My favourite coins: Argentina 2 centavos 1891

so hello fellow coin collectors are you going today my name is Glen in case you’re new to the channel and if you’re well a constant if you are and I like to welcome you back and today I just want to show you one my favorite coin so this is in Argentina to centavos and as you can see as dots and tie bows and has limited and it has liberty or freedom depicted on this coin so to represent the independence of Argentina so this series is really the only first series that United Argentine coins because before this period Argentina had a they did over Argentine federal corn ET shooting 1954 but that was only in one two and four centavos which is pretty much the one and two the same size as this current coin here and both size and weight and they also had coins issued by various provinces like like bonus heiress the capital who else love ryoga’s yeah Tierra del juego so it was a disjunct in the currency system so here I have a neat an instant Tessie me and if you can see this is actually the same size and it’s actually the same weight so ten grams and thirty millimeters that’s because at this time Argentina is part of their Latin monetary system and they issued the same bronze coins as well the same size coins as most you have a Latin monetary union members did Switzerland under the half frankly and actually followed standard but the value was one Argentine peso equals five french francs or 5 lira and the monetary union I made another video problems with debasing especially from Italy and on the reverse this would be the obvious actually because it has the coat of arms of Argentina so it has a Phrygian cap she don’t know no Frigg year was the over in time of the Roman Empire and they were based in central western Turkey and I actually spoke to own language which is a Phrygian language which was a indo-european language but it might be related to Greek but we’re not too sure anyway and on have a stuff on this coin is I Republic Argentina you date 1891 so this coin was actually minted between 1882 and 1896 and after the state they actually didn’t issue the two centimeters up until I think 1935 the silver coin is actually issued between 1881 and 1883 and I come in 10 2015 1 pesos and they pretty much the same standard as the French coins of the time but this coin is just one of my favorites because I look at the designs quite awesome so go back a bit and it doesn’t have any mailing and if you look underneath the head it actually has the initials of the person who actually designed the coin and his name was Eugene Andre all dying name so on this coin it actually has a dining which is his last name but yeah that is one of my favorite coins Argentina 20 cent out

14 thoughts on “My favourite coins: Argentina 2 centavos 1891

  1. South American coins are amazing! Pulled out an old coin tin I have from when I was a kid and found all these cool South American coins, including some from Argentina. Better get back to work now….

  2. I guess that english is not your mother lenguage…may you give me your mail? I think I could understand your writing better…

  3. I have a 1896 coin that was stamped oddly the first stamp coins were placed in the die one on top of the other then they were removed and the single coin was placed back in the dye and stamped again so the first stapling is in reverse and the last stamp is the way it should be. Is this coin of any value? Thank you David

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