MIT Media Lab Cryptocurrency | Course Trailer

Cryptocurrencies, despite having been around
for 10 years with the advent of bitcoin, are still very early days. And I think investors
need to be very careful. They are extremely volatile because, in large part, they’re based
on belief. They’re based on the ideas that people have about the future of the technology. I think that the crypto world is interesting
both for what it is and because of the hype. Now, I think the hype needs to be stripped
away, but it does say something about what we all crave. We crave for a more democratic
financial system. One with more inclusion and lower costs, and maybe this will democratize
capitalism just a wee little bit. It’s going to get finance to do things differently. It
goes to the absolute core of the plumbing of finance, moving money and risk in the economy
and doing it in a decentralized, different way. I think the real benefit of this program is
that we try to explain how real systems work in very clear, plain language. Oftentimes,
people talk about this stuff at a very high level, and it’s really difficult to understand
what’s going on. But with this course, you’ll actually learn how bitcoin works and why it
works that way, and that knowledge is going to help you understand the space as a whole. Join us for this Cryptocurrency online program
from the MIT Media Lab.

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