My Dad Stole All The Money I Earned During The Summer

Hi. I’m Tessa and I’m in a total panic. I’ve never been in such a complicated situation
in my life! I have literally no idea how to process this. I need somebody to help me out, but first
I guess you’ll have to hear the whole story. Three months ago I realized that I badly needed
a laptop. I live with my parents (I’m an only child)
and we have an old desktop computer. It’s like… ancient. It takes me hours to do simple homework, and
that’s just one of the problems. So I really needed my own computer. And I was determined to get it. I chose a relatively inexpensive model, and
I didn’t have any other expectations from the very start. I knew my family was going through hard times,
my father was currently between jobs, and what my mom made was enough to just buy food
and the necessities. My only option was getting a summer job and
buying it myself. It turned out that it’s not that easy for
a fifteen-year-old to find a job in my hometown. From the very beginning I had a backup option. I have a friend named Laura. Her Mom works as a cleaning lady. She is self-employed: people hire her for
a day or two and then come back to find that their place looks better than when it was
brand new. During the summer she works together with
Laura. And they told me I was welcome to join them. Until the beginning of June, I didn’t give
them my answer because I was hoping to find something easier and… cleaner. And after I was unsuccessful… I finally said yes. And then the summer that every high school
girl dreams of started. There were four of us working: Laura, her
mom, her mom’s assistant, and me. We walked into a house or an office in the
morning and when we left late in the evening, everything was shining. I guess this was not the best choice for my
first job ever: first of all, it was exhausting. All I could do afterward was go home and fall
asleep, sometimes even before I reached the bed. But I was determined to achieve my goal. And after all, I learned A LOT. If someone at school asks me where I spent
my summer, I might say that I spent it outside of my comfort zone. Laura’s mom would pay everyone at the end
of the month, so the plan was to get the money (which was about half of the amount I needed)
and estimate how much I had to work the next month to get what I wanted. And when I got the cash, which was even a
little more than I expected, I was so happy and proud of myself. It turns out that it feels so good when your
hard work pays off. So it was the end of June, and by that time
my dad still had not found a job. He had spent these weeks at home, sometimes
drinking, sometimes just watching TV and browsing through vacancies online, saying there were
no decent jobs in our whole town. My mom was not happy with this, of course,
so they would fight every other day. And that’s what was happening the day I
got my first paycheck. I got home, so eager to share this feeling
with someone. I saw my parents in the living room and, not
even thinking about what was going on, I told them about the money I had earned. My dad was a little drunk and furious about
their fight, which was obviously about him not making any money, so he argued with me
in a pretty aggressive way, saying that for all these years they fed me and payed for
me, and that it was probably time to get some of it back. I could not believe that he was saying that,
neither could my mom, but… he was always able to be so convincing. He started talking to my mom about the things
our family could buy with this money that we could not afford over the last few months,
and he was not aggressive with me anymore, he just asked me to “help out the family”
with tears in his eyes, and of course… I could not say no. Did I regret it? Yes, every single day of July. In June I only volunteered to work on the
big gigs, but now I had to earn almost twice as much. So I started to work with Laura and her mom
every time they went on a shift. And it was twice as exhausting. At night I would cry because I felt like I
was betrayed. Dad tried to be nice to me, but he never said
he was sorry. Just like everything else in life, that July
was over too. My hard earned money still brought me satisfaction,
but this time I tried to contain my emotions and… I did not tell my parents, well, just in case. The amount was just enough to buy the laptop
I wanted, and I would even have some left over! I put the money into a drawer in my room and
was finally ready to go buy my laptop the following day. Lying in bed, I was imagining how awesome
my last month of summer would be. But the next morning I woke up and found out
that the money was gone… and I didn’t even have to investigate, since, the moment
I asked him, my father told me that he took it. This time he seemed sorry, and he started
telling me something about the debt we were in, and that he needed the money badly since
his life was at stake (which, I guess was far from the truth), and that the money was
already gone, and so on and so on. He said that someday he’d buy me the best
laptop out there, but first we needed to get it all together. I don’t think I even heard half of what he
was saying, since I was just shocked. For two days I could do nothing but stay in
my room and cry every couple of hours. All that work I had done was in vain. But then I thought… it didn’t have to be
in vain… and that I could just try again. Laura’s mom liked my work and said I was
welcome to work with them any time I needed. So I got on the phone and gave her a call. August was kinda hazy. I don’t think I felt much and I don’t
remember a lot. It was all the same routine almost every day. I don’t think I even felt as much stress
– just nothing. Then I got paid. I went home, only because the store was already
closed, and I saw my dad in the living room waiting for me. He was still jobless and he had started drinking
even more. He was drunk and, I don’t know how he remembered
when I was supposed to get paid, probably because he’d lost his grip on his own life,
but he did. And he started again with his manipulative
monologue. He would go all the way from super nice to
aggressive and back. He wanted me to feel bad, to feel guilty for
“taking the money when the family needs it most,” that’s what he said. Mom would have probably protected me, but
she was working late hours. I was very close to giving him the money,
but I didn’t. I stood up and ran to Laura’s house. I spent the night there, and I had an extremely
tough choice to make. But after I remembered everything I had done
to earn this, while my father was home drinking… The next day I went to the store and bought
the laptop. Dad tried to act like nothing happened, and
he still does, especially when he’s sober. But I still have to lock the door at night,
since I don’t know what he might do to my stuff! I don’t think this is normal, and it exhausts
me emotionally. But what can I do here? If you have any advice for me, please leave
it in the comments!

100 thoughts on “My Dad Stole All The Money I Earned During The Summer

  1. We don’t think this is normal, and it exhausts her emotionally. But what can she do here? If you have any advice, please leave it in the comments!

  2. Daughter: *Wakes up*
    Daughter: WHERES MY MONEY.!?!?!?
    Dad:I took it
    Daughter: WHAT DID YOU USE IT ON THEN?!?!
    Dad: Corona and blue moon lol

  3. In my opinion I would tell him that he needs to get himself together he shouldn’t be taking his daughters stuff and without him asking her he needs to understand that it’s her hard work not his and if he wants the money so bad then he can actually get out find a job even if it’s not good pay he needs to do something!

  4. Use your money to buy a lockbox then only you have the code so put the money in there then your dad cant get it
    But still try to help your parents
    Every now and then

  5. How low can he go she work her ass off and he did nothing he not even looking for a job and taking money from her was low I would do the same thing lock my door because he might take her new laptop and sale it for money

  6. My Dad did the same thing and we left his sorry__ (you know). Reason……..he had 3 mistresses that he was sending money to. We work and he spend it on them! Gril , if you're reading this …just run from your Dad and take your mom with you FAST!!!!!

  7. My parents would have asked for my money and I knew it would mean they were desperate, and I would give them money.

  8. Girl, you did the right thing. And from now on, lock your door. Your dad cannot be trusted. So you were able to find a job in less than a month and not him? He can clean houses till he gets a better job 😒😒 I used to wash cars till I got an office job 🤷🏿‍♀️ What makes him so special?

  9. the girl is 999% idiot she put to locking doors that man would just *does it * and then *steals the money epicly * 😛

  10. I think he is is mad just because your rich and he is broke
    But if your rich you could split half and half so he could get a job

  11. It's wrong to steal money if someone said hey can I borrow a few dollars I will pay you back when I hear the words pay you back it's like no if I dont see them everyday or almost everyday if I see them every 2 days or even everyday it's a no cuz they could run off with it and never pay me back but if its family yes I will pay them I say they must pay me back in full after getting paid I sometimes charge intrest but not with family. Stealing I say pay me back in full tomorrow if it was 500 dollars if not tomorrow its 1000 that's if it was a friend but I'm not being petty or greedy about it with some friends if they did steal from me I would give them a week to a month. I loaned someone some money when I was in high school he said I will pay you back tomorrow next day didnt see him day after nothing soon I thought great I'm out this much money then I saw him with his friends I said hey where is my money, he said oh sorry I forgot gave me my money but was short, i said hey you are missing 25 cents he said oh um, does anyone have 25 cents his friend gave him money to pay me back. I laugh at it now cuz it's like getting money from a loan shark and paying him off by using another loan shark. One time I loaned money and the dude said I will pay you back tomorrow I said hey man I loaned you money I would like to be paid back, he said I think you have the wrong guy. Well I learned dont loan money to people.

  12. Keep keeping your doors locked because this isn't normal because parents aren't supposed to be stealing from their kids after they had earned their money they should be encouraging them to keep learning on their own instead of asking for help and also whenever you get a job only tell your mom so this way your father won't try to find out where you going so you won't have to try to take what you learned

  13. you shouldn’t have put your money in a drawer and your dad only cares about his self doesn’t care about you like what kind of dog is he I was him i would like to give you everything

  14. That is unbelievable! She busted her ass cleaning and she EARNED that money. Her father should be ashamed for STEALING her money and for making her feel guilty. He needs to get off his lazy ass and get a job if he wants to "help out the family". I'm glad she ran and got her laptop. I think she needs to tell her mother what's going on, take that money and open a savings account that only she can access.

  15. I remember when something like that happen to me. Except the manipulated part. A relative used to take my savings and when I realized it I used to hide continuously my money from hideout to hideout. And so go on until it and I have a serious talk and luckily now it doesn't do it anymore… But still I hide money just in case

  16. You 👌🏻 I have the same thing to say to my friend who was so mean so he can be with him for sure if they were to go and they will have them come and see him again and then he said that I don’t have any money to get it done ✅ was that I would like you and your dad is that you want to be with him or not I just want to be with him because he doesn’t care what he wants to me I guess you have no one ☝️ and that he was so much like I hate him I don’t want to be with you I don’t want to be with you I don’t want to be with you I don’t want to be with you because 🙂🙃

  17. "We fed you and paid for you all these years, it's time to get some of it back"
    Actually once my mom or dad, i don't remember who (pretty sure my dad), said something similar to me. But I remember I answer with. "I didn't ask to be born, it's not my fault you two forget to use protection"

  18. I can relate to this story because I always try to save up money from my left over lunch money or scholarship support because I've always wanted to buy my own loptop without burdening my parents with the expenses. But whenever my mom sees the amount of money I have already saved, she'd always convince me to lend them to her because it for the family after all and then she'd pay me back which rarely happens, and even if she did, she'd pay it back with other things like buying me something that I don't even need that much. And the worst part is I can't say no because…she's my mom after all.

  19. Call the cops make a report of theft then sue him. But I would also go to therapy because of the abuse and manipulation then sue for that too. Sometimes parents need to learn a lesson

  20. plzzz stop giving him money for alcohol
    just say him to work
    you can never get a good job directly.for u need to start with some low paid then gradually improve
    I'm not saying that it's a bad thing to give to parents but when the y need do give some of it.but if he spends it for alcohol . just kind of keep him control and away from alcohol

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