Money For Textbooks Program at Webster University

Money for Textbooks is a program that allows you to utilize disbursed Financial Aid in advance of the term, to order your textbooks and supplies. To be eligible, You must have applied for and been awarded Federal Financial Aid You must have undisbursed Federal Financial Aid for the term of application; meaning, your award must be in excess of your bill for the term and you are expecting a refund. You must be registered for an Online, WebNet+, or United States domestic area campus course for the term of application. International campus courses are not eligible. To apply for
Money for Textbooks, go to, homepage. Scroll down to the blue bar at the bottom of the page, click “A to Z”, then select “M”, and click “Money for Textbooks.” This page provides the information you need to know about Money for Textbooks. The application period opens three weeks prior to the start of the graduate term and ends at 12:00pm Central Time the Thursday of the first week of graduate classes. Vouchers expire at 4:00pm Central time the Friday of the first week of the graduate term. Please visit the website for exact dates. When you are ready to apply for Money for Textbooks, click “Log Into Connections” and log in using your Connections username and password. Next at the top of the page, click the Student. Under Money for Textbooks, you will find the application. Click “Money for Textbooks Application.” Enter your first and last name, your seven-digit Webster student ID number, choose your campus, enter your Webster email address, and select your program. Lastly, you will need to verify you understand how the Money for Textbooks program works, that you agree to the $5.00 processing fee charged to your student account, and understand the response is sent to your Webster University email. When you are finished, click “Submit Form.” You should see a confirmation message which verifies your application has been submitted for review. Please allow 24-48 business hours for a response, which will be sent to your Webster email. If you do not qualify, you will receive an email explaining why, and how you can remedy the situation. If you do qualify, you will receive an email with your voucher information. Once your voucher information is received you will need to
go to the Follette bookstore website to order your books. If you need more information about locating the online bookstore or ordering your books, please see our video on ordering textbooks.

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