Older coins of Egypt

yo yo yo hello people are you going
today and today well here I have some coins from Egypt I have the lowest
denomination top 5 millimeters no s denomination is 20 PA start winning
crush and these I Oh beautiful coins so the reason why I like these coins is
because the Arabic inscriptions they actually look at artistic design in
themselves you know you’ve got that this like says like every public of a Jew at
the top as dates here as a denomination think wish and under oh this will be the
obvious the obverse would be different designs depending on the date okay so we
have our five millimeters ten millimeter one crush 1p esta TPS die five ten
twenty be esta you know currently the coins issued a 5 10 25 50 Fiesta and one
pound okay as you can see here these two the same day 1974 but I didn’t design
and this yeah he’s called a toga it’s just a stylized form of a name and this
time is the Arab Republic of Egypt but you had it on coins of Pakistan the
Ottoman coins usually had the King’s name in this type of form and a few
other countries and it’s just a unique way of our
right an Arabic inscription you know very artistic fashion and that’s one
good thing that Arabic has over Latins that you can actually do a lot more
artistic things of it like a lot of Arabic buildings have very intricately
designed inscriptions that when you look at it just look like a add a pattern if
you can’t read Arabic so on the obverse we have our various features we just
have a writing and a date it’s 1917 and fitting three okay so this
is the earliest one here has a Sphynx now this one has the hawk of Quraysh
which is not this one here which is the Eco use for the pen ABB’s nationalists
for independence yeah only start to pee esta v PST here we have the pyramids one
two three oh the line this is quite a good designer quite like that I like it
ancient Egyptian design I wouldn’t like to live there because they did not have
the Internet Oh modern medic medicine so screw that okay now here this is called
the Eagle of Saladin yeah this is taken from a design that is on the car Salado
and the carousel rose still under Saladin but this egg who is supposed
then what they hypothesize is that it is from a later date and not from Saladin
but because the city was built by Saladin they just use his name and
they’re not too sure what date this eagle actually is okay this one is used
by the United Arab Republic’s this one is used by the Arab Republic of Egypt I
think I have to look that up but considering that the current age of
flag has two Eagles I mean two stars in the middle I presume it would have been
this one wait so a hella little look up the
current coat of arms of Egypt is this one – the stars and the flag is just our
red white and black with this eagle in the middle instead of two stars so the
two stars would have been the you know our public’s and this one was used by
the Arab Republic of Egypt then our Federation okay and then we have our a
decorated bars here look I can’t really tell from that look psyche you might be
Islamic style yeah it looks like Islamic style to me oh I’m interested in Paris
I’d like to actually know what actually stole daddy’s and on this one which is
on the current light denomination 10 Pierson 20 he’s a the mosque of mohammed
ali at the citadel of salah al-din in cairo and if you look at the banknotes
on one side they have Egyptian motifs like the pyramids and whatever else on
the other side have Islamic my gym so one of the mosques there in Egypt so
they are my Egyptian coins now there are a lot of commemorative coins and I will
get those you know just make a video on each different one individually give information in this is unique memory
phone I’ve got at the moment as one Dame I’ll make it up to you thank you bye bye

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