New Zealand Travel FAQ | What is the currency in New Zealand? (Travel Guide New Zealand)

Hi guys today, we are going to be answering the New Zealand FAQ question what currency is used in New Zealand This is a super important question when you’re traveling because most countries are not the same as your home country I’m Jess, from Sheldon and Jess TV And if you’re new here consider subscribing to our channel we do all kinds of different travel videos Including FAQ to help you out with your travels So the currency that is used in New Zealand is called, New Zealand Dollars or NZD and it’s really handy online there are websites called currency converters If you haven’t already used one what it does is it shows you what one Dollar or one of the currency that you’re going to use Correlates to your home country’s denomination so for example I’m from Canada So if I wanted to know what the conversion is I would put into the currency converter of one NZD Equals, and it would tell me how many Canadian dollars, I would have to spend to get one New Zealand dollar So Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted throughout New Zealand It’s still a good idea to have some cash because some stores don’t accept credit cards and the best way to do This is actually to go to your home bank in your home country and take out a little bit of cash in New Zealand Dollars Now if your home country isn’t anywhere close to New Zealand you’re going to have to do this ahead of time because they’re not gonna have it on hand they’ll have to order it for you, so if you’re planning on coming to New Zealand this is one of those boxes to tick a couple months before you’re planning on coming So another kind of interesting and important thing to note about paying in cash in New Zealand is That the smallest denomination in cash is actually 10 cents, so they don’t have a penny And they don’t have five cents so when it comes to paying in cash if with the tax your item comes up to Ten dollars and 64 cents it actually gets rounded down so anything under that five cents mark in the last decimal place gets rounded down 61 62 63 and 64 all get rounded down to 60 cents Whereas if it was 66 cents or 67 cents it gets rounded up and you end up paying $10.70 so that’s just something to note and if you’re paying with credit card or debit card It just stays the same it would be ten dollars and 64 cents so just a quirky little thing from New Zealand But important to know in case you get into that situation So the answer to the question is the currency in New Zealand is New Zealand Dollars And I hope those other little tips help you a lot if you’re planning on travelling to New Zealand any time soon Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about other things to expect When you come to New Zealand we do FAQ videos to help you guys out We also do travel product review videos help your travels go more smoothly If you are at all interested in travel tech and how to film your travels we talk about our travel gear And why we chose it in our tech playlist? And we also do travel videos about things to do in New Zealand so we will link up all those playlists in the description for you If you are new here again consider subscribing we do cool videos about travel all the time Like, share with your friends. We’ll see you next time

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