My Cafe: Bunny Game with Dice

hey everyone, I’m Ola and today we are
going to play My Cafe: Recipes &Stories. in this video I have promised to
show you the new bunny game with the new purple gift, with new dice, etc. so let’s
go! Now Liam comes to the field, and since
I have never played the new bunny with this profile I’m going to show you the
game from the very beginning. We are clicking on the field, and Liam tells us
to roll the dice to start the game alright we roll it for free for the
first time and here we have 6: that’s great! so we get 35 rubies,
and we also got this color match combination, which goes right here. And
Liam gives us another ticket to roll the dice again. Ok, let’s do this! I will
listen to Liam in his tutoria, because I want to do everything just as he says. and we
are jumping to 5 and we get 2 galangals now Liam is telling us about the
new dice, let’s give them a roll. We can choose the dice here, and we have
four types of dice here: first type is the red dice it’s the usual one 1-6, and we have unlimited number of them we can roll them any time. we also have gold dice which allow us to jump 1-3 cells forward, then we have blue
dice which. allows us to jump 1-12 cells forwards and we have black dice
which allows us to jump backwards, 1-3 cells back. So this will
allow us to jump on the cells that we need. okay let’s choose the blue dice and now let’s roll it. okay, and we jump on 4 oh it happens, because actually, this is a kind of chance. So, alright and Liam is
asking us to make a special order for him actually when you make special
orders for Liam you have 15 minutes to do your orders and when you complete
them you will be allowed to jump forward without any tickets for free so let’s do
it we go into the cafe and will fulfill the same orders we just give them to
Liam and we come back to the game so we give that to Liam, we come back into the game now he tells us that we can find new
dice in purple gifts, and he has a special one for me now. Okay he gives that to me, let’s go into our gifts menu and let’s see what’s going on there and here I just have two gifts. if you’re VIP till 2 – you will have the purple
gift in the first place, and you will be able to open it first let’s open it now
let’s see what’s waiting for us there I have 5 gold dice, I have 2 blue
dice, and I have 3 black dice that’s it okay thank you very much! So where can
I get those dice: actually I can buy them from the bank. the contents of them are
like 0-5 black dice, 0-5 blue dice 0-5 gold ice, and
0-5 tickets. yes this can also happen from time to time. Actually not
very often but well it’s nice. and I want to purchase some more tickets I can do
it from the bank so I just spend my gems on some tickets maybe forty-five
of them will be enough for me so I have 45 tickets remember this
number. Yeah, and I’m going to jump through the whole field. We will have ten
fields in the bunny with different prizes, and let’s take a look at that
field: what we are going to have: there a lot of orders with Liam, we also see some
nice gold packages, we have a blue gift you have noticed that we have no
guaranteed cells here where you can jump and you can get your gift for sure.
Now those cells are removed but we have many more gifts of different kinds, we
have gold spices, a blue gift right here as well. We have different kinds of
spices. Just take a look at that we have: two gold gifts, one after another, which
is going to be nice for us. And let’s take a look at the end of the field: and
here we have a gold gift, some gold spices a red gift is not on the guaranteed
field anymore, so keep your colored dice till the end of the field, if you
have enough tickets this may be useful to you. And in the end, we get three gold
spices guaranteed. so this is what we have. I know this is quite unusual: there
is no stability anymore, though many more chances to jump
on the gifts that you need. All right, It all depends on your strategy, and on a
bit of luck. So the bunny is right here, and the amount of cells in the first field is 150, so let’s spend our tickets, let’s play with Liam, let’s play the dice.
So I’m first interested in gifts definitely, so I’m going to use my 12
dice to jump as far as possible. But I only jumped four again… Okay, this can
happen and I got a nutmeg. All right, I have one more blue dice, and I hope that
it will bring me some luck of it. I will jump forward like a lot. okay I spend my
tickets. I always spend my tickets guys because.. yeah! eight! nice, that is not bad
and it got me to Liam. Okay I will make his order a little bit later, I just
wanted to tell you that you always have to spend your tickets when you roll the
dice, except the times when you do orders for Liam. When you’ve completed order for
Liam you can jump for free. If you don’t want to do something for Liam, you can
still roll the dice but you have to spend another ticket on that. I’d better
make this coffee with cardamom for Liam.. okay, I give that to Liam, and I play the
board game again. so now I roll it for fre.e I don’t have anything special that
I need now so I’ll just draw the simple dice, the red one. it goes 4: all right I
got 150 rubies, well not bad! We jump again, I get 2. This brought me to one
gem. And here, as you see right here, I want some gold spices, so I want to
switch to the gold dice. Okay, so I roll it. Let’s hope for the better, and yeah! I
jumped at 2! That is really fine: I got two gold spices, not bad! let’s try to get
that blue gift again. So I roll this gold dice again, let’s hope for the better, and
now I jumped 2 oh no I missed that! well like I really want this blue gift
for instance, I really needed and the spices from it so I
can switch the dice and I can try jumping backward so let’s do that let’s
see if I’m lucky or not and actually oh yeah, I am lucky! I jumped and I got my
blue gift! now I can’t jump further. Don’t forget to switch the dice because you
don’t want to spend your valuable dice there and then I roll the dice again, I
spend my tickets on that, so let’s see what I have here: I have 5. Okay, I
jumped there, and I got the color match and eighty-five rubies. So look at that:
with the color match, I got my 50 gems I’m really happy about that, and I have
to jump further now when I collect different other color matches I can get
up to the gold gift, which is nice let’s move on, so yeah, 4, not bad. I
think I’m going to get another Liam’s order, and this is Honey milkshake with
tapioca, cardamom, and Rose. Oh yeah, that’s a lot of spices actually, but you know what you can actually play with Liam and make this task to serve 75 spices
for instance. and now when we all have the elite membership till April 15, you
can combine two tasks: for instance, spend tickets tasks and for instance, combine
it with 75 spices orders, because you can take two tasks at the fests
simultaneously if you have an elite
membership 6! that’s great! I like
big numbers and I got one star anise which is not bad
I roll it again and I jump 2, okay let’s move on, okay I over jumped at
the cardamom and the pink cell. if I wanted the color match, I could use my backward
dice but I still want to keep it till the end of the board so I’ll just jump
further, maybe I will be lucky. and I’m going to get to that gold gift. oh no! oh no! I over jumped it, so if I am lucky let’s see how many of them I have… yeah so if I’m lucky I will be able to get that gold gift I’ll better jump forward and keep it till the end of the board, because I have
better chances to win there if you have fewer tickets you can do this chance
even at the start of the board Ice cream with vanilla and star anise: let’s
make it for Liam. I play further Playing as usual,
oh wow! I got the color match again! Even though I got anise there. Now I’m
going to get a pink gift woohoo that’s nice! okay, let’s move on what we have here: alright, and three three again, okay 150 rubies okay let’s
move on I still want to get till the end of the
board with that and tea with Galangal, lemon, and mint. I want to store my tickets
that’s why I do orders for Liam and we are playing the board game again rolling
for free, and I have 1. wow that’s another color match I’m really lucky here guys okay tea with cardamom milk and lemon
I think I’m somewhere in the middle of the board. I got one galangal, well that’s
nice! I just spent to galangals, and I got one back. okay let’s move on 4: What we have here: rose, oh well! what’s going on there and I have five. five will get me to nine gems, Wow! I like it here, I’m coming to a row of
Liam’s orders actually: take a look at how many of them I have now. I got a
ginseng which is nice. let’s see… well do you think we should try playing with the
pink and gold gifts here? definitely we should because we haven’t got a gold gift yet in this game so I’ll do my try here okay I jumped one, ha! I already have three pink gifts, and I
haven’t got any gold gifts yet! I’ll still keep it. don’t forget to switch
your dice and let’s jump again maybe have a be lucky and I will still have
one here huh really really?? wow that was so unexpected
actually I swear I didn’t believe I could do that but actually it happened so yeah I’m really happy with that actually now I’m not really bothered
that I jump on a little amount of cells because each cell can give me something
so this is something that I really like and let’s move on again I have just 2: okay I have one gem, okay I could also try jumping on this one:
this would be a pink, which would give me a gold gift and a gold spice, but now I
only have Liam and that’s guarana arctic ice tea with mint and lemon. I’m
gonna do this for him.. alright let’s roll the dice again and we have three here:
okay I’m slowly getting to something that I want, and I want a red gift, I
don’t know, the gold gift maybe, and maybe another match of colour, so we’ll see oh
I got two gold spices, very nice nice okay let’s move on and I have six
here this part could also be good really oh really
I got a cardamom and I jumped on the pink cell and it got me to another gold
gift! yay! I like it! that’s good, okay for let’s see, let’s see uh-huh 500 rubies not bad, especially if you do a festival task to earn some kind
of rubies okay yeah I’ve got the star anise this is nice and here I am
here I am slowly coming to my gold gifts and I wanna get them okay 50 rubies again and I’m jumping again I’m getting closer to them and I really want to get all of
them okay I will just need tickets for that okay I have one and again mm-hmm five! I’m lucky yes I have it… Yay I’m lucky and I have three gold
gifts in my bag from the bunny game This is cool okay let’s go again! 6: okay I don’t need that gold gift
anymore, but if you need it you can use your different kinds of dice, but my goal
is actually those two babies: this is a gold gift and this is a red gift: this is
where I’m aiming at. okay five three four five what I have here seven gems, not bad okay now I’m getting there, I’m going to use my regular dice here, I jumped a
three Yeah… now I have something ahead of me this is
a gold gift a red gift, and I have the end of the board so I have to be really
careful not to over jump that, so I take the gold dice I roll it, I jump to three no that’s not actually what I wanted I didn’t want that one gem! it’s fine now
but I have to go back I will use my Attempt to go back and I’m
going back and this brings me to – 3 guys seriously I will have to jump back,
and forth back and forth again okay I still have 12 tickets, remember I had 45
of them. so I’m going to use another gold dice again and hopefully this time I
will be like oh please oh please I need 2.. I’m really like it right now guys
because I’ve got my red gift, I finally got to it now! the only thing that I need
to do is to finish the board and get the final three gold spices, or I can also try
to jump back and try to get that gold gift as well okay let’s jump back
because I really have that one spent so I’ll go there maybe I will be lucky and
then I will have four gold gifts oh no I wasn’t I wasn’t, okay, I know it
was too much, it was too much to ask now I have run out of all of the dice, that
could help me I have just the default dice, and I jump forward okay, three! yeah!
I keep over jumping it okay, I’ll just move on I’ll just move on. I just spend
my tickets and that’s it and I jump on two, and I finally got to this free gold
spices and this will bring me to a new field, there will be ten fields. all in all. all of them will be different, they will have a different amount of cells in them, right now I just wanted to show you one. As far as I remember there, I got
three pink gifts, a blue gift ,three gold gifts, a red gift.
let me see how many gold spices I have: seven gold spices. I also have completed
several orders by Liam, actually this could help you with the festival tasks
to complete orders. And I have spent 37 tickets on all of that, and I could
actually complete the task to spend 30 tickets in the festival. In all, I
think it looks really great though I also think that I am lucky: you have seen
it in the field that it was just pure luck. And a lot of those jumps of luck
happen because I had those new dice. Liam gave us one purple gift, and we can
also, purchase them from the bank but also we can get those dice from playing
in the barista challenge actually because next week we are going to have
the barista challenge with the good prizes, so even in the Rose League you
will be able to get two gold dice, and one black dice if you score first, and there
will be even more dice in the next leagues. so the harder you compete in Barista,
the more dice you get, and then it can be more fun. Still it brought a lot of fun
to me and I hope you will like this bunny game as well, so please write it to
me in the comments whether you like this game or not but, first please play it on
April 4 ,and I will be glad to read your comments after that . I wish
you good luck in developing your cafe, and see you next time bye bye

100 thoughts on “My Cafe: Bunny Game with Dice

  1. I'm glad that you're thinking of new ways to improve the game but the new bunny game is disappointing. I prefer the old one because there's a guarantee that you'll receive a gift and for us who rely heavily on that it's really a loss. I hope this is just a trial run and you'll understand our opinions and bring back the old one.

  2. Gadh. I spend 495 dms to buy gold gifts to cleo and its only gives me 50dms tf. ? I lost those gems now it so hard for me to earn that dms Im not a Vip and dont want to spend real money. Can you have consideration about giving gifts ??? I hate it.

  3. New bunny game idea is somewhat good but why did you changed 3 gold spices instead of red gift…. we want guaranteed red gift back… ????????????????????????????????

  4. The new bunny game sucks. You took the guaranteed prizes, that was the only reason I liked the bunny game.??

  5. I'm VIP 7 but this shit right here is downright daylight fucking robbery! The bunny game was the last good thing you had, now you messed that up too. I'm NEVER going to spend money on this shit show again!!!

  6. I'm kind of disappointed when I learned that the sure gifts are removed.. but I'm glad to know that you can now go a step back om the board.. the only problem is the investment you'll make on the special dices.. is it more worth it?

  7. Where is the red gift ??? i collect so many tickets just to get my first red gift, i can easily buy 3 gold spices with my diamond, this new bunny game is sucks

  8. Please consider combining both, not all of my township members are vip. Even vips like me don't appreciate the new update. It's too costly, u might be having fun but we spend real monies on this so it's not fun to see ur money burn on tickets and dice without guaranteed gifts.. just sayin.. pls update again

  9. Y'all messed up the best part of the game. I'm SO disappointed. Gold spices are a rubbish reward for completing a field


  11. They only way I received gifts other than leveling up the story line, , especially for festivals was the bunny game. Removing the guaranteed gifts be NOT an good move. Also, the new game hath taken something fun an simple and made it much too complicated. I shall not play the new bunny game. With out guaranteed gifts, (especially red) for me, their no longer be an point to play it. I also doth not play batista challenge, as it takes up too many needed spices. Only only time I would play the Barista challenge was whence I desperately needed gold flakes. But now that also be taken away and replaced with (in me opinion) useless dice. The update hath round me entire festival strategy and now I shall be useless to me township since most of us doth not spend real currency upon the game.

  12. This game has turned so boring and they use this new cheap tactic to just grab money, money, money…money.. I don't even wanna talk about the bugs in the new update. I think as a reaction to this, we should all uninstall this game. It is simply not worth the effort.

  13. They are not providing any purple gifts in between cells or in between levels, tasks etc. We must buy with real money.
    So sad, hw can non vip players can play and enjoy bunny game?? Everyone play this game for that redgift.. it's based on luck now. Disappointed… collecting and saving tickets seems like stupidity..

  14. Creators are reminded that without players there is NO GAME, their updates are getting worse for the player!!!!

  15. Old bunny game was better. Without guaranteed red gift or gold gift, this game becomes ridiculous. Plz bring back red gift as a last gift.

  16. Lol i thought the new dice will give you chance to jump on the cell you want but it's not. Purely base on luck. What's the point of getting these tho, i was so excited but now im just disappointed

  17. Do u guys read the comments here? It's a 90% bad review for the new update. We want to be heard, pls don't decide like this without doing survey.

  18. Wow! I'm incredibly disappointed! I've been playing for a long time and I'm the highest level VIP you can obtain. I spend money on gifts and gold to receive tickets to obtain the guaranteed prizes on the board. Definitely, a huge disappointment. I will not be playing as much as I would like to. ?

  19. Really bad change. Every weekend I was waiting fot bunny… and I think that's to stop play on it. No quarantee presents?? It's ridiculous ?

  20. Prices are ridiculous!!!! Not just this new bunny game but your whole game!!
    We need to spend A LOT to be given almost nothing.

  21. Grand prize is shitty, so you'll need to jump back and forth to get gold and red gift – aka you'll need to spend money for black and gold dice

  22. Isso ta ridículo, chegar no final sem garantia de presente vermelho? Demite quem teve essa ideia de merda e volta ao original por favor!!!

  23. Seriously, shame on you for taking away such a big help that makes the game a little easier for players who can't or don't want to spend money. Sad how money means so much more than simply providing a fun and fair game

  24. I love the game and look forward to new bunny game….. Just a question…. Perhaps think of it to make it possible for township owners to share coins with members (like donate to members from the owners own coins?) and perhaps send a spice every day from player to player?

  25. This is so disappointing. The only reason I played the bunny game was because if the three gifts you were guaranteed to win. I'm not going to waste the tickets I earn on all them moves when all I need is blue gifts. I get 4 pink gift within an 11 day period guaranteed. I don't try to finish high I the barista challenge because prizes are much more worth it for the festival so definitely won't be getting any if these dice. Smh just such a great disappointment.?

  26. Please change task « get 1 to 3 red gifts ». It became quite impossible to get at the end because before you get 100% chance to obtain it and now you have between 1/6 and 1/13 probabilities (1 to 15%) to get it since the gold spice is the last spice of the puzzle

  27. Hope this is just a joke…. i am so disappointed!!! You find a way to destroy something super nice into something with you can get again money! Each of us was played the bunny game because of the guaranteed gifts, now if you want gifts you are based on luck oh and your wallet…. Change it back!

  28. hello, I'm sorry from writing here but I wrote everywhere and nobody answered what to do if the exterior around the cafe did not change after the update

  29. The worst update ever. Again you change the game to get more money with lower rewards system. Old bunny game was way better, such a DISAPPOINTMENT ! Removing guaranteed gifts is such a bad idea. Who comes with this ideas ? Really ? Switch back to old bunny !

  30. Very very disappointing. At least you could have let the Red gift as Grand Prize.
    You can admit it it's ridiculous to spend all these tickets to get only 3 gold spices at the end. That's not fair. The gold spice we can buy it with our diamond… Why your been so heartless and making us get bored with the game???.. At least please bring back The RED GIFT AS GRAND PRIZE

  31. Guaranteed gift was the only reason I looked forward to playing the bunny game. I concur with all the other comments here.

    Edit: I like the concept of the new game but keeping the red gift at the end would make more sense for us. Thank you.

  32. Sorry but I didn't like that we don't have guarantee of getting any gift. It is actually just matter of luck getting those gifts, on top of that we don't have purple gift readily available for that matter. Not getting hold gift for sure hurts a lot but not getting red gift also, I play bunny game for red gift only. I am really very sorry for the rant, but I'm disappointed that you changed the guaranteed gifts to lucky gifts.

  33. Can you at least please make the red gift the guaranteed prize at the end of the game, and not the gold spices?

  34. Lol! O used to spend My money each month to win something ando now I have to spend more if I want to win something With copito? Jmmm is tío dar. And what about the peopple that can't pay? I won't keep paying With that kind of uploads.

  35. Tbh, I was thinking of spending real money to get VIP 3 so that when I earn the guaranteed prizes such as blue gift, gold gift and red gift it will be easier for me to open them or keep them without having to open the gifts I earned before I got those guaranteed prizes. But now, maybe I'm not gonna spend my real money.

  36. Sono molto perplessa riguardo questi cambiamenti, forse era meglio prima ma proverò comunque io suggerirei di cambiare il dado blu: i numeri dovrebbero essere da 6 a 12 e non da 1 a 12 in modo da garantire tiri lunghi. Infatti i dadi nero e giallo danno certezza di tiri brevi. Sinceramente visto che bisogna spendere soldi veri per il pacco viola e non pochi!) sarebbe più giusto. Se uno spende i propri soldi vuole delle certezze e non andare a fortuna

  37. The game is getting irritating day by day. If they are no gifts for sure .it's no point in playing the game. It's just that after playing v get 3 gold spice what a joke . U r just squeezing the interest out of the game. Add the guaranteed gifts along with this then it vl b add on and fun

  38. It's not fun to play we have to use 3 ticket at least to win a gift and our end guarantee gift is not red gold gift anymore how do you think it is fair. Pls change the source of getting tickets its way costly for the persons don't use real moneym you use money to buy tickets and in the video also you spend 45 tickets

  39. Hice una tarea q no me figura en el listado del pueblo. en mi registro esta. por favor necesito q me reconozcan lo q hice. Lo quise enviar por correo pero me rebota la casilla.

  40. The Bunny Game was not changed because it was "boring" it was changed because the developers are GREEDY! I just spent 30 tickets and didn't get ANY gift or COLOUR MATCH! WTH!!!?!?!? You guys SUCK!

  41. Its damn awkward to see you are happy with (10:33) 9 gems by spending 1 ticket. 1 tickets costs 100 games. How do you feel it's worth it? New board game is totally disappointing.

  42. I think that this new bunny game is really nice if yo have a lot of tickets and dices, but if you dont have the dices there is not any warranty that you will get gifts even if you have a lot of tickets. Also, I would recommend to change the final prize because 3 gold species is not a good motivation to play

  43. I already tossed the dice. It landed on 10… the square is empty – no shape there, so I'm still not matched with my 1st

    shape to get to 50 diamonds – which supports the idea that the changes were not thought through, but implemented

    rather quickly on a money hungry basis. I'm extremely disappointed, as I was not long ago praising my cafe game on

    YT and got my brother and my friend to play it with me. I was sure all you gonna do is ADD new dices, but you just

    STRIPPED the squares from gifts… I understand that you want to make money, but making the game strictly PAY to

    WIN is not a good concept at all. Now people all around the world are bound to their homes, so the game is thriving.

    You said it yourselves yesterday on fb – the servers were overloaded. I think better option to make money would be to add

    more watch ads for diamonds or even free dices/gifts. Also, the prices for my country (Poland) are expensive – the

    new purple gift is the same price as a big pizza with a lot of toppings from a top pizzeria in my city – guess what I

    will choose… I'm sorry, but I won't support this change, because now the festival tasks with gifts have NO SENSE at


  44. I completely disagree with the majority of the comments here saying that the new board game sucks. At first i also thought that the old board game is better, but after playing it (completed the first board) i realized that the new bunny game is way better than the old one.(more prizes,less ticket needed,more liam orders) all you need to do is use the new dices carefully. Utilize them, reserve the special dices for the red gift or gold gifts. Yes, luck is a major factor in the board game but overall i can say the new board is better….with the use of some thinking. Strategize and adapt, stop hating and ranting. Git gud nubz.

  45. Server is still not working. I completed 12 tasks showing I did only 9. Last week I completed tasks for 50000 rubies which did not count. Guys you need to fix this. It is frustrating when you try to save stuff for festival and then loose it without any refund.

  46. Está horrível, confunde na hora de jogar os dados , preço do presente roxo está exorbitante, não gostei ?????

  47. Queremos que vuelva el copito de siempre con sus regalos de siempre. Quiero el regalo azul, dorado y rojo como estaba q por eso gastamos tikets q no son gratissss

  48. I hate the new bunny game, which is so hard for players to collect gift bags without a purple bag. The new bunny game just implies that players should purchase more purple bags for more bag gifts!

  49. Omg.. I wish i could have seen your video first. I didn't knew about the dices?. And when I got them i didn't used them.. I don't know why. I am stupid. ?I wish I can too finish the board game, just like you. But sadly, I don't have enough diamonds to get tickets. But I will try my best to finish it. I like the new bunny game.

  50. Que vuelva la versión anterior del conejito, que sea seguro recibir un azul, dorado y rojo, no nos gusta depender de la suerte.

  51. Achei bem legal ter mais presentes no tabuleiro, mais é injusto receber somente ouro no final… volte com os presentes no final de cada tabuleiro por favor !!!!!

  52. I played the whole first board today. Over 30 tickets for 3x gold!!! I couldn't get most of the gifts. And hit mamy of the 1 Diamong spots. I am really disapointed with this mee Version. The whole game start to suck. Everybody invest so much time in it. Now every week the server problems, bad bunny game, the festivals teams are put together in my opinion isn't fair. Spend 42 CHF and it seems we still will just be 4th or 5th. I spend more ressources in the festival than I get back in the rewards. I know you want to make the game challenging and interestin but it starts to be only frustrating.
    Please change some stuff. I really liked the game. I am sorry for complaining that much but I wanted to let you know.

  53. For me I like This new bunny. I didn’t spent money to buy purple gift but I have A luck and collected 6 GOLD gift in first cells. And also I completed the color match we and my co member in the township love this new bunny. Love?

  54. I need help in this game what does this mean deigo is trying to figure out what they’re for. Do 5 orders

  55. Just try it Guys collect tickets and you will see the result and in the end you will love this new bunny.

  56. Lastima que siguen sin tomarnos en cuenta a los latinos y siguen sin poner subtitulos; aun cuando nosotros tambien les damos a ganar .

  57. I hate this bunny game. I never play it besides the daily free turn – only if I need spices and already have enough tickets to collect the guaranteed gifts. Now they aren't available any more, I don't need to play it. Plus, changes the grand prize to gold spice, that's really not cool.

  58. I bought a new purple Gift and it took my money and gave no gift. Tried to contact support and no one got back to me!!

  59. Nefasto no pienso jugar más mientras esté ese tablero no tienes nada seguro los pedidos de liam ahora son 3 cafés con leche VIP osea con oro de verdad es una burla juego entre liga miel y diamante y la neta no me importa perder el lugar y si siguen haciendo estas porquerías desinstalare el juego ? ? ?

  60. Bonjour j'ai un problème à cause du beug lors du festival vendredi le jeu a comptabilisé mes 6000 coupes mais ça ne figure pas dans le classement. Comment faire svp?

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