Oldest Coin Ever Found In America | You have to see it to believe it!

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great announcements for you baby let’s get into this week’s episode hey for
those of you aren’t familiar that was Michael Oliver starting the show that’s
right from Australia your boy Michael does a great job working the beaches
around Sydney finding people’s lost items just absolutely a legend over
there great job from Michael Oliver let’s check in with him this week and
see what kind of items he was finding washes from Michael Oliver check this
out oh that’s awesome
can i fuck it we got a handle I’ve got you will can’t see guys beautiful no
really good guys here if yare Yara haven’t lost her
wedding band boats actually your husband’s right the ring what is it gold
silver platinum platinum men’s ring with three diamonds across the front a
climate it’s now be dug a ton of bottle caps Bovie at five or six of them we’ve
got a really good time right near the tank guys here this it could be a coin so I don’t get your
hopes up oh and saying something there guys beautiful today I’m here with Lee
I’m beautiful Shelley beasts now Lee have unfortunately lost his wedding band
how long ago did you lose it wait I lost it this morning about 9:30 I was
holding my quarter I picked her up and it just slipped off
my finger write down what do you think the chances are on the weekly great job
man great job doing what you do out there representing our hobby that is
awesome Michael Oliver gotta go check it out hey are you ready are you ready to
see possibly one of the oldest coins ever found right here on the continental
United States and North America I’m going back in the vaults for this one
hey not too long ago Mike Noble found an incredible fine he found a 23 hundred
year old hammered Greek coin it just may well be one of the oldest coins ever
found here in the continental United States and North America an amazing find
from Mike Noble let’s check it out watch this
Mike noble dig check this I stay tuned for this next dig and I’ll
be right back to tell you what was you just saw all right guys we’ve moved to a
new location I found something good at least I think
it’s good check it out it’s heavy it’s got Sam evil can you read what that says you think so boy it’s heavy though what
I don’t think it’s a flower I think it’s like all kind of different all right I
saw some guys whatever it is it’s cool it really is but it looks like it might
be like harp string so it’s good whatever it is what what you just saw is
absolutely mind-boggling my first stop because it’s so big so
huge and heavy yeah thick that is my first thought was it has to be some kind
of a medallion as it turns out this is actually a coin
it is a Greek hammered bronze coin that’s incredible that is an Egyptian
king whose name is and I wrote it down I know I’m gonna pronounce it wrong
Tala maybe this third never gets I believe I said that right I hope I did
this coin dates between 246 and 221 BC that will conservatively make this coin
two thousand two hundred and thirty-seven years old dug right here in
the United States that’s unbelievable this could quite possibly be one of the
oldest coins ever dug in the United States just an amazing fine how would
you guys like to stumble across that research led to the fact that it was
this Egyptian king that minted that coin between 246 to 221 ad he was the king of
Egypt it was very instrumental in continuing the works on the Library of
Alexandria just an amazing period of time in our human history how that coin
ended up here in North America you just never know you never know but
wow what a find from Mike Noble digging you guys like that head underwear this
channel he’s got a lot of other great videos grapevine these are great
detectors go check them out tell him you saw him here on the weekly dirt say hey
man what an incredible find congratulations to Mike Noble digging
that’s right go check about hey one of the things I love about our metal
detecting community is the worldwide participation and community we have
surrounding metal detecting is amazing there are detectorists in every corner
of the world in every corner of the globe and I’m telling you I’m going to
feature one of those international channels this week that’s right we’re
gonna head over to France and even if you don’t understand the French language
we can all appreciate some great videos and some great finds
let’s check in this week with Indiana Joe check this out with who
this is your trip I assume it’s a Sonia says kikuna AC booby Viserys also pose
as you see see that’s some pot I said I shall see sitar Bhutto level a service or tissue
to stones your first cut is DC economy a good pal so so son says seen many men
for schism academia – booty shotter series i/o module recupera song excuse
it’s a melody to wash me away huh Jessica 6 is DC jealousy is a crack a
beer I can’t go back and Tony my audit I will veto to support their core pick their ask you
see a boot on the the classroom JCC stick is your surface
ah yes in the people give individual see what I mean you might not speak French
or maybe you do but I’m telling you just some great videos over there from
Indiana Joe if you like that link to his channels down below go over there to
check them out give them the big thumbs up and comment on some of this videos
it’s got some great ones put up Indiana Joe great job this week everyone go
check them out hey let’s bring it back to the states and do some collaboration
and go looking for some Civil War artifacts that’s right this week let’s
check in with bird dog and see what him and his buddies were digging check this
out this week bird watch this guys are having a great day in the life we’re out
here in the bullet field I just dug my second Civil War bullet for the day yes
another fired bullet from the American Civil War or that one hit hard smashed that right
there uh uh I hit it with my shovel another nice Civil War bullet got a big
group of friends out we’re gonna do some civil war relic hunting we got the Zack
Byrd plan we got James one of my subscribers Anita yep no but I found a a pair shell right
down here in the creek so that is specifically what we’re looking for
today tiny little fragment of artillery shell got my second artillery fragment
right there that is another piece of a paired shell oh yeah that is a views
from a Civil War artillery shell oh man that’s beautiful
I told him it was gonna be a good day what do you all think about that that is
a Civil War artillery shell at the parent shell and this is exactly like
the one that I found right down here and this is why we came today because I had
a feeling there was going to be some more of these in here this is an amazing
fine hey just some awesome bullets and some great Civil War artifacts being
found out there some shell fragments great job and then the live mortar round
Wow got to be careful with that great finds this week from bird dog and great
video cutting up showing that collaboration I always love to see
youtubers getting together hey everyone head on over to bird dogs channel give
them a big thumbs up and say great job this week saw you on the weekly dirt
keep up the great work bird dog gotta go check out mark hey you
ready for some announcements let’s go first of all I just want to say
congratulations everyone participated last night in the MA Lyman auction for
j3v dick in Canada that’s right it was a
great turnout we had a number of items donated from detectorists
all across the world and people were able to fit on those items and win those
items and all the money raised went to j3 b to help support him and his family
in his time of need right now just a great turnout and a great showing of
support from our metal detecting community and a big special thank you to
Mike Lyman ma Lyman 20 for his links gonna be down below you gotta go check
out his channel he’s always giving of himself he’s a great asset to our
community I’m telling you a great ambassador the hobby ma 1124 gotta go
check him out Tobias Maximus hope is Maximus he’ll with thousand subscribers
he’s having a three prize giveaway for his 1000 subscriber appreciation
giveaway gotta go check it out links down below over there say hey saw you on
the weekly dirt copias Maximus great Channel hey dig dogs dig dogs doing
giveaway every month and now they’re into their March giveaway that’s right
they just finished their February giveaway they’re into their March
giveaway and they’re giving away a pin pointer Garrett pinpointer awesome
giveaway from the folks over at dig dogs go over there and check in with Ron and
say hey sorry a weak leader let me in on that giveaway make sure you follow the
rules and good luck to everybody big dogs March boy damage control dmg
that’s right 200 sub giveaway great giveaway going on from damage control
dmg links down below to that head on over there follow all the rules good
luck win yourself a prize great job hey as the weather starts to turn and
spring starts to approach there’s some great hunts coming our way the Charles
Garrett memorial Hut coming up West 29th through the 31st I hope you’re all able
to register for that should be a great turnout good luck to everyone that’s
registered hope you all had a great time out there at the Charles Garrett
memorial hunt in Jefferson Texas should be a great
hey this year it also is the Watts rendezvous 2019 that’s right June 21st
22nd 23rd down in Mancos Colorado it’s down the southern part of Colorado Bates
put on by the worldwide association of treasure seekers that’s right watts dot
org megaBrain Wayne Petersen over there puts on
great hunt every year got to come check it out links down below hey I know a
number of us will be on that hunt come come join us in out great time after
Watts rendezvous 2019 great hunt gotta come check it out hey make sure to check
out these videos I picked out for you hit that subscribe button if you’re not
already a subscriber but that’s what I got for you this week I’m DK with
adventures in dirt have yourself a great week I’ll see you next

61 thoughts on “Oldest Coin Ever Found In America | You have to see it to believe it!

  1. That coin was amazing to find. And I featured it in a couple other videos on my channel, Mike "Knobl Diggin' ". Thank you very much for bringing this one back to light DK!

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