Yes! We’ll see you in a bit! We did it again, we’re back home! We didn’t vlog in the airplane because we had a really early flight We slept during the flight, all three of us And that’s how we wrapped up this amazing trip! We’re going to sleep one night at home now And then we’re going to leave again for Marrakech And Noor is super excited to be leaving so soon again because she doesn’t like being at home at all I do like being at home I’m going to pack my suitcase in a bit!

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