MINUTO – make your own money

My name is Konstantin Kirsch You see here my bees.
This movie is about MINUTO time vouchers. The bees helped me to develop
the MINUTO system because I recognize that they live together in a big community and
they’re going to use no money at all – and it works. The MINUTO project is based
on self empowerment. The first thing to do is to take a paper and you write in there your name, address and what you can do, what you present, what you want
to present for others. This one paper is for one MINUTO, five MINUTOS fifteen, thirty sixty and
one hundred twenty MINUTOS. and we say for example: sixty MINUTOS is the voucher for sixty minutes quality work Hello I want to explain
how to produce these MINUTOS. I explain it in a simple situation. It’s just reality. My personal car has a problem. If I drive I hear a noise
and I think I had to let it be repaired.
I can’t repair it by myself. And I don’t have enough governmental money at the moment. So what to do? I can present the mechanics, it’s my thing, I’m a beekeeper,
I can present some honey, it’s my value, what I have as a product. I will ask him but I don’t know because
I think his brother has also bees. We will ask. And I will take with me some self made MINUTOS.
It’s like a self-made money. I show you: This is the paper the form to print out. This is a place for the stamp from the service provider
or the issuer of voucher and there comes the stamp and the date and a signature and here I have a place for the year
and this will be valid for example 2017 and there is a place for the
country and the postal code and here we have a place for
the female surety with stamp, date and signature and
a male surety with stamp date and signature. And with this I will go to the mechanics and I think I can pay the repair for my car with
this self-made paper because the special value
of this thing is that he can uses it for other things that he wants to buy. This thing is like a contract. I sign with my stamp,
with date and signature. It’s said: Sixty minutes – sixty MINUTOS,
sorry voucher for goods or services worth 60 minutes of quality work. So if I sign this contract and I pay my mechanic then he has this contract and he or others can
come back to me and get something, goods or work from me and then this contract or also to say, this debt is then zero, quit and the circle is gone. If direct exchange would help he can repair my car and I
give him honey for example. Than we don’t need this.
Than it’s a direct exchange. At the same time working it’s fine. But this is only very seldom working. If you have something like this
it’s in a way self-made cash. Then he can store this value and later come back to me or later coming to somebody else,
it can make a big circle and one time it will come
back to me and then all people can make exchange and we don’t need a control from anybody of government. We make it by ourselves
this is the way of self-empowerment. We follow a real MINUTO voucher on it’s way to prove it’s credibility.
These shots are not fabricated. They reflect the honest and real
journey of a 30 MINUTO voucher. ‘I have honey, would you take honey as payment?’ ‘No, I have honey by myself.’ We show real people in real situations. The mechanics repairs the car
but say’s no to direct exchange with another product
such as my self-made honey. That’s alright because the MINUTOS
are quite fine for further use. In this way he would accept MINUTOS as
an alternative means of payment His favored use of MINUTOS
is to pay the horse riding for his children. ‘Wonderful, that worked well.’ ‘What does it cost?’ ’30 MINUTOS!’ ‘Do you have it?’ ‘Thank you.’ ‘See you next time.’ The horse teacher uses MINUTOS
to pay the rent to the farm owner. ‘I wanted to pay the rent,
it’s first day of month.’ She gets a beautiful meal at an organic restaurant. In this example the 30 MINUTO voucher is a bit too small for the meal so the voucher is being
added with 5 Euro. The restaurant by itself
orders coconut oil for the kitchen and uses MINUTOS to pay. The journey of the 30 MINUTOS
goes on to a hairdresser pays garden work and a physiotherapist. ‘What will you get from me?’
’30 MINUTOS.’ ‘How have you managed that?’ ‘At work.’ ‘Head to the top.’ ‘First I ease the area.’ ‘Thanks for the treatment.’ ‘Thank you for the appreciation.’ ‘I would take this.’ ‘A widely travelled voucher!’
‘Look where it comes from.’ ‘That is interesting!’ ‘The voucher comes in the box office.’ ‘He goes into?’ ‘Yea that fits well.’ ‘Hello Konstantin,
here is Sibille from the pottery.’ ‘I wanted to ask whether you
can bring me 2 jars of honey?’ ‘I was just in the city.’ Finally the voucher comes to a pottery. As the owner gets honey from the
issuer of voucher the circle of exchanges is closed. ‘Oh, this is indeed one
which I myself have issued!’ ‘So everything goes around.’ You may be wondering what this is … producing, printing money
as much as you want. It’s new but it’s simple, it’s really simple. In fact, you can produce hundred
and thousands of these papers but they don’t help you at all. If you’re alone and you have no community with people who trust you than you have only a big amount of paper nothing of value for you. The value of these papers of
these contracts only starts if they run around,
if they flow like water. If you can’t start them
flowing around for businesses then there’s no value in it. If you have one single person who
trust you who say: I give you a product or work
and as payment I accept these self-made contracts these vouchers then you feel the trust from this person and he gives you something,
gets paper okay self-made contract single paper. But he knows if he will come to you whenever the
same day, next day, maybe next year asking I need something from you
please help me and you signed me that you will help if a person shows up with this contract
with the paper with this MINUTO than he knows, he trust, he knows you
because he’s a friend or a friend of a friend. Than he knows you will work,
you will give a product. If there’s no trust in the system
it will not work and this self made thing is based
on trust on people do know personally direct in your neighborhood and this will still go on independent what is
going out on the big business on the big world global market you don’t care. It’s just, you only need paper you need a stamp you need a pencil and scissors okay you had to cut it and then you can do business with your neighborhood,
totally simple. You don’t need banks,
you don’t need computer,
you don’t need internet. You only need the first thing;
you have this to copy. Totally simple you can make it by yourself. That’s the empowerment. As you feel that there is trust from
others, that they take your contracts. The MINUTO is a system that helps people interact who have trust with each other. So in a way it’s simple because a
life without trust between the people it’s not simple at all, it’s like hell on earth. So if you live in a situation where nobody
trusts you and your can’t trust anybody maybe first think to change your environment and your interaction with the people
around before changing the money. So money is not all. But money is a thing which is also important in the world.
And self-made is better than something you have no control over at all. Self-empowerment is fine. I think: try it. You have obviously a lot of background of
many money systems. Yes For example we introducing the MINUTOS.
Yes. Now you have a good awareness of the system’s abilities. I translated the description of the MINUTO which Konstantin Kirsch did
in German into English. Because I thought it was such
an important model that needed to be known to the rest
of the world because it is one of the very simple ways
to start a money system and the advantage of the MINUTO
compared for instance to the Time Bank is that it doesn’t need a central agency management.
With the MINUTO I think it’s simpler because it is
just a set of rules which you can download from the internet including
the creation of the MINUTO itself and you just copy it and sign it and it’s called
‘personal certificate of commitment’. Basically it’s very legal
it’s totally legal. I think it’s a wonderful way to start. Which I think one day we will
all do what we are best at and we will get what we need. Until we reach that point in human
development I think we need a few learning steps in between and
the MINUTO and the regional currencies and the health and education
currencies all of these models are a way to make people more aware of what money
is all about the and how it can be used in different ways than money is used today. The MINUTO is designed for groups in the beginning who trust each other. People who know each other
and who will accept my money because everybody
becomes there own central bank. So it’s a totally different
design of a money system. I think it’s all a matter
of being used to something. So we got used to the fact that money was not covered
by gold since 1972 and went on. Money was used as if
it was backed by gold as it was before. And in recent years often traditional initiatives or people
who are inspired by the transition model was also very inspired by Konstantin’s MINUTO as one form of a complementary currency scheme and what sets it a little bit apart from
other schemes is that it is a sort of self-created.
You create your own part of the currency. So it is not like that there is a central system
where you would register all your banknotes. Or where you would have like a system where the value of your complementary currency
pound decreases every month by one percent which, you know,
there are systems like that. No it’s a system where you need just a
piece of paper and a pen and you yourself when you want to become
part of a MINUTO system create what you potentially can offer
to others. So the system is very self empowering. It forces people in a good way
to ask themselves first: What can I offer? And that is often very revealing to
people because unfortunately many people think I don’t have much to offer which is very sad because everyone
has something or many things to offer. So in the MINUTO you can bring that into sort of this system
if you like and the reason while it often works quite well
in transition initiatives or similar initiatives is that in order for it to work really well
a lot of trust is required amongst the participants and often in transition groups or similar groups a lot of trust has
already been build or was there right from the beginning. So that is sort of an ideal test bed or breeding ground for
a scheme like the MINUTO. We (regiogeld.ch) made a forum in the spring this year and we introduced MINUTO to a public and now ‘We are change’ Switzerland
launches the MINUTO in the Swiss network of ‘We Are Change’
because in Switzerland we live on a very high level of comfort I would say we are probably one of the most of the the richest countries in the world. People. The normal society is still
completely fixed on normal money systems. There is a money crisis, a money system crisis. People starts getting afraid of what shall I do with my money? We have a lot of rich people. We have a lot of wealth here in Switzerland. People have not the problem that they don’t have money,
they have the problem that they have money they don’t know what to do now within this money system crisis. So now is the moment they
are still fixed on the money, on the national money but they look for what can they do with it. We come to the point where richness counted in money will come to a point that it is no longer of value What can I do with money with colored paper or with numbers in a computer system if nobody is interested any more in it?
I can do nothing! If people understand that this is nothing but
colored paper or numbers in a computer system than they perhaps start realizing again
that it is nothing but a tool, and that actually this tool gave us for a long of time the comfortable possibility to exchange products for example but actually could also exchange products
without this tool. My name is John Croft I come from Perth, Western Australia And I remember it was probably about eighteen months ago I met Konstantin Kirsch,
the founder of the MINUTO, at Sieben Linden, an ecovillage.
He was talking about it, I mean illustrating how it went
in the way in which the effectiveness of the MINUTO is exactly the same as the effectiveness
of the LET system but without the impediment to the central recording agency. It didn’t all go through a central point. Now the interesting thing about this is that the way in which money works is that money is something that was created and our conventional system money is created through loans through banks. Money at the same time as that
is a measure of value and as a measure of value it reflects the values
of the people who created it. Now banks values are not my values.
Banks values are to make as much money as they can for themselves and their
shareholders as quickly as possible. My values are not concerned about making money
for shareholders. My values are about how to rebuild
a sustainable planet. So because the money that banks create is to make profits for the
bank shareholders what happens is here is my money
the money that I’m using not reflecting my values but
reflecting the values of of another agency that I don’t necessarily agree with. What the LET system did and
what the MINUTO does is that they created the money
at the point of sale, and this is really interesting
because the money gets created at the moment the transaction occurs.
It does not exist before that moment. And because of that I have become the person
who’s issuing the money. Not the bank or not someone else and so as a result my money can be used
to reflect my values: Not your values, not someone else’s values,
not the values of the the bank shareholder. What money really represents in this way or what money should
really represent is the soul’s energy. Those things that you really value should be the things that you should use money for those things that you don’t value he should not be using money for and if money carries the soul’s energy than what we can do is take care of our soul
by having a money system like the MINUTO that reflects the values of the people
who are using it, not someone else. So that’s the advantage of the MINUTO. Now. like Margrit each money system operates
according to different principles. Each money system has different consequences. What the MINUTO enables and a lot of the
community currency systems do is to enable underutilized resources in the community to be used. For example if ten percent of the population
is unemployed there’s a huge reserve pool of labor in the community that’s just going to waste, and the MINUTO, like other community currencies
can help to leverage that underutilized the source of skilled labor
in the community. The interesting thing about the MINUTO is that because it actually builds trust in the system and because it’s a cooperative economy
not a competitive economy the MINUTO has the affect of actually
increasing the quality of communication between people. Because you want to know that my MINUTO
is right and what can I use it for and all of the sort of information
gets passed between the people who were trading now because of this the MINUTO
becomes community building not community destroying. That’s really important and community currencies rebuild the trust
in the community and when you got trust in the community
you don’t need to record the transactions. What we showed with this was that
this is the way in which we can rebuild a gift economy. It’s one of the secrets to organize
projects like the MINUTO is it rebuilds trust were trust has been damaged, and we need to rebuild trust more than
almost anything else in the world. Because it’s the communities that
are based on distrust that are violent, that have high crime rates, that are basically unsustainable. It’s the communities
where people trust each other, that support each other, that build a sense of community and that’s
the most important job we can do at the moment: building community! So that’s another advantage that
the MINUTO makes. It’s a really valuable tool for rebuilding communities
which have been damaged by hundreds of years of the
normal monetary system. Now we produce MINUTOS. I write in here valid until end of year 2017 it’s Germany, the postal code is … that’s my postal code and there here is a place for my stamp there it’s called service provider,
issuer of voucher. What is for a date? 26th I think twenty six July 2012, that’s actual our date,
and my signature. Okay so you are the female surety take your stamp.
And a beautiful female as well. Yea, put it in here: surety and then write the date and your signature and you are the male. one moment,
take the other stamp, that’s yours Put it here and put it there. and than the date 26 and the signature so Thank you, thank you that you trust me. Thank you that you truth me and when
you want to produce MINUTOS for you I will stamp and
sign as guarantee, as surety. So one step is missing, we had to cut. I like to use this one. So I just put it through here and cutting like this. These are 30 MINUTOS freshly made self-made for self-empowerment, community support.

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