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Hello guys we have something really special for you from Computex 2018 in Taiwan
It is MSI’s blockchain section and we have with us a fully functioning crypto mining rig set up by MSI
We have Max here
Hi guys, hi guys
Max will give us a rundown about how the rig performs and what the rig is set up with
Okay, sure
okay, you can see the four rigs here and there’s 12 GPU cards per rig and here’s p104 card from
Nvidia and we have two FSP power supply’s
FSP (power unit)
it’s 1,200 watts
Okay, now take a look our motherboard
It has a special LED
Which one you can use it when you put
You can easily know which card is maybe broken or something
Something is problem. So the lights will tell you that which one and working. Which one is it? Yeah
Yeah, and here’s our mining rig for the P104 it has hash rate of maybe
500 Megahash per second
How many GPUs are set up?
This rig, it’s twelve cards here
Yeah, and these RX470s, we have
Same one. Yeah another one, I have 12 cards here
But their hashrate is with lower maybe 340
340 yeah, and yes, yeah
Special mining App. It’s an application for mining
you can see the hash rate here and
Temperature and fan speed or power limit. Okay. Oh saying you can see the perfect cards Okay
And you can setting with maybe overclocking and maybe it’s making maybe we good
for shutdown. You can do it on your server, okay
What is this though?
You can hang your headphones here and here it’s shows the mining hashrate… oh it’s a hologram
All right, and you can wireless charge here
Its got three on one things … it’s really we are still working on it because it’s in engineering still…. All right
so, what do you use for cooling this rig?
Can see
We use your air cooling. All right, because you can see the fan. We have 12 ultra-fans per rig
That’s 3000 rpm. All right, okay, you can see all oh
The graphics card will keep temperature lower than 50 degree
And what if you overclock these GPUs?
You mean if you overclock the GPU temperature has a chance of rising up
If you do it without a fan?Yeah. Yeah, maybe 70 to 80 or higher
But with our fan we can maybe 50 or lower
And you can see they
Are these rigs using the same motherboard?
It’s our H310 – F Pro (motherboard)
Yeah, this one. Alright, what does it have? It’s supports 8th gen of Intel’s …
It supports 8th gen CPU! Yeah, and
13 cards on the board you can see
We also have special steel design here. Yeah, 2 pin to connect your others power supply
24 or 24 pin and with is it into we have a special cable for you
It can turn into a 2 pin and power supply will be together
What is the power supply you’re using?
We use FSP
Brand name is FSP
Is it by MSI?
No, it’s in collaboration (with FSP). All right, it’s a
1200 watts …2 power supply. Yeah, it’s a semi. Oh, yeah
So we have an enough budget if you’re overclocking, yeah
If I am using this rig for say one year
How many Ethereum points can I mine?
With this one p104 you can earn maybe One ethereum per month.
Yeah per month now. Yeah, it’s a different depends on the deeper difficult
And this one maybe?
0.72 – ethereum per month
Yeah per month, but power consumption
This one, P104 is maybe 2kW per hour
And this one is 1.8 kW per hour
1.8 much more. Yeah, but maybe the
Hashrate is not higher than this one. Yeah. Yeah. Sure
And we also gather barebone means without the graphics card. Yeah it sells for maybe 1400
yeah, and
with the graphics card
The RX470 is maybe around
5,000 to 6,000 and the P104, that one is around 8,000 to 9,000

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